Engines of Our Ingenuity

Engines-Related Papers and Some Earlier Talks

Papers Referred to in Engines Episodes
Surfing the Sea of Stories (0.7 Mb)
Iversen Turbomachinery Notes (17 Mb)
Similarity of Vapor and Gas Bubble Growth, Iranian J. Sci. and Tech. Vol. 1, No. 2, Sept. 1971 (0.3 Mb)
Hydrodynamic Transition in Electrolysis, J. Basic Engr. 94:4, 1972 (1.8 Mb)
Vortex Shedding Bulletin (2.3 Mb)
Some Ideas About Growth and Quality in Technology(3.3 Mb)
A Physical Basis for the Generalized Gamma Distribution (1.1 Mb)
An Extension of Statistical Mechanics to the Description of ... (4.5 Mb)
Interacting Effects of Gravity and Size upon the Peak and Minimum Pool Boiling Heat Fluxes (4.2 Mb)
Contraction Coefficients for Free Jets from Sharp-Edged Orifices
Contraction Coefficients for Borda Mouthpieces
Standing waves on a falling jet
A Statistical Mechanical Prediction of the Dimensionless Unit Hydrograph (6.6 Mb)
Power and Feedback Control

Some Other Technical Papers
On the Prediction of the Minimum Pool Boiling Heat Flux
An Experimental Study of the Rapid Depressurization of Water
Peak Pool Boiling Heat Flux Measurements on Finite Horizontal Flat Plates
On Real Fluid Flow over Yawed Circular Cylinders
Snares of Pool Boiling Research: Putting Our History to Use
Effects of Gravity and Surface Tension UponLiquid Jets Leaving Poiseuille Tubes
Heat Conduction through "Yin-Yang" Bodies
Randomly Oscillating Turbulent Channel Flows
Notes on the Origins and Evolution of the Subject of Heat Transfer
Biography of Ernst Kraft Wilhelm Nusselt
An Upper Bound for the Critical Boiling Heat Flux (1/2 Mb)
Transition Boiling Heat Transfer and the Film Transition Regime (1 Mb)
On the Existence of Two Transition Boiling Curves (2 Mb)
An Historical Review of the Hydrodynamic Theory of Boiling
Boiling From Small Cylinders (7 Mb)
Dominant Unstable Wavelength and Minimum Heat Flux During Film Boiling on a Horizontal Cylinder (4 Mb)
Locked-in Vortex Shedding Behind Oscillating Circular Cylinders ...(2 Mb)
On Real Fluid Flow Over Yawed Circular Cylinders (4 Mb)
Effect of Viscosity upon Liquid Velocity in Axi-Symmetric Sheets (2 Mb) Historical Review of the Hydrodynamic Theory of Boiling (12 Mb pdf file)
Nordic Hydrology Paper
The Peak Boiling Heat Flux in Saturated Ethanol-Water Mixtures (1 Mb pdf file)

A Reflection on one moment in American Choral Music
Portland Symphonic Choir: 1948-49

Talks from 2002
Engineering Education and Shifting Reality
Invention, a Dangerous Guest
On Making Life Livable: The Democratization of Comfort

Talks from 2001
Frankenstein, Faust, and Pygmalion
Where Science and Information Management Meet

Talks from 2000
Reflections Upon Education in the New Millennium
Inventing Modern: and Creating an Unexpected Future

Talks from 1999
"I Sell Here, Sir, What All the World Desires to Have -- POWER"
Women in Flight: Parachutes, Balloons, Airplanes, and the Search for Equity

Talks from 1998
What People Said About Books in 1498
The Age of the Earth: Science, Religion, and Perception
Reflections on Corporate Singing
The Subtle Texture of Cooperation
The Polytechnic Legacy
About Astronomy and Learning to See

Talks from 1997
Narrative and Medicine
Narrative and Medicine Transformed
Children, Literacy, and the Computer

Talks from 1996
A Fine Madness: Sanity and Creativity
Reinventing Journals, Reinventing Knowledge
Creativity and the End of Life: Aging and Suicide
Ilizarov and Visualization in 21st Century Technology
The Metaphor of the Book

Talks from 1995
Commencement Address
The Future of Design: A question of visualization

Talk from 1990
Dreaming Nature

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