UH System Project Renovations for Summer 2019

A deeper insight of the summer’s completed construction projects

UH Community Advancement

The University of Houston Facilities/Construction Management (F/CM) team recently completed several projects across the System that have a profound impact on the Universities’ ability to support students, faculty and staff.  Executive director for project management, Nick Merry, summarized the accomplishment, “This was a tremendous effort not only from the project managers and construction inspectors, but from the entire F/CM team – Planning establishing solid programs, Contracts ensuring change orders were processed, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) ensuring the furniture was set up, the Facilities shops ensuring a solid building turnover, and Key Access Services’ follow through to help out when issues arose.”

UH-Clear Lake:


As UH-Clear Lake (UHCL) progresses with their transition to a four-year university, they have passed a major milestone with the opening of Smith Hall, the first residential hall for students on campus. This is a major step to transition UHCL from a commuter-based campus to a residential-based campus. The design and construction space incorporates student-centered spaces, community kitchens, and vibrant study lounges for students. This new $22 million expansion on campus serves to create an environment for students to succeed academically and maximize their experience at UH-Clear Lake.


UH Victoria Commons

The University Commons will be one of the first buildings designed for students to study and relax at UH-Victoria. With a budget of $32 million, the three-story building was developed with each floor dedicated to meeting students’ needs. The first floor will include a food court, a video game area, a multipurpose room, and study and lounge areas. The second floor will have spaces for the university’s student organizations and the new library complete with new public computers. Lastly, the third floor will have a deck with an outdoor area for students to relax and enjoy. This new addition to the UH-Victoria campus is the first non-academic building designed to enhance student life on campus.


UHD Science & Technology

The new UH-Downtown College of Sciences and Technology Building has marked the beginning of a new era. The $75.5 million building provides students with new laboratory spaces, study areas, and new computer-assisted classrooms. Construction inspector, Cesar Villagran, highlighted the teamwork required for this project.  Villagran explained, “Every year I am amazed by the work that can be done when a team works together and honors the partnership commitment. The project teams demonstrated what can happen when you let go of limiting beliefs and take action.” The expansion of the new four-story building will help prepare and equip students with the right skills to meet the heavy demands of the STEM workforce.

UH at Katy:


The construction project for the new UH at Katy Academic Building has been successfully completed! This new $33 million building provides a home for the College of Nursing, College of Engineering and UH Victoria to offer classes in the Katy area.  The multi-story building includes classrooms, work studios and offices for faculty/staff.  “As the start of the fall semester approached, it became humbling to see how many people were counting on the completion of our buildings. Seeing faculty and students walk through the doors was a very rewarding feeling for the small part we play in our University’s growth and success,” stated senior project manager, Ed Mader.

UH at Sugar Land:

Sugarland Academic Building

UH at Sugar Land held a ribbon cutting ceremony in September, attended by Chancellor Khator and numerous state and local dignitaries, to celebrate the official opening of the new UH College of Technology building.  The $57 million academic building will be home to new programs and innovative state-of-the-art laboratory space.   As UH at Sugar Land associate vice president, academic affairs and chief operating officer, Jay Neal, stated, "Today we celebrate the completion of this state-of-the-art building, as well as the many students who are on their way to becoming industry professionals.”


UH Old Science Renovation

UH recently finished a complete interior renovation of the existing Science Building. Renovations to the Science Building reflect durable, low-maintenance applications that respond well to local climate and community surroundings. “Renovating one of the University of Houston’s legacy buildings so that future generations can experience part of our campus history is what the entire team’s job is all about,” said Ken Roberts, Science Building project manager. The building now has a mixture of various classroom spaces, student lounges, and faculty and staff lounge space. The new facility creates an engaging and effective learning experience for students and staff that will serve as a swing space during future core buildings renovations.


Parking Garage 5 will provide approximately 2,500 new parking spaces. In addition to addressing parking shortfalls, the project includes an adjacent building with studios, classrooms, offices, retail space and support spaces. It will consolidate all art studio spaces, which currently reside in different areas of the campus, and augment the existing digital fabrication facilities for the architecture students. The construction of the building is estimated to be completed by spring 2020. This new expansion will help address the needs of the ever-increasing population of UH commuters.