UH Facilities and HUB Program Partnership

Learn more about how Facilities has been involved in HUB vendor growth.


The Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program at the University of Houston (UH) seeks to increase procurement opportunities for minority, woman-owned, and Service-Disabled Veterans businesses. The program includes components designed to increase awareness, provide education, and encourage participation by actively working with UH staff and the vendor community.

Facilities/Construction Management (F/CM) has also been instrumental in supporting the University’s HUB program. In addition to presenting at forums, F/CM staff members meet with individual HUB firms to discuss opportunities and provide mentorship. F/CM further takes a proactive role in ensuring HUB goal contract compliance put by discussing during solicitation, after initial contract award and as needed through the project. Facilities/Construction Management (F/CM) has been instrumental in recognizing the need to provide a pipeline for HUB vendor growth.

The UH HUB Program’s outreach and education program help facilitate a pathway to increase the economic growth of local HUB vendors. For instance, over 100 individuals participated in a Construction Projects Informational Meeting held in November 2019.