President’s Excellence Award Recipients

Outstanding F/CM Staff Receive Recognition

Each year the President’s Excellence Awards honor the contributions and quality service of our outstanding University staff with special recognition and acknowledgement for their exemplary work. Awarded recipients are employees who embody the mission of the university, demonstrate leadership qualities, and exhibit characteristics valued among their peers. This year we are proud to announce that Carla Tisby-Riggs, Dwight Wilkins, and Roderick Alexander are the three recipients from Facilities that were recognized for the award.

Carla Tisby-Riggs, FIXIT Call Center Supervisor

Carla Tisby-Riggs exemplifies the spirit of an outstanding employee with her dependability and dedication to providing quality service. She has worked at Facilities for 13 years as an incredible resource and colleague. Tisby-Riggs’ natural leadership skills and readiness to help captures the essence of her strong work ethic. When it comes to her philosophy towards work she strongly values the Golden Rule, honesty, and helping others to the best of her ability.


Dwight Wilkins, Refuse Driver

Dwight Wilkins has worked at Facilities for 6 years and served his community as a leader by example. Wilkins’ is recognized as an outstanding employee in large part because of his ambitiousness and goal-oriented mindset. His strive for excellence in everything he does sends a great message of encouragement to the team. His perseverance and hard work is valued and admired by all of those around him. “Dwight Wilkins is one of the most dedicated employees that I’ve ever had the privileged of managing. His close attention to detail and the pride he takes towards his day to day duties are second to none. He puts the customers first and always make sure they’re satisfied. Dwight Wilkins is University of Houston Strong!” quoted by Tommy Walker, Supervisor of Waste and Recycling.


Roderick Alexander, Lead Night Shift Custodian

Roderick Alexander is an effective leader who has worked at Facilities for 11 years as the Lead Night Shift Custodian. According to his peers and supervisors, Alexander always goes above and beyond his required job responsibilities. He demonstrates outstanding ambition as a leader and works hard alongside his team and inspires them to work just as hard as he does. His cheerfulness and close attention to detail makes him a truly valued team player. Alexander puts all of his heart into the work he does and exhibits excellence in every task.