Who are we?

• The Fencing Club was originally founded as the Foil Club in the 1930s. The club has persevered throughout the years. Now, it is growing rapidly and competes against other universities across Texas. The Fencing Club accepts all students, whether they've fenced before or not. 

• Each semester a new beginner's class starts; however, beginners are welcomed throughout the academic year. Beginners start with the foil, considered to be the sword that forms the groundwork of fencing, and compete against each other at the end of the semester.  

• All equipment is provided! Team members (those who have been with the club for at least a semester or have prior experience) fence in four SWIFA (South West Intercollegiate Fencing Association) tournaments throughout the academic year. FCUH competes against such schools as the University of Texas and Texas A&M. 

• These are team-based tournaments, with each team consisting of three fencers and one alternate. FCUH also annually hosts The Cougar Call to Arms, a nationally recognized tournament.

The High Council

Joseph Blount

Hoang Tran

Kim Nguyen

Chris Robinson

The Jedi Masters

Davis Jno-Finn

Matt Cooper