UH Facilities Commits to ADA Compliant Resources

Learn about the process for requesting ADA Furniture and other accommodations

As a matter of inclusivity and diversity, the University of Houston stands committed to ensuring that campus resources are accessible to our disabled students. Providing accessibility on campus has been a longstanding commitment and obligation we have ensured to maintain.

Justin Dart Center for Students with Disabilities is the technical lead for UH Facilities to process students’ requests for accommodations. All requests are made through the Justin Dart Center for Students with Disabilities. The requests are then reviewed and implemented by UH Facilities Service to meet ADA guidelines.


The initial process begins when a student submits an online request for an accommodation for their disability. Then, a meeting is conducted with the student to determine the reasonable accommodations needed. Afterward, the Justin Dart Center submits a quick report to UH Facilities via ‘FIXIT' to ensure the student’s needs are supported. UH Facilities will then be consulted on the best method to meet students’ requests and ensure compliance with ADA guidelines. UH Facilities is responsible for identifying, implementing, and maintaining the requested resources to ensure ADA compliant accessibility for students. Once the resource has been identified to meet accommodation requests, then UH Facilities provides the accommodation where appropriate. The Justin Dart Center for Students with Disabilities is then notified of the completion status of the accommodation request.

We are proud of the diversity and inclusion efforts to ensure that our department implements!