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Daniel Engster, PhD

Professor, Hobby School of Public Affairs
Director, Civitas Program

337A McElhinney
713 743 7367


Expertise: Political Philosophy, Ethics, Family Policy, Early Education, Care Work



Alan Witt, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies, Hobby School of Public Affairs
Professor, Psychology (College of Liberals Arts and Social Sciences)
Professor, Management (Bauer College of Business)

127 Heyne
713 743 73253

Research Papers

Expertise: Strategy-Culture Alignment, Personality, Leadership, Customer Service, Work-Family Balance, Counterproductive Work Behavior, Organizational Politics, Job Performance, Occupational Health and Safety, Diversity, Teams, Information Security, and Situational Awareness/Emergency Management



Johanna Luttrell, PhD

Instructional Assistant Professional, Political Philosophy

337 McElhinney Hall & 510 Agnes Arnold Hall
713 743 3970

Expertise: Social and Political Philosophy, Global Poverty, the Capabilities Approach, Human Rights, Urban Development under Globalization, Global Feminism, Philosophy of Race