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Past Time for Change June 9, 2020

Today George Floyd will be laid to rest.  So many people are grieving not only his death, but also what it says about our country. Appropriately, many want and demand real, systemic, immediate change.  His death — and the horrible, criminal way he died — has again highlighted this nation’s sad, sinful, stained, continuing, and, yes, racist legacy. 

Racism, prejudice, and pain aren’t new. What I hope and pray is new will be a collective, sincere effort to understand and share the pain and anger we see on our nation’s streets. More than that, we must act. We must make real change. We must repent, take responsibility, and do the work.  We must extinguish the ugly history that distorts principles of equality and degrades fellow Americans.

It’s well past time to possess and show true humility, empathy, integrity, and disgust with the status quo. It’s well past time to demonstrate love. That can only happen if we change.

Kirk Watson
Founding Dean, Hobby School of Public Affairs