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Brennan's of Houston

Everything about Brennan’s of Houston is uncompromisingly Texas Creole. The New Orleans style building, purchased in the 1960’s, remains strikingly similar in appearance and function to the Brennan family’s legendary restaurant Brennan’s New Orleans. Moreover, the Commanders Palace in New Orleans and Brennan’s Houston share similar ambiance, quality, family ties, mythic-like history and Creole style. Although Brennan’s of Houston’s has connectivity to New Orleans in many ways, its traditional Creole menu continues to maintain characteristic New Orleans elegance but with a southwest essence. With recipes such as Turtle Soup Au Sherry, Texas Wild Shrimp Remoulade, and Duck Sausage & White Bean Cassoulet – all made from local Gulf Coast ingredients, Brennan’s of Houston is indeed unique.


Brennan’s southern-style architectural distinctiveness, sophisticated Texas Creole menu, superior service and historic atmosphere are inseparable, and together every guest experiences the feeling of eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century elegance and taste. The institution is simply a distinctive fusion between French Louisiana and Southwest Mexican culture and cuisine. Brennan’s of Houston defines a living tradition of iconic Old and New world styles.


The Houston restaurant has survived family factions, legal actions, hundred year floods, catastrophic hurricanes, economic-recessions, been engulfed by a major fire, taken a direct hit by a tornado, and adapted to the incredible array of cultures found at the crossroads. Today, the Texas Creole spirit, style, and strength of Brennan’s Houston thrive as inspirational and iconic characteristics of quality near downtown Houston. The establishment continues to attract both local and regional food enthusiasts as well as cultural aficionados from national and international scenes. Learn more about this iconic website by clicking on the pages below.