Tour of The Lighthouse of Houston

Work Quest coordinated a tour for City of Houston Mayor’s Office Rep & UH F/CM Team

Tour of the Call Center
Tour of the Call Center

In July, a team from UH Facilities/Construction Management joined Director Gabe Cazares from the City of Houston Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities for a tour of The Lighthouse of Houston.

The tour was set-up by WorkQuest which is the non-profit corporation that links Texans with disabilities to meaningful employment opportunities. The Lighthouse of Houston was chosen as the organization that will support the UH FIXIT Call Center with 24/7 phone coverage.

The visit began with a meet-and-greet for all of the parties involved. The Lighthouse of Houston President Jenna Dhayer explained the vast array of services provided for those with vision impairments at their facility. She also included a brief history of the non-profit organization.

City of Houston Director Gabe Cazares expressed his appreciation for the partnership between University of Houston, WorkQuest, and The Lighthouse of Houston. He noted that this relationship reinforces the Mayor’s initiatives of more employment opportunities for those with disabilities.

As the conversation around the conference table continued, all parties involved were pleased and excited to be a part of this ground-breaking opportunity for the University.

The Lighthouse of Houston Director of Contract Management & Health Services Michael Geisler conducted a full tour of the facility including a peak into the location where the dispatchers receiving the UH FIXIT calls will be located. UH F/CM Executive Director Magda Alanis commented, “This will be a win-win situation for everyone.”

UH F/CM is proud to be revolutionizing customer service with this new endeavor and continues to focus on building futures and maintaining excellence.