Sanitizing Stations and Supplies Ready for Semester Start

F/CM continues to support students as they return in 2021


To ensure a smooth transition with the start of the spring semester, Facilities/Construction Management continues to support increased sanitization by providing centralized hand sanitization stations, sanitizing wipes, and frequent wiping down of common touch points.

Although, many classes will be provided in a virtual setting, increased sanitization will be in place for staff and students that are on site for instruction. These supplies will be available outside of classrooms scheduled by the Office of the Registrar for the spring semester.

F/CM has already prepared classrooms for UH College of Medicine students who started studying on Monday, Jan 4th to prepare for the new semester. Dedicated Facilities Team Members Esteban Mendoza and Nguyen Ngo placed new buckets with disinfectant wipes and sanitizer bottles throughout the JDA and Health 1 & 2 rooms.

If any of these stations need refills, please contact FIXIT (713-743-4948) with the building and location.