Project Management Software Revolutionizes Construction Services

Facilities/Construction Management uses emerging technologies to deliver operational excellence

Facilities/Construction Management is currently in the process of implementing new software to reinvent how Project Management services are provided, tracked and improved for UH construction projects.  PMWeb was chosen to help run projects more efficiently and is a tool that supports the full life cycle process of a project from the initial approvals, design, construction and the close-out process and provides numerous opportunities for data analytics.   

The expectation is that PMWeb will be used by various teams that collaborate on the success of projects including F/CM departments such as Planning, Project Management, Facilities Business Operation and Compliance, and Business Services.  In addition, the software will be available for use by Contractors, Clients and Project Partners and is a resource available for all UH System Universities to access. PMWeb also provides a historical database that can be referenced for details on past projects to provide historical pricing to help future project pricing efforts. 

With a powerful software comes many pieces that must align and integrate with other software platforms.  A dedicated team from across Facilities/Construction Management has been working leading this effort and will continue over the next 12 months to refine and complete the implementation.  

PMWeb will revolutionize the way construction services at UH are provided and represents the innovative and captive technology improvements being implemented within the Facilities/Construction Management Department.