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Survey Research Institute

Over its 38-year history, the Hobby School of Public Affairs, formerly the Hobby Center of Public Policy, has engaged in both applied and basic social science research.  Among the Hobby School’s major accomplishments, former director Richard Murray established a state-of-the-art public opinion polling facility, known today as the Survey Research Institute (SRI). 

The Survey Research Institute at the Hobby School, a division of the Center for Public Policy, conducts applied survey projects in many different areas of client need. 

Going forward, conducting cutting-edge academic and policy relevant research will also be a goal. At the SRI, Gail Buttorff, SRI Director, and Mark P. Jones, Senior Research Fellow, have over 45 years combined experience in survey research including formal academic training and practical experience. In addition, the SRI has research staff with extensive knowledge in survey design and research.

Offering a Complete Survey Package and Consulting Services

The SRI offers a complete survey package and consulting services including the following:

  • research design
  • sample design and selection
  • questionnaire design
  • data collection and analysis
  • report development and presentation.

The SRI has completed numerous survey projects for organizations in the private, nonprofit and public sectors including various surveys for Texas state entities such as:

  • Texas Education Agency
  • Texas Lottery Commission
  • Houston Independent School District
  • Upper Kirby District
  • The Houston Chronicle
  • Rice University