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Hosted by the Houston Chronicle, the Inside Policy & Politics blog contains posts written by a diverse group of faculty, staff, research associates, and students of the Hobby School of Public Affairs.  Topics are as diverse as the group of writers, ranging from population analysis to disaster preparedness to issues being researched by Hobby School interns working in the halls of Congress and the Texas Legislature.  Be sure to check in frequently for new posts.

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Recent Posts:

Population Change in Counties in Texas from July 1, 2018 to July 1, 2019
Nazrul Hoque

A Playbook for Resiliency: Creating Opportunity for All Texans
Steven W. Pedigo and Kirk Watson

The Horrors of Human Trafficking
Rogette Saba

Bridging the Homework Gap: The First Step to Eradicating Poverty
Ariz Karim

A New Condition Demands a New Way of Making Policy
Kirk Watson

The Impact of Coronavirus Mitigation Efforts on Border Communities
Maria Almaguer

The Effects of COVID-19 on Texas Restaurants
Hobby School of Public Affairs

Incarceration and Criminal Justice Within the United Stated and the State of Texas
Azali Jeffrey

Potential Wage Loss in Texas
Center for Public Policy

Texas Population Increased to Almost 29 Million in 2019: Findings From the 2019 Population Estimates
Nazrul Hoque

USMCAmazing: Laredo Congressman Leads Effort to Revise Trade Agreement
Germayne Eaton

How the Border Wall May Impact Wildlife
Zehra Zaidi

When it Really Counts: The Decennial Census
Alleanne Anderson

Deported Veterans - America's Exiled Heroes
Miguel Macias

Closer to Home: A New VA Medical Center for North Texas
Rachel Myles

Population Change in Places in Texas, 2017-2018
Nazrul Hoque