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Cullen Boulevard Improvement Project Update

Cullen Boulevard Improvement Project Update for September 2020

Celebrating Six Months with Executive Director Magda Alanis

Thriving through the challenges of 2020

UH System Facilities Forum 2020

Virtually engaging excellence with all four universities.

Cullen Boulevard Improvement Project

Work Continues for Campus Improvement

Classrooms Readiness For Fall 2020 Instructions

F/CM prepares classrooms for reopening

FPC Inspectors Keeping Construction on Track

Construction Continues for this University of Houston

Semester Magazine: Spring/Fall 2019

Semester Magazine: Spring/Fall 2019

UH Facilities and HUB Program Partnership

Learn more about how Facilities has been involved in HUB vendor growth.

Classroom Refresh Initiative

UH Classrooms Prepare For a Make-Over

Major Construction Project Updates

University of Houston's upcoming construction projects and renovations

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