Upgrade for Parking Lots

Parking lots converted from gravel to asphalt

Parking is a major focus on campus and UH Facilities was pleased to partner with Parking and Transportation to help upgrade five lots from gravel to asphalt. This upgrade provides not only a better driving and walking area but would also last longer and require less maintenance. This upgrade project was led by Senior Construction Project Manager Kenneth Tolbert.

Kenneth Tolbert

With the assistance of Parking and Transportation, Tolbert and the team prioritized the five lots. Lots 3b, 4a and 19c were deemed the highest priority because of their high traffic volume as compared to the other two lots, Lots 8a and 9b.The three highest priority lots were substantially completed by the beginning of the fall semester which was an appreciated improvement for the students who returned from the previous semester. Tolbert will continue to manage the project and the remaining two lots, 8 and 9, will be completed during the winter break.

Expressing his appreciation, Tolbert stated “Robert Browand (Director of Parking & Transportation) and Paul Lozano (Assistant Director) really helped us with this project. Their expertise and guidance was invaluable.”

The biggest challenge in this process was the coordination with the installation of the lights and poles. Even with unsuitable weather conditions, they had to be in place by the deadline to stay on schedule. “Working on this fast moving venture in the midst of other projects was very demanding,” said Tolbert. Some of the other projects that he is working on include - the Lamar Fleming water intrusion repair project and a new parking lot between the Welcome Center garage and the Metro rail station.

Parking Lot Upgrade Map