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Readmission From Suspension


Readmission from academic suspension is not automatic or guaranteed. Any student who has been placed in the status of academic suspension by the University of Houston must formally apply for readmission to the University. Students should also see the UH Undergraduate Studies Catalog sections regarding "Academic Probation and Suspension" and "Readmission from Academic Suspension" before beginning the readmission application process. Students are not eligible to resume studies until the minimum suspension period has passed as described in the catalog. 

Students seeking readmission from academic suspension to the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management must reapply to UH using the Texas Common Application and will be placed under their current degree plan at the time of readmission. Because of the intensive nature of summer courses, Hilton College does not readmit students on suspension for summer sessions.

Petition Procedures for All Applicants

Statement of Readiness

Prepare a one- to two-page, typewritten statement that must contain the following:

  1. Semester and year placed on academic suspension. Note if application for readmission follows first or second suspension.
  2. Detailed explanation of the reasons that previous academic performance was below acceptable standards.
  3. Justification of readiness to resume studies at UH as an HRM major. Discuss plans and intentions for acceptable academic performance if readmitted, and other information, as applicable, relating to consideration of request. 
  4. Work or other activities engaged in while on suspension. 
  5. Educational pursuits while on suspension, including school(s) attended, dates attended, courses completed, and grades achieved.

Official Transcripts

Provide official copies of transcripts indicating at least a 2.85 grade point average on all college work completed elsewhere while on academic suspension from UH.

Required Readmission Hearing

  1. Upon review of the completed readmission application requirements, the student will receive an email from the University of Houston's Office of Admissions instructing them to contact the Hilton College Office of Academic Services at 713.743.2492 to create a readmission hearing.
  2. The student should dress professionally for the hearing, bring a copy of his or her Statement of Readiness and transcripts from all other institutions attended while on suspension.
  3. If readmitted, approval is valid for only that semester. The student must complete the application process again if unable to enroll for the semester of approval.
  4. If readmitted, the student must fulfill conditions of readmission as outlined on the College's readmission approval form. Failure to fulfill conditions may subject the student to additional suspensions.