Personal Health Inventory       

Heredity  One of my close relatives has had:    
1. heart disease 5. glaucoma 9. overweight
2. high blood pressure 6. asthma 10. clinical depression
3. cancer 7. alcoholism  
4. diabetes 8. schizophrenia  

 For the reminder of inventory, write  usually (or always), sometimes, or rarely for each statement.

Mental Health 11. I allow myself to cry.
12. I express feelings such as love, fear, and anger constructively.
13. I have friends or relatives with whom I discuss problems.
14. I keep anxiety from interfering with my activities at school or at home.
15. I do not let stress build up and give me headaches or an upset stomach.
16. I have hobbies that help get me away from my daily tasks.


Nutrition 17. I eat a wide variety of foods, including meat, milk, fruits and vegetables, and bread and cereals.
18. I avoid foods high in refined sugar.
19. I avoid adding salt to my food.
20. I avoid eating food that are high in fat.
21. I eat breakfast.
22. I avoid eating between meals.


Physical Fitness 23. I do vigorous exercises such as running, swimming, or biking at least 3 times a week
24. I exercise to build muscle strength and endurance at least 3 times a week.
25. I stretch to build flexibility.
26. I warm up and cool down when I exercise.
27. I enjoy some exercises or strenuous sports that I can continue throughout my life.
28. I maintain a healthy level of body fat, nether too much, nor too little.
29. I get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.


Personal and Health Care 30. I brush and floss my teeth daily.
31. I always use a sunscreen when I am out in the sun for extended periods of time.
32. I have my teeth checked twice a year.
33. I see my family doctor every two years for a complete check up.
34. When under medical treatment, I follow my doctor's instructions about activities and using medications.
35. I avoid using nonprescription drugs, including tobacco and alcohol.
36. I have my blood pressure checked once a year.
37. I know the seven warning signs of cancer.
38. I practice my monthly self-examinations for cancer (breast exam for girls, testicle exam for boys).


Public Health 39. I walk, bike, or use public transportation whenever possible.
40. I recycle such items as cans, paper, glass, clothes, and books.
41. I avoid polluting the air with unnecessary smoke.


Safety 42. I use safety belts when driving or riding in a car.
43. I always wear a helmet when riding a bike.
44. I follow water safety procedures and can save myself or others from drowning.
45. I use safety precautions when working with power tools, firearms, and other dangerous equipment.
46. My home has safety features such as smoke detectors, outlet caps, and nonskid rugs.
47. I know first aid methods to help others in an emergency.


1. Questions 1-10: Give yourself 1 point for each question you answered yes, 5 points for each question you answered no.   Questions 11-47: Give yourself 5 points for each question you answered usually (or always), 3 points for each sometimes, and 1 point for each rarely.
2. Add up all your pints. The total is your inventory score.
3. Your score relates to Wellness Continuum as follows.


175 and higher:         You are at lower risk. You are practicing many good health behaviors.
80 to 174:                 You are in neutral zone. You may not be ill, but you are at risk for long-term health problems. You are not getting everything you could out of life.
79 or lower:               You are at high risk. In what sections did you answer rarely or sometimes?                                           Pinpoint areas that need your attention, and find ways to lower your risk.
No matter what your score, you can make changes to increase your health. Always look for ways in which you can change your behavior to lower your health risks and improve your level of wellness. Now is the time to develop positive health habits.

Personal Healthy Inventory by Getchell, Pippin and Varnes "Perspectives On Health"