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The Hobby Prize for Ethical Leadership

The Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center on Ethics and Leadership at the Hobby School of Public Affairs (University of Houston) will give one or more annual awards of $12,000 for ethical leadership in public policy to an individual or organization in the greater Houston area (including Harris County and contiguous counties) that makes a notable and courageous contribution to public life benefiting the people of the greater Houston area. Ethical leadership is understood broadly to include actions that influence others and contribute to the public good according to standards of care and respect.

Nominations for the Hobby Prize will be opened in the spring for an award the following fall. Individuals and groups can self-nominate or nominate others. Nominations will be solicited from prominent organizations throughout the greater Houston area.

Members from the Rockwell Oversight Committee and/or individuals appointed by them will choose among the nominated individuals or organizations.  




For more information, please contact Daniel Engster at