Engines of Our Ingenuity

Papers by JHL and Associates Dealing with the Metastable and Unstable Properties of Fluids, the Spinodal Line, and Equations of State

The Properties and Behavior of Superheated Liquids
Use of a Cubic Equation to Predict Surface Tension and Spinodal Limits (4 Mb)
Corresponding States Correlation of Saturated and Metastable Properties (3 Mb)
Homogeneous Nucleation and the Spinodal Line (4 Mb)
Equations of State and Spinodal Lines - a Review (10 Mb pdf file)
Spinodal Lines and Equations of State: A Review (8 Mb)
Corresponding States Correlations of the Spinodal and Homogeneous Nucleation Limits (3.8 Mb)
An Invariance Property Associated with p-v-T Equations of State (7 Mb)

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