Facilities/Construction Management offers Project Management Professional Certification

Building future projects for the University, department, and staff.

Facilities/Construction Management continues to build futures and maintain excellence by providing careerpmp.png enhancement opportunities for employees.  

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an industry-recognized credential for project managers and one of the most sought-after certifications. Administeredby the Project Management Institute (PMI), it demonstrates the experience, education, skill, and competency required to lead and direct projects. 

A four-week onsite training for F/CM employees in Project Manager roles was facilitated by Eddie Merla from Duende Project Management Services. The coursework required to earn a PMP certification is very time demanding and rigorous. Offering this opportunity met the required 35 hours of training time for employees to be eligible to take the PMP exam and obtain a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Fifteen dedicated employees attended the program. 

Once completing the course work, a very detailed application must be submitted and approved by the PMI Institute with information on the projects that were led by the individual. At least 36 months of project experience is required for the application depending on the level of formal education reached. 

After the application is approved, the exam registration can be completed. The PMP timed exam is 4 hours long, with 200 questions. Due to the pandemic restrictions, the exam was offered online through the PMI Institute. 

The department would like to recognize three employees for their commitment and commend them for successfully fulfilling all the program requirements. Hussain Alkinani, Jennifer Rea, and Tarek Rahal are now joining Jennifer Brasher, Kerry Prejean, and Barry Simmons as becoming certified Project Management Professionals within the F/CM team  

F/CM recognizes the determination needed to maintain the certification and encourages all team members to continue their efforts. 

Following that, F/CM has scheduled further training in April to account for the updated PMP exam format which changed on January 1, 2021. This additional time will give tips to those who are applying and scheduling their exam in 2021.