Social Media Within Facilities

A closer look at the process and purpose for Facilities Social Media.

    Through the use of social media, Facilities has been able to promote all of our latest achievements such as campus projects, events, monthly newsletters, and so much more! With the addition of Instagram in the year 2018, our social media status has greatly improved.

    Our Facilities Communication Student Worker Angie Sandoval, who is the lead over all our social media accounts, has been able to maintain a positive atmosphere throughout each platform. “It’s hard to keep up with it sometimes.” Said Angie, “But I love doing it! It’s so much fun attending events and be able to take pictures of everyone having a good time.” With the expansion of Instagram, Facilities has been able to reach out to the student body to give an inside look on everything Facilities has to offer. Through this, students are able to understand the purpose of FIXIT and how Facilities works 24/7 to keep the campus maintained. Ultimately, since the creation of our Instagram, all other social media platforms have benefited exceedingly.

    When asked about the growth of Facilities social media’s Angie stated, “When we first started Instagram, I did not expect for it to grow so quickly! In under a month we were able to reach 100 followers, which helped to promote our other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter on Instagram as well.” As a result, Angie has continued to keep all our social platforms up to date and informative. Facilities invites you to visit all our social media platforms for important dates, upcoming events, Newsletter updates, behind the scenes photos and so much more! We look forward to reading your comments! 

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