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Hosted by the Houston Chronicle, the Inside Policy & Politics blog contains posts written by a diverse group of faculty, staff, research associates, and students of the Hobby School of Public Affairs.  Topics are as diverse as the group of writers, ranging from population analysis to disaster preparedness to issues being researched by Hobby School interns working in the halls of Congress and the Texas Legislature.  Be sure to check in frequently for new posts.

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Recent Posts:

Texas Second and Growing, But Not All of its 254 Counties: Finding from the 2018 Population Estimates
Nazrul Hoque

Houston's East End- Economically Diverse and Thriving
Celeste Zamora

Texas Second and Increased to 28.7 Million in 2018: Findings from the 2018 Population Estimates
Nazrul Hoque

TMI: A Useful Approach for Public Managers Regarding Too Much Information
Jeremy Edwards

Population Change in Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA's) in Texas, 2016-2017
Nazrul Hoque