Cullen Boulevard Improvement Project

Work Continues for Campus Improvement

Harris County has completed Segment A of the Cullen Boulevard Improvement project. Segment ‘A’ (North MacGregor to Wheeler), has undergone its transformation. The new 3 lane roadway along with the shared use path and street trees welcomes you to the south entrance of the Campus. The University will be installing new pedestrian lights, banners and bus shelters along the shared-use path to complete this section.

Phase 2, Segment ‘B’ (Wheeler to I-45) is in the bidding phase and has an estimated construction start of late August/early September of 2020. Its construction schedule has a 32-month duration with an estimated completion date of March 2023. During the construction of Segment ‘B’, the County’s goal is to maintain one lane of traffic in each direction as well as access to Entrance 14. However, the County anticipates a multi-month full road closure from Wheeler to Cougar Place. Harris County is committed to working with the university to minimize disruptions and schedule closures around university activities.

We are excited about the transformation of Cullen. The Shared-use path will create a pedestrian and bike-friendly thoroughfare from the Bayou to I-45. The designated bike path will connect the university to the various bike paths in the city which is a component of the City of Houston’s Bike Plan expanding the high-comfort bikeway network. This transformation will not only improve pedestrian and bike access to the campus, it will also improve stormwater drainage and enhance the image of the university. These improvements are an effort to realize the mayor’s vision of “complete streets”.