FBOC Contracts Team Commits to Sustainability

F/CM Contracts team is 99% paperless

We would like to take the time to recognize the sustainability efforts of our Facilities Business Operations and Compliance (FBOC), Contracts team. Under the leadership of Assistant Director, Guicela Salazar, the contracts team has completely streamlined its processing efforts by virtually going completely paperless. This office processes well over 700 contracts per year and 99% of these are processed without printing a single document. Given that an average contract may have 30+ pages this is a huge sustainable effort by not printing contract packets. Facilities contract coordinators Nancy Borja, Jacqueline Silis and Shercan Castaneda are to thank in addition to Salazar. 

As individuals, it is critical for us to be mindful of the effect we have on our environment. The production of 1 metric ton of paper requires 17 trees on average and 24 trees for white office paper alone. We appreciate the contracts team’s sustainability efforts and their support to the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability. We are proud of their outstanding achievement and encourage everyone to join the effort in going green.