Ricardo Beltran Receives Prestigious Global Certification

Facilities’ Functional Analyst is now a Certified Expert

rick-beltran.jpgRicardo Beltran, Functional Analyst for Facilities Management, recently received his certification from the GIAC GICSP (Global Information Assurance Certification & Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional). The process to obtain the certification required all applicants to successfully pass a 110 question test that examines the knowledge of every technical and industrial aspect in system security. By passing this exclusive certification, Beltran is now 1 out of less than 2,500 people in the world who are allowed to have this form of licensing. Upon receiving the results of the exam, Beltran was at a loss for words. Through countless hours of studying, determination, and with over 10 years of working in the technical field his reaction was priceless, “I wanted to cry! It was a huge honor to be able to do that!” This certification now entitles Beltran to be classified as an expert in Information Technology and in Operational Technology. It does not stop there, as he is determined in keeping his philosophy of positivity and setting goals to always accomplish something new. Beltran has worked with Facilities for the past four years and has no problem taking initiative in leading many projects. He believes that by creating a new goal every day is the definition of success, “By the time I leave work, I want to make sure that I accomplished something big.” Beltran, along with the entire Facilities IT team strives to do their very best in helping employees with all their technical and computer needs by making sure our internet access is secure, there is so much these workers do for the Facilities Community. We want to thank Ricardo Beltran on this accomplishment as he continues to enhance his skills for Facilities.