Engines of Our Ingenuity

The Engines Audio CD for Fall, 2001

Text by John H. Lienhard

Production by Capella V. Tucker

This year's Engines CD is a flight of fancy -- an imagined, but possible, trip in which we travel, not so much to locations, as to the ideas underlying those locations. To lay out our journey, I've simply chosen a number of places that you and I have already gone to in radio programs over the years. I have selected scripts so as to create a plausible journey that might take us a month or so if we really undertook it. I am grateful to Carol Lienhard for suggesting this concept and to Greg Johnson for his help with web material and the CD.

Obtaining the audio CD: If, during the Fall KUHF Membership Campaign (October 11-18, 2001), you join or renew your membership in The Friends of KUHF at the 88-dollar level or higher, you may choose the CD as your thank you gift upon immediate fulfillment of your pledge. Click here for details.

You may read the complete script of the CD by clicking on


This is a large file and, if you don't have a fast hookup, it might load slowly. Many images are displayed directly in this script, but we've also made heavy use of links to other images and to relevant web sites. Do you want to see the picture that goes with a place? Simply click upon the underlined link in the text.

You may also see a map showing all of our stops, and you may click on the various locations in the map to get the story that goes with it. Just click on the word: MAP.

While we've created this script from previous episodes, we've modified each so as to sustain the narrative of the trip as we go along. Should you wish to see scripts from which each track of the CD is derived, Click here.