35th Annual Mayor’s Proud Partner Award Winners

UH Facilities Construction Management Wins Big for Sustainable Efforts

UH Facilities Construction Management received two Mayor’s Proud Partner Awards for the Fertitta Center and Bench Stock Inventory Disposal Project along with two Honorable Mentions for the Science Building Renovations and Parking Garage 5 construction.

A&F Mayor's Proud Partner Recipients and Honorees 

Facilities Services', Bench Stock Inventory Disposal Project was recognized because of the sustainable elimination of obsolete inventory from F/CM shop areas. The Bench stock inventory disposal project enforced the creation of a sustainable workspace that allows Facilities/Construction Management to better serve the UH Community. All obsolete bench stock inventory was disposed in an environmentally friendly manner with the objective to limit the amount of waste sent to landfills. Programs Adminstration Manager, Rufus Kemp accepted this award. 

Rufus Kemp Awarded for Bench Stock Inventory Disposal

Facilities Planning and Construction's, Fertitta Center was also recognized for the sustainable reconstruction of the former Hofienz Pavilion. The project was required to overcome the obstacle of handling, disposing of, and designing around the original construction material. The original, 50-year-old structure required environmental hazard removal to demolish components for renovation. The improved atmospheric quality of the renovation is a critical upgrade in the health and safety of the community members using the building going forward.  Senior Facilities Project Inspector, Ceasar Villagran and Senior Associate Athletic Director, TJ Meagher accepted this award.


TJ Meaghar(L) and Ceasar Villagran (R) 

Honorable Mentions:

Parking Garage 5 was recognized for creating a reduction in flooding in the campus area, with corresponding increase in passable roads during heavy rain events, reduction in water damage to vehicles, and decreased carbon emissions from reduced building and vehicle energy consumption.

The Science building renovations reflect durable, low-maintenance applications that respond well to local climate and community surroundings. The University of Houston is providing a community building that will have tremendous long term value and foster educational excellence, connectivity, and a healthy environment.

Old Science Recipients

We are grateful for the recognition of our sustainable efforts at this year’s Mayor’s Proud Partner Award and we will continue to contribute in Keeping Houston Beautiful.