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Johanna Luttrell

Assistant Director, Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center on Ethics and Leadership, Hobby School of Public Affairs
Instructional Assistant Professor, Political Philosophy, Hobby School of Public Affairs

Expertise: Social and Political Philosophy, Global Poverty, the Capabilities Approach, Human Rights, Urban Development under Globalization, Global Feminism, Philosophy of Race

Career Highlights:

Johanna Luttrell is a political philosopher who specializes in race and feminist philosophy, with special concentrations in human rights, global justice, transnational feminisms and social movements. Her book, published in 2019, is titled White People and Black Lives Matter: Ignorance, Empathy, and Justice. She has also published in a variety of scholarly journals and mainstream media on such topics as restorative justice, transnational feminism and global poverty. 

Covering such topics as philosophy and public policy, leadership and ethics and global justice, Luttrell has served both at the Hobby School and the UH Honors College. Before coming to UH, Luttrell was as a graduate teaching fellow with the University of Oregon Department of Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies. During her graduate degree, she also studied at the University of Oxford's Department of Politics and International Relations.

Luttrell went to DePaul University in Chicago for her undergraduate degree and received her doctorate from the University of Oregon. She is president of the board for the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights.