Engines of Our Ingenuity

Keywords for The Engines of Our Ingenuity
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1 Oliver Evans and an early American steam powered amphibian
[steamboat, transportation, steam engine, auto, Oructor]

2 The Jacquard loom and the invention of the computer
[weaving, Babbage, cards, textile]

3 The monk who flew in 1005 AD
[flight, medieval, Firnas, glider, Benedictine, airplane]

4 Benjamin Thompson/Count Rumford and the conservation of energy
[heat, American Revolution, Lavoisier, thermodynamics]

5 The pendulum clock escapement and the merger of science and technology
[Bacon, Galileo, Huygens, Hooke, science]

6 Jouffroy: one of the first successful steamboat makers.
[Newcomen, France, d'Auxiron, transportation]

7 Fokker and the machine gun interrupter mechanism
[flight, war, WW-1, airplane]

8 Pittsburgh in 1816
[steamboat, iron, coal, industry, glass]

9 The Cistercian order and power technology
[Benedictines, water wheels, factory, religion, White]

10 The Medieval character of the wild West
[America, saddle, whiskey, log cabin, cowboy, White]

11 Electric lights in the 80 years before Edison
[arc light, incandescent, Grove, Swan, Davy, de la Rue]

12 A definition of the words: science, technology, and engineering
[techni, ingenuity]

13 Dionysius Lardner and early steam power technology
[handbook, conservation, coal, ecology, pyramids, environment]

14 John Fitch and the first commercially successful steamboat
[Fulton, Watt, Rumsey, Philadelphia, Kentucky]

15 Early inventions of the electric telegraph
[Morse, electrostatic, Watson, LeSage]

16 Homo Technologicus
[techni, technology, anthropology, tools]

17 Marc Isambard Brunel and his son, Isambard Kingdom Brunel
[Great Eastern, tunnel, Great Western, materialism]

18 How some contemporary poets saw the Industrial Revolution
[Shelley, Blake, Burns, Scott, literature]

19 The Crystal Palace and the great 1851 exhibition
[Paxton, Queen Victoria, Brunel, design, architecture]

20 Genetic mutations of wheat and the invention of farming
[emmer, anthropology, agriculture, genetics, grain, biology, mutation]

21 Santos-Dumont, Zeppelin, and the great airships
[Giffard, dirigible, balloons, flight, airplane]

22 The first American iron production in Saugus, Mass.
[nails, smelting, mill, forge, wrought iron, Colonial]

23 The light bulb and the vacuum tube
[Edison effect, Fleming, telegraphy, radio tube]

24 The wheel: a very difficult concept
[crank, rotational motion, invention]

25 NASA's "crawler transporter," the world's largest land transportation vehicle
[space, NASA, tracked vehicle]

26 Three-field crop rotation and the origins of Western technology
[agriculture, grain, protein, horse, ox, plow, White]

27 Vannevar Bush and the great Rockefeller Differential Analyzer
[analog, digital, computer]

28 The first American steam engine
[Hornblower, Schuyler, Adams, Colonial America, Franklin]

29 The Windmill: A device that has come, gone, and may come again
[Cervantes, Quixote, power, propeller, Watt]

30 Colonial America, 1776: A new nation of glorious amateurs
[Fitch, Barlow, Jefferson, Monticello, Franklin]

31 The century-long retention of masts and sails on steamships
[Savannah, Great Western, Monitor, Merrimac, transportation]

32 The Wright brothers battle for priority over Langley
[Aerodrome, Walcott, Curtiss, Abott, NASA, flight]

33 Perpetua Mobile and the Medieval mind
[perpetual motion, Bhaskara, power, machine]

34 The Douglas DC-3: an airplane for all seasons
[transportation, flight, Rockne, Fokker triplane, DC-1, DC-2, Shang-Ri-La]

35 Does war influence technological evolution? Some surprising facts
[airplane, speed, production, invention]

36 The Erie Canal
[transportation, Great Lakes, Buffalo, Hudson, Niagara, Jefferson, Gallatin, Clinton]

37 The first twenty years of transatlantic flights
[Zeppelin, Lindbergh, Alcock, Brown, Ortieg, transportation, Ryan]

38 The development of the seemingly uncomplicated window pane
[soda-lime, Alexandria, stained glass, crown glass, plate glass]

39 Balloonist Jean-Pierre Blanchard, the first barnstormer
[flight, Franklin, transportation, Jeffries, Washington, Philadelphia]

40 The invention of money -- an abstraction of goods and services
[talent, trade, coin, notes, computers, exchange, anthropology]

41 Frankenstein — the monster of our obsessiveness
[Shelley, Byron, Lardner, literature, Romantic, Wollstonecraft]

42 Our radar warning of the Pearl Harbor attack
[communications, war, Hulsmeyer]

43 Vespucci and the naming of America
[Columbus, Waldseemuller, exploration, geography, transportation]

44 The invention of the parachute
[Leonardo da Vinci, flight, Lenormand, Renaissance]

45 Fahrenheit and thermometry
[heat, science, Newton]

46 The clock as preparation for modern science
[Baroque, feedback, art]

47 Moment of inertia and satellite stability
[Landon, Sputnik, Explorer, space, NASA, Bracewell, failure, RCA]

48 The lowly, but not-so-simple, dressmaker's pin
[clothing, Cowper, Smith, robot, mass production, machine]

49 Some technology that we don't see when we first look
[horn, gears, 3-M, invention]

50 Mark Twain and the Paige Compositor
[Linotype, design, machine, Merganthaler, production, printing, function]

51 A short discourse on tunneling
[Whittier, aqueduct, canals, railroads, transportation, Hoosac, Brunel]

52 Man the measure — man the meter
[folklore, units, Watt, temperature, power, length]

53 Technology in Alexandria, ca. 200 BC
[Alexander, Euclid, Hellenistic, Archimedes, Ptolemy, feedback, water clock]

54 O'Shaughnessy and the Indian telegraph system
[Morse, Crimean war, Sepoy, communication, electricity]

55 How we name our machines
[flight, airplane, refrigerator, engine, machine, computer, steam engine, automobile]

56 An encounter with Einstein

57 Ceremony in the manufacture of a Samurai sword
[metallurgy, standards, forging, iron, steel]

58 Crossing the English Channel without ships
[flight, tunnel, Gossamer Albatross, Kremer prize]

59 The transatlantic telegraph cable
[Field, Gisborne, Great Eastern, Queen Victoria, Buchanan, communication]

60 A critique of Bushnell's invention of the submarine
[Turtle, Hopkinson, transportation, war, Colonial America]

61 The skyscraper and the great Chicago fire
[elevator, steel, Chicago, design, iron]

62 Joseph Stalin and Russian aircraft records in the 1930s
[flight, Tupolev, records, war]

63 Some thoughts about engineering systems

64 Rudolf Diesel and his wonderful engine
[engine, power, priority, internal combustion]

65 Some summary thoughts after the first 64 episodes
[Einstein, Edison, education]

66 Technologies that put an end to record-setting
[speed, aircraft, microwave, transportation]

67 The story of a failed airplane design — the XP-75
[design, Ford, Berlin, General Motors, Loren, flight]

68 A question of size — some notions about scale
[dimensional analysis, similitude]

69 Steam engines in England during the 18th century
[Watt, Savery, Newcomen, power, England]

70 Some thoughts on fame and fortune in technology
[Bible, Quixote, invention, Boelter]

71 The Guillotine and the democratization of death
[execution, France, Rumford, Lavoisier, death]

72 The invisible invention of the clock
[water clock, Honnecourt, di Dondi, time]

73 The tragic tale of Evariste Galois
[Napoleon, Ecole, algebra, group theory, mathematics]

74 Germs and the Broad Street Well
[Snow, Koch, Lister, cholera, medicine, disease]

75 On the rediscovery of lighter-than-air flight
[dirigible, Zeppelin, flight, aircraft, blimp, Hindenburg, transportation]

76 The alchemists and chemistry before the middle 19th century
[Aristotle, caloric, phlogiston, science]

77 Napoleon Bonaparte and iron construction in France
[Ecole, bridges, Eiffel, monuments]

78 The development of the bicycle
[automobile, Macmillan, hobbyhorse, transportation]

79 A horseless carriage offered to Anne Boleyn
[England, automobile, power]

80 On the absence of women in the history of technology
[Cowan, Pursell, Masters, engineering]

81 Two unsinkable ships: the Titanic and the Great Eastern
[Brunel, accidents, safety, invention]

82 Late 18th century competition among roads, canals and railways
[transportation, power, mines, mining]

83 Alfred Ely Beach's secret subway
[Tammany, Scientific American, New York, Tweed, transportation]

84 Thomas Sopwith's hundredth birthday
[flight, von Richtofen, transportation, war, aircraft]

85 The development of the helicopter
[Forlanini, da Vinci, aircraft, flight, transportation, Sikorsky, Cornu, autogyro]

86 The discovery of oxygen and scientific revolution
[Priestley, Lavoisier, Scheele, Kuhn, Dalton, chemistry]

87 John and Washington Roebling, and the Brooklyn Bridge
[Hegel, suspension bridge, construction]

88 A concern about computers and the redefinition of reality
[computer graphics, Torrance, movie]

89 On saying goodbye to lighthouses and cabooses
[obsolete, obsolescence]

90 Georg Cantor, the man who counted beyond infinity
[mathematics, set theory, science, infinity]

91 Liberty ships: an amateur takes over the trade
[transportation, war, construction, design, Kaiser]

92 Occam's razor and engineering design

93 Teaching the American public to use the telephone
[Bell, telegraph, communication]

94 The Black boxing of technology
[education, invention]

95 On superconductors and steamboats
[Chu, invention, science, electricity, Fulton]

96 Streamlining the American public
[design, automobile, airfoil]

97 Medieval masons and their cathedrals
[medieval, stone, construction]

98 George Everett Hale and BIG telescopes
[Palomar, optical, optics, astronomy]

99 The hourglass: the poor man's clock, the poor man's metaphor
[timekeeping, Renaissance]

100 The invention and selling of the typewriter
[communication, Monaco, Remington, business]

101 Interchangeable parts
[design, manufacture, Franklin, Gutenberg, Whitney, guns, Ford]

102 Lord Byron's daughter, first computer programmer
[Babbage, Ada, analytical engine, literature, women]

103 Covering up Soviet technological disasters
[Russia, flight, safety]

104 Baroque violins, ice cream, and DC-3's
[design, flight, music]

105 Eighteenth century water wheel technology
[power, Pompadour, de Parcieux, turbine, Smeaton]

106 Stability: not always a virtue
[design, flight, aircraft, mechanics]

107 The wind and its technologies in the ancient mind

108 Trench warfare and the technology of war
[Tuchman, guns, automatic weapons, Maginot]

109 High-pressure steam engines and transportation
[railroad, Watt, Cugnot, Trevithick, power]

110 Nevil Shute: engineer and author
[literature, airplanes]

111 Topsell's history of four-footed beasts and serpents
[zoology, printing]

112 The failure of the Comet jet-liner, and Nevil Shute's anticipation of it.
[literature, airplanes, safety, design]

113 Galileo, Torricelli, and von Guericke; and the idea of a vacuum
[Savery, Magdeburg, pumps, power, steam engine]

114 The brief day of the great flying boats
[flight, transportation, Martin, Hughes, seaplanes]

115 Guido da Vigevano's handbook for a crusader
[war, medieval, design, invention]

116 Ceredi's re-invention of Archimedes' pump
[invention, Galileo, Aristotle, philosophy]

117 The Korean "Turtle Boat" — the first ironclad
[war, Japan, naval, navy, design]

118 The English and 18th century ballooning
[England, Lunardi, flight, transportation, invention]

119 J. Willard Gibbs, America's greatest scientist
[science, thermodynamics, Yale, physics]

120 Su-Sung's wonderful 11th century water clock
[China, timekeeping, escapement]

121 The Second Law of Thermodynamics and time's arrow
[LaChatelier, Braun, entropy]

122 Diderot's Encyclopedie and the French revolution
[dictionary, encyclopedia, France, literature]

123 Recovering from the Black Death
[disease, medicine, Renaissance, printing, timekeeping]

124 The camera obscura, waiting for someone to provide the film
[photography, France, lithography, Kepler, Niepce]

125 On finding the first internal combustion-engine driven auto
[Benz, de Rochas, Marcus, invention, transportation]

126 Some thoughts on liability and reasonable risk
[safety, Hamurabi, nuclear]

127 Black American inventors before the Civil War
[McCormick, Whitney, cotton gin, reaper, Davis, Blair]

128 The Liberty Bell
[American Revolution, metallurgy, casting]

129 The mad scientist — an unshakable image
[Frankenstein, Faust, Marlowe, Shelley, literature]

130 Urban archaeology provides a window to the past
[anthropology, Brown, Ashton villa, Galveston, mansion]

131 Henry Adams ponders the Virgin and the Dynamo
[science, medieval, Langley, exhibition]

132 The Kansas City, Hyatt-Regency skywalk failure
[safety, design]

133 How the 1903 Cadillac brought American cars to England
[automobile, transportation, interchangeable]

134 A ghostly Japanese navy at the bottom of Truk Lagoon
[war, shipwrecks]

135 On learning to use coal
[power, metallurgy, wood]

136 Herbert Hoover: Humanitarian and Engineer
[Stanford, mining, geology]

137 Music-making: the first human technology
[Bible, art, anthropology, Shakespeare, Stevens]

138 Albrecht Durer: Germany's answer to Leonardo
[printing, perspective, geometry, engraving, art, Renaissance]

139 Herbert and Lou Hoover meet Georgius Agricola
[Stanford, mining, geology, metallurgy, Renaissance, women]

140 Technological half-truths and technical literacy
[heat, thermodynamics]

141 Benjamin Franklin's experiments in heat transfer
[thermodynamics, light, science, radiation]

142 Max Jakob: a breath of fresh air in a new land
[war, Einstein, heat transfer, science, Germany]

143 L.M.K. Boelter: A great engineering educator.
[heat transfer, education]

144 Lord Kelvin's miscalculation of the age of the earth
[Bible, science, heat transfer, Fourier, Darwin, Heaviside]

145 General Electric and the product-driven innovation cycle
[design, manufacturing, Langmuir, electric light bulb]

146 Garrett A. Morgan: a Black American inventor
[traffic, safety]

147 Hydrogen, hot air balloons, 19th century chemistry
[science, Montgolfier, Charles, phlogiston, flight, transportation]

148 Continuous-aim firing: a diagnosis of an ill-received idea
[navy, war, design, invention, guns]

149 Thoughts on the extent of technological change in one generation
[generation, tecnological, change, information revolution]

150 Are we alone in the universe?
[astronomy, Spielberg, Sagan, radio telescopes]

151 Rediscovering the sunken Union Monitor
[Civil War, Merrimack, navy, gun turret, shipwrecks]

152 John Atanasoff's invention of the digital computer
[Sperry, design, Honeywell, Mauchly, ENIAC]

153 Flying the Aegean Sea in Daedalus' slipstream
[flight, transportation, MIT, design, Greece]

154 Charles Richard Drew and the development of blood banks
[Black, plasma, medicine]

155 Some musings on the nature of experimental proofs
[science, Fresnel, Poisson]

156 Robert Fulton's last ship, the Steam Battery catamaran
[navy, war, invention, design, propeller]

157 Thomas Crapper: The man who didn't invent the flush toilet

158 Lewis Latimer, a Black pioneer of electric lighting
[Edison, Maxim, Bell]

159 Lowell, Massachusetts: a "Utopian" industrial city
[textile mills]

160 The first Red Cross Ambulance
[medicine, war, Red Cross, Solferino, Dunant, Barton]

161 The Indian canoe — a perfected technology
[design, boat, transportation]

162 Otto Lilienthal and Orville Wright — one died and the other lived
[flight, gliders, Chanute]

163 Numismatics — coins as a historical record
[anthropology, money]

164 Computers and the human mind
[neural network]

165 Changes in hand-tools for wood-working, through the Industrial Revolution
[Industrial Revolution, wood working, hand tools]

166 Galileo's experiment on the Leaning Tower of Pisa
[science, Aristotle, mechanics]

167 The sewing machine in American life
[Singer, Willcox-Gibbs, Saint, design]

168 The Lunar Society and 18th century revolution
[Darwin, Watt, Priestley, Boulton, Wedgwood, Herschel, Smeaton]

169 Some trivia in the history of technology and its implication
[velcro, valves, Joule]

170 Technologies of the Texas Republic

171 Electric power comes to Telluride, Colorado
[generator, Edison, Pelton, mining]

172 Herbert J.L. Hinkler, Australian almost-hero of aviation
[flight, transportation, Australia]

173 On being shaped by a new computer — or by any new technology
[machine, computer, technology]

174 Nikola Tesla — another sort of creative mind
[Yugoslavia, Edison, Westinghouse, electricity, Rayleigh]

175 Some 2500 year old Chinese bells harbor a secret
[music, anthropology, acoustics]

176 On wanting to build my own crystal set
[radio, communication, Marconi]

177 Two wealthy men: Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller
[iron, steel, oil, business, money, industry]

178 Reflections on growing up in the media
[radio, communication, war]

179 On the Invention of the electric chair
[death, Tesla, Edison, Faust, electricity]

180 Figuring out the value of Pi
[mathematics, Bible]

181 The Industrial Revolution comes to America
[Evans, Crystal Palace, millwright, industry]

182 Black and White in pre-revolutionary Virginia
[Jefferson, religion]

183 Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton, and a change in science
[Bacon, Pope, Royal Society]

184 Count von Zeppelin learns about flying in St. Paul, Minnesota
[balloons, dirigible, Hindenburg, flight, transportation]

185 Justus Liebig and the first research laboratory
[Gay-Lussac, dye, chemistry, Edison, benzene, aniline]

186 Fourier, Egypt, and modern applied mathematics
[science, heat transfer, Napoleon, France]

187 In which I learn that technology is communication

188 We build a dirigible to get to the gold rush
[America, Giffard, balloon, transportation, flight, Porter]

189 The two Eiffel towers
[Statue of Liberty, France, construction, Iron]

190 The secret dome of St. Paul's Cathedral in London
[Wren, construction, design, architecture]

191 Hoover Dam: "Replenish the earth and subdue it."
[water management, mead, power, hydroelectric]

192 John Tyndall: measuring sound without electronics
[Spenser, music, science, flames]

193 A picture of New York Harbor painted in 1852
[artist, Lane, ships, steamboats, transportation, Gold Rush]

194 On being unreasonable: a repudiation of common sense
[Gilbert, invention]

195 Radio Days — a tribute to early radio
[Wells, radio tubes, Hindenburg, communication, media]

196 A visit to the art museum — artists and technology
[Remington, art, sculpture, modern art]

197 The Holland Tunnel — a story you've heard before
[construction, ventilation]

198 Dionysius Lardner looks at a rapidly changing world
[handbooks, power, steam, coal, conservation, water power]

199 Ford's star-crossed Eagle boat
[ship, war, design, navy, production, design, construction]

200 In which we study an old machinist's handbook
[Nicholson, millwright, Industrial Revolution, Dickens]

201 The rush to build the Western riverboats
[safety, steamboats, Pittsburgh, transportation]

202 A look at Edwardian patents: 1901-1902
[perpetual motion, Fleming, radio tube, flight]

203 The Encyclopaedia Britannica from 1768 to now
[dictionary, encyclopedia, Industrial Revolution]

204 Robert A. Millikan, a man who didn't want to be a physicist
[science, Roentgen, Curie, Planck]

205 Cyrus McCormick and the 1876 Centennial Exhibition
[America, machinery, Lincoln, industry, business, invention]

206 Astronomy, the pole star, and the wheel
[Bronowski, Easter Island]

207 George Seldon, Henry Ford, and Clyde Barrow
[automobiles, transportation, Duryea, Gibbs]

208 Technology, art, and the Upper Paleolithic period
[invention, anthropology, archaeology, Neanderthal, Cro Magnon, tools]

209 Joseph Priestley: Ben Franklin's "honest heretic"
[Industrial Revolution, oxygen, Aristotle, Lunar Society, Boulton, Watt, Darwin, Wedgwood, religion]

210 Maxim's airplane
[Ader, flight, transportation, Wright, invention]

211 Anesthesia, another "Who got there first?" question
[medicine, chemistry, Long, Wells, Victoria, Morton]

212 Niepce, Daguerre, and the first 30 years of photography
[camera obscura, chemistry]

213 The Pythagorean "feminist" philosophers
[Theano, Pythagoras, Plato, mathematics, geometry, Greek, women]

214 Cognac grapes growing from Texas rootstocks
[Munson, wine, agriculture, botany]

215 Hypatia's mathematics
[Hellenistic, astrolabe, densitomiter, Alexandria, women]

216 In which we watch books growing old
[library, paper, papyrus, printing, linen, parchment]

217 The saintly Witch of Agnesi
[Newton, Italy, mathematics, women, geometry, calculus]

218 The globe-girdling flight of Voyager
[Rutan, Yeager, transportation, aircraft, materials]

219 Emilie de Breteuil: only a mind in a gilded cage
[Newton, women, Voltaire, France, mathematics]

220 Pride goeth before the fall of the Quebec Bridge
[safety, steel construction, cantilever, Cooper]

221 Caroline Herschel: more than meets the eye
[women, astronomy, mathematics, Uranus, comets, nebulae]

222 A Good Crystal Ball is Hard to Find
[Watt, Edison, transportation, phonograph, communication]

223 Sophie Germain and French applied mechanics
[women, mathematics, LaGrange, Gauss, Eiffel]

224 Mary Fairfax Somerville
[women, mathematics, science, Babbage, Ada Byron]

225 Sonya Corvin-Krukovsky Kovalevsky
[women, mathematics, Weierstrass, mechanics]

226 Emmy Noether, the gentle mathematical powerhouse
[women, mathematics, algebra, Einstein, Weyl, Germany]

227 Some summary thoughts on women in mathematics
[Hroswitha, engineering]

228 The limestone quarries of Northern France
[pyramids, stone, cathedral, safety, construction]

229 Computer systems and railroad track widths
[standardization, design]

230 The round earth: a smaller world than the flat one
[Columbus, Pythagoreans, Aristotle, Eratosthenes, Egypt]

231 The real McCoy
[Black inventor, lubrication, railroads]

232 The ritual origins of technology
[Egypt, balance]

233 Balsa wood and composite materials
[design, construction, composite materials, boats, airplanes]

234 Dolly Shepherd — on parachutes, risk, and technology
[women, balloons, flight, Buffalo Bill, Garnerin, space]

235 Harrison's wonderful watch
[timekeeping, invention, clocks, navigation, Royal Society]

236 Norbert Rillieux and multistage evaporation
[Black inventor, agriculture, thermodynamics, Civil War]

237 Early submarines
[Verne, Turtle, transportation, war, ships, Fulton, Bauer]

238 The Momsen Lung, a technology that needn't have been
[safety, navy, submarines, design, Bauer, war]

239 Chester Carlson and the XeroX machine
[printing, communication, invention]

240 Mathematics is too hard for me to learn!
[education, mathematics, learning]

241 Giordano Bruno and the radicalization of Copernicus
[science, astronomy, religion]

242 The Chinese origin of the bombard
[gunpowder, war]

243 What ever became of Babbage's Analytical Engine?

244 Cable cars: the right technology in the right place
[transportation, electric trolley, steam engine]

245 Delaunay Deslandes misses the Industrial Revolution
[plate glass, manufacturing, France]

246 The book on weirs from the Turriano Codex
[da Vinci, dams, water management]

247 Jean Piaget watches children analyze machines
[education, bicycles, psychology]

248 Ninety years before the Golden Gate Bridge
[Gold Rush, Fremont, Strauss, safety]

249 Amy Johnson — an improbable heroine
[Earhart, women, flight, transportation, aircraft]

250 Escalator: the magical stairways
[steam, exhibition, electricity, Otic, Reno]

251 The timber square set: a mining revolution in Virginia City
[invention, construction, Deidesheimer]

252 Archimedes' legendary death ray: Did it exist?
[Greek, war, navy]

253 Gaining a concrete understanding of cement
[Eddystone Lighthouse, plaster, Smeaton, tuff]

254 Charlie Taylor builds the Wright Brother's engine
[flight, invention, design, Ford]

255 The Chrysler Airflow: the Car of the Future
[design, automobile, transportation]

256 Reuleaux's kinematics: the soul of a machine
[kinematics, mechanics]

257 Charles Preuss maps the American West
[surveying, Fremont, Kit Carson, cartography]

258 Hieronymus Bosch's documentary demons
[art, pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, communication]

259 Surveying: a no-longer-recognizable technology
[surveying, surveyors]

260 150 years of the metric system of units
[dimensions, measurement]

261 Aesop's Fables and scientific illustration
[Gilbert, Gheeraerts, science, zoology]

262 Light, Experience, and the rise of 17th century science
[art, Hals, Pope, Newton, medicine]

263 The Garden of Eden in a computer simulation

264 Oliver Evans — revised version
[transportation, auto, steamboat, oructor amphibolos, vacuum]

265 In which Friederich Kekule sees snakes and the benzene ring
[science, invention, Liebig, architecture, chemistry, crime]

266 Galileo roughs upon the Aristotelian moon
[art, astronomy, Hariot, Donne]

267 An engine to drive the new dynamos
[electric generators, steam engines, steam turbines, Parsons]

268 Diving into an Etruscan shipwreck

269 Mechanical ears in WW-II
[war, acoustics, sound, radar]

270 The Deep: Diving into the shipwreck of the RMS Rhone
[steamships, packets]

271 Mercer's mad museum of just-abandoned technology
[archaeology, anthropology, tools]

272 The railroads and standard time
[clocks, timekeeping]

273 Ice, diamonds, and the heat pipe
[Trefethen, invention, heat transfer, condensation]

274 The Luddites and thoughts about technological change.

275 The form and shape of things — of nature and cities

276 Charles Proteus Steinmetz — brilliant engineer and would-be socialist.
[GE, electricity, technocracy]

277 The power output of you and of your favorite machine

278 Of mummies and the North Pole
[Hellenistic, flight, transportation, invention]

279 The Smithsonian acquires a domestic hydraulic elevator

280 The wreck of the Cairo
[Civil War, ship, steamboat, gunboat, war, anthropology, archaeology]

281 van Rysselberghe's invention of long-distance telephone service
[electricity, communication, Bell, telegraph]

282 The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure — the reenactment of an old disaster
[safety, suspension bridge, accidents]

283 An 1869 Harper's article on flight
[transportation, ornithopters, Wright Brothers, internal combustion]

284 The aerial map: a dream that was a long time in coming
[photography, Daguerreotype, balloons, flight, surveying]

285 Oliver Evans: an American original
[millwright, manufacturing, steam engines, handbooks]

286 The musical instrument shop in Colonial Williamsburg
[violin, harpsichord, tools]

287 Some reflections on amateurs, professionals, and invention
[Goddard, Corelli, rockets]

288 Octave Chanute and the wedding of engineering with flight
[gliders, airplanes, engineering, Wright, transportation]

289 In which we watch women join the new technology of flight
[war, transportation, Wright, Curtiss, Scott, Clark, Quimby, Stinson]

290 Mapping the moon
[Galileo, Hevelius, Borman, astronomy]

291 The French horn and the industrial revolution
[music, invention, music, pipe]

292 The Scapa Flow ship cemetery
[war, navy, shipwrecks, Royal Oak]

293 Johann Joachim Becher, mercantilism, phlogiston, and gold
[science, alchemy, chemistry, metallurgy]

294 Hroswitha, Durer, and medieval feminism
[art, mathematics, science, women, literature, printing]

295 Putting a leap second in an elastic year
[timekeeping, cesium clock, calendars, standards, measurement]

296 The Anthropic Principle
[science, philosophy, Anaxagoras, Blake, Wheeler, anthropology]

297 Wieliczka Sol, the great salt treasure
[Poland, mining]

298 A prediction about aerial warfare made in 1909
[flight, transportation, Zeppelin, dirigible, guns]

299 Stereotomy: Mathematics, Masonry, and the trumpet squinch
[Architecture, construction, design, geometry]

300 The Gallerie des Machines and the 1889 Paris Exhibition
[France, Crystal Palace, Adams, Carnot, construction, iron]

301 The marriage of art with medical dissection
[medicine, Aristotle, da Vinci, Dickens, Twain]

302 On the purpose pursued by airplane inventors
[war, Wright]

303 The Battle of Lepanto and the last of galleys
[Cervantes, ships, war, galleasses]

304 In which Robert Fulton tries to build a submarine
[Turtle, Napoleon, steam, Bushnell]

305 Lisa Meitner, the reluctant mother of the atomic bomb
[science, chemistry, physics, radiation, women, war]

306 Mothers of invention: women inventing for women
[liquid paper, Nesmith, Newmar, Lamar, Baker, invention]

307 A visit to a home that was occupied for 230,000 years
[Peking Man, cave, anthropology, tools]

308 The Last of the 7 Wonders of the World, The Great Pyramid
[Colossus, Philon, Hellenistic, Sputnik, computer]

309 Hunter-gatherers turn into farmers in Roseburg, Oregon
[lumber, logging]

310 The Fairmount Waterworks in old Philadelphia
[Twain, turbines, hydraulics, pumps, steam, water wheels, Latrobe, Dickens]

311 The CycloCrane: half helicopter and half blimp
[balloons, dirigibles, flight, logging, invention]

312 Old technology faces new at the Battle of Hastings
[war, England, horse, armor, arrows]

313 We find the history of trolleys in the middle of a forest
[transportation, electric, cable car, railroads]

314 Hippocrates and the oath to do holistic medicine
[Hippocrates, medicine, Greek, human body, cutters]

315 The 1909 Sears-Roebuck catalog and 20th century America
[Montgomery-ward, manufacturing, typewriter, phonograph]

316 John, Washington, and Emily Roebling; and suspension bridges
[construction, wire rope, Lackawaxen]

317 Edwin Armstrong, FM radio, and the superheterodyne
[communication, electricity, radio tubes, Sarnoff]

318 Charles Lindbergh, Alexis Carrel, and the invention of the heart pump
[flight, medicine, artificial organs]

319 Galen, the driven Roman genius of experimental medicine
[Galen, experimental medicine, medical, dissection, Hippocratic]

320 On providing and elevator for the Eiffel Tower in 1889
[construction, Otis, exhibition, buildings]

321 About Galileo, China, and sunspots
[science, telescopes, Japan, astronomy]

322 Marriot's Avitor airship and the California Gold Rush
[transportation, flight, balloons, dirigibles, Porter]

323 Frozen-out wine, burnt wine, and the invention of brandy
[food, alchemy, chemistry, processes, liquor, beer]

324 The Chinese invention of seismography
[instrumentation, science, geophysics, earthquake]

325 Andreas Vesalius, renaissance artists, and experimental anatomy
[medicine, dissection, surgery, art, Shakespeare, da Vinci]

326 Sybilla Masters, the first and last Colonial woman inventor
[America, agriculture, fabric, weaving, patents, women]

327 Ambroise Pare turns butchery into humane surgery

328 We find a 2300 year old model airplane in the Cairo Museum
[Egypt, flight, transportation, Hellenistic]

329 Production and usury: trying to make money without making things
[production, invention, innovation]

330 In which we try not to "yield with grace to reason"
[Frost, Isaacks, Jefferson, desalination, engines, Second Law of Thermodynamics]

331 Greth's California Eagle and Baldwin's California Arrow fly over San Francisco
[flight, transportation, airship, dirigibles]

332 Teaching mechanics and science by involving student in the thought process
[education, Hudson, Casey, MacGyver]

333 Shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. The Northwest Passage
[Arabia, Sweepstakes, Huron, Superior, Michigan, Erie, Ontario, St. Lawrence]

334 Lucretius and modern atomic theory, 1900 years too soon
[science, Rome, physics, poem, poetry, Aristotle]

335 Erasmus Darwin, poet laureate of the Industrial Revolution
[poem, poetry, literature]

336 William Harvey, the doctor who unraveled blood flow
[heart, medicine, anatomy, Padua]

337 On life, death, and riding roller coasters
[Thompson, Astroworld, gravity, Texas Cyclone]

338 The brief bright day of the Clipper Ship
[transportation, steam, sailing]

339 Henry David Thoreau: technologist
[literature, lead pencils, invention, transcendentalists]

340 Unwilling Chinese pioneers of kite flight
[Marco Polo, balloons, Rozier, Montgolfier, Baden-Powell]

341 Scientific literacy: a many-sided problem

342 Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass": a photograph of America
[literature, camera, poem, poetry]

343 A 6000 year old roadway in neolithic England
[Stone age, construction, highway, transportation, tools]

344 Measuring the distance from Earth to the moon
[space, laser, instrumentation, accuracy]

345 Watching the space shuttle glow in the dark
[telescope, atmosphere, chemistry, kinetic theory, corrosion]

346 America learns consumerism
[advertising, design, retail sales]

347 Shrodinger's metaphysical cat
[physics, quantum, philosphy, reality]

348 The riddle of the camera and reality
[Holmes, Orvell, stereoptican, photography, manufacturing]

349 Morrel's California Ariel: a great forgotten dirigible failure
[flight, transportation, balloon, Zeppelin]

350 Robert Boyle, and his laboratory assistants: Hooke and Papin
[steam engine, pressure cooker, science]

351 Mapping Antarctica
[Amundsen, Byrd, geography, geology, South Pole, exploration]

352 The 15th century origin of the suction pump
[Columbus, sailing ships, mining, drainage, bilge, laboratory]

353 James Porteous and the invention of the Fresno Scraper
[California, American West, earth moving, heavy equipment, agriculture, civil engineering]

354 Thomas Burnet and the scale of geological time
[Newton, cosmology, science, geology, Gould, Earth, religion, Bible]

355 The remarkable level of engineering in the Neolithic stone age
[pyramids, Egypt, archaeology, construction, tools]

356 The folly of naming the first inventor
[light bulb, Edison, Grove, electricity, steamboat, Fitch, Davy, invention, Swan, de la Rue]

357 The 2nd Anniversary of The Engines of Our Ingenuity

358 Giovanni Battista Morgagni: Father of anatomical pathology
[medicine, surgery, disease]

359 The Dolni Vestonice Venus: ceramic art of the Upper Paleolithic period in Czechoslovakia
[anthropology, archaeology]

360 Woodland's and Silver's invention of the bar code
[computer, laser, retail, information]

361 Water witching, dowsing, and the psychology of finding water
[Carolyn Kraus, water witching, drowsing, dowsers]

362 Reducing body temperatures for surgery: Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest
[medicine, blood]

363 Mapping the ocean floor
[geography, Magellan, Ross, Bache, Franklin, measurement, instrumentation, geology]

364 Abraham Trembley and the "Hydra" pylop
[botany, biology, zoology, science, reproduction]

365 The U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey measures America
[geography, instrumentation]

366 A.A. Milne's moral fables for an unproductive America
[Christopher Robin, production, literature, trade]

367 Diving into what was once a Minoan shipwreck, 4250 years ago
[archaeology, anthropology, Greece, Bronze age]

368 The size of things: How big or small is the world around us?
[astronomy, stars, science, earth, geology]

369 Civil War ironclads — a lot more of them than you thought
[military, ships, steamboats, guns]

370 Domenico Fontana moves a 327 monolith for Pope Sixtus V
[architecture, civil engineering, Egyptian obelisk, St. Paul's]

371 Martin Luther King shows us how the inventive mind works
[Black, race relations, nonviolence]

372 A sundial honors Kentucky's Viet Nam dead
[war, architecture, astronomy, memorial]

373 Flying like a bird: on mimicking life with machines
[biology, flight, airplane, design, invention, transportation]

374 The Cubitt treadmill: a prison "reform" that failed in America
[power, penology, sociology, mills]

375 On reaching the limits of smallness
[computers, calculators, nanometer, size, laser well, measurement, materials]

376 The inexorable leaning of the Tower of Pisa
[construction, foundation, architecture, masonry]

377 The wheelbarrow, a medieval invention in the West and an ancient one in the East
[Chinese, cathedral, wheel]

378 Women in the Academy
[science, Curie, Poullain, Gozzadini]

379 Hutton's geological theory: A world that neither begins nor ends
[science, religion, cosmology, stratigraphy, Playfair, Scott]

380 The Chinese invention of equal temperament in music
[scales, tuning, Back, Chu, Tartini, Mersenne, Ricci]

381 Using submarines in the Civil War
[Bushnell, Fulton, David, Hunley, Housatonic]

382 Mary Wollstonecraft: feminism and 18th century revolution
[Frankenstein, women, Paine, Blake, Priestley, Godwin]

383 Eli Terry brings wooden clocks to the Midwestern frontier
[Lincoln, sales, medieval, marketing]

384 Samuel Slater reinvents spinning technology in early America
[weaving, textile, cloth, industry, manufacturing, Brown, Quaker, women, patent, invention]

385 The Haya people make carbon steel in ancient Africa
[Black, iron, metallurgy, anthropology, smelting]

386 Some thoughts about invention, inventors, and cooperation
[creative, cooperation]

387 James Nasmyth: an engineer designs heavy machinery with an artist's eye
[Industrial Revolution, Crystal Palace, invention]

388 Towing an iceberg out of the way
[offshore, design, high-pressure, oil, ships, drilling, ocean]

389 The Mayan city of Coba — a story of technology in isolation
[anthropology, agriculture, Yucatan, city, architecture, archaeology]

390 Some thoughts about the origins of writing
[Sumerian, Egyptian, heiroglyph, Africa, Black, invention]

391 Simplicity gives America its 1st jet fighter, the Lulu-Belle
[Skunk Works, airplane, flight, war, invention, design]

392 Margaret Cavendish: a 17th century natural philosopher
[science, women, salon, France, England]

393 Thoughts on the dangers posed by electric fields
[Franklin, lightening, electrostatic, power lines, AC]

394 How did Prometheus really steal fire?
[myth, matches, anthropology, flint, invention]

395 John Herschel, modest inheritor of an "astronomical" legacy
[telescope, science, women, astronomy, Babbage,calculus]

396 Bread, wine, and beer: the origins of fermentation
[alcohol, Bible, vinegar, agriculture, food, chemistry, anthropology]

397 Maria Merian, the mother of entomology
[women, entomology, biology, trades, painting, textiles, anthropology]

398 Taming the beast: in which we forge a relation with animals
[anthropology, zoology, agriculture]

399 How we got from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
[metals, ore, smelting, alloy, Egypt, Greece, furnaces]

400 How the Chinese missed the Industrial Revolution and succumbed to opium
[drugs, tobacco, clocks, Jesuits, China]

401 Herman Hollerith streamlines the 1890 Census and starts IBM
[computer, business, invention]

402 What ever became of solar energy?
[power, nuclear, hydroelectric, dam, wind, tidal, sun]

403 In which we yield to nature and build the Panama Canal
[civil engineering, locks, de Lessups, yellow fever, construction]

404 A night at the opera: The most highly refined technology
[music, theater, Saint-Saens, composition, orchestra, violin, singing, acoustics]

405 Time's Arrow, Times Cycle: Jay Gould talks about time
[Hampton, Black, geology, science, cosmology, Burnett]

406 Why do you and I have legs instead of wheels?
[zoology, design, invention]

407 German women astronomers in the the 17th century
[trades, Germany, Cunitz, science]

408 Measuring the creative genie, and fleeing from him
[invention, Coleridge]

409 The inclined railway on Lookout Mountain at Chattanooga
[Civil War, cable, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, Indians]

410 Coleridge, Newton: Romantic poets and Victorian science
[Blake, Rationalism, English, England, literature]

411 Unraveling the Mysteries of Stonehenge
[Hoyle, Lockyer, Neolithic, Druids, Aubry, Solstice, astronomy, archaeology]

412 How an old analog computer outlived its species
[design, compressed, compressor, digital, natural gas, SwRI]

413 Edwin Hubble and the 15 billion light year universe
[telescope, NASA, space shuttle, astronomy, nebulae, relativity, Adams]

414 The ancient Chinese South-Pointing Chariot rediscovered
[design, Honda, auto, car, steering, gears, feedback control, China]

415 The chequered history of observation balloons
[Garnerin, Nero, Walpole, France, Franklin, Napoleon, McClellan]

416 The sad story of the Bavarian Polytechnical Society in Nazi Germany
[Hitler, Nazi, von Linde, von Weber]

417 On finding another language to tell what scientists know
[words, Gilbert, fluid flow, teaching, Latin]

418 200 Anniversary of the U.S. Patent and Copyright Office
[famous, law, invention, lawyer, creativity]

419 In which we watch Eliphalet Nott build Union College
[education, university, Hamilton, Burr, Princeton]

420 Leaving domination behind and building the New Jerusalem
[women, Neolithic, Paleolithic, Houston, society, anthropology]

421 William Gibbs and the steamship United States — 30 years too late
[shipping, design, transportation, marine, Queen Mary, flight]

422 The invention of the shot tower: an exercise in perception
[invention, manufacturing, guns, Watts, processes]

423 Frederick Terman, Stanford University, and Silicon Valley
[electronics, electricity, innovation, Klystron, San Jose]

424 So many questions we never thought to ask
[invention, clocks, sundials]

425 Mining cold water to make power and grow food in Hawaii
[OTEC, energy, agriculture, farming]

426 Oliver Heaviside — an electrical sage in solitude
[mathematics, Maxwell, Rayleigh, Hertz, Gibbs, Vector]

427 Printer's marks & devices: brands of the new information age
[Gutenberg, books, Guillard, Fust, Schoeffer, books, symbols]

428 Marie Mitchell: a pioneer of American astronomy
[Annie Jump Cannon, science, Vassar, Nantucket, women]

429 The mismeasure of man: bigotry hides behind numbers
[race, Black, women, Gould, anthropology, Agassiz, Morton]

430 Mining the moon
[metals, metallurgy, space, vacuum]

431 Killing the first person in the search for objectivity
[language, writing, expression]

432 John Montgomery's airplane and its prophet, Victor Loughead
[Lockhead, flight, transportation, Chanute, California, gliders]

433 Kinematic waves in traffic — a social contract
[transportation, automobiles, highways]

434 Fast, cheap, and out of control: the MIT Insect design lab
[robots, artificial intelligence, computers, manufacturing]

435 Hedy Lamarr: The inventor behind the mask of beauty
[women, electronics, control, movies, invention, Antheil]

436 Why bombs can't kill a city
[war, airplanes, sociology, production, WW-II, Viet Nam]

437 An old electricity handbook reminds us that we're smart
[telephone, technology, learning]

438 Redheffer's perpetual motion machine
[science, Philadelphia, power]

439 Building the Great Pyramid and building Chartres Cathedral
[architecture, archaeology, religion, medieval masons, Egypt]

440 The day we threw out the library's card catalog and replaced it with a computer
[information, books, bibliography]

441 Where have all the entomologists gone?
[science, entomology, biology, insects, bugs]

442 Responsibility, accountability, and the design of software
[computers, management, design]

443 The International Date Line: an intellectual teaser
[geography, Pacific, timekeeping, exploration, Magellan]

444 The Royal Geographical Society: science and dreams
[Burton, Speke, exploration, Scott, Amundsen, Livingstone, Hillary]

445 The second American Revolution
[Romantic, literature, Blake, Barlow, Wollstoncraft, Priestley, Franklin, Godwin, invention, Brown, Industrial Revolution]

446 The Mt. Graham red squirrel and the U. of Ariz. observatory
[environmentalists, telescope, biology, regulation, forest]

447 Synthetic and real things in 1910 America
[production, Santayana, manufacturing, Chaplin, society, advertising, environment]

448 High heat flux in Japan: The provenance of an idea
[energy, invention, innovation, research, science, physics]

449 The Shinkansen "Bullet Train"
[transportation, railroad, safety, inventions, innovation, Japan, earthquake, seismology]

450 The fiction of a "Balance of Nature"
[ecology, habitat, pollution, change, environment]

451 Roy Chapman Andrews and his fossils in the Gobi Desert
[exploration, archaeology, dinosaurs, China, Komodo]

452 Diamonds: a fabrication of the mind
[epitaxy, abrasives, heat conduction, materials, crystal, science, invention]

453 The "Man-midwife" usurps a woman's preserve
[birth control, mercantilism, plague, medieval, medicine, birth, sex, women]

454 Arcana of Science and Art: Changing the world in 1832
[Industrial Revolution, vanadium, thermostat, flare, England, America, silk, invention, design, Babbage, Somerville, Blake]

455 In which Rhode Island rum-runners create the U.S. Navy
[military, ships, frigate, Colonial, America, smuggling, Bligh]

456 Synectics: engineering design takes on a more personal face
[invention, psychology]

457 Invicta: on fighting fire ants with fire ants
[science, environment, ecology, entomology]

458 Trebuchet: A story about Rome, China, and Medieval Europe
[military, arms, catapult, slings, bow and arrow, swape, lever, gunpowder, cannons]

459 Tabby and Cob: a construction material for everyman
[masonry, concrete, building, houses, Yeats, Innisfree]

460 Making hotels and prisons out of large building blocks
[construction, concrete, prefabrication, Zachry]

461 The computer joins stage-set design
[theater, Wagner, Bartok, CAD]

462 Fuseli's Nightmare
[Shelley, Wollstonecraft, Byron, art, Frankenstein, Romantic, Gothic, revolution, painting]

463 Chimneys and fireplaces thaw the chill of Northern Europe
[domestic heating, medieval, Wenceslas, smokestacks, Villon, ventilation, cold, heating]

464 Is the Clovis dating of Native Americans Under Attack
[achaeology, anthropology, Indians, radio carbon dating, science, sociology]

465 The Waning of American Science and Engineering Education
[engineering, engineers, science, education]

466 The Iconography of Women and Science: Images and Realities
[art, printing, Rousseau, Kant, Bacon, du Chatelet]

467 The First Steamboat in San Francisco Bay
[Donner, Lienhard, Sacramento, Sitka, California Gold Rush, pioneers]

468 The Man-made Infestation of Starlings in America
[ecology, environment, birds, biology, Darwinian selection]

469 Nicolaus Steno, a sharp observer of nature and possible saint
[Catholic Church, geology, paleontology, science, fossils]

470 The Japanese Zero a airplane with things to teach us
[flight, production, invention, World War Two]

471 Have I really seen technological change in my lifetime?
[technology, icebox, refrigerator, radio]

472 About an old geometry text at the Battle of Charleston
[Civil War, Foster, Legendre, navy, ship, steamboat, gunboat]

473 On making water fit to drink
[civil, environmental, carcinogens, flouride, chlorine, chemistry, Rook, Bellar]

474 John Dee: mathematician, scientist, and sorcerer
[alchemy, Euclid's geometry, England]

475 Are men and women the same or different? An old mischief
[anatomy, du Chatelet, Kant, Rousseau, gender]

476 Lynn White, the stirrup, and the feudal system
[medieval warfare, Martel, horse, Knights in armor]

477 Mary-Claire King and the grandmothers
[Argentina, biochemistry, genetics, women, revolution, Carlton, Wheaton, mathematics]

478 A quiet man in a bow tie: Not as dull as you think
[engineer, design, stereotype, tractor, winch]

479 In which Japan learns Shakespeare and adopts Western culture
[literature, art museum, Macbeth]

480 Parents and children: About the legacy of creativity
[Dunbar, Symons, sanitary engineering, water quality, environment, women, astronaut, civil]

481 The computer earns a grandmaster rating in Chess
[chess, robot, Kasparov, IBM, Deep Thought]

482 The Cornish pump: a wonderfully adaptive technology goes west
[steam engine, mining, Newcomen, Watt, Irish]

483 Dorothea Erxleben, Germany's first woman doctor
[women, science, Halle, medicine]

484 K.G. Englehardt, the Robot Lady, makes humane machines
[design, women, robotics, production, service]

485 Of dinosaurs and dogs: How do our joints work
[zoology, anatomy, biology, science]

486 A look at voting machines
[Edison, vote, politics]

487 The Tollund Man and other bog people of Northern Europe
[archaeology, anthropology, iron age, embalming, Denmark, religion, food]

488 Success, failure, and Biosphere-2 experiment
[ecology, space, NASA, Oracle, Arizona, waste, Bass, greenhouse, Matson]

489 A sonic measurement of the ocean's temperature
[acoustics, global warming, whales, sound, globe, Heard]

490 A countess balloons over Italy's Apennine mountains.
[aviation, flight]

491 Tom Swift: prophetic assembly line stories
[literature, Bobbsey Twins, Rover Boys, invention]

492 Books: more than we thought they were
[literature, Candide, paper, computers]

493 Competition among steam, electricity, and internal combustion cars, in 1900
[engines, automobiles, power, starter, Stanley Steamer, Ford, market driven]

494 Lysenko's mad Marxist evolutionary theory
[genetics, Russia, Soviet, McCarthy, communism, Lamark, Mendel]

495 Srinivas Ramanujan: an inexplicable mathematical genius
[India, Hardy, Hindu, number theory, mathematics]

496 Teilhard de Chardin and Piltdown "conspiracy"
[evolution, theology, Cro-Magnon, archaeology, anthropology, Dawson]

497 The Piper Cub observes its 60th birthday
[airplane, flight, transportation, design, Pullman, Snake River Canyon]

498 Women primatologists close their conference to men
[feminist, anthropology, biology, Santa Cruz, sociology]

499 How old will you get? Writing the longevity equation
[gerontology, Hildebrand, aging, medicine, disease]

500 A Christmas observation of the 500th episode
[creativity, risk, minority]

501 The Maldive Islands: a dream going under water
[environment, global warming, ocean, greenhouse effect, ecology, polution]

502 Flat TV screens: American invention -- Japanese development
[television, computers, electronics, production, innovation, liquid crystals]

503 PCs, electric motors, and more thoughts about change
[computers, factories, steam engines]

504 An Ethiopian shaman uses digital arithematic
[African, Black, mathematics, arithmetic, computers]

505 The shark's tail: better design than we ever thought
[design, screwdriver, zoology, ichthyology, swimming, fish, evolution, hydrodynamics, biology]

506 Unfinished engineering in the state of Washington
[concrete bridges, library, tunnels, design, canals, University of Washington, Seattle]

507 Igor Sikorsky and Sergei Rachmaninoff make airplanes
[helicopters, airplanes, transportation, Pushkin, design, Russia, WW-I, WW-II, seaplanes, amphibians]

508 Ferris' Great Wheel: Thrust out into the sky!
[Chicago World's fair, roller coaster, consciousness, Jaynes, bicameral, Eiffel]

509 The Technological Muse: An art exhibit on technology
[museum, Katonah, techni, Buxtehude, organ, painting]

510 Ben Franklin, electricity, and revolution
[lightning rods, Louis XV]

511 Paracelsus hides real science behind magical alchemy
[chemistry, medicine, Frobenius, Erasmus, Switzerland]

512 The fever thermometer enters medical practice
[medicine, physiology, science]

513 DNA, RNA, and scientific literacy
[biophysics, biology, biochemistry, genetics, genes, science]

514 Tyrannosaurus Rex helps us to understand dinosaurs -- and ourselves.
[zoology, paleontology, extinction, ecology, evolution]

515 Science fiction and German rocketry
[von Braun, Goddard, Oberth, Valier, V2 rocket, Lang, Opel]

516 The Tuskegee Airman help desegregate the Army, and win WW-II
[flight, war, Black, airplane]

517 Sojourner Truth: A slave reshapes America
[Black, women, segregation, slavery, Civil War, Lincoln, Douglas, Garrison, Stowe, King, religion, abolitionist]

518 Colonial slaves teach us about smallpox inoculation
[Cotton Mather, Boston, Black, medicine, Franklin]

519 Benjamin Banneker, The Black "Poor Richard"
[almanacs, Black, Franklin, Jefferson, Washington DC, Rush]

520 Great Zimbabwe: A once great African city state
[Black, Rhodesia, iron age, architecture, masonry, archaeology]

521 Black soldiers in the Civil War: Defining freedom
[war, military]

522 Jan Matzeliger and the first automatic last machine
[shoes, manufacturing, invention, black, Massachussetts]

523 Edison fails and succeeds in converting low grade ore
[iron, steel, electricity, Ogdensburg, Mesabi, taconite]

524 Einstein as an inventor and patent holder
[physics, Szilard, refrigerator, gyrocompass, Mach, manufacturing, special relativity, electricity]

525 Cities and farms: Do cities drive consumption or reduce it?
[environmentalists, ecology, history, mass transit sociology]

526 Should Scientific American have fired Forrest Mims, a Creationist and Fundamentalist?
[Walker, religion, science, science writing]

527 Cox's "perpetual motion machine:" A barometer-driven clock
[Weeks, science, windmills, water wheels, solar energy]

528 Villard de Honnecourt and the decline of Gothic Cathedrals
[Strasbourg, masons, Notre Dame, clock escapements, Reims, invention]

529 Panoramas: The IMAXs of 1800
[theater, movies, art, Barker, Fulton, motion pictures, Reynolds, Constable, painting]

530 Johann Traugott Wandke: Texas' first organ builder
[music, Round Top, Galveston, craftsmanship]

531 John Tyndall fuses practical physics and Romantic poetry
[heat, thermodynamics, philosophy of science, experiment]

532 George Bernard Shaw: Music critic
[theater, literature, Rossini, Parry, reviews, Sullivan, opera]

533 Old cures and superstitions: more effective that we thought
[medicine, science, bleeding, Egypt, malaria mosquitoes, Jenner, fever, Burton, Reed]

534 A cleansing fire in Australia
[ecology, environment, Drake, ethnology, Drake, anthropology, Botany Bay]

535 An evening at a University of Chicago choral concert
[Hassler, Distler, Byrd, Purcell, Poulenc, Vaughn-Williams, Handl, education, music]

536 Edwin Land, polarization, Polaroid, and the Land Camera
[stress analysis, photoelasticity, invention]

537 The Victoria "Dutch" windmill, first windmill in Texas
[power, Witte, grist, turret, Dutch, West]

538 Some facts and reflections on the pace of life
[anthropology, psychology, sociology, tobacco, heart, Watts]

539 The surprise gift of love, invention, and creativity
[DC-3, Wright, flight, aviation, Boeing, B-52]

540 Inventing agriculture: A new look at an old story
[farming, Neolithic, emmer, Natufians, botany, archaeology]

541 Drugs and other modern troubles: a question of scientific literacy
[cocaine, recovery, addiction, AIDS, psychology, neurophysiology]

542 People who knew each other? A question of connectedness.
[Wedgwood, Coleridge, Davy, Watt, Wollstonecraft, Boulton, Godwin, anesthesia, Lunar Society, Rachmaninoff, Sikorsky, Twain, Tesla, Franklin, Small, Priestley, revolution]

543 A program based on a randomly selected date: 584 AD
[Byzantium, Hagia Sofia, Mohammud, Anthemius of Tralles, Greek fire, Bosporus, science, Gothic, Roman arch]

544 Women in medicine, in the ancient classical world
[Hippocratic, Cos, Greece, abortion, Agnodice, Athens]

545 Energy Inventory: On paying environmental costs at the gas pump.
[Boulton, Johnson, Boswell, Watt, Blake, fuel, power, solar, nuclear, economics, tax, Valdez, ozone, pollutants]

546 Trotula and medieval women's medicine
[medieval Europe, Italy, Salerno, childbirth, birth control, gynecology, obstetrics, infertility, Victorian, sex]

547 Bertha E. Jaques and an American school of etching
[Chicago, prints, art, invention, women]

548 A visit to the Taj Mahal and the meaning of technology
[India, architecture, monuments, Moguls]

549 Antonj Leeuwenhoek -- a lesson in simplicity and honesty
[biology, science, microscopes, Hooke, lenses, information]

550 Crossing the Atlantic under steam -- 1819 and 1838
[transportation, steamboat, Brunel, Smith, Lardner, marine, engine, Savannah, Sirius, Great Western]

551 The sounds of silence -- cancelling noise with noise
[acoustics, Simon, active noise control, ANC, MRI]

552 A domestic wind generator, a century before its time
[windmill, solar energy, power, Brush, environment, ecology, electric lights, arc lights, Edison, dynamo]

553 Mulholland waters LA -- and damn the Owens Valley
[Eaton, California, civil engineering, agriculture, ecology, aqueducts, irrigation, construction]

554 Fooling ourselves: great minds against themselves conspire
[Purcell, Dido and Aeneas, simplicity, pipeline, design]

555 Niels Christensen: a combative old man invents the O-ring
[Boeing, seals, gaskets, invention, patents]

556 Melancholy railroad: icon of American growth and change
[steam locomotives, commerce, transportation, Chicago, meat packing, livestock, Whitman, Sandburg]

557 Manufactured sounds: more change than we can bear in music?
[Erard, pianoforte, Mozart, clarinet, organ, synthesizer, Goodman, electric guitar, electronic music, Moog, A. Lienhard]

558 The lost myths and folkways: Bettelheim, Bly, and Revels
[music, psychology, myth, theater]

559 Rates of technological improvement: doubling in a lifetime
[clocks, power plants, transportation, invention, cars, trains]

560 Humankind: one race -- not a thousand subspecies
[biology, evolution, anthropology, Smith, Layton, cichlids, Black, natural selection, zoology, taxonomy]

561 Bad dreams: Engineers worry about their designs
[Wordsworth, Hoover, nuclear safety, depressurization, Hamurabi, creativity, invention, design, Ellis, Golden Gate Bridge]

562 Charles Dupin gets English secrets for France after Waterloo
[French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, bridges, naval, England, risk, reform, education]

563 Buckminsterfullerene, Bucky balls, or carbon 60
[diamond, graphite, carbon, Smalley, materials, geodesic domes, superconductivity]

564 Various ways to age
[biology, gerontology, rockfish, zoology, salmon, sickle cell, Huntington's, diet, Shakespeare]

565 The first American patent: a process for making potash
[potassium, chemical process, Hopkins, alkalai, Bly]

566 Writing equations for profit, at the cost of the environment
[economics, Hotelling, Peru, ecology, fish, zoology]

567 Chickens, beriberi, and the discovery of vitamins
[Batavia, Eijkman, bacteriology, immunology, Funk, thiamin]

568 A survey of job satisfaction among women engineers
[Baum, Cooper Union, education]

569 Edwin Link's trainer: organs to airplanes to oceanography
[player pianos, trainer, flight, transportation, music, Wurlitzer, diving, war]

570 An urban anthropologist studies New York's crack houses
[dope, sociology, Hamid, narcotics, psychology]

571 The origins of Native North American Agriculture
[farming, anthropology, archaeology, grain, corn, wheat, Indian, Mississipi-Ohio, maize, urbanization]

572 The Boy Scientist: A 1925 book for boys
[technology, education, engineering, Einstein, X-rays]

573 The search for the first naval artillery
[cannons, firearms, gunpowder, war, Renaissance]

574 Cornelius Drebbel invents the 1st modern feedback controller
[Renaissance, alchemist, alchemy, engraving, chemistry, invention, dye, submarine, thermostat, economics]

575 Ancient ziggurats: Was one of them the Tower of Babel?
[Bible, construction, composite materials, civil engineering, archaeology, Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar]

576 Ernst Mach, Einstein, and thought experiments
[Galileo, science, relativity, Aristotle, philosophy]

577 Coming out of the Dark Ages: An old building in Poitiers
[Roman architecture, France, Medieval, Rome, Gothic cathedral]

578 The Ceide Peat Bogs: And old environmental assault
[ecology, Ireland, Irish, fuel, archaeology, anthropology, agriculture]

579 Turning a penal colony in modern Australia
[Sydney, Botany Bay, cathedral, agriculture, water]

580 Vitruvius' ten volumes on technologies of the Roman world
[Rome, architecture, Alexandria, Egypt, siege, war, invention, water organ, Ctsebios, Africa]

581 Anthony Michell, a gentle genius from the Australian bush
[lubrication, invention, rotary engines, bearings]

582 Drilling deep into the Earth
[geology, earthquakes, plate tectonics, well logging, oil wells, Moho]

583 Abelard and Heloise: a parable of creative transcendence
[medieval religion, philosophy, poetry, monastery]

584 Appropriate technology: fitting the machine to the culture
[design, anthropology, third world]

585 The new vision of cities: 1925
[urban sociology, architecture, buildings, construction, modern art]

586 Wilson's vision of an Ibsen play: Death takes a vacation.
[theater, Stevens, art, artist, drama]

587 Alexander Graham Bell invents after the telephone.
[invention, hydrofoil, kites, Keller, electricity, flight, Buckminster Fuller, geodesic dome, tetrahedron]

588 About Mozart, Beaumarchais, and the Marriage of Figaro
[music, opera, theater, France, revolution, Caron, genius clock escapement, invention]

589 Gender and heart attack: medical sexism or medical realism?
[medicine, disease, illness, risk, cholesterol]

590 Frederic Remington, naive maker of the Western American icon
[art, sculpture, Spanish-American War, military, Custer, illustration, painting]

591 In which Virtual Reality takes control of our dreams

592 Shaping the Shaker gift of simplicity
[religion, communal, communism, Civil War, architecture, design, buzz saw, table saw, clothespin, weaving, furniture, invention]

593 A 20th century trebuchet in Shropshire, England
[invention, medieval war]

594 George & William Chaffey irrigate Mildura, Australia
[irrigation, agriculture, electricity, California, farming]

595 George Perkins Marsh, a pioneering environmental scholar
[ecology, camel, linguistics, philology, Vermont, pollution]

596 Corbusier invites the airplane to indict the city
[architecture, construction, Milhaud, flight, transportation]

597 Archives in 2001: What's happening to information storage?
[library, books, museums, science education, electronic, Gorman]

598 The Sforza Horse: Leonardo da Vinci's unmakable monument
[art, sculpture, foundry, casting, Renaissance, women]

599 Florence Merriam Bailey: A pioneering American naturalist
[birds, women, conservationist, ecology, ornithology]

600 Walking the Bayou: Thoughts about change and creativity
[health, fitness, exercise, Schweizer, Gibbs]

601 Norman Heatley and the production of penicillin
[Biochemistry, medicine, Fleming, Florey, Oxford, Moberg, antibiotics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals]

602 Blue Planet: IMAX lets us see Earth whole
[art, environment, ecology, space]

603 Ambroise Pare studies birth defects in 1571
[Renaissance, medicine, surgery, biology, science]

604 Chirality: Pasteur learns about left-handed molecules
[chirality, chemistry, science, Biot, light, polarization]

605 Alfred Nobel makes dynamite and wages peace
[blasting gelatin, Kinsky, explosives, war, nitroglycerin, invention, Nobel Prizes, Sweden]

606 Did Newton really see an apple fall?
[Principia, Leibnitz, Voltaire, du Chatelet, De Breteuil, calculus, mathematics, physics, gravity, invention, Candide]

607 Hi-technology windmills come to Kent in 1200 AD
[England, Canterbury, Becket, windmills, water wheels, power generation, King Richard, King John, law, courts, litigation]

608 Collodion: yesterday's Band Aid, and a spur to invention
[medicine, Hyatt, explosives, plastics, chemistry, Nobel, environment, synthetics, nylon, celluloid, Chardonnay, Pasteur, fibers]

609 The parents of invention: Pleasure and Freedom
[prisons, Bunyan, Galois, Archimedes]

610 Paracelsus and Oporinus: The alchemist and the printer
[Froben, Frobenius, Vesalius, magic, science, medicine, anatomy, alchemy, chemistry, books]

611 Drunk on ink: An invention you probably never thought about
[writing, Egypt, chemistry, emulsion, printing, gum Arabic, Shakespeare, writing, books]

612 Godly Play: in which we wiegh the danger of humor
[Berryman, religion, Medieval Church, Benedictine, monastic, reality, creativity, truth]

613 William Gilbert and de Magnetica
[Kepler, Galileo, science, Sullivan, electricity, cosmology, Queen Elizabeth, alchemist, alchemy, electric field, physics]

614 Robert Fludd: the last alchemist
[Paracelsus, Aristotle, Plato, alchemy, Galileo, Bacon, science, perpetual motion, Harvey, blood circulation]

615 Learning to fly: a reflection on learning to fail
[invention, design, Wright Brothers, flight, transportation]

616 19th century engravings tell us about invention and travel
[automobile, car, transportation, flight, railroad, bicycle, engravings, woodcuts, lithography, art, magazines, submarines, ships, airplanes, gunboats, steamers]

617 Darwin: a racist champion of human rights
[evolution, Tahiti, missionary, Lincoln, slavery, science, Black, Gould]

618 Black Americans and salt: a fable about racial superiority
[medicine, heart disease, kidney, metabolism, anatomy, sugar, sickle cell anemia, Darwinian advantage, Diamond]

619 Rattlesnakes and other pit vipers: the Rolls-Royces among Reptiles
[biology, zoology, sensors, invention, fear]

620 Phillis Wheatley: a Colonial slave prodigy writes poetry
[Black women, Hancock, slavery, literature, Colonial America]

621 Alchemists bring magic to the theater and to modern science
[theater, Jones, Jonson, Fludd, Dee, architecture, alchemy, Vitruvius, stagecraft]

622 Ignaz Semmelwies: the unhappy hero of birthing mothers
[Hungary, Hungarian, medicine, germs, antiseptic, obstetrics, childbirth, Lister]

623 Drilling for Heat: Lord Kelvin's energy legacy
[thermodynamics, engines, OTEC, evolution, geothermal energy, geology, science, power production, environment]

624 In which John Tyndall tries to find God in his physics
[science and religion, philosophy of science]

625 The crossbow competes with guns and long bows -- and loses
[military, armament, firearms, gunpowder, Hastings, catapult, long bow, Crecy, Pare, disarmament, arms]

626 Maria Montessori, harded-headed apostle of the child's mind
[education, teaching, creativity, invention, religion, women]

627 The King, his mistress, Flamsteed, and Greenwich Observatory
[astronomy, Columbus, St. Pierre, Wren, Hooke, Charles II]

628 On learning to print music
[Gutenberg, Fust, Schoeffer, block printing, Haultin, musical scores, Ballard, Attaignant, movable type, typesetting]

629 Johann Gregor Mendel: the shy creator of modern genetics
[peas, chromosomes, biology, zoology, Darwin, science]

630 John Joseph Merlin: The Ingenious Mechanick
[Gainsborough, Johnson, Walpole, Bach, clockwork, perpetual motion, roller skate, robots, musical instruments, harpsichord, pianoforte, barrel organ, keyboards, Babbage]

631 In which knowledge flows out through an orifice
[fluid mechanics, viscosity, preservation of knowledge]

632 Joseph Haydn, Primitivus Niemecz, and three barrel organs
[Beethoven, mechanical, clockwork organs, music, revolution, Rationalism, Malzel]

633 The Gentleman's Magazine: the first magazine
[Cave, Johnson, Franklin, journalism, printing, telegraph, submarine, electricity, Bach, Fulton]

634 About using our creative best to heal and influence
[effect, influence]

635 Furnace Town: An old smelter rises out of the rain
[forced draft, steel, smelting, America, Widener, Nassawango, forced draft, iron, Maryland]

636 Gertrude Stein and the invention of the gear shift
[women, Toklas, transmission, Stevens, syncromesh, Bendix, ambulance]

637 Leonardo da Vinci teaches us anatomy and he teaches us how to see
[Harvey, dissection, medicine, art, painting]

638 David Bushnell/Dr. Bush invents the submarine
[naval warfare, Turtle, American Revolution, navy, mines]

639 A Christmas greeting for 1991
[Rodenmeyer, Drake, hydrology, rainfall runoff, thermodynamics]

640 Aslihan Yener finds her tin birthright in ancient Turkey
[tin, lead, silver, copper, bronze, metallurgy, archaeology, women, cuneiform, Yener, chemistry, isotopes, Anatolia, Assyria, art]

641 Visit to a junkyard: a lesson in preservation and prejudice
[ecology, environment, automobile]

642 Tyndall, microbes, and the spontaneous generation of life
[Mary Shelley, microbiology, bacteria, germs, physics, medicine, optics, light]

643 Hall Jackson, Colonial doctor
[medicine, eye surgery, war, digitalis, dropsy, purple foxglove, heart disease]

644 The Peerless gas odorizer: the not-so-sweet smell of success
[New London explosion, Cronkite, disasters, natural gas, industrial safety, accidents, inventions]

645 Sarton and the sensate source of modern experimental science
[Sarton, women, deSolla Price, Lavoisier, Galvani, chemistry, electric battery, steam engine, history of science, poetry, literature, philosophy of science, thermodynamics]

646 Babbage, Ada, and Babbage's 19th century computer legacy
[difference engine, analytical engine, Ada Byron, calculator, mathematics, women]

647 An old magazine still borrows from Europe, but not for long
[magazine, periodical, America, Dickens, diet, car, nutrition, steam automobile, boiler, transportation, technology transfer]

648 Orville Wright and Amelia Earhart try to read flight's future
[transportation, commercial airlines, seaplanes, women]

649 Gertrude Elion, Nobel Prize winning inventor of medicines
[biochemistry, drugs, pharmaceuticals, Hitchings, cancer, chemotherapy, virus, women]

650 Luigi Salvaneschi and the deprofessionalization of business schools
[liberal education, MBA, Forbes]

651 No Furgeson's Rifles to save Furgeson, at King's Mountain
[war, military tactics, American Revolution, South Carolina, guns, invention, Brown Bess muskets]

652 The Butterfly Effect: Edward Lorenz exposes chaos
[Gleick, meteorology, weather, mathematics, initial conditions]

653 The Kronos Quartet teaches us about living in the present
[musical composition, minimilism, invention, postmodern music]

654 X-rays promise infinite possibility in 1896
[Roentgen, cathode ray tubes, futurism, invention, science, medicine, radiation therapy, breast cancer]

655 Matthias Baldwin gives us locomotives, and a better world
[transportation, America, steam power, steamboat, locomotive, Black sufferage, railway, woodblock printing, calico, textiles]

656 Modern medicine begins to take the shaman's herbs seriously
[pharmaceutical, pharmacological, drugs, healing, folk medicine, Brazil rain forests, curare, Pacific Yew, Taxol]

657 Order out of Chaos: The computer takes us where mathematics could not
[Second Law of Thermodynamics, computer, Jupiter, Melville]

658 Albrecht von Haller, troubled genius of 18th C physiology
[anatomy, poetry, literature, medicine, Gottingen]

659 Percy Julian, grandson of a slave, invents pharmaceuticals
[chemistry, Black, drugs, hormones, cortesone, DePauw, Glidden]

660 Inventing the future: a task of both inventor and consumer
[invention, telephone, typewriter, Edison, phonograph, Watt, steam power, electronics, Akahabara]

661 Franz Schubert walks around the post-modernists
[lieder music, German Romantic poetry, Schopper, homosexual, gay, literature, nature, Industrial Revolution, von Schlegel]

662 In which invention pre-empts expectation.
[computer, library, information retrieval, information systems, serendipity, CD-ROM, HARLiC, Wilson]

663 The Zipper teaches us a lesson about design
[Velcro, Judson, invention, clothing, Huxley, fasteners, Sundback]

664 Hezekiah builds a waterworks -- and he builds it well
[Gihon Spring, water supply, Bible, Old Testament, Jerusalem, geology, Karst, Israel, Gill]

665 A walk through the Inventors Hall of Fame
[Edison, Pasteur, Alvarez, Julian, Carver, Matzeliger, Elion, Bell, Wright, Marconi, Morse, McCormick, Whitney, Atanasoff, Carothers, Ford, Fermi, American patent, neoprene, nylon, Otto]

666 Wallace Carothers dies -- giving birth to nylon and neoprene
[rubber, du Pont, organic chemistry, invention]

667 Dog-sledding the Iditarod in Alaska: The Last Great Race
[transportation, athletics, sport]

668 Ivan Veniaminov, priest and engineer among the Aleut people
[religion, Alaska, Russian, instrument making, churches, anthropology, ethnography, Native American, Indians, chess]

669 Baidarka -- Aleut kayak -- a marvel of boat design in bone, driftwood, and sealskin
[Native American, transportation, boats, canoes, ethnography, anthropology, Indian, Dyson]

670 Goe and catche a falling starre: The Tunguska meteorite
[Donne, asteroids, neutron bomb, comets, astronomy, poetry]

671 Your quiet place -- find it or die.
[library, books, Yeats, Sartre, peace, poetry]

672 Why the reckless, or at least recklessNESS, survives
[Darwinian selection, psychology, Konner, creativity, invention]

673 A dream of nuclear power -- overblown and slow in coming
[atomic bomb, atom bomb, nuclear reactor, Hanford, journalism, Hiroshima, Seaborg, Laurence, Weinberg, Oppenheimer]

674 Tournament species or pair bond species: which are we?
[anthropology, zoology, biology, gender, Bakhtiari, sex, Jaynes]

675 Abacus II: A drab little machine changes history
[computer chips, integrated circuits, welding, calculators, Texax Instruments, production, manufacturing, robotics]

676 Alice Liddel and Charles Dodgson in Wonderland
[Alice in Wonderland, photography, mathematics, psychology, literature, fantasy, children, Lewis Carroll]

677 Hero's steam turbine and modern atomic theory
[science, alchemy, power production, steam engine, vacuum, Galileo, Torricelli, Boyle, Leonardo da Vinci, Alexandria]

678 James Watt, Joseph Black, and the separate condenser
[steam engine, power, energy, design, thermodynamics, latent heat, specific heat, invention, Glasgow]

679 In which we build the last Heathkit
[do-it-yourself, model building, Goldwater, Heath Company, computers, electronics]

680 Electronic information media: Swimming in the Ocean of the Stream of Stories
[Rushdie, library science, information, retrieval, journals, computers, books]

681 The Chudnovsky brothers scale the mountains of Pi
[mathematics, computers, number theory, Russia, KGB, Preston]

682 In which Ole Roemer learns the speed of light in 1675
[astronomy, physics, Tyndall]

683 In which we weigh animal life against human life
[vivisection, biology, medicine, insulin, diabetes, blood flow]

684 Midgely invents ethyl gas and Freon -- a Pyhrric triumph
[Lowell, Kettering, Ethyl, Freon, chemistry, periodic table]

685 Vannevar Bush tries to predict our world in 1945
[digital computer, analog computer, analogue, NACA, future, information storage, library, books]

686 In the beginning: On recreating the earth
[environmental, ecology, Copland, Bible, religion, Genesis]

687 A Gift of Books: on scrolls, codices, and Pergamon's Library
[Rome, Egypt, Alexandria, Turkey, parchment, vellum, papyrus, Anthony, Cleopatra, Attalus, Attalid, Eumenes, writing, codex]

688 Willis Carrier wields the witchcraft that conditions our air
[Milam Building, air conditioning, psychrometry, refrigeration, Newcomen Society]

689 Michael Servitus: the blood flow of a martyr
[Tertullian, Galen, Paracelsus, alchemy, alchemists, Calvin, Protestant Reformation, Harvey, anatomy, medicine, religion]

690 Ginaca's machine gives Hawaii independence -- until it stops running
[agriculture, Liliuokalani, food, production, Dole, design, tourism]

691 Francois Arago holds James Watt up as a model for French intellectuals
[Napoleon, Ecole Polytechnique, science, Steam engines, production, Japan, power, productivity, Dickens, social reform]

692 In which the player piano plays counterpoint to our dreams
[music, pianola, phonograph, Clark]

693 Rebuilding a child destroyed by silence: A parable of engineering design
[psychology, linguistics, child abuse, language]

694 Hiram Maxim: a brilliant inventor plays at war
[machine guns, armament, flight, invention, electric lighting, gas illumination]

695 John Ericsson: 19th century agent of creative change
[Monitor and Merrimac, ironclad, steam engines, hot air engine, topographical mapping, solar energy, tidal energy, Sweden, screw propeller, Civil War, navy]

696 Menocchio the miller is caught in the printing revolution
[Italy, Inquisition, religion, books, Decameron, cosmology, Bible, theology, big bang, Koran]

697 Queen Mary: an old old lady who still serves us
[ships, navigation, transportation, ocean liners, Masefield, war, Spruce Goose]

698 Othmar Ammann defines 20th century bridge design
[Verrazano Narrows, architecture, New York, Le Corbusier, functionalism, suspension bridges]

699 The Gaia Hypothesis: Mother Earth wears a human face
[cosmology, ecology, biology, religion, Lovelock, Margulis, intelligence, geology, chemistry, spectroscopy, temperature]

700 In which we learn that life is instability
[Gaia, biology, Wright Brothers, chemistry, thermodynamics, solar system, atmosphere, feedback control, freedom]

701 The Age of the Marvelous: An art exhibit tells of scientific change
[Renaissance, Platonism, Aristotle, science, Pare, Topsell, Galileo, Durer, opera, theater, Leonardo da Vinci, alchemy, printing press]

702 Trompe-l'oeil: in which 17th century artists show us that our eye can't always be trusted
[Rembrandt, painting, Platonic, Aristotle, Zeuxis, alchemy, Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance]

703 In which Leonardo da Vinci takes up embryology
[anatomy, medicine, art, sex, reproduction, birth, Clark, Fabricius, procreation]

704 Arago, Humboldt, and Gay-Lussac set the course of 19th century science
[astronomy, meteorology, balloons, slavery, geography, atmosphere, Liebig]

705 The ambulance: the spawn of necessity instead of invention
[war, transportation, Larrey, McKinley, medicine, funeral, Barton]

706 A genetic search for the historical Eve
[Gould, anthropology, mitochondria, biology, religion, Gaia]

707 Darwinian individualism, cooperation, and a lost bird
[ecology, biology, zoology, Gaia, electronic communications, Hillel, Gould, competition, Japan, starlings]

708 The end of books? Maybe not.
[library, computers, harpsichords, pianos, change, cars, automobiles, electronic media, information storage]

709 The US Constitution: A mirror of the Iroquois Nation
[American Indians, Native Americans, government, Canassatego, constitution, political science, Franklin]

710 In which Franklin, Lavoisier, and Guillotin debunk Mesmerism
[guillotine, magnetism, electricity, medicine, Mozart, Gould, healing, MRI]

711 In which Old Joe Camel get his nose under the tent
[drugs, DiFranza, cigarettes, advertising, law, legal, courts, scientific method]

712 William James and Nathaniel Shaler: one remembered, one forgotten
[Agassiz, Harvard, paleontology, Darwin, Gould, Kentucky, science, psychology, anthropology]

713 A look below the surface of a technical meeting
[boiling, condensing, condensation, nuclear power, steam power, Japan, America, accidents, cold fusion]

714 The old school tie; interior change catches up with us
[Berkeley, California, biology, sociology]

715 Communication and collaboration -- not the same thing
[Schrage, Edison, Bohr, Franklin, Braque, Picasso, Crick, Watson, Monet, Renoir, trust]

716 Circling about to view Rodin and Rilke
[sculpture, art, poetry, literature]

717 Harry Moseley: Explained the Periodic Tables, then died in war at 27
[military, particle physics, X-ray, WW-I, atom, radioactive, Rutherford, radiation]

718 Of engines, machines, and ingenuity: misunderstood words
[etymology, literature, Chaucer, Scott, Le Corbusier, words]

719 QWERTY: the mindless invention of your computer keyboard
[typewriter, evolution, Gould, invention]

720 Petr Kropotkin: a saintly naturalist and anarchist
[Russia, Darwin, Huxley, biology, sociology, Marx, anarchy, political science]

721 In which Ray Dolby invents more than a hiss suppressor
[electronics, acoustics, Indian music, tape recorders, digital]

722 Julius Robert Mayer: a tale of blood and energy conservation
[medicine, first law of thermodynamics, Joule, physics, heat, energy, Tyndall, Rilke]

723 Computer dating: no prince charming, but a new community
[networks, electronic communications, modem, Sorenson, e-mail]

724 A Swedish conference about creativity and context
[sociology, geography, invention, Sigtuna, Sweden]

725 A second self or a joint self? You and your computer
[Turkle, hacker, Pac-man, sociology]

726 Little yellow Post-its -- a footnote to invention
[3-M, sales, office, merchandising, invention, Silver, Fry]

727 James Black, Joseph Black, upset stomachs, and Tagamet
[medicine, Pharmacology, chemistry, invention, histamine, antihistamine, beta-blockers, cimetidine, antacid]

728 Gould contemplates the severed head of Lavoisier
[France, French Revolution, Marat, Corday, science, chemistry, oxygen, Franklin, Lacepede, Lagrange]

729 Banting, MacLeod, Best, Collip (and more) create insulin
[diabetes, Scott, Paulesco, medicine, pharmacology]

730 Design and visual cues: When words fail us
[signs, button, door, visual, cues]

731 Coming up to speed on wooden race tracks
[Oldfield, transportation, automobile, car, racing, Ford, Stanley Steamer, Prince, Runyan]

732 In which you help me teach a new thermodynamics class
[information theory, entropy]

733 The Bay Psalter: Mrs. Glover and our country's first press
[Colonial America, printing, Daye, Day, Dunster, Green, Indians, Pilgrims, religion, women, Bay Psalm Book]

734 The Discover invention awards: you make the choice
[videophone, tires, recycled polyester plastics, computer]

735 The Peerless Gas Odorizer: a father's legacy to his son
[natural gas leaks, accidents, ASME]

736 Was there a scriptorium at Buildwas Abbey? Probably.
[book writing, scribes, Cistercians, indexing, pagination]

737 Crossing the Bonneville Salt Flats -- in 1846 and 1970
[Walker, pioneers, Lienhard, Salt Lake, racing cars, Gabelich, Campbell, Breedlove, Thompson, stock car, ecology, environment]

738 King Camp Gillette turns his Occam safety razor on human affairs
[Lewis, Chase, Ford, Roosevelt, Metropolis, sociology, Utopian socialism, invention, Nickerson]

739 Benjamin Rush, idiosyncratic founder of American Psychiatry
[medicine, psychology, Franklin, America, Declaration of Independence]

740 Rainbows, curve balls and other wonders of the natural world
[physics, education, physical phenomena, boiling, bubbles]

741 Michael Faraday learns science in a book bindery
[dyslexia, educational psychology, electricity, magnetism, Davy, Marcet, political economics, Africa, Maxwell, Tyndall, religion, Sandemanians]

742 Carlos Prieto: An engineer plays unaccompanied Bach
[design, cello music, den Hartog, aeolian vibrations, MIT, Sarton]

743 The Rev. Mr. Robert Stirling and his hot air engine
[music boxes, nonelectric fan, jet plane, jet engine, turbojet]

744 Mrs. Marcet, alias Mrs. B, teaches chemistry and pedagogy
[Haldimand, thermal radiation, political economics, electrical, teaching, Faraday, women]

745 The lady cujus ingenium huad absurdum: a lesson in feminism
[Sallust, Marcet, Latin, chemistry, political economics, women]

746 Rescuers of the holocaust: a parable about creative risk
[Nazis, Wallenberg, Houseman, genocide, art museum]

747 Watching the Titanic sink: a lesson in objective science
[ships, books, scientific method, psychology]

748 Inventing the telephone: Putting the user in the equation
[telegraphy, Reis, Bell, Webb, monopoly, regulation, economics, communications, Sandburg]

749 Information and twilight of hierarchy
[electronic networks, printing, books, patent and copyright law]

750 Louis Agassiz founders on evolution in the Galapagos
[biology, Gould, James, Lowell, geology, creationism]

751 Actors use art to complete their story-telling
[Caruso, painting, sculpture, Bellamy, Fonda, Laurie, Quinn, Falk, Woronov, Mostel, Winters, theater, movies, creativity, film, Pickins, Beery, Bowie, Warhol, psychology]

752 In which Spanish doctors try to understand Aztec medicine
[Cortez, pharmacology, Hippocrates, Galen, Aristotle, Phillip II, Bravo, sarsaparilla, Lopez de Hinojosis, Farfin, herbs, religion]

753 Gutenberg: borrowing for twenty years to invent movable type
[Gensfliesch, printing, books, Dritzehn, Fust, Schoeffer, books]

[advertising, marketing, consumers, shaving, Burma-Shave, tuba]

755 About luck, recognition, and invention
[creativity, Post-its, Watt, chemical processes, steam engines, Pasteur, Burma-Shave]

756 In which Medieval Europe invents Johann Gutenberg
[block printing, movable type, scriptoria, manuscripts, Abelard, Benedictine and Cistercian monks, universities, sheepskin, parchment, vellum, paper, Chinese, books]

757 Semaphore telegraphy: a grand technology, long forgotten
[Western Union, pony express, war, Hooke, France, England, communications, Morse]

758 Railway wheels made of paper: How we lost our nerve
[transportation, railroad trains, composite materials, Pullman]

759 Heloise: logic, passion, and mastering life after Abelard
[religion, philosophy, Catholic Church, Benedictine, women, psychology]

760 Galileo, Newton, and a mathematical smokescreen
[Aristotle, witchcraft, Principia, science, physics, Church]

761 On awe, solar eclipses, and a new metaphor for creativity
[astronomy, Milton, moon]

762 William Kelly doesn't quite get the drop on Henry Bessemer
[iron, steel, metallurgy, Kentucky, Drew]

763 Cyrano de Bergerac, writer of science fiction
[moon, Donne, Galileo, Gassendi, Rostand, astronomy, literature, science]

764 Werner von Braun transcends the heritage of the V-2
[rocketry, Congreve, war, Nazi, Tsiolkovsky, Oberth, Goddard, jet propulsion, moon, spacecraft, military]

765 Gustave Eiffel builds a Tower, a vision, and still more
[architecture, construction, structures, bridges, ironwork, Bloy, deMaupassant, radio, aerodynamics, Wright Brothers]

766 The American farm windmill: hi-tech fruit of 40 years work
[agriculture, power generator, Wheeler, Burnham, Halladay, Perry, Chicago World's Fair]

767 Practical French medicine takes root in the American North
[doctors, nurses, surgeons, Pare, midwives, medical education, Plutarch, Canada, insulin, Osler, Cartier, Colonial]

768 120 years of flight gives birth to the Wright Brothers
[Jeffries, Blanchard{'s balloon}, dirigible, Robertson, Lougheed, Lockheed, airplane, transportation]

769 Paper clips: an adventure in elegance and design simplicity
[Vaaler, Middlebrook, Gem, invention]

770 Christmas Eve 1992 -- the night when the animals speak
[folklore, Ritchie, Revels, American Revolution, music]

771 A tale of two balloons, 188 years apart
[Robertson, dirigible, invention, Newman, design, flight, transportation, Quixote, parachutes]

772 Perry Collins and Cyrus Field race to forge a telegraph link
[Atlantic cable, Alaska, Siberia, Russia, communications]

773 William Godwin's logical lament on the death of Mary Wollstonecraft
[Blake, anarchy, revolution, Paine, Romantic poetry, feminism, women, Shelley, Frankenstein]

774 In which William Beaumont gazes into Alexis St. Martin's stomach
[medicine, surgery, Fulton, physiology, digestion, anatomy]

775 The Throwing Madonna: Reflections on women and technology in pre-history
[archaeology, anthropology, stone age, primate biology]

776 Carbon-14 rearranges history -- especially along the muddy Danube
[archaeology, chemistry, radiocarbon dating, Lepenski Vir]

777 Slide-rules and word processors: Adapting to technological change
[computers, calculators, electronic communications networks, e-mail]

778 Bandar-log and otters: of altruism and community
[Kipling, Darwin, biology, sociology, psychology, India]

779 Balloon-frame houses: the first unique American architecture
[Chicago, construction, Taylor, Snow, houses]

780 Old scientific instruments and modern engineering design
[medicine, surgery, war, wounds, astronomy, microscopes, transits, sundials]

781 In which Josquin des Pres explains the meaning of "error"
[musicology, Chaucer, DNA, Thomas, engineering design, counterpoint, biology, etymology]

782 Audrey Hepburn: Prepared to risk when there's nothing left to lose
[movies, film, hunger, starvation, food, age, women, aging, Africa, Somalia, geriatrics, creativity]

783 Flatland and Hilbert Space: The allegory and the reality
[mathematics, sociology, literature, religion, geometry, relativity, fourth dimension, Einstein]

784 Topiary: Another kind of living animal
[botany, landscape, landscaping, sculpture, art, sculpture]

785 William Caxton takes printing to England -- and to her people
[Margaret Duchess of Burgundy, manuscripts, explicits, scribes, writing, Gutenberg]

786 The Stereoscope: virtual reality in 1851
[Baudelaire, Arago, Wheatstone, Brewster, stereopticans, Daguerreotype, Crystal Palace]

787 Stereotype and fine type: William Ged and William Caslon
[Linotype, fonts, Boyer, printing, France, England]

788 The subterranians: surfing the new computer networks
[communications, electronic media, psychology, sociology]

789 In which an abundance of wood shapes America
[axe, iron, coke, smelting, ship building, interchangeable parts, clocks, railroads, ecology]

790 1,911 Best things Anybody ever Said: The creative lurch
[Chesterton, Rogers, Shaw, Mencken, Robinson, Berra, Lamarr, West, humor, Sheehan, Coward, Thoreau, Edison, Wilde, Goethe, Ghandi, Rockefeller, Green]

791 Alois Senefelder, a laundry list, and lithography
[printing, intaglio, woodcut]

792 Thomas Jefferson, the generous Colonial American engineer
[Franklin, Monticello, plow, library, Fulton, patent, navy]

793 Thomas Edison's season in the sun at Menlo Park
[electric light, phonograph, telegraph, inventions, dynamo, Pearl Street Station, power]

794 In which Ellen Swallow Richards brings women into MIT
[education, home economics, sanitary engineering, chemistry]

795 John Ericsson fails three times, and we all profit
[navy, Civil War, Stirling hot air engine, ship design, screw propeller, heat transfer, invention]

796 A Renaissance church: first fruit of Leonardo's new architectural eye
[architecture, geometry, da Vinci, one-point, perspective, Rhiems, camera obscura, drafting, Villiard de Honnecourt]

797 Alcuin, Charlemagne, and the invention of modern education
[Charlemagne, education, Alcuin]

798 The Ik do not sing: reflections on music and community
[anthropology, sociology, Bartok, Africa, Thomas, Turnbull]

799 In which mimetic architecture speaks to the automobiles
[California, transportation, advertising, communication]

800 A medieval groom teaches his young wife -- and us as well
[household, housewife, plague, diet, food, feminism, hourglass, writing, literacy, sociology, women, domestic]

801 I try to reconcile courtesy and political correctness
[Aztec, racial prejudice, race, feminism, precolumbian, sociology, Native American]

802 Blueprint: the thing in the mind and the thing in the world
[reproduction, design, drafting, Ozalid, mechanical drawing, Herschel, Hoover Dam]

803 Helen Keller: love, language, and self-awareness
[socialism, Carnegie, Sullivan, blind, handicap, deaf, Holmes, Whittier, psychology, women, linguistics]

804 Learning about two kinds of doctor, on the computer nets
[Paracelsus, alchemy, Plato, Aristotle, books, German, medicine]

805 The sky: a most excellent, but most fragile, canopy
[ecology, geophysics, chemistry, atmosphere, Shakespeare]

806 Medicine, the youngest science: recalling what's forgotten
[pharmaceuticals, Osler, Banting, insulin, syphilis, Minot, tuberculosis, heart failure, hospital, psychology]

807 Dromedary camels in Texas, a lost ecological experiment
[Marsh, Jefferson Davis, Smithsonian Institution, military, army, dromedary, Civil War, Mexican American War, cavalry]

808 Medieval furniture: reflections on privacy and comfort
[domestic, household, sociology, etymology]

809 Jan van Eyck: a Dutch master emerges 200 years too soon
[art, painting, Renaissance, Gutenberg, music, Dufay, Okeghem, Josquin, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Medieval, printing, humanism]

810 In which we let our lives be defined in an instant
[Bly, Eichhorn, nuclear power, Lienhard, creativity, pressure]

811 Victorian working women disturb a Victorian gentleman
[Munby, labor, coal mining, servants, psychology, sociology]

812 Running dogs and Thomas Jefferson help us invent comfort
[interior design, domestic, home, Rybczynski, psychology]

813 Thomas Jefferson falls in love, and gives Monticello its dome
[Cosway, painting, art, architecture, invention, America, Williamsburg, France, Colonial, music]

814 Charles and Ray Eames recreate furniture in a child's world
[architecture, art, interior design, sculpture, children's toys, play, furniture, chairs, Saarinen]

815 In which a bag-lady spells out my fears
[Butcher, poverty, sociology, dog sleds, city]

816 Imitating Osage Orange: The story of barbed wire
[farming, agriculture, American West, invention]

817 Thomas Hodgkin's fight against disease and social injustice
[medicine, pathology, slavery, Canadian Indians, Quakers]

818 The porch glider: America looks outward for a season
[interior design, architecture, comfort, motion sickness, inner ear, Frank Lloyd Wright]

819 Inventing the word panvention -- to describe what we all do
[invention, slide rule]

820 The shotgun house: an African technology, more important than you thought
[Black, architecture, sociology, slavery]

821 In which Walker Percy finds a critic he can trust
[literature, Kauffmann, Agee, Conroy, The Moviegoer, Kierkegaard]

822 Medieval armories in late 19th century American cities
[National guard, military, strikes, architecture, armory, castles]

823 The PWA shapes 21st century America -- a different view of government spending
[welfare, socialism, Hoover Dam, Holland Tunnel, music education, architecture, sanatoriums, Chaffey, construction]

825 The Invention of the Gothic cathedral: Suger and St. Denis
[architecture, Cluny, Bernard, theology, religion]

824 The Scopes trial: a sinister cloud behind a comic opera
[anthropolgy, evolution, Bryan, Darrow, creationism, intolerance, Dayton]

826 Muybridge, Marey, and the problem of picturing motion
[motion pictures, medicine, measurement, biomechanics, Stanford, cameras, biomedical, horses]

827 German Zeppelins achieve failure in their success over London
[war, airships, airplanes, flight, bombing, transportation]

828 In which Somerville and Marcet open English science to women
[Babbage, Ada Byron, Arago, Gay-Lussac, Biot, Laplace, celestial mechanics, geology, mathematics]

829 Jurassic Park: The quiet message hidden in the book
[dinosaurs, DNA, mathematics, choas, evolution, movies, ecology, environment, literature]

830 Derelict Japanese junks crossing the Pacific Ocean
[ships, shipping, navy, Perry, Indian, colonization, etymology, survival, navigation]

831 In which the invention of tubes for oil paints changes art
[painting, Van Gogh, cameras, impressionists, alchemy, medicine, pharmacology, impasto, invention]

832 Breaking Frames: About technology and art taking society apart and putting it back together again
[Romanticism, textiles, steam power, Darwin, Wordsworth, information revolution, boiler explosions]

833 Fermat's Last Theorem: Where can we go from the mountaintop?
[mathematics, Pythagoras Theorem, Taniyama, algebra, Wiles]

834 In which we create a bird's eye view of a new land
[lithography, printing, art, perspective, American West]

835 Peter Cooper: Inventor, eqalitarian, rich man, educator, political figure, and still more
[Hewitt, Fulton, Lincoln, slavery, railway, Thom Thumb, Civil War, Cooper Union, library, education]

836 The brief day of the cast iron building
[Haviland, Bogardus, Derby, Coalbrookdale, Chicago Fire, architecture, art, elevators, skyscrapers, Swinbourne, Ruskin]

837 Diocles' parabolic mirror -- in an old Arabic book
[Archimedes, burning mirror, geometry, mathematics, Toomer, solar tower, optics, solar energy]

838 The Armory Art Show and 20th century revolution
[modern painting, sculpture, unions, armory, impressionist]

839 Hooke and Boyle: a parable about appearance and substance
[science, Wren, optics, religion, Aubrey]

840 The cloths of heaven: about a 9000 year old rag
[fabric, textile, neolithic, agriculture, weaving, clothing, Yeats, flax, carbon dating, spinning]

841 The tidal wave of technological change
[electronic revolution, fluid mechanics, tectonics, printing, books, telephone, mechanical calculators, tsunami]

842 In which John James Audubon is redeemed by his birds
[art, painting, ornithology, zoology, biology, nature, Cuvier, France, French Revolution]

843 George Catlin: A Gift, a wound, a historical recored
[Native American Indians, Audubon, art, painting, anthropology]

844 Eugene Goldbeck's panoramas: seeing out the corner of our eye
[photography, optics, art, perspective, peripheral vision]

845 Of wood saws, kerf, and sawdust
[lumber, logging, Shakers, Tabitha, circular saw]

846 Harington's John: in which an Elizabethan poet invents the flush toilet
[Ariosto, sanitary engineering, literature, Elizabeth, Henry VIII, feedback control, plumbing, technology]

847 Mathematics, subtlety, and a world of open questions
[pipeline, stress analysis, chaos, Butterfly Effect, viscous fluid flow, fluid mechanics, Jurassic Park, engineering]

848 Miasma: bad air, night air, fresh air, mosquitoes and disease
[air quality, medicine, Snow, Koch, Pasteur, Lister, Tyndall, malaria, yellow fever, typhoid, cholera, water quality, architecture, porches, James, literature]

849 Tunneling underneath our anger
[Shakespeare, France, England, Chunnel, Tso, Chinese, China, construction, psychology, subways]

850 Underground: a secret world of tunnel and tubes
[Macaulay, sewers, subways, pilings, foundations, construction]

851 A hole in the head: high-tech stone age surgery
[trepanning, trephining, Neolithic skulls, anthropology, medicine, healing, archaeology]

852 In which the First Little Pig builds a house of straw
[construction, building, house, housing, ecology, insulation]

853 Mary Shelley tells how Frankenstein came to her troubled sleep
[literature, Byron, Shelley, Erasmus Darwin, Romantic, women, invention, creativity, horror]

854 The New York Times Science Section: a ray of hope
[rockets, composite materials, ecology, environmental, women, biology, Native Americans, Indians, Foe, embryology, science]

855 The tunnel metaphor: a way out
[tunnelling, Heinlein, Sartre, quantum mechanics, subways, electrons, atomic physics]

856 In which the false Martin Guerre improves on the original
[Arnaud, France, Sommersby, literature, Bertrande, law]

857 The mad parallel roads of Glen Roy teach us about science
[Tyndall, geology, science, epistemology, Darwin, Agassiz, Scotland, glaciers, glacial, geography]

858 In which a sorry ruby the Department of Education says that theses are private student records
[Luther, dissertations, thesis, teaching]

859 An elevator to Heaven replaces rockets
[space travel, transportation, science fiction, Clarke, engineering design, invention, materials, astrophysics]

860 Mail-order houses: the balloon frame goes mad
[construction, architecture, design, Victorian era, Taylor]

861 Punctuated evolution and punctuated human history
[Gould, paleontology, evolution, biology, sociology]

862 In which Max Brodel draws the inside of the human body
[medicine, artists, anatomy, physiology, Mencken, sonogram]

863 Mary Anning's dragon in the cliff changes natural history
[paleontology, geology, fossils, biology, women, Darwin]

864 The door lock: ongoing innovation more than invention
[lock, locks, Yale lock, Medieval lock, metal pin lock]

865 Raising Galveston above the sea
[Texas, urban, flooding, civil engineering, dams, construction, hurricanes, gales, floods]

866 We watch a bird designing and using a tool
[biology, zoology, anthropology, Thomas, ornithology, invention]

867 Hannah Ropes and Louisa May Alcott help invent nursing
[Stanton, Civil War, medicine, hospital, literature, women, anesthesia, Nightingale]

868 In which women Romantic poets alter the game
[Shelley, Lamb, Nairne, Wordsworth, Byron, Coleridge, Blake, Burns, literature, poetry]

869 The American Centennial issue of Manufacturer and Builder
[magazines, science and technology, machinery, oleo margarine, Twain, 1876 Philadelphia Exhibition, metric system, Edison, Darwin, Bell, telephone, Scientific American]

870 In which Union artillery redefines Confederate fortifications
[war, forts, Sumter, Civil War, armament, cannons, castles]

871 The axe, the riverboat, and the American locomotive go West
[steamboat, railroad trains, deforestation, ecology, safety, transportation, wood working]

872 Julia Morgan: an architect gives California its personality
[women, design, San Francisco earthquake, Hearst, San Simeon]

873 Raising Gustavus Adolphus' Vasa after 331 years
[navy, warships, Mayflower, Sweden, cannon, wrecks, salvage, diving bells, Treileben, Franzen]

874 H.L. Mencken tells us why TV couldn't replace newspapers
[literature, books, technological change, Gresham's Law]

875 The Prisoners' Dilemma -- and our own moral dilemma
[philosophy, psychology, ethics]

876 In which we rebuild the Ise Shrine for the 60th time
[Japan, Japanese, Shinto, architecture, religion]

877 Of mentors and servants: Will books survive the electronic communications media?
[library, libraries, print, paper, technological change]

878 Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women: Stage trickery
[theater, Johnson, intelligence, spectacles]

879 In which Charles Babbage improves on Tennyson's poetry
[Barrett, browning, computers, difference engine, Ada Byron, Lord Byron, Romantic poetry, calculation]

880 Alice Boole Stott explores hyperspace on a kitchen table
[mathematics, hypergeometry, women, fourth dimension, G.I. Taylor]

881 Will digital clocks win out over clocks with hands and faces?
[timepieces, technological change, silverware, Lear, Thomas]

882 In which Samuel Smiles tutors two young capitalist
[Samuel Smiles, Horatio Alger, Samuel Morehouse, Walter Jennings]

883 Let a smile be your umbrella -- it really works!
[Hamlet, Duchenne, La Rochefoucauld, Ekman, neurology, physiology, psychology, phrenology]

884 How we forgot lawn mowers and let them eat up the environment
[landscape architecture, ecology, grass]

885 Mercator gives us a new way of seeing Earth whole
[geography, printing, geometry, religion, reformation, Italic]

886 Robert Shaw and Wilford Owen remind me that there is always war
[choral music, poetry, literature, Bosnia, Britten, Yugoslavia]

887 What makes a masterpiece?
[Clark, art, technology]

888 Leonardo da Vinci's lost invention of the modern bicycle

889 Ortelius' market-driven invention of the first Atlas
[cartography, geography, printing, engraving, Mercator, information systems]

890 Thoughts on a "Life Clock" and a prime minister in a cesspool
[Havel, psychology, literature]

891 Maria Martin, early American naturalist and Audubon artist
[biology, science, women, Bachman, painting, zoology]

892 On memorization and making creative connections
[Montessori, learning, educational psychology]

893 A copper plate engraver creates the American Indian
[printing, anthropology, Mercator, Inquisition, De Bry, DeBry, travelogue, engraving]

894 In which the Chinese invent paper, and printing with movable type
[Gutenberg, Tsai Lun, Pi-Cheng]

895 A 19th C. handbook puts modern engineering in perspective
[civil engineering, construction, Lackawanna]

896 John Dee, Queen Elizabeth's agent 007
[alchemy, occult, Queen Mary, Drake, Spanish Armada, spying]

897 Joseph Wright of Derby paints rationalism into a corner
[painting, Watt, Wedgwood, Erasmus Darwin, Gothic art, alchemy]

898 Edible knowledge: Can we learn by eating instead of studying?
[biology, zoology, psychology, McConnel, Ungar, science]

899 In which we refuse to ask a lovely moment to linger a while
[Faust, Goethe, Romantic poetry, technology, psychology, Blake, Erie Canal, Thames Tunnel]

900 We listen as Jane Marcet teaches masculine economy to young ladies
[economics, Adam Smith, Mentor, capitalism, authorship, women]

901 First link in a long chain: William James studies machine design
[Agissiz, psychology, religion, philosophy, Dionysius Lardner, mechanics, catenary curve, suspension bridge, Harvard]

902 In which we watch 30 children in an out-of-date museum
[zoology, botany, paleontology, education, Gould, Harvard]

903 White Tower/Castle: architecture and five cent hamburgers
[food, nutrition, economics, the Great Depression]

904 Women take up cameras to photograph within and without
[Niepce, Daguerre, Brigman, Johnston, art, sociology]

905 In which Maxwell discovers what Faraday had seen
[mathematics, electricity, magnetism, dislexia]

906 George Stubbs and Leonardo's ghost: of horses and anatomy
[art, anatomy, Burton, forceps, midwifery, Gothic art, dissection, physiology, painting, Darwin]

907 Tiny Houses: A strangely compelling architectural sidetrack
[Shaw, Thoreau, ice hut, cabin, San Francisco Earthquake, psychology, Anthony, architecture]

908 The Carousel, the Roller Coaster, and Ferris' great Wheel
[amusement parks, Coney Island, Chicago Columbia Exposition, Bartholomew Fair, Jonson, Midway]

909 Jongleurs and the fading of memory
[troubadors, Anselm, Plato, reading, writing, psychology]

910 In which Toledo's library redirects Western science
[Aristotle, El Cid, Arab, books, logic, Abelard, religion, Spain, law, scientific method]

911 Richard Dadd produces perfectly sane art -- in a madhouse
[painting, Pre-Raphaelites, Blake, psychology, psychiatry]

912 Thomas Nast: a knight in white (if ink-stained) armor
[cartoonist, journalism, Tweed, Tammany Hall, Civil War, art]

913 C.S. Lewis gives us an object lesson in medieval history
[Tolkien, religion, philosophy, literature, teaching]

914 Socrates, and the technologies of democracy, in the Agora
[Greece, Athens, random selection, Acropolis, Parthenon, philosophy, Rockefeller]

915 In which power and gold shape California
[Sutter, Lienhard, Marshall, water wheel, Pelton wheel, metallurgy, Watt, Boulton, Boswell]

916 Paper and CD-ROM encyclopedias shoot it out. Who wins?
[electronic communications, library, Encyclopaedia Britannica, sales, selling, marketing, information]

917 On human driven animal extinctions -- in the Stone Age
[anthropology, paleolithic, ecology, environment, Darwin]

918 Fanny Burney: the conservative voice of 18th C feminism
[Wollstonecraft, literature, revolution, Paine, Wedgwood, Priestley, feminism, medicine, mastectomy, women]

919 On keeping touch with 3-dimensional reality in the pointillist world of the electronic media
[computers, printed books, slide-rule]

920 Voltaire and Diderot: a sad tale of sexist revolutionaries
[literature, encyclopedia, Emilie Breteuil, women, feminism]

921 The motorcycle: a metaphor for motion and menace
[transportation, internal combustion, Otto, Daimler, bicycle, Harley-Davidson, flight, automobiles]

922 Watt's time of ashes: 1769 to 1776
[steam engines, Scotland, Roebuck, Boswell, Boulton, Johnson]

923 Elizabeth Fleischmann takes up radiology in the old West
[X-rays, Roentgen, California, military medicine, radiography, war, women]

924 Two women: America's first and last Colonial Printers.
[printing, Jefferson, tobacco, American Revolution, Rind, Glover]

925 An odd revolution coming out of modern museums
[harpsichords, art, education, teaching, computer]

926 Northrup's pants and spats resist retractable landing gear
[flight, airplanes, transportation, cowls, design, selection, Boeing, Earhart, Post, Lockheed, aerodynamics]

927 The Wright Brothers manage to fly when everyone else fails
[flight, transportation, invention, stability, control, airplane]

928 Lienhard's Principles of Minimum and Maximum Drama

929 What Gage lost when a rod was driven through his brain
[neurology, medicine, psychology, imaging, anatomy, Harlow, morality, Domasio]

930 Our national anthem celebrating India's rocketry
[Congreve, armaments, music, Akbar, naval warfare, ordnance]

931 Pioneer Village: a paean to progress in Nebraska
[history museum, Warp, post-modern]

932 In which Martin Frobisher looks for the Northwest Passage
[Drake, cartography, geography, sailing ships, navigation, Dee, Baffin Island, gold, Inuit Indians, risk]

933 Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin builds molecular structures from Byzantine patterns of dots
[chemistry, archaeology, X-ray radiology, Thatcher, Bernal, Pauling, penicillin, vitamin B12, insulin, women, Nobel Prize, arthritis]

934 Ullage in a pen -- more than the eye is ready to see
[art history, NASA rocketry, anatomy, design, vision]

935 In which a Wittenberg Bible rises out of the dung-heap
[Library, Luther, religion, conservation of books, Lithuania, WW-II, Russia, translation, women, Humanism]

936 War gliders: the brief day of a imperfect technology
[flight, D-Day, WW-II, Maginot Line, military tactics]

937 A gathering mood of secrecy muzzles Glenn Seaborg
[AEC, NRC, DOE, secrets, security, freedom, paranoia]

938 Who changes the world? Joining the Information Revolution
[electronic communications, computers, books]

939 Learning to move obelisks, like the ancients did routinely
[shipping, archaeology, Egyptian, Roman]

940 The once and future railway
[steam locomotive, transportation, magnetic levitation, railroad, Dionysius Lardner]

941 Titanic on I-MAX: the wrong medium delivers an odd message
[oceanography, international cooperation, deep sea diving, submarines, movies, cinema, art, technology]

942 Medieval masons give us another view of mathematics
[cathedrals, architecture, geometry, drafting, construction]

943 Arabella Buckley Fisher's fairyland of 19th century science
[education, textbooks, women, optics, biology, Lyell, Darwin, evolution, Maxwell]

944 The Duesenberg brothers build a car to remember -- a real doozy
[automobiles, car, Mason, Maytag, internal combustion engines, Gable, Cooper, design, races, Cord, design]

945 The Best and Worst of Everything in America
[education, sports, anthropology, sociology, war]

946 In which Ludwig Boltzmann chooses the wrong hill to die upon
[kinetic theory, mathematical physics, transport theory, time, mental illness, psychology, thermodynamics, Maxwell, Einstein, quantum mechanics, Heisenberg]

947 The disturbingly human nature of animals
[biology, behavioral science, psychology, ornithology, zoology]

948 A 25th anniversary reflection upon the moon landing
[astronomy, space flight, Apollo missions, NASA, Clark, Shelley, Khayyam, Gilbert, Thoreau]

949 On trying to fathom the electronic revolution from within it
[information media, libraries, books, computer, steam power, water power, technological change, gopher servers]

950 Natural philosophy and liberal education forget Jane Marcet, and they diverge. But physics remembers.
[Comstock, Lardner, mechanics, James, science education, women, textbooks, teaching]

951 Realism in art comes and goes, and leaves the physionotrace
[Leonardo da Vinci, Jefferson, pantograph, perspective, camera obscura, Durer]

952 The first eight women wih Harvard MBAs: a spotty legacy
[business school, gender equity]

953 John Wise delivers the first air mail in 1859 -- after a fashion
[ballooning, aeronautics, transportation, flight, wine, Indiana]

954 Moses Austin, the American lead industry, and Texas
[Stephen F. Austin, metallurgy, shot towers, Missouri]

955 The realm of the senses: an alien land, nearer than we think
[psychology, Sitwell, Lawrence, Rilke, Rodin, Picasso, Auden, taste, touch, smell, hearing, vision]

956 Vesalius' wandering wood blocks: one last printing
[medicine, anatomy, block printing, art]

957 In which we diminish a good engineer by praising him
[Seban, heat transfer, Berkeley, education]

958 Chartres Cathedral: A wordless library of stone and glass
[architecture, stained glass, medieval religion, art, library, sculpture, literacy, Bible, Gothic Cathedrals]

959 Under sensate assault in France
[art, architecture, Louvre, Rouen Cathedral, museums]

960 Reading technological history in old Syrian skeletons
[archaeology, anthropology, agriculture, ceramics, weaving, pottery, teeth, grinding grain, querns]

961 In which Henry Ford forgets how he got there
[automobiles, cars, transportation, Rivera, assembly line, unions, production, Greenfield Village]

962 Modern windmills: picking up where the 18th century left off to meet our energy needs
[power production, economy, environment, propellers]

963 How General Santa Anna went on from the Alamo to create the American chewing gum industry
[frankincense, resin, tension, invention, psychology, serotonins, rubber, chicle, sapodilla, Adams]

964 Maria the Jewess: chemical process engineer
[Zosimos, Zosimus, alchemy, silver sulfide, niello, brewing, chemistry, Alexandria Egypt]

965 Some critical thoughts on feminism, anorexia, and self-esteem
[Sommers, Greer, Friedan, AAUW, gender feminists, women, psychology, sociology]

966 Continuity of form where the user meets the machine: the indestructible user interface
[design, mechanical clock, water clock, quartz crystal, electrical clock, movable type, printed books, Gutenberg]

967 Isaac Newton: public scientist and secret alchemist
[Price, Boyle, alchemy, transmutation, nuclear fusion, chemistry, mercury, gold, Newtonian mechanics]

968 Belva Lockwood: 1st woman presidential candidate -- and more
[women, law, government, equal rights, Cleveland, Grant, education, suffrage, minority, Black, Indian, Cherokee]

969 William James Sidis, the most intelligent, and saddest, child
[Harvard, psychology, Rice, genius, prodigy, education, Weiner, Sessions, mathematics, physics, Chandresekhar]

970 The stethoscope lets 19th century doctors read symptoms -- and keep their distance at the same time
[medicine, medical instruments, Laennec, Hippocrates]

971 Maya Lin: a cool young girl designs the Vietnam Memorial
[architecture, sculpture, women, Eiffel Tower, Perot]

972 In which I spend 24 hours sorting out an award
[Berkeley, Tien, Chiao]

973 Richard Owen figures out the kink in Ichthyosaurus' tail
[archaeology, geology, natural science, Darwin, evolution]

974 A visit to the fire station
[fire fighting museum, Beaumont, pumps, disasters, Chronkite, New London, explosions, earthquakes]

975 Gas stations: a fading American icon
[transportation, gasoline pumps, Ford, mimetic architecture, automobiles, service]

976 In which cats paint pictures
[modern art, animal psychology, Van Gogh, satire]

977 Norbert Wiener: thoughts on feedback control and human control
[Sessions, Tufts, Harvard, cybernetics, psychology, robotics]

978 Grain elevators: a new wind in American architecture
[Le Corbusier, agriculture, silos, farming]

979 Ishmael: a telepathic gorilla offers to save the earth
[ecology, anthropology, religion, environment, Genesis, Bible]

980 The G.I. Bill draws a whole generation back into the mainstream of American life
[education, government spending, military, handicaps]

981 The Library of Congress: how just over 3000 volumes shaped America in 1812
[books, printing, librarianship, cataloging, Jefferson, Madison, government]

982 Watching microwave transmission towers forming a new metaphor for the communications age
[electricity, antennas, AM radio, FM radio, television]

983 John Forbes Nash Jr. shows us that paranoid schizophrenia is a surmountable illness
[psychiatry, Nobel Prize, psychology, game theory, economics, mathematics, von Neuman]

984 In which energy-efficiency breeds energy consumption
[ecology, environment, steam engines, coal, Jevons]

985 A gentle entomologist unleashes an ideological fire storm
[biology, sociology, sociobiology, Wilson, genetics, ants, literature, Pulitzer Prize]

986 Thoughts on time, timelessness, and Anonymous-4 for X-mas 1994
[Medieval music, Erasmus, Plague, mechanical clock, cathedrals, Christmas, books, manuscripts, mazes, history]

987 William J. Powell seeks racial equity in the skies
[Black, transportation, race, flying, airplanes, flight, war, military, Tuskegee Airmen, Coleman]

988 The remarkable tale of Bessie Coleman, first Black woman to fly
[Black women, flight, flying airplanes, race, Texas]

989 Was there once a first language?
[linguists, linguistics, Indo-European language, anthropologists]

990 A book on Emile Berliner speaks a language he helped to kill
[gramophone, phonograph, microphone, electric communication, Edison, Bell, telephone, electricity, Hemingway, Fahlberg, saccharine, Victorola, sound transmission]

991 The invention of the hospital
[medicine, hospice, Nightingale, Franklin, health care, Cortes]

992 What were people saying about the new printed books in 1490?
[Gutenberg, computers, Brant, printers, movable type, technological change, Erasmus]

993 Sundials: 3500 years of a very durable instrument
[time keeping, instruments, Egypt, astronomy]

994 Manhole covers: the secret cousins of coins
[iron, sewers, cities, urban architecture]

995 How shopping carts changed us
[retailing, food, business, commerce, invention, Goldman]

996 The friendly, loathsome, little medicinal maggot
[medicine, biology, entomology, biology, antibiotics, Sherman]

997 Gene Bullard and his SPAD: The first Black pilot
[WW-I, flight, war, military, airplanes]

998 Treacherous Mt. Washington and its safe old cog railway
[meteorology, sport, mountain climbing, weather, risk]

999 The invention of eyeglasses ca. 1286, and the rise of reading
[Gutenberg, optics, medieval, Arabic science, printing, books]

1000 Reflections on Episode No. 1000: A long road to optimism
[society, social attitudes, technology, politics]

1001 Richard Burton and Shahrazad: both bargaining for life with a thousand and one stories
[exploration, literature, Arabian Nights, Moslem, Mormon, LDS, Nile, travel, Victorian, Shaherazad]

1002 The ladies club: Soviet women pilots who survived WW-II
[military airplanes, war, flight, Russia, aircraft]

1003 Engrossing -- and dramatizing -- the US Constitution
[printing, government, political science, Washington, Franklin, law, legal documents]

1004 The not-so-secret Norden bombsight
[WW-II, secrecy, war, bombing, bombers, flight, Sperry, military tactics]

1005 Who owns time? Thoughts on creativity and timelessness
[water clocks, Jesuit missionaries, China, psychology]

1006 Discovering Neptune: whom, if anyone, should we credit?
[astronomy, Airy, Challis, Adams, scientific priority, LeVerrier, Galileo, Herschel, solar system]

1007 In which Annie Edson, no longer young, rides the the first barrel over Niagara
[daredevils, Houdini, women]

1008 Who really were the discoverers of America before Columbus?
[Madoc, Celtic, Celts, Welsh, Wales, Columbus, Vikings, exploration, John Dee, St. Brendan, legends, myths]

1009 The Golden Spike and the end of the American West
[railroads, railways, Donner Party, Heinrich Lienhard]

1010 Can engineers write?
[Thoreau, Hoover, Einstein, Paine, literacy, writing]

1011 A reflection on Fred Hoyle, von Buch, and scientific honors
[science, France, Pasteur, Curie, Faraday, Bessel, Jacobi, Herschel, Gay-Lussac, Humboldt, science fiction, physics, Nobel Prize, chemistry]

1012 Why science must be experienced, not explained
[entropy, thermodynamics, education, pedagogy, music, sports]

1013 Oliver Wendell Holmes, puerperal fever, and a wonderful shay
[poetry, literature, medicine, childbirth, Semmelweis, abolition, law, death]

1014 Making war on disease: a tricky business
[ecology, entomology, microbiology, plague, AIDS, medicine, Americas]

1015 Florey, Fleming, and penicillin: Who really gets the prize?
[medicine, bacteriology, microbiology, pharmaceuticals, Nobel Prize, awards and honors, Pasteur, Chain, Porter]

1016 Designing cooling fins and designing engineers
[heat transfer, Schmidt, Mayday, Duffin, mathematics]

1017 Thinking about balloons and radical change
[computer information systems, electronic media, education, child psychology, Homo Transformandus]

1018 Medieval barns: a metaphor, worldly and spiritual
[agriculture, religion, farming, Cistercians, metaphor, wood, Gothic architecture, stone, churches]

1019 Is the computer an agent that's dividing or uniting us?
[information, electronic media, education, radio, TV, sociology, e-mail, internet]

1020 Hinman beats a flawed into an unexpected plowshare
[literature, books, Shakespeare, librarianship, bombing, aerial warfare]

1021 In which the real Robinson Crusoe undercuts the myth
[Selkirk, Defoe, literature, Mercantile economics, Chile]

1022 Greely gets the data: a survival story
[Signal Corps, U.S. Weather Bureau, meteorology, Civil War, Albert Myers, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, arctic]

1023 Matthew Boulton makes Sheffield silver plate -- and steam engines
[Watt, metalurgy, manufacturing, art]

1024 Redating paleolithic technologies backward in time
[archaeology, paleontology, cloth, fabric, weaving, ceramics, clay, anthropology, toolmaking]

1025 In which Don Quixote says, "Facts are the enemy of truth."
[Cervantes, literature, Man of La Mancha, statistical, Boltzman H-theorem, entropy, Second Law of Thermodynamics]

1026 Photographic firsts: an appetite that will not be fed
[photography, flight, death, Mars]

1027 A cyclotron, an old manuscript, and an object lesson against overspecialization
[library, incunabula, nuclear physics, ink, paper, manuscript books, forgery]

1028 In which Hoei-shin visits America in 499 AD
[geography, ethnography, exploration, navigation, Columbus, Buddhism, China, Chinese, maguey]

1029 Streamlining, fashion, and the energy of pop culture
[Paglia, fluid flow, Star Trek, sociology, travel]

1030 Walt Whitman, a fake butterfly, and the problem of matching appearance and reality
[literature, Civil War, nurse, nursing, Sotheby, camera]

1031 The Antikythera mechanism -- a 2000 year old computer
[Greece, Greek, Hellenistic, gears, gear teeth, planetarium, astronomy, sponge divers, shipping, astrolabe, archaeology, shipwrecks]

1032 Microwave oven: only half a promise fulfilled
[watches, clocks, cooking, food, product acceptance]

1033 In which Army research on a killer ray creates a prize-winning child's toy
[Meitner, aerodynamics, Shelton, Germany, WW-II, jet aircraft, a-bomb, chemical warfare, poison gas, vortex gun]

1034 Sing Sing prison: an ongoing early American experiment in penology
[penal system, Lawes, jail]

1035 Martha Ballard: memoirs of an 18th century midwife
[medicine, Colonial America, gynocology, obstetrics, women, pharmocology, abortion]

1036 Quoth the Raven: a surprising story of cooperation
[zoology, ecology, sociology, sociobiology, Poe, poetry, Kropotkin, Darwinism]

1037 Rye ergot and witches, more widespread than we thought
[medicine, witchcraft, pharmacy, agriculture, Salem, plague, Black Death, The Great Awakening, Kipling, psychology]

1038 Hero of Alexandria: freedom from control
[Heron, Imperial Rome, Egypt, Hellenistic, mathematics, feedback control, do-loop, iterative solutions]

1039 Infallible texts encased in commentary
[Nicholas de Lyra, printing, manuscripts, incunabula, Renaissance humanism, Luther's Bible, translation, Protestant Reformantion, Greece, interlinear gloss]

1040 Ancient Greece and Renaissance Europe: virtues and vices
[Euripides, Parthenon freize, mummy, Medieval scholarship, Archaeology, Plato, Pythagoras, women, feminism, slavery]

1041 A Chinese pharmacopoeia -- 2000 years ago
[medicine, pharmacy, diabetes, goiter, hormones, estrogen, androgens, anatomy, blood flow, Harvey, beriberi, Zahn, Wang, Katsoyannis, insulin, inoculation, smallpox, printing]

1042 Tiny type: shrinking writing down to atomic dimensions
[microminiaturization, Feynman, data storage, Los Alamos, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Ripley, pin]

1043 In which we worry about suffering a spontaneous atomic blast
[nuclear waste disposal, Bowman, fission, atomic power, reactors, cross section, kinetics, politics, environment]

1044 Finding the largest Japanese submarine after 51 years -- 4,400 lb. of gold, 17,000 feet down
[WW-II, Navy, oceanography, exploration, diving, photography]

1045 A lesson in engineering design on the sports pages
[Americas Cup, sailing, sailboats, racing, basketball, Houston Rockets, NBA, marine engineering, CAD, New Zealand, computer aided design, fluid mechanics]

1046 The mind of Faraday and the merging of science and religion
[electromagnetism, electromagnetics, electric field theory, Sandemanians]

1047 In which I question the dubious practice of ghost-writing
[JFK, Kennedy, technical writing]

1048 Medieval machines in a 20th century hydraulics text
[water wheels, water turbines, fluid mechanics, mathematics, Mercer's Museum, anthropology, engineering education]

1049 Hugh Miller: a fundamentalist radicalizes 19th century geology
[Darwin, evolution, suicide, Bible, Genesis, mental illness]

1050 Our apelike ancestors grow a radiator to cool our brains
[archaeology, anthropology, Australopithecus, missing link, heat transfer, intelligence, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Neanderthals, anatomy, blood flow, women]

1051 A Conservation Laboratory keeps vanishing arts alive
[Thompson, preservation, restoration, books, pigments, rag paper making, parchment, linen]

1052 In which wasps teach us to make paper from wood
[rag paper, American Revolution, fibers, Schaffer, Reaumur]

1053 A grim portent for Earth itself: the demise of Easter Island
[ecology, environment, Polynesian, anthropology, archaeology, Roggeveen]

1054 In Praise of Bats
[zoology, ecology, environment]

1055 Reflections on roller skates, roller blades, and stability
[children, Wright Brothers, flight, bicycles, Rollerblades]

1056 Louis Agassiz: What is the measure of a Life?
[naturalists, Harvard, biology, ethnography, ethnology, anthropology, evolution, racism, Darwin, Cuvier, Morgan]

1057 Too bad that Amelia Earhart didn't get to write poetry
[women, flight, transportation, Snook, Lindbergh, Putnam]

1058 In which graphical displays rob us of the ability to visualize
[computers, education, psychology, masons, social change]

1059 The computer invents itself -- despite our best efforts
[Kilby, Noyce, IBM, Fairchild, Texas Instruments, INTEL, Integrated circuits, microprocessors, Babbage, chip, microcomputer, software, Dummar, DEC, innovation]

1060 Remembering the smell of gasoline
[transportation, automobile, Art Nouveau, environment]

1061 Garden of Revelation: a hidden art of scraps and imagination
[sculpture, Orange Show, Hampton, architecture, design, Watts Towers, Prisbrey, Isidore, Tawana]

1062 In which Charles Lindbergh decides who to be
[transportation, ecology, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, flight, environment, Tasaday]

1063 The democratization of ice cream
[food, sociology, women, dessert]

1064 Words: not always a helpful reduction of language
[alphabet, linguistics, philology, Twain, speech, writing]

1065 Inventing the alphabet -- sowing progress and chaos
[linguistics, language, writing, speech, Jaynes, cuneiform, hieroglyphics, Sumerian, Phoenicians, stoichiometry]

1066 Three bridges, two fell and one stood: A parable about success and failure
[Firth of Tay Bridge, Cooper, Bouch, Baker, Firth of Forth Bridge, Quebec Bridge, construction, design, civil engineering, cantilever]

1067 John Tyndall's reflections on science and religion
[Faraday, spiritualism, planchette, Scientific American, prayer, miracles, cosmology]

1068 On trying to copy nature -- harder than you might think
[biomimetics, wheels, locomotion, flight, ornithopters, engineering design, chemistry, paper, ink, spider webs]

1069 Spider webs and all they offer us -- if we could only replicate them
[cobwebs, silk, materials science]

1070 Wrong Way Corrigan -- a last bit of fun before WW-II
[transatlantic flight, Lindbergh, radio, airplanes]

1071 A biology teacher gets fresh Turtle Eggs to Louis Agassiz
[turtle eggs, biology, Thoreau, Sharp, Agassiz]

1072 Of Dice and Death: Writing the theory of probability
[Todhunter, Pascal, Fermat, Bernoulli, Leibnitz, Huygens, Kepler, indeterminism, chaos, lottery]

1073 In which I live to see the Third Millenium -- sooner than I'd thought
[Jesus' birth, calendar, Caesar, Gregory]

1074 Imhotep, the first real person in recorded history
[Egypt, Zoser, pyramids, medicine, architecture, Asclepios]

1075 Tobacco: Montezuma's real revenge
[agriculture, smoking, nicotine, addiction, Beaumont, Lamb, Wordsworth, disease, Native Americans, sugar, slavery, Indians, Native Americans]

1076 Slave Inventors and question, "Who owns an idea?"
[Davis, Stewart, Ned, Montgomery, patents, Donne, invention, Black, propellors, cotton]

1077 Of harpoons and coffins: Moby Dick and Black equity in the whaling business
[Melville, whales, fishing, Douglass, Temple, New Bedford, Nantucket, ships]

1078 Thoroughbreds designed by a committee: The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the King James Bible
[Jefferson, cooperation, Chesterton, literature]

1079 Thinking without words
[invention, psychology, James, Feynman, visualization, nonverbal thinking]

1080 Food in the old Republic of Texas ("The Republic of Porkdom")
[Houston, Santa Anna, nutrition, health, corn, diet]

1081 Paradoxes: "Skeletons in the closet of reason"
[mathematics, logic, philosophy, Unexpected Hanging]

1082 The last shall be first: steam turbines and cuneiform
[cuneiform, CD-ROM, computers, power, Mingwo, China, Jesuits, steam engines, communications]

1083 Pierre Lallement, one of many who invented the bicycle
[transportation, Michaux, velocipede, invention, priority]

1084 Jouffroy's steamboat -- 24 years before Fulton
[d'Auxiron, transportation, ships, France, Newcomen engine]

1085 The first American steam engine
[Newcomen, Schuyler, power, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Hornblower, copper mining, American Revolution]

1086 Aztec obsidian, too good to give up
[Native Americans, Indians, materials science, glass, tools, blades, warfare, hydration dating, anthropology, stone age]

1087 Aluminum: from a precious metal to a cheap structural material
[Hall, metallurgy, electrolysis, Alcoa]

1088 Housework: In which work doesn't exactly expand to fill the time
[sociology, health, medicine, domestic science, home makers]

1089 A museum guard talks to me about art and creativity
[museum, creative, art, Pasteur]

1090 In which Edgar Allen Poe writes about conchology
[Cuvier, mollusks, shells, snails, paleontology, Gould, biology, literature, Wyatt, Brown, Mizner, Goldsmith]

1091 Balloon Bombs -- the Japanese secret weapon
[aerial war, atomic bomb, forensic geology, diatoms]

1092 The unrelenting search for Buck Rogers' rocket belt
[science fiction, war, military, jet propulsion, travel, flight, Dickens, airplanes]

1093 The sad tale of Eads' great bridge and caissons disease
[civil engineering, construction, the bends, medicine, scuba diving, piers, foundations, diving bells, Civil War]

1094 Mesa Verde: Another civilization abandonded at its peak
[Native Americans, Anasazi, Indians, pueblos, anthropology, architecture, cliff houses]

1095 The lesion within: Medicine learns look inside the human body
[X-rays, stethoscopes, dissection, holistic, anatomy, Morgagni, Roentgen, embolism, Laennec]

1096 Ktesibios invention of the pipe organ in the 3rd century BC
[music, Hellenistic, water clock, St. Augustine, theology]

1097 A surprising answer to the question, "How much risk is really acceptable to us?"
[safety, probability]

1098 In which we try to decide who really invented the telephone
[Bell, Bourseul, Reis, Gray, communication, telecommunication]

1099 Henry Robert: a civil engineer creates order at meetings.
[Robert's Rules of Order, Galveston, parliamentary procedure, sea wall, hurricane of 1900]

1100 In which 16th century physicians turn alchemy into modern chemistry
[Paracelsus, Boyle, medicine, urinalysis, blood, chemical analysis]

1101 A Roman engineer's not-quite-right idea for moving a pedestal
[Vitruvius, construction, masonry, Paconius, Rome]

1102 One meteorite too many spells trouble for Earth
[astronomy, bolides, Curuca, Tunguska, Brazil, catastrophes]

1103 How We Die: A surgeon comes to terms with death
[medicine, mortality, dying, Nuland, cancer, AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, heart failure, psychology, Jefferson, Adams]

1104 Nobel, The Baroness von Suttner, and the Peace Prize
[dynamite, Kinsky, Nobel Prizes, women]

1105 Mary Roberts: The frustration of a 19th century woman scientist
[biology, conchology, mollusks, creationism, religion, Buckley, Gould, women]

1106 A mutant is given a message by the last aborigines down under
[anthropology, religion, medicine, Australia, sociology]

1107 In which we call ourselves engineers, for the last 200 years
[America, France, education, Ecole Polytechnique, Napoleon, civil engineering, West Point, Rensselaer, Perronet]

1108 100,000,000 land mines -- killing off civilians in perpetuity
[war, military, arms]

1109 The first technology -- the one that defines us
[stone age, anthropology, archaeology, tool making]

1110 Origami: Where there is paper, it will be folded
[spatial visualization, education]

1111 Reading the symbolic content of the numbers 1 through 10
[mathematics, arithmetic, education, golden section]

1112 Rene Dubos asks "What makes us human?"
[anthropology, civilization, Johnson, apes, language, technology, linguistics, wild child of Aveyron]

1113 How can we talk to our children about mathematics?
[education, sociology]

1114 Al Gore's metaphor of distributed intelligence
[education, parallel processing, super-computers, sociology, personal computers]

1115 New York Library's selection of the Books of the Century
[literature, censorship, intellectual freedom]

1116 Revisiting a 1970 attack on the Interstate Highway System
[civil engineering, Bureau of Public roads, railways, Federal Government, Eisenhower, ecology, environment]

1117 Searching out the early history of treating wounds
[medicine, anthropology, archeology, sutures, trepanning, tourniquets, Jeremiah, Code of Hamurabi, surgery]

1118 What in the world did we let happen to nuclear power?
[federal regulation, fossil fuels, solar energy, safety]

1119 Lee's Priceless Recipes: How to make everything from lipstick to dynamite
[cosmetics, drugs, pharmacy, explosives, chemical processes, ice cream, scruples]

1120 George Cayley fathers modern aerodynamics in 1809
[flight, transportation, lift, drag, steam power, airfoils, Wright brothers, Newton, dimensional analysis, gliders, similitude, streamlining]

1121 How farming came to Europe 8000 years ago
[paleolithic, pottery, ceramics, agriculture, plow, Danube]

1122 Getting rid of old offshore oil platforms -- and other old technologies
[environment, ecology, recycling, fish habitats, artificial reefs, marine exploration]

1123 Whiplash: Why doesn't it exist in Lithuania?
[lawsuit, legal, medicine, automobile, insurance]

1124 Pythagoras' Trousers: How physics and the priesthood are reopening to women
[gender, mathematics, religion, Hawking, Lederman, Greece]

1125 The Visible Man: An executed convict is brought back to life on the internet
[anatomy, physiology, electronic information, medicine, capitol punishment]

1126 An academic hoax: When we let our words get too complicated
[post modern deconstructionism, art criticism, physics]

1127 Why Germany didn't make an atomic bomb during WW-II
[Heisenberg, Meitner, Frisch, collision cross section, critical mass, uranium, U-235, nuclear fission, chain reactions, neutron]

1128 Of whales and elephants: a remarkable convergence of attributes
[biology, ecology, ecosystem, environment, acoustics, animal communication, zoology]

1129 In which Alphonse Penaud invents the model airplane
[psychology, flight, depression, suicide, aerodynamics, dyslexia, Giffard, helicopter, Wright brothers]

1130 The Zafiro Producer: combination off-shore platform and tanker
[oil drilling, ships, shipping, fuel, recycling]

1131 John Hunter: idiosyncratic medical pioneer
[medicine, syphilis, surgery, anatomy, inflammation, Reynolds, angina, fibroblast, Ehrlich]

1132 In which balloons deliver the mail during the Siege of Paris
[flight, military, reconnaissance, carrier pigeons, postal, Civil War, Franco-Prussian War, Lincoln]

1133 Of Lucille Treganowan and automobile transmission repair
[transportation, cars, automotive mechanics, women]

1134 Linear A and Linear B: Decoding the old Minoan scripts
[linguistics, syllabic writing, archaeology, Greece, Homer Evans, Ventris, hieroglyphs, clay tablets]

1135 Trying to hold a river that doesn't want to be held
[Mississippi delta, Atchafalaya, flood control, Louisiana, silt, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, civil engineering]

1136 Of ballet and basketball: finding the limits of body and mind
[athletics, arts, dance, Parker, Stevenson, medicine, women sports physiology, psychology]

1137 America goes to the first modern Olympic Games
[athletics, track and field, Greece]

1138 Texas City, Roseburg, World Trade Center, Oklahoma City: a story of fertilizer and cigarettes
[industrial safety, terrorism, chemistry, logging]

1139 The Wounded Story Teller recovers from illness
[medicine, psychology]

1140 Tents: a very old and very modern architecture
[membrane construction]

1141 Tipping points in human affairs: in disease, crime, and education
[stability, constrained equilibrium, epidemiology, law enforcement, psychology, mathematics]

1142 The accumulation of empirical data in the legends of flight
[Daedalus, Icarus, Firman, Firnas, William of Malmesbury, Eilmer, Wright Brothers, aerodynamics]

1143 Shakespeare's long-standing fascination with medicine
[Shakespeare, Hathaway, medicine, doctor]

1144 A Fokker D-VII mysteriously lands on an Allied airstrip
[air war, flight, WW-I, heraldry, von Beaulieu-Marconnay]

1145 Jacquard, Babbage, Hollerith, IBM: from weaving to computers
[textiles, census, analytical engine]

1146 Early Massachussetts: a cultural beachhead, not yet a new country
[water wheels, fulling mills, Atheneaum, Colonial America, education, land grant colleges, pioneers]

1147 Points-Off thinking: a damaging force in education and sports
[Olympics, psychology, teaching, gymnastics, motivation]

1148 1846: Origin of the Smithsonian Institution in a momentous year
[Adams, Agassiz, science, imperialism, Mexican-American War, California, Heinrich Lienhard, the American West, Rilleaux, Howe, museums]

1149 Heat Transfer Conference ("Wherever there's a thermal gradient")
[temperature, diamond, heat conduction, heat radiation, freezing, heating, cooling]

1150 Arguing racism: Time for rational, rather than moral, arguments
[Darwin, genetics, geography, Bible, Adam and Eve, creation, Anthropology]

1151 How many people can Earth sustain -- in better than misery?
[demographics, van Leeuwenhoek, population dynamics, Catholic church, famine, education, women]

1152 Macbeth, populism, and insanity
[drama, Shakespeare, theatre, psychology]

1153 Grosseteste, Bacon, and the rise of realism
[geometry, three-dimensions, art, virtual reality, St. Francis of Assisi, Renaissance, cyberspace]

1154 In which Adam's navel poses the question of pre-creation history
[evolution, fossils, art, Darwin, Ompholos, Gosse, geology, hippopotamus, anthropology]

1155 How would Thorstein Veblen do in the information age?
[communism, McCarthy, computers, materiel]

1156 We mirror machine mirrors we mirror machine mirrors we ...
[computers, electronic computation, automobiles]

1157 Merchandising Windows 95 and the Ford Model A
[software, automobile, Model T, marketing, sales]

1158 The Crystal Palace, the 1851 exhibition, and Victorian art
[Paxton, Queen Victoria, Brunel, design, Impressionists, architecture]

1159 In which Nevil Shute looks at the ordeal of aerial bombing
[literature, war, military, air power, WW-II]

1160 The technology of death: We are hard to kill.
[medicine, war, medical ethics, armaments]

1161 An old Roman mill tells about the acceptance of technology
[water wheels, horse power, grinding grain, slavery]

1162 Systems: Much more than the sum of their parts
[design, Gaia, ecology, automobiles]

1163 To build a better mousetrap -- that people will use
[snap trap, Mast, marketplace, design, animal cruelty]

1164 Why Things Bite Back: The Revenge Effect
[design, medicine, medical technology, computers, systems]

1165 Benjamin Thompson/Count Rumford and the conservation of energy
[heat, American Revolution, Lavoisier, thermodynamics, remake of Engines Episode 4.]

1166 Searching for the historical Josquin Desprez
[music history, renaissance polyphony, Ockeghem, mass]

1167 Machiavelli's attempt to make objective science of statecraft
[political science, Leonardo da Vinci]

1168 Voltaire, Newton, science, and the French Revolution
[philosophy, literature, Candide, Industrial Revolution, Declaration of Independence]

1169 From stacked stone to steel: a shift in structural concept
[architecture, design, catenary, Hagia Sophia, cathedrals, Galileo, Hooke]

1170 A visit to an iatros -- a doctor -- in a 400 BC clinic
[Greece, medicine, physician, Hippocrates, Xenephon, tourniquets, clinics, iatrogenics]

1171 The IgNobel Prizes: At what point does satire go wrong?
[Nobel Prizes, humor, psychology]

1172 Trying to conserve mass, energy, momentum -- and order
[entropy, second law of thermodynamics, ecology, physics]

1173 The terrifying problem of escaping a sinking automobile
[safety, transportation, psychology, drowning, seat belts, Heimlich maneuver]

1174 Nature or nurture, explaining intellectual dynasties
[Boole, Bernoulli, G. I. Taylor, Stott, Everest, mathematics, Bach, physics, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, women]

1175 The collapse of the Elizabethan renaissance
[Raleigh, Hariot, Galileo, Dee, Gilbert, Queen Elizabeth, Donne, Jonson, Shakespeare, science, alchemy, magic]

1176 Ilizarov orthopedic surgery: growing new bones
[Russia, Siberia, medicine, spatial visualization, carbon composite materials, Amahl, pediatrics]

1177 Thomas Watson, the man on the other end of Bell's telephone
[electricity, communication, geology, theater, Shakespeare, machine shops, manufacturing, goals and objectives]

1178 The Encyclopaedia Britannica before/after the Wright Brothers
[aircraft, airplanes, balloons, aeronautics, flight, aerial navigation, transportation, goals and objectives]

1179 How does Aspirin find your headache? (More Feldman questions)
[dollar sign, peso, pregnancy tests, pharmacology, Muppets, yogurt, coins]

1180 Dionysius Lardner looks at early steam power technology
[energy, ecology, environment, pyramids, conservation, coal]

1181 In which Edith Humphry doesn't quite receive the Nobel Prize
[Werner, Pasteur, Bernal, chirality, inorganic chemistry, women, polarized light, molecular structure]

1182 The sorry day that tobacco came to the Houston Grand Opera
[marketing, advertising, underwriting, music, merchandising, nicotine addiction, selling, Hispanic, Mexico]

1183 Leda and swan Zeus: Leonardo contemplates life
[art, science, reproductive anatomy, turbulent fluid flow]

1184 The mirror: something that looks far more obvious than it is
[chirality, images, folklore, chemistry, heat transfer, Pasteur, psychology]

1185 Adam Smith: of economics and natural law
[American Revolution, French Revolution, physiocrats, mercantilism, free trade, laissez faire, Industrialization]

1186 Bach, Handel, and their charlatan eye doctor
[Baroque musical composition, medicine, Taylor, ophthalmology]

1187 Good people make good machines: Bad people make bad machines
[Maxim, morality, philosophy, etymology, aphorisms]

1188 William Billings, Colonial composer and American original
[musical composition, choral music]

1189 The other Pachelbel brings music to Colonial America
[Bach, keyboards, first American concert on record, slavery]

1190 The only mustard gas attack in WWII yields new medicine
[armaments, arms, chemical warfare, Hodgkins' disease, cancer, oncology, yperite, WWI]

1191 X-mas 1996: the difference between hope and expectation
[Christmas, Bynner, Franklin, invention]

1192 In which a deluge transforms the Black Sea -- and farming
[geography, agriculture, fluid flow, oceans, Gilgamesh, Babylonian mythology, Genesis, Noah, flooding]

1193 Beryl Markham flies out of Africa, and across the Atlantic
[airplanes, aviation, flight, women, Dinesen, literature, Hemingway, writing]

1194 A scientifically illiterate people goes bankrupt on health care
[federal budget, medicine, Medicare, tobacco, diet, alcohol, exercise, heart disease, diabetes, emphysema, cancer]

1195 Dhuoda writes to her son in Ninth Century France
[medieval history, Charles the Bald, Charlemagne, literacy, mathematics, numerology, religion, women]

1196 Reflections on batting 400, evolution, economics, and diversity
[Gould, baseball, equality of income, sports, evolution, statistics, music]

1197 King Arthur: a real person in a nasty world
[mythology, medieval history, Picts, Scots, Saxons, warfare, England, Hadrian's Wall, Romans, literature]

1198 In which Virgil visits a theme park and writes the Aeneid
[literature, Roman religion, Aeneas, mythology, Hades, tunneling, civil engineering construction]

1199 Gallup Poll: spawn of intellect with some saving imperfection
[politics, Truman, Dewey, Roosevelt, Landon, demographics]

1200 London's secret museums
[Brunel, Nightingale, music, Tay Bridge, steam engines, Watt, hospitals]

1201 The fixed link: bridges, tunnels, and environmental impact
[Canada, technological change, construction, civil engineering Confederation bridge, economics, technological change]

1202 The death of science (or its emergence from a cocoon?)
[physics, information, philosophy, future]

1203 Letting in the advertisements to support our schools
[commerce, business, tobacco, education, teaching]

1204 Baron von Humboldt's remarkable exploration of Meso-America
[geography, natural science, exploration, Jefferson, Bonpland, Chimbarozo]

1205 Henry Chapman Mercer: An aristocrat redirects anthropology
[ceramics, pottery, museums, James, medieval technology, calligraphy]

1206 Harriet Beecher Stowe: "No talent, only genius"
[literature, slavery, Black, writing, Uncle Tom's Cabin, abolition, Lincoln, women]

1207 In which a balustrade shows us that laws were made to be broken
[architecture, the law, Cooley, government regulations, highway design, bridges, civil engineering]

1208 The first transcontinental railroad -- and no golden spike!
[Panama Canal, civil engineering, mail, malaria, cholera, Grant, California]

1209 Early fliers -- all seem to've been good-looking and literate
[Quenby, Coleman, Markham, Earhart, Johnson, Lindbergh, Gann, Shute, St. Exupery, Lincoln, literature, women, writing]

1210 In which Louis Pasteur puts medicine on a war footing
[germs, language, metaphor, blood circulation, Harvey]

1211 Theodore Roosevelt and the mad Marquis create Medora ND
[National Forests, cattle, Nobel Peace Prize, agriculture, meat packing, railroads, American West]

1212 Human history in terms of macroparasites and microparasites
[biology, war, sociology, disease, commerce, history]

1213 Experiment, theory, and the role of the computer
[science, engineering, mathematics, epistemology]

1214 Medieval Novgorod, more advanced than we realized
[women, Nevsky, Eisenstein, movies, Russia, writing, literacy, birchbark, archaeology]

1215 The tyranny of large numbers: of averages and ubiquity
[mathematics, statistics, statistical thermodynamics, molecular theory, beauty, psychology]

1216 Insect wings/human wings: trying to copy what can't be copied
[wheels, invention, flight, entomology]

1217 Large earth movers: a paradox of large and small
[civil engineering, construction, NASA Space Program, miniturization, DNA, strip mining]

1218 Galveston's alleys and the democratization of low incomes
[architecture, city planning, urban archaeology, sociology, Beasley, hurricane, slavery]

1219 A chance encounter with a hero: Ploesti remembered
[war, air power, bombing, bombers, B-24, oil production, military tactics and strategy, WW-II, Hitler]

1220 In which Levi Hill invents color photography 80 years too soon
[Daguerreotypes, chemistry]

1221 Large hall acoustics: drifting away from reality
[music, sound, Wren, Aristotle, Vitruvius]

1222 How two coincidences broke the AT&T monopoly
[MCI, Sprint, telephones, communications telephone, radio, business]

1223 Ghosts from the sky: a visit to the Oshkosh Fly-in
[aircraft, airplanes, aviation, flight, air exhibition, preservation, museums]

1224 On filling time and compressing time: electronic communication
[computers, e-mail, housework, efficiency]

1225 Lincoln Beachey, first great daredevil of heavier-than-air flight
[aircraft, airplanes, exhibition flying]

1226 In which Matteo Ricci tries to convert the Chinese by building a memory palace
[China, religion, mnemonics, missionary, computers]

1227 So, did we ever make paper from a mummy's linen wrappings?
[printing, Egyptology, Twain, wood pulp]

1228 Medieval Europe learns to measure reality with numbers
[Quantification, Islamic algebra, Mayan mathematics, arithmetic, bookkeeping, Durer, musical notation, painting, computers]

1229 The invention of double entry bookkeeping
[accounting, medieval trade, business, commerce, Pacioli]

1230 The problem of teaching mathematics in a computer world
[education, schools, Shakespeare, spatial relations, arithmetic, Television, motion pictures]

1231 In which automobile advertising mirrored the public
[Dorris, Lexington, Ford, General Motors, Plymouth, Olds, Barnum, bicycles, merchandising]

1232 A Neanderthal flute made from the thigh of a cave bear
[musicology, anthropology, archaeology, diatonic scales]

1233 Baden-Powell flies in balloons, airplanes, and even kites
[flight, war, aeronautics, boy scouts, military]

1234 The biggest domed structure before the Houston Astrodome
[architecture, spas, hotels, Sinclair, Pantheon, St. Peter's]

1235 How we name the chemical elements.
[chemistry, metals, alchemy, etymology, Lavoisier, Seaborg]

1236 In which an old man finally flies in a B-17
[military, aerial warfare, flight, airplanes, bombers]

1237 Why did the Hindenberg really burn?
[pyrotechnics, accidents, disasters, flight, airships, balloons, blimps, transportation, Zeppelins, fire, chemistry]

1238 The 1893 Chicago Columbia Exposition: America comes of age
[world's fairs, exhibitions, Olmstead, Hayden, Bates, women]

1239 Ensemble theory offers us insight through parallel universes
[physics, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, chance, probability, free will]

1240 A search for the Northwest Passage gives cause to learn geography
[Frobisher, McClure, Hudson's Bay, Franklin, Arctic Ocean, exploration, Canada]

1241 The search for Franklin and the search for the Northwest Passage
[geography, Arctic exploration, Schwatka, Inuits, Canada, Stanley, Livingstone]

1242 What did the defeat of Kasparov by Deep Blue really mean?
[Chess, Turing machines, computer revolution]

1243 In which we are surprised by the power of five-fold symmetry
[mathematics, solid geometry, iconography, polygons, Faust, musical meter, Greek and Indian alchemy]

1244 Is fun rightly under assault in science education?
[teaching, mathematics, physics, applied mechanics, schools]

1245 In which Sarah Bagely opens the field of telegraphy to women
[union movement, labor, communications, Morse, Smith, Hamilton watch, Lowell weaving mills, industrialization]

1246 Figuring out what the word momentum means
[science education, physics, applied mechanics, teaching, schools, conservation of angular momentum, Newton's laws of motion]

1247 America's first women architects: three very different people
[Irwin, Bethune, Hayden, 1893 Chicago Columbia Exposition]

1248 Hester Stanhope creates her own British Empire in Syria
[Byron, Pitt, printing press, optics, lenses, Arabs, Druse, exploration, aristocracy, Middle East, women]

1249 Bricks
[homes, Plutarch, New World architecture, adobe, ceramics, Roman building construction, Shakespeare]

1250 Qanats: ancient watercourses, heroic constructions
[geography, aquifer, water supply systems, Arabs, Romans, Middle East, Syria, Jordan, civil engineering works]

1251 Katherine Stinson and her siblings help America learn to fly
[flight, Wright Brothers, airplane building, barnstorming, Lillie, air mail, architecture, transportation, WW-I, women]

1252 Forgotten invention of manufacturing with interchangeable parts
[Blanc, Whitney, production, France, America, Jefferson]

1253 Hanna Reitsch: a true believer in a cursed cause
[flight, airplanes, war WW-II, Germany, Nazis, Himmler, helicopters, gliders, V-I rockets, ME-163, test pilots, women]

1254 A new look at the wheel: the problem of rotation
[invention, potter's wheels, transportation, spinning, drills, fire starters, axles, spokes, Tigris, Iraq]

1255 On being healthy, wealthy, and (maybe) wise as well
[health care, public health, tuberculosis, Japan, sociology, blood pressure, Campion]

1256 How do we control crime? The answer: control teenagers
[criminology, sociology, penology, penal system, law enforcement, police]

1257 Digging the first Suez Canal, 4000 years ago
[de Lesseps, Darius, Egypt, Africa, Napoleon, Panama Canal]

1258 Inventing the steamboat, inventing the riverboat
[Fulton, Shreveport, Evans, transportation, log jams, logjams, Mississippi, steam engines, invention]

1259 In which conspiracies and cover up theories change with new data
[low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, Roswell, NM, Neanderthal DNA, biblical literalism, fundamentalism, leukemia, cancer, Tuskegee syphilis experiments, tobacco]

1260 Darwin boards the Beagle and sails into history
[Fitzroy, theory of evolution, Galapagos, biology, geology, Lyell, religion]

1261 Healthy equilibrium: only a platform for instability
[applied mechanics, superheated liquids, nucleation, unstable, instable, psychology]

1262 An 18-century environmental disaster in Brittany, France
[lead mining, ecology, environmental impact, flooding, Diderot, lawsuit, Duhamel]

1263 No problem. I don't think so. Have a nice day.
[language evolution, linguistics, semantics]

1264 The economics of the 20th-century technological revolution
[industry, production, money, computer memory, energy, steel, beverages, tobacco, commerce, Web, internet]

1265 Science and the myth of the self-evident truth
[epistomology, Euclid, energy, physics, concepts, philosophy]

1266 In which Mrs. O'Leary is absolved of the Great Chicago Fire
[fire fighting, urban, cities, women]

1267 The secret American Navy of the War of 1812
[ship design, military, Constitution, Admiral Nelson, Humphreys, structural design]

1268 Finding your limelight
[theater, theatre, surveying, Drummond, Chaplin, Davy, Faraday]

1269 Comparing contents and roles of libraries with the Internet
[information, e-mail, Vonnegut, computers, books]

1270 Wallace's line and the evolution of modern humans
[species, Darwin, Java Man, Aborigine, Australia]

1271 In which automobiles race around the world in 1906
[cars, transportation, roads, highways]

1272 Heat, energy, physical sensation, and the definition of words
[Wordsworth, Blake, Thomas, thermodynamics, physics]

1273 Some surprises in the 1852 Annual of Scientific Discovery
[Crystal Palace, telegraph, anthropology, Darwin, Maxwell, Boltzmann, Mendel, Foucault pendulum, physics, science, industry, production, prediction, technology assessment]

1274 The Maxim Gorky, largest airplane of its time
[Russian Revolution, Stalin, Tupolev, aviation, communism]

1275 Merthyr Tydfil, a window into the squalid conditions after the Industrial Revolution
[Wales, coal, iron forge, Carlyle, sociology]

1276 In which the art leads the mind how to cast light on nature
[fireworks, Turrell, Roden Crater, light sculpture]

1277 Railroads in winter: finding our way through the snow
[Whitman, locomotives, transportation, Jull]

1278 The Quonset hut: a design with remarkable staying power
[WW-II, war, material, logistics, architecture, Pyle]

1279 Two Newtons, an old mechanics text, and the fight against slavery
[religion, Amazing Grace, Kater, Lardner, religious education, marginalia, clergy]

1280 On making data tell their story
[Tufte, Brandt, graphs, visualization, visual presentations, Challenger, NASA, Feynman, music, O-rings, materials science]

1281 An old religious tract provides a window upon the Huguenots
[Papin, Hamilton, Huygens, Revere, Wake, Anglicanism, Catholic, steam engines, Newcomen, Edict of Nantes, King Louis XIV]

1282 The development of the seemingly uncomplicated window pane
[soda-lime, Alexandria, stained glass, crown glass, plate glass]

1283 The tenth anniversary of Engines, and an epistemological question
[Internet, world wide web, history, books]

1284 Mikhail Goldshtik: A death and a beginning
[creativity, Akadem Gorodok, inventor, invention, vortex flows, reactor, air scrubber, bladeless helicopter, pistonless engine, Russia]

1285 Carriages: A forgotten technology
[The Carriage Collection, Stony Brook Museums, gig, hack, shay, phaeton, coach, Studebaker, McAdamized roads, Holmes, Kocz]

1286 A steam-powered motorcycle, invented well before its time
[Roper, Stanley Steamer, automobile, transportation, Daimler]

1287 Transonic flight: piercing the sound barrier
[Vincenti, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, Mach number, Yeager, Bell X-1, Tricomi, supersonic flow]

1288 Instability, self-control, and the metaphor of flight
[at risk youth, Blue Angels, education]

1289 Those Vulgar Tubes: human waste disposal aboard old ships
[privy, privies, urinals, sanitary engineering, heads, Hans Albert Einstein, hydrodynamic modeling]

1290 Risk and vocation: when smart people look for safe lives
[education, professions, Ivy League, dyslexia]

1291 In which sheet music offers a record of our country
[American Colonies, Bay Psalm Book, Daye Press]

1292 Alchemy and modern science: how much magic should we accept?
[Newton's Optiks, epistemology, scientific laws, occult]

1293 Some technology that we don't see when we first look
[horn, gears, 3-M, Post-It notes, invention, paper clips]

1294 The clock as preparation for modern science
[Baroque, feedback, art, longitude]

1295 The lowly, but not-so-simple, dressmaker's pin
[clothing, Cowper, Smith, robot, mass production, machine]

1296 In which Andrew Carnegie contemplates James Watt
[steam engines, iron, steel, social revolution, economics, capitalism, literary style, Arago, McCormick, Hill, Astor]

1297 Ramon Verea's calculating machine: inventing to make a point
[computers, Hispanic, Spanish, calculator, Jaquard, Mercantile economy, engineering, Hispanic]

1298 Edward Ritchie: building instruments and shaping education
[Tyndall, induction coil, wave motion, Schrodinger, liquid compass, ships, navy, MIT, Rogers, instrumentation]

1299 The improbable earth-quakeproof Japanese pagoda
[structural design, civil engineering, architecture, power transmission lines, dynamics, vibration, Ishida]

1300 Daniel Fahrenheit invents the thermometer and its scale
[heat, thermometry, Poland]

1301 The Boy Mechanic: endangering boys seeking danger
[education, criminology, pipe bombs, flight, electricity, manual training]

1302 Francois Marcet's steam globe: measuring vapor-pressure
[Francois Arago, Jane Marcet, James Watt, steam engines, science education, thermodynamics, women]

1303 Chasing the transit of Venus over the tundra
[astronomy, Cook, Chappe, eclipses, size of the solar system]

1304 In which we learn how musical pitches are formed
[music history, physics of music, Pythagoras, hearing, frequency of vibration of a string, Vincenzio Galileo, Marsenne, Newton, speed of sound]

1305 Setting concert pitch -- the elusive 440 A
[music history, physics of music, Lissajous, tuning forks, violins, orchestra tuning, Handel's Messiah]

1306 Voices from Adelaide; Horace Lamb and Andrew Thomas on Mir
[fluid mechanics, Stokes, Maxwell, NASA Space Program, zero gravity, capillary forces, ullage]

1307 Pendulum clock escapement: science and technology merging
[Bacon, Vencenzio Galileo, Huygens, Hooke, science]

1308 In which Charles Dellschau draws secret airships
[art, flight, fantasy, UFOs, painting]

1309 The DH-4: a forgotten and terribly influential WW-I warplane
[flight, military aircraft, air mail, Liberty Plane, Liberty Engine, Fokker, SPAD, Curtiss Jenny]

1310 Redeeming math and abstraction in our schools
[mathematics, science education, teaching, testing]

1311 The Cistercian order, power technology, and innovation
[Benedictines, water wheels, factory, religion, White, scriptorium, scriptoria]

1312 Crossing Australia -- from nine months to six minutes
[McDouall Stuart Expedition, Adelaide, exploration, geography, NASA, Thomas, aerospace, Mir]

1313 Rotation: of coins, racquetballs, ballet dancers, and more
[angular momentum, applied mechanics, ballet dancers, sports, physics, Newton's laws, rattleback, trajectories]

1314 Amistad, art and revolution: artists join the fight for freedom
[slavery, painting, Cinque, Africa, law, Sengbe Pieh, Jocleyn, abolitionist, color lithography, race relations, Black]

1315 Chlorella: the day we decided not to eat algae burgers
[food, nutrition, poverty, hunger, biology, hydroponics, Malthus]

1316 Parachutes: for fun or for survival?
[flight, Blanchard, Garnerin, Lenormand, Leonardo de Vinci, psychology, war, military]

1317 The first iron-smelting in Colonial America: Hammersmith on the Saugus
[metal smelting, Jamestown, John Smith, John Winthrop, pig iron, cast iron, wrought iron, nails, Braintree]

1318 Three-field crop rotation and the origins of Western technology
[agriculture, military, war, horse, fallow, horseshoe, horse collar, soil, plows]

1319 Vannevar Bush and the great Rockefeller Differential Analyzer
[analog computers, digital computers, MIT, Compton]

1320 Intellectual misdirection: looking inside and outside our heads for knowledge
[Aristotelianism, Platonism, Jefferson, Einstein, Galileo, psychology, Meyers Briggs]

1321 A modern solar collector, a century before its time
[California, solar energy, power generation, solar radiation, Langley]

1322 Five college degrees in six years: What does it mean?
[education, Coyle, University of Nevada, Coyle, dyslexia]

1323 Fleming, the light bulb, and the vacuum tube
[Edison Effect, electricity, electronics, diode, fundamentalism, evolution]

1324 C rations: Armies trying to travel on their stomachs
[food, nurishment, nutrition, army, military, mess hall, MRE, field rations, C rations]

1325 The day Mulholland's St. Francis Dam broke
[civil engineering, construction, Los Angeles water supply, disaster, San Francisquito Creek, expertise]

1326 Lift-off: Reflections on the launch of NASA Flight STS-91
[space flight, rocketry, shuttle, Mir, Thomas, Saturn V]

1327 Electricity in Everyday Life in 1904
[electronic communication, mass media, telephone, radio, books, future prediction telegraph, electric motors, light bulbs, Gutenberg]

1328 The medieval character of the wild West
[America, saddle, whiskey, log cabin, cowboy, White, distillation, architecture, capital punishment]

1329 16th Century scientist, Christiaan Huygens, looks for alien life
[SETI, pendulum clocks, astronomy, outer space]

1330 Electric lights in the 80 years before Edison
[arc light, incandescent, Grove, Swan, Davy, de la Rue]

1331 The Mississipi and Mark Twain's time warp
[Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, literature, steamboats, riverboats]

1332 Moment of inertia, secrecy, and satellite stability
[Landon, Sputnik, Explorer, space, NASA, Bracewell, failure, RCA]

1333 Energy is pure delight, the conservation of energy
[thermodynamics, physical concepts, work, heat, definitions]

1334 Watching Europe go from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
[upper paleolithic period, copper, bronze, metals, Egypt, smelting, kilns]

1335 Santos-Dumas, Zeppelin, and the great airships
[Aerodrome, Walcott, Curtiss, Abott, NASA, flight]

1336 In which Diesel engines violate their own metaphor
[thermal efficiency, power plants, internal combustion, gasoline, transportation, ships, marine engines]

1337 Frankenstein -- the monster of our obsessiveness
[Shelley, Byron, Lardner, literature, Romantic, Wollstonecraft, women]

1338 The century-long retention of masts and sails on steamships
[Savannah, Great Western, Monitor, Merrimac, transportation]

1339 The Good Soldier Svejk, a fine organizational model
[Shelley, Byron, Lardner, literature, Romantic, Wollstonecraft]

1340 Animals and emotion: figuring out what is obvious
[psychology, biology, Darwin, weeping, body language]

1341 A view of physiology in 1872 -- not that long ago
[medicine, anatomy, pharmacology]

1342 The Wright Brothers' fight for priority over Langley
[Aerodrome, Smithsonian, Walcott, Curtiss, Abott, NASA, flight]

1343 Forgotten lore: How much should we trouble to remember
[aerodynamics, Whitehead, flight, education, Poe, The Raven]

1344 The Monitor's flush toilet: lessons from emerging technologies
[Civil War, Merrimac, Hampton Rhodes, Ericsson, naval warfare, turrets, Thomas Crapper, engineering design]

1345 Hadrian's Pantheon: The world's largest domed structure for 1800 years
[Roman architecture, Turrell, concrete, Hadrian's Wall]

1346 The World's Work magazine shows what we were thinking a century ago
[color photography, Theodore Roosevelt, conrad, Oliver Cromwell, 19th century, Mark Twain]

1347 The invention of money: an abstraction of goods and services
[talent, trade, coin, notes, computers, exchange, anthropology, information, intellectual property]

1348 Castel del Monte: in which Frederick II plays with geometry
[Fibonacci, Crusades, Holy Roman Empire, architecture, Islamic]

1349 Short-lived, but dramatic technologies
[Pony Express, Clipper Ships, scriptorium, scriptoria, cable cars, cattle drives, space program, rocket ships, technological evolution]

1350 Vespucci and the naming of America
[Columbus, Waldseemuller, exploration, geography, transportation, oxygen, Priestly, Scheele, Lavoisier]

1351 Balloonists Jean-Pierre and Marie Blanchard, the first barnstormers
[flight, Franklin, transportation, Jeffries, Washington, Philadelphia, women]

1352 Checking in on the Internet, 1998: More there than we'd hoped for
[computer, information revolution, world wide web, education]

1353 In which we visit a small town
[demography, city, cities, community, surveying, highway design, Bureau of Public Roads, Forest Service, Washington State, Keillor]

1354 Another form of scientific illiteracy, not knowing how to doubt
[DDT, pesticides, germicides, public health, medicine, environment, ecology, Alar, chlorine, salt cholera, malaria, disease, agriculture, world hunger, Peru]

1355 Major General George Squire, Muzak, and struggling to be generous
[Army Signal Corps, wire-wireless, canned music, military, electricity, telegraphy, AT&T, patent law, radio, multiplex communications, Goddard]

1356 Betting on science. It's been going on for a long time.
[Feynman, Wren, Newton, Hawking, Principia, education, teaching, gambling]

1357 An airplane propeller test facility, twelve years before the Wright Brothers
[Maxim, aerodynamics, machine gun, flight, balloons, invention]

1358 William Minor helping us to understand language from an insane asylum
[Murray, Oxford English Dictionary, etymology, linguistics, insanity, criminology, law, criminal, penology, insane asylum, Churchill, quotations]

1359 The Windmill: A device that has come, gone, and which may come again
[Cervantes, Quixote, power, propeller, Watt, Don Quixote, Middle East, grain]

1360 A brief history of bathing ourselves
[bathtubs, showers, public baths, cleanliness, personal hygiene, Sears Roebuck, bubonic plague, domestic]

1361 NASA's Crawler Transporter: Largest land transport vehicle
[space program, NASA, tracked vehicle, earth movers, space shuttle]

1362 The first twenty years of transatlantic flights
[Zeppelin, Markham, Lindbergh, Alcock, Brown, Ortieg, transportation, Ryan]

1363 Man the measure -- man the meter
[folklore, units, Watt, heat, temperature, power, length, Protagoras, Fahrenheit]

1364 Our radar warning of the Pearl Harbor attack
[communications, war, radio, Hulsmeyer]

1365 Colonial America, 1776: A new nation of glorious amateurs
[Fitch, Barlow, Jefferson, Monticello, Franklin, Hopkinson]

1366 Rain, Steam, and Speed: Turner's vision of modern times
[art, painting, railways, trains, steam locomotives, Trevethick, Bury, Innes, transportation, Brunel, machine as metaphor]

1367 Struggling with abstraction in schools and in public
[education, statistics, heat transfer, heat flow, common sense, engineering]

1368 Edmund Beckett, Lord Grimthorpe: of clockwork and convervatism
[clock-making, Sam Slick, Eli Terry, Thomas Chandler Haliburton, satire, Canada, balance of trade, Big Ben, bell towers, church politics]

1369 Fokker and the machine gun interrupter mechanism
[flight, war, WW-1, airplane, synchronizer mechanism, Eindecker]

1370 Anno Domini 1370: So much going on just below the surface
[Black Death, Plague, yersinias pestis, Jan van Eyck, oil painting, mechanical clock, crossbows, firearms, playing cards, printing press, Gutenberg, Dunstable, Machaut, Landini, mensurational notation, music, university education]

1371 The great evolution war at Oxford in 1860
[Darwin, religion, evolution, biology, Samuel Wilberforce, Darrow, Chambers, Owen, Darrow, Bryan, Scopes Trial, Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection]

1372 Mark Twain and the Paige Compositor
[Twain, Clemens, Merganthaler, Linotype, typesetting, engineering design, printing]
1373 Pittsburgh in 1816
[iron smelting, coal, steamboats, America, transportation, manufacturing, air pollution, glass]

1374 Television, radio, computers, the Internet, and education
[scriptorium, printing, Carlyle, teaching, teachers, the media]

1375 Leibniz, Newton, and the great calculus dispute
[mathematics, Bernoulli, Euler, Royal Society, science, Optiks, priority, Leibnitz]

1376 Frère Jacques: The canonical hours and mechanical clocks
[Cistercians, Benedictines, water clocks, religion, prayer]

1377 Benjamin Franklin writes about music and electricity
[Baroque singing, text settings, wigs, American science]

1378 The wreck of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald; "Only a lake!"
[iron ore, Great Lakes shipping, shipwrecks, Lightfoot, Hiawatha, Gitche Gumee]

1379 Frank and Peter Griffin: teaching calculus
[mathematics, education, gambling, blackjack]

1380 William O'Shaughnessy and India's telegraph system
[Dalhousie, morse, Crimean war, Sepoy, communication, electricity, colonialism]

1381 Naming our machines - finding out who they are!
[linguistics, language, transportation, flight, refrigerators, computers]

1382 Symphysiotomy: Surgery and the clockwork mind of Rationalism
[medicine, surgery, Enlightment, Sigaud Lafond, Camper, obstetrics, birthing, midwifery, man midwifes, Ceserean, women]

1383 In which we invent the watch and take possession of time
[Horology, fusee, stackfreed, waterclock, mechanical clock, escapement mechanism, Thomas à Kempis]

1384 The samurai sword and quality control through ritual
[metallurgy, heat treatment, weights and measures, folklore]

1385 How David Bushnell built his submarine for the Colonial Army
[Turtle, The Gentleman's Magazine, Yale University, American Revolution, naval warfare, Hopkinson, innovation]

1386 Benjamin Franklin invents the glass armonica -- no mouth organ, this
[musical instruments, invention]

1387 The ghost fleet of wooden ships in Mallows Bay
[war, military supply, merchant shipping, merchant marine, WW-I, mass production, assembly line, steamships, ecology, wild life preserves]

1388 A short history of tunneling
[Whittier, Delaware aqueduct, canals, railroads, transportation, Hoosac tunnel, Marc Brunel, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Posilipo, Thames Tunnel, transportation]

1389 The supply of wood: trouble along the Equator, good news to the North
[lumbering, forests, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, kerf, waste, conservation, rain forests, forestry, Minnesota]

1390 Crossing the English Channel, by water, air, and tunnel
[transportation, Bleriot, Blanchard, Jeffries, Kremer Prize, Gossamer Albatross, Webb, Chunnel, flight, swimming]

1391 The Johnstown Flood. They didn't see it coming
[Carnegie, Barton, hydraulics, earth fill dams, civil engineering, construction, Bessemer steel, disasters]

1392 The nature of fog and of redwood trees
[Gourdine, electricity, Olympics, Black, ecology, forestry, lumbering]

1393 Early inventions of the electric telegraph
[Morse, electrostatic, Watson, LeSage, invention, Cooke, Wheatstone]

1394 A walk on the waterfront and a visit to a secret world
[offshore drilling, tension leg platforms, TLPs, seismic exploration, Russia, Zafiro Producer, oil production]

1395 The World's Worst Aircraft: learning what constitutes bad
[flight, transportation, airplanes, military, war, design, Tupelev, Stiletto, Bell Airacobra, Spruce Goose, Blohm & Voss ]

1396 An engineer named Calder
[sculpture, sculptor, art, Eliot, mechanical engineering, Calder's Crab]

1397 John Fitch and America's first successful steamboat
[Fulton, Watt, Rumsey, Newcomen, transportation, steam engines, Philadelphia, Kentucky, Colonial America]

1398 Back to the Beginning: First we commit. Then we see
[Eliot, Napoleon, Bell, Leonardo, invention]

1399 The passing of the classical circus.
[Barnum, Ringling Brothers, Astley, Hughes, animal acts, horses]

1400 Trying to catch the flavor of the past
[nostalgia, 1930s, transportation, alcoholism, medicine, dentistry]

1401 Theodore Roosevelt and Frederic Remington defining the West.
[America, cattle ranching, Spanish American War, Henry Adams, cowboys, Rough Riders]

1402 Ben Franklin and Le Ray de Chaumont's house in Paris
[American Revolution, French Revolution, Marc Brunel, Caron de Beaumarchais, Erie Canal, electricity, Victor Hugo]

1403 Vanishing sea otters: only one piece of a long food chain
[ecology, environment, zoology, species, whales, sea urchins, kelp]

1404 Prerequisites seen as a reflection of the structure of science
[biology, physics, chemistry, education, schools, teaching, pedagogy, curricula]

1405 Marc Isambard Brunel and his son, Isambard Kingdom Brunel
[Great Eastern, ships, civil engineering, Thames tunnel, Great Western, materialism]

1406 The end of the medieval age of reason
[mathematics, science, logic, Toledo, Abelard, Library, philosophy, Aristotlem, Grosseteste, Bacon, optics, eyeglasses]

1407 A matter of size: scaling laws among living species
[ecology, zoology, species, whales, gravity, metabolism]

1408 Fast game, slow game, and Stone Age population dynamics
[biology, anthropology, Paleolithic, diet, tortoise, hare, technology]

1409 The Douglas DC-3: an airplane for all seasons
[transportation, flight, Rockne, Fokker triplane, DC-1, DC-2, Shang-Ri-La]

1410 Homo Technologicus
[techni, technology, anthropology, tools, evolution]

1411 The role of notation in John Dalton's atomic theory
[chemistry, physics, chemical reaction, atomism, Quakers]

1412 NonExercise Activity Thermogenesis (or NEAT) and weight gain
[biochemistry, postprandial and basal metabolism, diet, medicine]

1413 How contemporary Romantic poets saw the Industrial Revolution
[Shelley, Blake, Burns, Scott, literature, poetry, Chariots of Fire]

1414 Viewing America through advertisements in Appleton's magazine, 1869
[education, railroads, books, merchandising, Waltham watches, Lowell, Massachusetts, organs household goods, pianos, music making, John Stuart Mills, Golden Spike, Union Pacific, bonds]

1415 Right and left handedness: some new ideas about origins
[Throwing Madonna, Pleistocene era, Homo Erectus, writing, violin playing]

1416 Technology on Hold: ideas that return after a long time
[feedback control, water clock, Hellenistic, agriculture, horse, farming, automobile, public transportation, electric trolley, herbal medicine, power production, fossil fuels, nuclear power, ecology, environment]

1417 In which the medieval clock metaphor finally collapses
[mechanical clock, escapement mechanism, Donne, Webster, Robinson, Shakespeare, science, Industrial Revolution, feedback control, Watt, Newcomen, poetry, literature]

1418 Does war influence technological evolution? Some surprising facts
[airplane, speed, production, invention]

1419 Another way of looking at the 14th century Plague
[yersinias pestis, Black Death, famine, medieval, economics, wages, human life, The Hundred Years War, The Peasants Revolt, aerial photography]

1420 The Erie Canal
[transportation, Great Lakes, Buffalo, Hudson, Niagara, Jefferson, Gallatin, Clinton]

1421 The Rocket Boys, a moving story of adolescence and engineering
[von Braun, rocketry, Sputnik, space program, West Virginia, coal mining]

1422 Technology in Alexandria, ca. 200 BC
[Alexander the Great, Euclid, Hellenistic, Archimedes, Eratosthenes, Ktsiebios, Heron, Philon, Ptolemy, feedback, Philip II, water clocks]

1423 An encounter with Einstein

1424 La Sylphide: an elemental in the Industrial Revolution
[ballet, Taglioni, Paracelsus, elementals, sylph, salamander, gnome, nymph, alchemy, Industrial Revolution, Luddites, science]

1425 Laying the transatlantic telegraph cable
[Field, Gisborne, Great Eastern, Queen Victoria, Buchanan, communication]

1426 The skyscraper: a Phoenix out of the great Chicago Fire
[elevator, steel, Chicago, design, iron]

1427 Dominique de Menil, a creative legacy
[art museums, Murad, science, invention, Whitehead, women]

1428 Why do men self-destruct and die sooner than women?
[health, medicine, psychology, depression, suicide, drugs, alcohol, gambling]

1429 Joseph Stalin and Russian aircraft records in the 1930s
[flight, airplanes, Tupelev, Maxim Gorky]

1430 A concern about the complexity and danger of genius
[Good Will Hunting, Galois, Kovalevsky, Ramanujan, Kissin, Mozart, Franklin, Sidis]

1431 In which dogs humanize us
[biology, zoology, psychology, archaeology, anthropology, Neanderthal, wolves]

1432 Thoughts in dispraise of decisiveness
[decision making, Kuhn, psychology, playing cards, tolerance for ambiguity]

1433 The invention of the FAX, and the FAX newspaper
[Stewart, facsimile copies, telegraph, Korn, Finch, electronic communication, radio, Internet]

1434 Reflections on systems, complexity, and modern life
[stock market, Three Mile Island nuclear reactor]

1435 Rudolf Diesel, his engine, and a look at invention
[power, priority, internal combustion, coal tar, synthetic fuels]

1436 Adding it up in 1910: A book grapples with the coming 20th century
[radio, radium, moving pictures, movies, skyscrapers, flying machines, airplanes, Titanic, Olympia, Lusitania, Mauritania, ocean liners, transportation, alien life, space travel, futurism]

1437 Technologies that put an end to record-setting
[speed, aircraft, microwave power transmission, transportation, Voyager, SHARP, Wright Brothers, Breitling Orbiter 3]

1438 The story of a failed airplane design -- the XP-75
[design, Ford, Berlin, General Motors, Loren, flight, production]

1439 A capital ship on an ocean trip: a reflection on battleships
[war, military, navy, battleships, submarines, aircraft carriers, guns, cannons, fire power, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II]

1440 Steam engines in England during the 18th century
[Watt, Savery, Newcomen, power, England, Trevithick, railroads, railways, canals, transportation, Industrial Revolution]

1441 The secret places that define a city
[Houston, New York City, suspension cable anchors, subways, ruins, Brooklyn Bridge, Verrazano Narrows Bridge, urban archaeology, tunnels, Roosevelt Island Lunatic Asylum, Consolidated Edison, steam turbines]

1442 Walter Chrysler and the texture of fame
[The Chrysler Building, Chrysler Airflow, automobile design, Locomobile, mass production, Ziegfeld, transportation]

1443 Some thoughts on fame and fortune in technology
[Bible, Quixote, invention, Boelter, Telephone]

1444 In which ThrustSSC passes the sound barrier on land
[automobiles, Stanley Steamer, sound speed, transportation, Breedlove]

1445 Science + Religion = Forgiveness: An unexpected equation
[quantum physics, Templeton, philosophy, zoology, Eschenbach, Mahler, Nietzche]

1446 Speed: Why we can't seem to get beyond 150 miles per hour
[Indy 500, racecars, flight, highway safety, kinetic energy, transportation]

1447 18th-C factory maintenance: messier than Diderot showed us
[paper making, Aristotle, printing Greek, Billings, Montgolfier Brothers, run to failure, propaganda]

1448 The Guillotine and the democratization of death
[Guillotin, Lavoisier, death, execution, France, Rumford, capital punishment, beheading, capitis amputatio, torture]

1449 Another look at image and reality: Fake Triceratops and manuscript books
[stereolithography, incunables, incunabula, Gutenberg, dinosaurs, Rachmaninoff, Titanic, printing, player-piano]

1450 In which we learn too much about Cleopatra and the Pharos Lighthouse
[Alexandria, Egypt, Octavian, Marc Anthony, Titanic, women]

1451 Inventing the free public lending library: socialism in books
[labor movement, unions, Morrill act, Colonial America]

1452 Luddites and Techies: Dealing with change in the year 2000
[future, biology, Internes, Y2K, electronic communications]

1453 Christiaan and Constantijn Huygens, and John Donne
[Galileo, Francis Bacon, poetry, science, quantum physics, Oppenheimer, King James Bible]

1454 The sometimes astonishing results of juxtaposing contradictory ideas
[physics, religion, Orion, light, waves, particles, atomic theory, Huygens Newton, heat, caloric, psychology]

1455 A brief history of dentistry and pain
[dentist, dentistry, medicine, anesthesia, teeth, tooth extraction]

1456 In which paper goes from China to Europe by way of Samarkand
[paper, writing, mulberry, Samarkand, Islam, Pergamon, Baghdad, China, Arab]

1457 Eratosthenes's 2200 year old calculation of Earth's size
[Alexandria, Egypt, Ptolemy, astronomy, Magellan, Columbus, Aswan, trigonometry, geometry, navigation]

1458 The brief bright day of the electric trolley in Houston
[transportation, electricity, horsecars, Sprague, Siemans, public transportation]

1459 A tongue-tied attempt to say what teaching is
[classroom, education, ambiguity, complex variables, mathematics, imaginary numbers, ideal fluid flow]

1460 The little-known Japanese art of Chindogu
[inventions, Zen]

1461 George Everett Hale and BIG telescopes
[Palomar, optical, optics, astronomy, lenses, Mt. Polomar, Mt. Wilson, Yerkes]

1462 Jedidiah Morse, geographer and Samuel F. B. Morse's father
[cartography, mapmaking, Calvinism, religion, geography, Native Americans, Indians, telegraph]

1463 An old pig iron smelter in the New Hampshire underbrush
[metallurgy, iron smelting, Colonial industry, architecture, stonework, Blake]

1464 Trying to teach technologies that were novel for us, but not our students
[education, technological change, movies, television, computers, learning]

1465 In which random statistical clusters look significant
[mathematics, statistics, carcinogens, lawsuits, scrotal cancer, chimney sweeps, Chernobyl]

1466 An old botany book for young girls changes scientific thinking
[Marcet, vegetable physiology, botany, biology, electricity, sap, philosophy, women]

1467 Napoleon Bonaparte and Iron in France
[Ecole Polytechnique, engineering education, metallurgy, bridges, Eiffel, monuments, Halle aux Bles, smelting, steel]

1468 The evolution of the bicycle
[automobiles, macmillan, transportation, penny farthing, ordinary, safety bicycle, hobbyhorse, pedals, sprocket]

1469 The hourglass: the poor man's clock, the poor man's metaphor
[timekeeping, renaissance, mechanical clock, water clock]

1470 Occam's razor and engineering design
[Shakers, Soled, Ockham, manufacturing]

1471 Some thoughts about immigrants, depression, suicide & Jamestown
[Colonial America, medicine, psychology, serotonin, law]

1472 New uses for huge numbers
[arithmetic, mathematics, statistical mechanics, combinitorial analysis, brain, networks, universe, cosmology]

1473 Two unsinkable ships: the Titanic and the Great Eastern
[Brunel, accidents, safety, shipbuilding, passenger liners, success, failure]

1474 Alfred Ely Beach builds a secret subway in New York City
[transportation, urban rail, BMT line, Tweed, Nast, Brunel, Thames Tunnel, tunneling, graft]

1475 The tragic tale of Evariste Galois
[École polytechnique, algebra, group theory, mathematics, genius, Carol Christopher Drake]

1476 In which Josephine Cochrane invents the dishwasher
[domestic technology, dishwasher, Fitch, steamboat, Columbian Exposition, women]

1477 A horseless carriage offered to Anne Boleyn
[England, automobile, Henry VIII, automobile, transportation, windmill power, Flanders]

1478 A sneak preview of the Statue of Liberty
[sculpture, Eiffel, Bartholdi, structure, monuments, art, Colossus at Rhodes]

1479 The riddle of more grandparents than people
[demography, demographics, population, anthropology, Charlemagne, race, ethnicity]

1480 Streamlining and the American public
[design, automobiles, airfoil, tailfins, fluid flow, art]

1481 A revealing view of photography's early days
[art, chemistry, Daguerre, camera obscura Stieglitz, Crystal Palace]

1482 Black-boxing technology and knowledge
[education invention epistemology]

1483 In which J. Willard Gibbs pictures gear teeth
[Amistad, Yale, visualization, geometry, mechanics, science]

1484 Georg Cantor, the man who counted beyond infinity
[mathematics, set theory, infinity]

1485 Ship of gold in the Deep Blue Sea: an impossible treasure recovery
[gold rush, SS Central America, shipwrecks, oceanography, Rocket Boys, submersibles, engineering]

1486 What is gold worth today? Not as much as it was
[economics, Black Death, Bubonic Plague, jewelry, mercantilism]

1487 Teaching the American public to use the telephone
[Bell, telegraph, communication, Hayes, Nauvoo]

1488 John, Washington, & Emily Roebling, and the Brooklyn Bridge
[Hegel, suspension bridges, cable, construction, women]

1489 Inventing the helicopter: harder than it looked
[Forlanini, Sikorski, Cornu, Wright Brothers, Penaud, Leonardo da Vinci, aircraft, design, transportation, flight, autogyro]

1490 Germs, John Snow, and the Broad Street Well
[microbes, bacteria, microbiology, immunology, disease, cholera, medicine, Snow, Koch, Lister]

1491 In which business schools study a leaderless orchestra
[Orpheus, music, Telemann, sociology, management]

1492 Necessity and invention during the 1870 siege of Paris
[war balloons, carrier pigeons, communications, microfilm, creativity, coal gas]

1493 How the Y2K problem came about
[computers, programming, Los Angeles, clocks, 60-Hertz, electrical power]

1494 The strange persistence of X-ray hair removal
[medicine, health, dermatology, Roentgen, sociology, atom bomb, WW-II, Tricho]

1495 The new technological elite: chauffeurs then, computer experts today
[automobiles, transportation, Cadillac, sociology, economy, masters, servants]

1496 Mrs. Greenhow, the first great Confederate spy
[Civil War, espionage, Manassas, Battle of Bull Run, women]

1497 The rise of Paul Bunyan's radical double-bitted axe
[lumberjacks, forests, forestry, woods, felling trees, Colonial America, Thoreau]

1498 How the In which we try to jump as high as a flea
[animals, exercise physiology, anatomy, dimensional analysis, similarity laws, biology]

1499 Domestic animals: A tricky marriage between human and beast
[biology, farming, animal husbandry, food supply, breeding, taming, domestication]

1500 1500th episode and 2000 AD: A poor time to summarize
[calendar, arithmetic, mathematics, Y2K, renaissance, books, incunabula, religion]

1501 The orientation of continents determines their development
[geography, technology, wheel, writing, cartography, anthropology, climate, agriculture, farming, domesticated animals]

1502 In which the temptress Moon leads calendar-makers astray
[astronomy, astrology, Egyptian mythology, Jewish, Babylonian, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar]

1503 The second generation of women fliers comes to maturity
[Stinson, Batten, Nancy Bird, Earhart, Quimby, Ruth Law, transportation, aviation]

1504 The last Christmas of the Second Millennium
[Eastern Church, feast, reconciliation, renewal, Planck, Remington, Y2K]

1505 Thinking about the Millenium on New Year's Eve
[Catholic Church, theology, Chiliasm, thousand, Roman, Augustine, Bible, Hebrew Scriptures, Second Coming]

1506 The invisible invention of the clock
[water clock, Honnecourt, di Dondi, time keeping, horology, clepsydra]

1507 Rediscovering lighter-than-air flight
[dirigible, Zeppelin, flight, aircraft, blimp, Hindenburg, transportation]

1508 The alchemists and chemistry before the middle 19th century
[Aristotle, caloric, phlogiston, science, essences, Green, Meredith]

1509 Late 18th century competition among roads, canals and railways
[transportation, power, mines, mining, locomotive, Trevithick]

1510 Thomas Sopwith's hundredth birthday
[flight, von Richtofen, transportation, Falklands, war, military aircraft, triplane, snipe, pup, Hawker Harrier]

1511 In which the lotus blossom gives a lesson in engineering design
[biology, botany, surface tension, cleaning, contemplation, polio, medicine]

1512 The corner store: a retail outlet that is lost but not forgotten
[merchandising selling grocery store Galveston Beasley immigrants urban architecture]

1513 The Accidental Creationist: In which science changes with the telling of it
[Gould, Wright, anthropology, paleontology, evolution, Darwin, natural selection, science, social Darwinism, racism]

1514 The resistance movement: a look at ongoing evolution
[microbiology, biology, zoology, ecology, bacteriology, virology, elephants, DNA, AIDS, pneumonia, Ebola, fishing]

1515 The would-be discovery of oxygen and scientific revolution
[Lavoisier, Scheele, Priestley, Dalton, Kuhn, chemistry, chemical reaction, phlogiston]

1516 In which we must save the lore as well as the plants
[medicine, pharmacology, ethnobotany, herbs, homalanthus, prostratin, AIDS, virology]

1517 The very odd bridge that Roebling almost built
[construction, Pittsburgh Steelers, suspension bridges, Brooklyn Bridge, statics, Three Rivers Stadium]

1518 A concern about computers and the redefinition of reality
[computer graphics, Torrance, movies, special effects, art, light, radiation, images]

1519 Learning to acquire knowledge and create it at the same time
[psychology, Meyers-Briggs test, Platonist, Aristotelian, Einstein, learning, education, teaching]

1520 In which automobile makers gradually learn aerodynamics
[transportation, design, Chrysler, cars, drag coefficient, Zeppelin]

1521 John P. Parker, slave, freedom-fighter, inventor, and businessman
[Uncle Tom's Cabin, Civil War, slavery, abolitionists, Rankin, Harriet Beecher Stowe, iron, agriculture, Black]

1522 A 1950 prediction of technology in the year 2000
[futurism, future, transportation, medicine, energy, predictions, chaos, butterfly effect]

1523 On saying goodbye to lighthouses and cabooses
[obselete, obsolescence, Smeaton, Eddystone Light, Pharos, metaphor, symbolism]

1524 The other great fire of 1871: Peshtigo, Wisconsin
[disasters, Chicago Fire, Mrs. O'Leary's Cow, Michigan, Peshtigo, Wisconsin, news reporting]

1525 Liberty ships: an amateur takes over the trade
[transportation, war, WW-II, construction, shipbuilding, merchant marine, cargo vessels, design, Kaiser]

1526 Learning speech: the Paleolithic technological explosion
[archaeology, anthropology, tool making, technology, Paleolithic, Browning]

1527 How Clean Water triggered the Great Polio Epidemics
[medicine, massage therapy, epidemiology, Infantile Paralysis, Sister Kenney, Tuskegee Institute, George Washington Carver, polio, poliomyelitis]

1528 The metaphor of mentors and servants revisited
[Internet, computers, books, library, libraries, web site, Ebert, technological change, reading]

1529 Osborne Reynolds: of sand Reynolds Numbers
[fluid mechanics, viscous flow, lubrication, Manchester, golf balls, packing, sand, bearings, cosmology, ether]

1530 Medieval masons and the mischief of success
[architecture, Gothic cathedrals, geometry, labyrinths, Notre Dame, Strasbourg]

1531 On restoring the word theory
[philosophy, education, teaching, hypothesis, evolution, Darwin, species, schools]

1532 The invention and selling of the typewriter
[communication, Monaco, Remington, business, typewriter, QWERTY, writing]

1533 The Triple Nickel: the first Black paratroopers become smoke jumpers
[Japanese balloon bombs, parachutes, Black paratroopers, African Americans, Oregon, forest firefighting, military, race prejudice, integration, WW-II]

1534 Making sense of the slippery concept of acceleration
[physics, mechanics, gravity, gravitational acceleration, kinematics, Newton, falling]

1535 The mechanical clock as tactile philosophy
[escapement mechanism, Dante, Gilbert of Tournay, Bernard of Chartres, Jacopo Richard the Englishman, Giovanni di Dondi, Mumford, horology, time keeping]

1536 A seventy-year old picture of transcontinental flight
[transportation, aircraft, airplanes, Ford Trimotor, Fokker, Rockne, DC-3, geography, Central Airports]

1537 John Wilkins talks about life on the Moon, in 1638
[astronomy, SETI, Huygens, Newtonian mechanics, gravity, Cyrano de Bergerac, orbital mechanics, physics, Burnett, extraterestrial life]

1538 In which the various centuries show their faces
[Einstein, Planck, Schönberg, Ford, Picasso, Wright Brothers, centralization, time, neoclassicism, Newton, Shakespeare, Roemer, heroic materialism, decentralization, Hooke, Bacon, extraterrestrial life, Galileo, Leeuwenhoek, speed of light]

1539 In which a thin layer of fluid determines whether an airplane flies
[boundary layer, Prandtl, von Karman, Klein, fluid mechanics, gases, liquids, pressure drag, skin friction, Göttingen, space vehicle, re-entry]

1540 The Korean Turtle Boat - the first ironclad
[Korea, Yi, military, naval warfare, Japan, navy, design]

1541 Do 'Horseshoe Nails' really alter human history?
[Battle of Midway Island, Franklin, Titanic, Challenger, future prediction, history, historiography, nonlinear mechanics, strange attractors]

1542 In which Francis Bacon pushes a strict Aristotelian Agenda
[Newton, Leonardo, science, Platonism, Aristotelianism, Galileo, scientific method]

1543 Archimedes' pump, rediscovered by Ceredi, heralds the new science
[hydraulics, Aristotle, Galileo, agricultural engineering, invention, philosophy, mechanics]

1544 An operetta about electric lights, written before Edison's light bulb
[illumination, musical theater, music theatre, incandescent, lighting, electricity, comedy, women's suffrage, nineteenth amendment, feminism]

1545 The English and 18th century ballooning
[England, Great Britain, Lunardi, flight, transportation, invention, Blanchard, Dickens, balloons]

1546 Max Jakob: a breath of fresh air in a new land
[war, Einstein, heat transfer, science, holocaust, Planck, Judaism, Germany]

1547 Mystery at the threshhold of the Twentieth Century
[scientific revolution, Picasso, Einstein, Max Jakob, Schrödinger, Schönberg, James Joyce, quantum mechanics, salon art, atonal music, Romantic, Wright Brothers, Niels Bohr, modern physics, transportation, railroads, speed, clipper ships, Henry Adams, mystery]

1548 Books and computers: tracking the struggle for ascendency
[Mentors and servants, books, computers, internet, distance, education, digital, analog, watches, clocks, mirrors, metaphors]

1549 Compte Rendus, 1836: a snapshot of science at high tide
[French Academy, Arago, Somerville, light spectrum, Dupin, Cauchy, Liouville, Jacobi, mathematics, differential equations, Gay-Lussac, Navier, Poison, viscous fluid flow, Halley's Comet, von Liebig, John Herschel, science, von Humboldt, Peltier, thermocouples]

1550 Making a book of The Engines of Our Ingenuity
[The engines of our Ingenuity, book publishing, media, written, oral]

1551 In which Gary Larson tells us the piano was invented earlier than we thought
[pianoforte, fortepiano, keyboard, classical music, Mozart, Scarlatti, Beethoven, Haydn, Christofori, Medici, Larson, harpsichord, plectrum, hammers]

1552 The ocean - the wild card in global warming
[ecology, environment, global warming, greenhouse effect, data archaeology, heat capacity, thermodynamics, biology, record-keeping, oceanography]

1553 Galileo, Torricelli, von Guericke, and the idea of a vacuum
[Savery, Magdeburg, pumps, power, steam engine, gases, soda straws, barometers, power plants]

1554 In which new science yields new instruments: 1500 to 1950
[Watt, mathematical instrument makers, wood planes, sectors, theodolites, clock makers, Daumas, sextants, octants, astrolabes, lathes, telescopes, microscopes, air pumps, thermometers, balances, transits, Wilkinson's boring mill, clockworks]

1555 Looking behind the stories for the real Hypatia
[Dzielska, Hellenistic Alexandria, St. Cyril, Synesius of Cyrene, women, Platonism, Voltaire Kingsley, Christianity, paganism, mob psychology, philosophy, Diophantus, Ptolemy, mathematics, astronomy]

1556 In which we run out of manual arts teachers for our schools
[wood shop, drafting, vocational training, college preparation, spatial visualization, Jefferson, Franklin, Carter, Goldwater, Teddy Roosevelt, high school education]

1557 Heinrich Lienhard creates a new world - even as he discovers it
[American west, settlements, pioneers, Mississippi River, axe]

1558 Mastered by nature, we o'ercome by art - then as now
[Antiphon, Plato, Hellenic Greece, Greeks, Homer, Athens, Archimedes, handwork, mechanics, levers, pulleys, education, teaching]

1559 Music-making: the first technology
[Bible, art, anthropology, Shakespeare, Stevens, technology, cave painting, whales]

1560 In which we 'look' at the world through a narrow slit
[perception, binocular vision, sight, smell, taste, electromagnetic spectrum, I-MAX movies, stereopticons, hearing, frequency, sonic waves, temperature sensors, chemical receptors, human factors]

1561 'Hustling Hinkler, Up in the Sky' - an early Australian flier leaves his mark
[flight, Bleriot, Sopwith, distance records, WW-I, aviation, Wizard Stone, transportation]

1562 Guido da Vigevano uses war as an excuse to invent
[war, medieval design, invention, Black Plague, Hundred Years War, crusades, Philippe VI, technical handbook, medicine, prefabrication]

1563 Looking back at the impact of toys
[children, education, Erector, Tinker Toys, Meccano, streamlining]

1564 The Second Law of Thermodynamics and time's arrow
[Lechatelier and Braun, entropy, disorder, probability]

1565 Using the hysplex to start an ancient Greek foot race
[athletics, Greece, balbis, starting gun, Olympics]

1566 Glottochronology: In which language decays like carbon-14
[linguistics, words, etymology, Latin, romance languages, Old English, Battle of Hastings]

1567 Christopher Wren: a great architect first learns medicine
[architecture, St. Paul's Cathedral, Willis, medical dissection, instrument makers, science, medicine, prodigies, brain surgery, antiseptic, intravenous]

1568 Lord Kelvin's miscalculation of the age of the earth
[Bible, science, heat transfer, Fourier, Darwin, Heaviside, geology, religion]

1569 Alkahest, the universal solvent
[chemistry, solution, reaction, reagent, nitric acid, dissolve, Boyle, Paracelsus, van Helmont, alchemy, alchemists, glycerol, sal alkali, alkahest, patent, intellectual property priority, Du Pont]

1570 GE, light bulbs, and the product-driven innovation cycle
[General Electric, invention, design, manufacturing, Langmuir, electric light bulb, heat transfer, cooling, argon, deposition]

1571 In which the author of Oz contemplates electricity
[L. Frank Baum, electrical, Edison, Tesla, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, future]

1572 High-pressure steam engines and transportation
[railroads, Watt, Cugnot, Trevithick, steam engines, power, external condenser, condensation, vacuum]

1573 Donatello: Of his age or for all time?
[Bellini, Delacroix, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Boyle, Newton, Darwin, Agassiz, painter, science, art, artists, sculpture, sculptor, Florentine Renaissance Quattrocento, plague, Clark, Rodin]

1574 The presidential vote as a signal-to-noise problem
[Bush, Gore, voting machines, electoral college, statistics, probability, elections]

1575 Fields and continua: A secret art of engineering
[mathematics, potential fields, heat conduction, temperature, science, potential fluid flow, electricity, magnetism, stress analysis, continuum mechanics, field theory, mass diffusion]

1576 The wind and its technologies in the ancient mind
[linguistics, religion, literature, windmills, power production, Bhuddist prayer wheels]

1577 The Monty Hall Problem and the unexpected value of information
[probability, game shows, unexpected surprise]

1578 The brief day of the great flying boats
[flight, transportation, Martin M-130, Hughes, seaplanes, Boeing 314, Hercules, Spruce Goose, Yankee Clipper, Sikorsky, Fabre]

1579 Five years before we found out about the Wright Brothers!
[flight, transportation, Curtiss, Lilienthal, Chanute, gliders, Langley, Puck Magazine, Kitty Hawk, Dumont, technological acceptance, expectation, dirigibles, balloons]

1580 Su-Sung's wonderful eleventh-century water clock
[China, timekeeping, escapement mechanism, Jesuits, Sung Dynasty, Tatars, clepsydra]

1581 The screwdriver: Thoughts on greatness and invisibility
[hand tools, tournevis, screw threads, ancient technology, Archimedes]

1582 L. M. K. Boelter and engineering education at its best
[Berkeley, heat transfer, Germany, teaching, pedogogy]

1583 Glide Bombs and the unrevealed Rohna disaster
[rocket weaponry, war, military, merchant marine, secrecy, Dochterman, Zuther, Kamikaze, Germany, WW-II, flight]

1584 Hugo Distler: Beleaguered pioneer of twentieth century music
[composers, Hindemith, Weimar Republic, Germany, Holocaust, Auschwitz, choral music, organ, conscientious objection, Lubeck conservatory, Hitler, Nazis]

1585 In which the elephant Prathida teaches me about dissonance and Christmas
[music, Coventry Carol, zoology, mind, learning, conflict, animal behavior]

1586 Topsell's history of four-footed beasts and serpents
[zoology, biology, animals, King James Bible, Galileo, Shakespeare, Macbeth, scientific method, early printing, woodcut illustrations, bestiary, bestiaries]

1587 In which airplanes gradually learn to wage war
[military airplanes, World War I, design technological evolution, bombers, fighters, observation balloons, Manfred von Richthofen, synchronized machine gun]

1588 The Nieuport 17, early harbinger of the finished WW-I fighter
[SPAD, Sopwith Camel, Fokker Triplane, Fokker D-VII, Nieuport 28, Fokker Eindecker, military airplanes, World War I, synchronized machine gun, monoplane, biplane, triplane]

1589 Pluto: We finally reach the outer fringe of the Solar System
[astronomy, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, telescopes, Galileo, Tombaugh, Transneptunian Objects, Asteroid Belt, Pioneer 10, planets]

1590 The Great Wall of China -- a long and checquered history
[Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, civil engineering, Robert Frost, cannon construction, geography, the silk road, Mongolia, artillery, military defenses]

1591 Baroque violins and the notion of a completed technology
[music, composition, DC-3, ice cream, book, replacement technologies, Amati Strad, Goebel, Biber]

1592 In which we use fancy words instead of simple ones
[language, writing, librarians, library, libraries, dentists, thermodynamics, heat transfer, Prandtl Number]

1593 The LST-325: Thirty old men and an old ship become young again
[navy, naval, military, WW-II, war, Normandy beachhead, BP, Greece]

1594 The Mad Scientist -- he keeps coming back
[Frankenstein, Faust, Marlowe, Shelley, literature, Goethe, science, technology, science fiction, Ingolstadt, Jekyll and Hyde, Robert Louis Stephenson]

1595 In which Alfred Stieglitz and 291 anticipate Modern
[art, photography, O'Keefe, painting, modern art, Picasso, Cezanne, Rodin, Talouse-Lautrec, Matisse, sculpture, Photo-Secession, Steichen, Armory Art Show, reality]

1596 Looking for the "first" automobile
[internal combustion engine, steam car, de Rochas, Samuel Brown, Leonardo, Cugnot, Mercedes-Benz, Markus, Marcus, Shooter's Hill]

1597 The Ottoman Empire telegraph, linking Europe and Asia
[telegraphy, communications, Morse, Crimean War, transatlantic cable, WW-I, Black Sea, Ataturk, Internet, revolution]

1598 Surface Tension: a tiny force, but omnipresent
[physics, space travel, rocket engines, surface energy, hydrodynamics, surface tension]

1599 Urban archaeology: a privy provides a window to the past
[anthropology, Brown, Ashton villa, Galveston flood, antebellum mansion, George Eliot]

1600 Henry Adams ponders the Virgin and the Dynamo
[science, medieval architecture, Langley, 1900 Paris exhibition, Chartres cathedral]

1601 Mother dirt
[agronomy, biology, John Adams, Yosemite, humus, manure, waste disposal, cemeteries, burial, bacteriology, formaldehyde, dust storms, soil, earth]

1602 The tragedy of the commons revisited
[sociology, economics, sociology, population control, birth control, agriculture, ecology]

1603 Galileo: An old man grieves his daughter and writes his last book
[Maria Celeste Galileo, Pope Urban VIII, science, physics, mechanics, Copernicus, Milton, Newton, similitude, Catholic Church, religion, cloisters, women]

1604 In which hydrogen balloons bind science to technology
[Paracelsus, Montgolfier, Cavendish, Lavoisier, Alexendre Charles, Watt, Priestley, Wedgwood, Boulton, Erasmus Darwin, Industrial Revolution, chemistry, phlogiston, combustion]

1605 The brief race to build very tall buildings: 1885 to 1931
[skyscrapers, Chicago Fire, Louis Sullivan, Lang, Metropolis, elevators, load bearing walls, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, Home Insurance Building, steel frame construction]

1606 The Skycity: a concept struggling against its own Gothic weight
[Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Wannamaker's department store, skyscraper, skypricker, Gillette, architecture, urban planning, construction, sociology, socialism, Utopias]

1607 Continuous-aim firing: a diagnosis of an ill-received idea
[navy, war, design, invention, guns, fire control, Sims, Scott, innovation]

1608 Three scale models of structures, with vastly different weights
[Eiffel Tower, Washington Monument, Boeing 727, density of metals and stone, civil engineering, structural mechanics, steel frame construction, Chicago balloon frame, beam design, architecture]

1609 Benjamin Franklin's experiments in thermal radiation
[heat transfer, thermodynamics, light, science, radiation, thermal emissivity of skin]

1610 Thoughts on the nature and purpose of experiments
[science, Fresnel, Poisson, NASA Gravity Probe B, general and special relativity, St. Isaak's Cathedral, Foucault pendulum]

1611 Benjamin Franklin and Cotton Mather: ideologies diverge and converge
[Colonial America, smallpox vaccination, inoculation, Poor Richard's Almanac, Boston Philadelphia, Puritans, Thomas Bond, hospitals]

1612 Trying to tell the story of the worst battle
[WW-II, Battle of Stalingrad, warfare, Russia, Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, tank battles, death, killing, Matthew Arnold]

1613 In which Michael Faraday helps us to parse the word, Genius
[Tyndall, electricity, magnetism, science, atmosphere, gases, bubbles]

1614 Advice on how live our lives from 1836
[diet, food, health, well-being, sociology, Sylvester Graham, Ticknor, bran, brown bread, Beaumont, tobacco, psychology]

1615 On learning to use coal
[power, metallurgy, mining, coke, energy production, ecology, wood, timber, Coals to Newcastle, Marco Polo, Emerson, environment, pollution]

1616 Ivan Polzunov and early Russian steam engines
[Polsunov, Desaguliers, power generation, mining, mines, Louis XIV, Versailles, boilers, St. Petersburg, Huguenots, feedback control, Edict of Nantes, religion]

1617 Reflections on the dicey question of cause and effect in history
[Connections, Burke, Hollerith, Jacquard, Babbage, IBM, Highland Clearances, wool, labor movements, Luddites, Civil War, Roman Empire, Gibbon]

1618 Today we wonder whether something other than one solution exists
[mathematics, uniqueness and existence, Euler stability, modeling reality]

1619 Theatre of Machines -- forerunners of engineering handbooks
[Ramelli, Besson, Leonardo, mathematical instruments, clockwork mills, Marks' Mechanical Engineering Handbook]

1620 The Indian canoe -- another perfected technology
[design, boat, transportation, Native American, Longfellow, Hiawatha]

1621 Motherland: The Stalingrad Memorial
[Soviet Union, Russia, Volgograd, Volvograd, Steppe, WW-II, concrete, Vuchetich, sculpture, monuments, memorials, communist, war]

1622 Fingerprints, crime detection, and identification
[forensic, evidence, Alphonse Bertillion, retinal scans, photography, DNA, FBI, identification, fingerprinting]

1623 The textbooks of J. Dorman and Esther Steele
[education, teaching, discipline, physics, physiology, zoology, Civil War, Joel Dorman Steele, Esther Steele, science, history, textbooks, women]

1624 Garrett A. Morgan: Black American inventor
[African American, gas mask, traffic signals, safety, hair straightener, invention, sewing machines]

1625 Telephone inventor Elisha Gray talks about miracles
[telephone, telegraph, invention, religion, Bell, Reis, Bourseul, Meucci, patent wars, Oberlin College, Western Electric, evolution]

1626 Using China's Yellow River to contemplate a flood
[Houston, Texas, natural disasters, Chiang Kai-shek, Sino-Japanese War, Huang He, agriculture, silt, flooding]

1627 A shocking look at medications in 1892 shows us how far we've come
[medicine, medications, herbal cures, first aid, pharmacology, healing, hemp, marijuana, anesthesia, pain, coffee, alcohol, wounds, death, progress]

1628 The first red cross ambulance
[medicine, Solferino, Dunant, Barton, War of 1859, Smithsonian Institution, Spanish-American War]

1629 An old book tells about textile engineering and conservatism
[handbooks, fabrics, cloth, steam power, water power, Merrimack River, building construction, yarn, shoddy, Diderot's enclopaedia, weaving, mill engineering]

1630 In which we ponder a very subjective notion of reality
[philosophy, Wordsworth, Romantic poets, perception, psychology, Internet, technological change, Tintern Abbey]

1631 Learning to subtract 49 from 62: more than meets the eye
[mathematics, arithmetic, math education, teaching, subtraction]

1632 Rediscovering the sunken Union Monitor
[Civil War, Merrimack, navy, gun turret, shipwrecks, Edmund Fitzgerald, Ericsson, Titanic, Bismark, Vasa, SS Central America]

1633 In which a Cambridge don doubts his own calculus teaching
[mathematics education, the calculus, rate of change, Cambridge University, John Herschel, Charles Babbage]

1634 Flying the Aegean Sea in Daedalus' slipstream
[flight, transportation, MIT, design, Greece, Daedalus, Icarus, human powered flight, physiology, exercise physiology]

1635 At the Sign of the Barber Pole: of barbers and barber-surgeons
[barbers, haircuts, haircutting, beards, shaving, Hair, surgery, blood-letting]

1636 Of books and learning in nineteenth-century America
[education, printing, paper production, textbooks, Morrill Act, libraries, Le Roy Cooley, Vassar College, teaching, science, physics]

1637 In which science and magic struggle to become separate pursuits
[thaumaturgika, thaumaturgike, thaumaturgy, John Dee, Queen Elizabeth, Magiae Naturalis, Francis Bacon, Alchemy, Royal Society of London, experimental demonstrations, Joseph Wright of Derby]

1638 Floating airports: How to fly the ocean in 1930
[Lindbergh, Burt Rutan, Voyager, Curtiss-Wright, airports, transoceanic flight, Edward Armstrong, seadromes, Roebling, Great Depression, PWA, Megafloat, Japan, Zeppelins, offshore platforms, seaplanes]

1639 Helios, NASA's high-flying almost-satellite
[AeroVironment, very light aircraft, Voyager, Rutan, Gossamer Condor, Gossamer Albatross, Gossamer Penguin, Janice Brown, high altitude, Mars' atmosphere, atmospheric pressure]

1640 Learning electricity and learning about technological revolutions
[Gutenberg, books, Pearl Street Station, electric trolleys, light rail, electrification, agriculture, TVA, telephone wires, monopoly, monopolies, computer operating systems, Edison, Bell]

1641 Aaron Montgomery Ward and the catalog that didn't belong in a store
[merchandising, selling, retail sales, wholesale sales, department stores, Sears and Roebuck]

1642 Reflections upon Halley's, and other, Comets
[astronomy, astrophysics, elliptical orbits, Edmund Halley, Battle of Hastings, psychology, Shakespeare, Linnaeus]

1643 In which Athanasius Kircher softens the 17th-C scientific revolution
[Galileo, scientific curiosity, religion, Jesuits, Vatican, Pope Urban VIII, age of exploration, heliocentricity, Copernicus, Italian Inquisition, theology, iconography, bioluminescence, luciferin, Egyptology, hieroglyphs]

1644 An 18th-century doctor helps great-grandmother raise grandpa
[Hufeland, medicine, pediatrics, general practice, germs, pregnancy, colic, Benjamin spock, books, tuberculosis, scrofula, bathing, fresh air, printing]

1645 Figuring out the value of Pi
[mathematics, Bible, arithmetic, transcendental numbers, Pi, law, Indiana legislature]

1646 Thinking about who had done what by what age
[Brook Shields, Dalai Lama, Tiger woods, Loretta Lynn, Bill Gates, Hitler, Leakey, Darwin, Newton, Einstein, Jefferson, Franklin, Jessica Tandy, George Burns, Thelma Pitt-Turner, marathon, Mary Baker Eddy, Adenauer, Gielgud, Prospero, Meitner, Henry Ford, Jan Peerce, John Jacob Niles, Pablo Casals, aging, geriatrics]

1647 In which we study traffic problems in Houston, TX, in 1924
[urban problems, traffic lights, freedom, police, electric trolleys]

1648 Building a dirigible to get to the California gold rush
[America, Giffard, balloon, transportation, flight, Rufus Porter, Zeppelins, Thoreau, airships, flight, California Gold Rush, dirigible]

1649 Reginald Fessenden endows radio with sound
[radio, wireless telegraphy, wireless telephony, Tesla Marconi, Edison, AM, FM, Handel, Armstrong, de Forest, Borman]

1650 Learning about the stability of aeroplanes in 1916
[WW-I, aerodynamics, airplane design, engineering, Eliot, flying, flight]

1651 Specificity and understanding: Coming to grips with September 11th
[New York, terrorist attacks, World Trade Center, Washington Park, Canal Street, memorials, mathematics, general to the specific]

1652 Justus von Liebig and the first R&D laboratory
[Gay-Lussac, dye industry, chemistry, Edison, benzene, aniline, Bell, R&D, research laboratory]

1653 Aeolian harps, transmission wires, and vortex wakes
[vortex shedding, Aeolian vibration, transmission line vibration, vibration damping, Coleridge, von Karman vortex street, Athanasius Kircher]

1654 The forgotten renewable energy source, tidal (or lunar) power
[energy production, renewable energy, solar power, lunar power, tidal power, hydroelectric power]

1655 After the flood: Freeze-drying the history of desegragation
[John R. Brown, flooding, book preservation, Houston flood, triple point of water, sublimation, dehumidification, desegregation, freeze drying]

1656 Electric power comes to Telluride, Colorado
[electric generator, generating electricity, dynamo, Telluride Colorado, Westinghouse, Pelton wheels, gold mining, Keokuk Dam, technological change, American West, Edison, Pelton, direct current, alternating current]

1657 In which nature multiplies outcomes
[chaos theory, butterfly effect, space shuttle, Einstein, mensuration, books, combinatorial theory, mathematics, nonlinear mechanics, statistics, flooding, Houston flood]

1658 A skill eliminates itself: from drafting to computers
[mechanical drawing, Dürer, descriptive geometry, Thomas E. French, CAD, drafting instruments]

1659 Otto Lilienthal and Orville Wright -- one died and the other lived
[flight, gliders, Chanute, typhoid fever, Wilbur Wright, Orville Wright, Lilienthal]

1660 Simplicity, complexity, and Shakespeare (with guest Megan Cole)
[Megan Cole, theatre, theater, acting, actors, actresses, Shakespeare, language, Macbeth, Wit]

1661 Where are all the Engineers? Appearing to be something else, it would seem
[engineering education, Vetruvious, James Watt, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Eiffel, Mulholland, Rickover, Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter, Carlos Prieto, Alexander Calder, Josiah Willard Gibbs, Thoreau, Nevil Shute, profession, liberal arts, liberal education, making choices]

1662 A book on water: between two worlds in an old library
[books, sailing ships, oceans, water, Seltzer water, climate, rain, guysers, stormy seas, silt, Tissandier, marine life, snowflakes, technological change, geology, climatology, bathing, cleanliness]

1663 Calming fear with stories: The old Greek fear of the hungry sea and our new fear of travel
[ancient Greeks, archetype, Charybdis, drowning, eating, engulfment, Greece, Greek myth, hero, Homer, missing person, myth, ocean, Odysseus, Odyssey, sailing, Scylla, sea monster, ship, shipwreck, Telemachus, Telemakhos, stories, storytelling, story, travel, Trojan War, Troy, Ulysses]

1664 Nomogram: the analog computer in one of its early incarnations
[analog computers, computation, engineering, straight line diagrams, analogue, alignment charts, slige rules, digital computers]

1665 Making Artificial hearts and minds in the sixteenth century
[artificial intelligence, speech, computers, Babbage, Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, John Wilkins, Robert Hooke, artificial hearts, William harvey, blood circulation]

1666 In which we watch books growing old
[library, libraries, linen paper, wood pulp paper, Gutenberg, papyrus, printing, parchment, vellum]

1667 In which we look at the problem of seeing what we expect to see
[perception, prejudice, Black, boiling heat transfer with phase change, hydrodynamic theory of boiling, Biot, racism, racial differences]

1668 Scientific instruments creating a new rhetoric
[scientific instruments, microsopes, vacuum pumps, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Galileo, Athanasius Kircher, Leibnitz, John Wilkins, NASA Pioneer 10, Gutenberg, woodcuts, illustrations, language, religion, Lambert, iconographie, philosophy]

1669 Linus Torvalds, and giving away Linux
[computer operating systems, kernel, Linus Torvalds, Helsinki Finland, Microsoft, MacIntosh, Netscape, Internet, UNIX, Linux, Bell Labs, free software, Richard Stallman, GNU, MIT, Fortran, C, Perl, programming languages, Bill Gates, copyright, copyleft]

1670 John Tyndall: measuring sound without electronics
[Spenser, music, acoustical science, sensitive naked flames, Le Conte, John Tyndall, railway engineering, natural shilosophy, electronics, senses]

1671 Quantum mechanics takes to a place we didn't know was there
[alternate realities, David Deutsch, parallel universes, Hugh Everett, quantum mechanics, light, free will, Christmas, determinism]

1672 Learning about war by counting our dead
[military, murder, Lewis Fry Richardson, conflicts, war deaths, WW-I, WW-II, design, dynamics, demographics, Quakers, megadeaths]

1673 Who was Marie Lavoisier, amanuensis or collaborator?
[Antoine Lavoisier, Marie Lavoisier, women, Pierre-Samuel duPont de Nemours, Marie Anne Pierrette Paulze, chemistry, oxygen, scientific illustration, Richard Kirwan, phlogiston, Mozart, painter David, Marriage of Figaro, revolution]

1674 Fulton's last boat: the steam-powered Battery-Catamaran
[steamboat, demologos, Fulton the First, Fulton1, Fulton's Battery-Catamaran, naval warfare, steamships, Monitor, The Virginia, Merrimack, Merrimac, propellers, paddlewheels, paddle wheels, ASR 21 Pigeon, ASR 22 Ortolan]

1675 Reflection on what it really means to be the 'first' inventor
[Wright Brothers, Whitehead, Montgomery, airplane, aeroplane, gliders, Leonardo, Cayley, Maxim, Bell, Lilienhtal, Langley, Chanute, Santos Dumont, Kitty Hawk, flight, flying, Army Air Service, Military aircraft, control]

1676 Some 2500 year old Chinese bells harbor a secret
[anthropology, acoustics, Zhong bells, musical tones, pitch, Han Dynasty, China]

1677 In which I encounter the 16th Century in a Fort Worth Museum
[trompe l'oeil, art, painting, camera obscura, Scheuchzer, Descartes, vision, eyeball, physiology]

1678 Weave a circle and change history
[Coleridge, Kubla Khan, circling, Kremlin, Crater Lake, theoretical hydrodynamics, Magellan, International Date Line, vortex, vortices, whirlpools, September 11, Monopoly, T. S. Eliot, change]

1679 The last days of Pompeii, rather like our own lives
[Rome, Roman, Heculaneum, volcano, vulcanism, volcanic ash, lava, archaeology, urban architecture, restoration]

1680 Thoughts on airplanes, annular jets, and the inventive Zeitgeist
[Zeitgeist, annular jets, fluid mechanics, invention, airplanes, Jacob Brodbeck, Gustave Whitehead, John Montgomery, Maxim, Ader, Richard Pearse, patent office]

1681 The Literary Digest tells us about science in 1904
[science, Dostoyevsky, William Randolph Hearst, Henry James, racism, Black, Negro, religion, Booker T. Washington, Tuskegee Institute, WW-I, wireless telegraphy, Marconi, Boy Scouts, radio, radiation, Antarctica, X-rays, elecromagnetic fields, quantum physics, Einstein, special relativity]

1682 Count von Zeppelin learns about flying in St. Paul, Minnesota
[balloons, dirigible, Hindenburg, flight, transportation, Minnesota, invention, military aviation]

1683 The Wrong Formula: About Fermi and memory
[physics, fine structure constant, Schrodinger equation, memory, Nobel Proze, Italy, postage stamp, eyewitness testamony, Enrico Fermi]

1684 In which we study an old machinist's handbook
[Nicholson, millwright, Industrial Revolution, Dickens, machinists, woodcuts, social change, power production]

1685 Lord Mad Jack Byron, James Watt, & George Gordon, 6th Lord Byron
[John Mad Jack Byron, George Gordon Lord Byron, James Watt, steam engines, water power, waterwheels, water power, steam power, Don Juan, Scotland]

1686 In which steam engines struggle to teach us thermodynamics
[James Watt, steam engines, waterwheels, steam power, the second law of thermodynamics, energy conservation, analogies, Sadi Carnot, pedagogy, teaching, education, history of science]

1687 A web site questions information on the web
[Internet, verification of information, railroad track widths,The Boston Strangler, Good Will Hunting, It Could Happen to You, Chevy Nova]

1688 A reflection on public rhetoric and ordinary engineering
[IT, mechanical engineering, Reliant Stadium, Astrodome, hydrogen fuel storage, sodium borohydride, machining, dies, lightning, forests]

1689 Numismatics -- coins as a historical record
[anthropology, money, minting, coins, coinage, numismatics, Roman denarius, Henry Dobson, quadriga, penny-pinching]

1690 The Arts and Crafts Movement reflected in a book for young people
[handicrafts, Frank Lloyd Wright, William Morris, John Ruskin, model airplanes, education, leanring]

1691 An update on the origin our modern human species
[anthropology, archaeology, Cro-Magnons. Homo Sapiens, species, Africa, Eve]

1692 Charles Hall's star-crossed attempt to reach the North Pole
[Arctic Ocean exploration, Charles Hall, Baffin Ellesmere Islands, Greenland, North Pole, Polaris, survival, arsenic poisoning, Joe Ebierbing]

1693 Glenn Curtiss' motorcycles: before airplanes
[motorcycles, bicycles, California arrow dirigible, Charles Baldwin, Alexander Graham Bell, Sylvester Roper, Wright Brothers, engines, twin-vee, twist-grip, airplane design, Glenn Curtiss Jenny JN-4]

1694 In which we learn that technology is communication
[technology and communication, modern humans, Africa, self-expresssion, design]

1695 On wanting to build my own crystal set
[radio, communication, Marconi, electricity, wireless telegraphy]

1696 Harriet Quimby, first American woman licensed to fly
[Women, flight, flying, airplanes, transportation, Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, John Moisant, Matilde Moisant, English Channel, Bleriot, Titanic, Earhart]

1697 Where did Delphic prophecies come from? And where did they go?
[Delphi, Mt. Parnassus, ethylene, Delphic Oracle, geology, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, nuclear reactor siting, Mycenaens, Dorians, Hellenic Greece, Plutarch, Strabo]

1698 The Holland Tunnel -- a story you've heard before
[Clifford Holland, ventilation, construction, tunneling, Holland Tunnel, Land link, automobile traffic, heroes]

1699 Çatalhöyük: An ancient city, held together by plaster
[Catalhoyuk, Turkey, anthropology, archaeology, mirrors, agriculture, cloth, fabric, pottery, Neolithic Era, clay, plaster, house construction, the Goddess image]

1700 Who is the agent, who is the subject?
[language, Joan Rivers, Oscars, meaning, grammar]

1701 The sewing machine in American life
[theater, theater, memory, memorization, memory palace, psychology, acting, actors, actresses]

1702 Memory and meaning: How actors remember all those lines
[theater, theater, memory, memorization, memory palace, psychology]

1703 The IBM 360 computer: an imprint upon the Palouse wheat fields
[computer, IBM 360 709 7090 8000, virtual memory, multitasking, Washington State University, Fortran, Palouse wheat fields, Tyre Newton, butterfly effect]

1704 Restorative Justice: a rare inventive response to necessity
[restorative justice, criminology, penology, ethics, sociology, psychology, juvenile offenders, South Africa, Truth and Reconciliation Commission]

1705 A 3000-year-old woman with an artificial toe
[ancient Egypt, Egyptian mummy, archaeology, medicine, prosthesis, arteriosclerosis, surgery, anthropology]

1706 The Two Eiffel Towers
[Statue of Liberty, France, construction, Iron, steel, 1889 Paris Exhibition, esthetics, architecture, Gustave Eiffel Tower]

1707 In which virtual reality is more real than we'd expected
[virtual reality, Roman ruins, archaeology, computers, Internet, architecture, visualization, passwords, encryption, Coliseum, Basilica Aemilia]

1708 The school system, and the father, that produced Louisa May Alcott
[education, Houston Teacher's Institute, Paul Cooke, Louisa May Alcott, teaching, school systems, creativity Emerson, Thoreau]

1709 Cap Wigington
[Cap Wigington, Percy Zachary, John Marshall High School, Webster School, architecture, St. Paul, Minnesota, Black architect, racism, African American]

1710 Encyclopaedia Britannica
[dictionary, encyclopedia, Speusippus, Industrial Revolution, Diderot, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Chambers', flight]

1711 In which melting glaciers open up the archaeological record
[archaeology, anthropology, glaciology, noelithic era, Krajick, Otztal Alps ice man, global warming, Otztal Alps, Wrangell, Alaska]

1712 Florence Nightingale's graph: Learning what really happened
[Florence Nightingale, nursing, Crimean War, hospitals, health care, medicine, statistics, graphs, graphical displays of information, mortality, disease]

1713 George Seldon, Henry Ford, and Clyde Champion Barrow
[automobiles, transportation, Duryea, Gibbs, cars, Seldon, Henry Ford, Clyde Barrow, patent law, mass production, assembly line, Olds, Oldsmobile]

1714 The mischief, in space, of the "infinite reservoir" thought model
[Thermodynamics, thermal reservoir, NASA, space program, ecology, thermal pollution, space debris, geosynchronous orbit]

1715 The first flight around the world -- in 175 days
[flight records, distance flying, Douglas Aircraft Company, Army Air Service, Liberty engines, around the world]

1716 Bounding Billies: The century-long reign of the wound-rubber golf ball
[wound golf balls, Coburn Haskell, Bertrand Work, Andrew Boyd, gutties, featheries, bounding billies, materials science, gutta percha, balata, U.S. Open Golf Tournament]

1717 In which goats learn to spin spider webs
[biotechnology, bioengineering, genetic engineering, Nubian goats, spider webs, DNA gene replacement, kevlar, strength of materials]

1718 The Rev. Dionysius Lardner: keeping up with a world in flux
[handbooks, steam power, hydrostatics, pneumatics, railroads, trevithick, technological change, Mary Shelley, locomotives, coal, conservation, water power]

1719 Edgar Allen Poe's amazing cosmology
[Edgar Allen Poe, cosmology, physics, gothic literature, poems, poetry, philosophy, Romantic poets, Laplace, relativity theory, black holes, theology, eschatology, Einstein]

1720 The two Silk Roads: One by land, the other by sea
[shipping, world trade, marine transport, Egypt, Orient, Silk Road, Rome, Romans]

1721 A new way to activate your pleasure center: Cooperate!
[cooperation, psychology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI, dopamine, pleasure, The Prisoner's Dilemma, human brain]

1722 The Evergreen Flight Museum: Reclaiming an earlier mood of flight
[Evergreen Flight Museum, river blindness, Spruce Goose, Hughes Hercules, B-17, WW-II, flak]

1723 Paul Revere, The Shroud of Turin, The Vinland Map, and the problem of debunking
[Paul Revere, The Shroud of Turin, The Vinland Map, debunking, radio carbon 14 dating, chemistry, microscopy]

1724 Looking to nature for our technology in 1906
[Samuel P. Langley, The Wright Brothers, flight, cylinder, energy efficiency, internal combustion engines]

1725 The Hammond-Ashbery Collaboration and Charlie Brown
[Jane Hammond, John Ashbery, art, artists, collage, poetry, Charlie Brown, Charles Schultz, collaboration, cooperation, creativity, imagination]

1726 The Lunar Society and eighteenth century revolution
[Darwin, Watt, Priestley, Boulton, Wedgwood, Herschel, Smeaton, Benjamin Franklin, revolution, Lunar Society]

1727 Flying Down to Rio: Making flight safe; keeping flight dangerous
[musical comedies, movies, Flying Down to Rio de Janiero, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, DH-4, Ford Trimotor, DC-3, transportation, Wilbur Wright, barnstorming, daredevils]

1728 In which the standard meter stick is a little short
[metric system, English units, meter, length, mass, time, weight, French Revolution, Mechain, Delambre, satronomy, surveying, standards]

1729 The wide angle lens: looking at earth from on high
[Le Corbusier, Lindbergh, airplanes, Balloons, aerial photography, urban design, fascism, WW-II, Nazis, ecology]

1730 Our aging brains, some surprising compensations
[aging, gerentology, medicine, PET scans, memory, thought, thinking, human brain, verbal ability, wordsworth]

1731 Why bombs can't kill a city
[war, airplanes, sociology, production, WW-II, Viet Nam, bombing, 9/11]

1732 E. M. Forster thinks about Emilie du Chatelet, Voltaire, and Thermodynamics
[phlogiston, mechanical theory of heat, caloric, thermodynamics, Enlightment, French Revolution, literature, physics, Emile de Bretieul, Marquise of Chatelet, Voltaire]

1733 Real asteroids and a possibly fictitious Meteorite
[asteroids, space junk, NASA, collision with earth, Tunguska meteorite, astronomy]

1734 Excavating for books: Building a new library from the dirt up
[earth moving, earth movers, excavators, power shovels, books, library, construction, robiotics, bionic man, ergonometrics]

1735 Mousetraps, paperclips, the Arts and Crafts movement, and invention
[Build a better mousetrap, paperclips, Arts and Crafts movement, invention, metaphor]

1736 The Seashore test and the long road to Public Radio
[Seashore test, psychology, audiology, sound, acoustics, psychological testingl, Public Radio]

1737 A Reflection airplanes, war, and the Krupp Works
[Big Bertha, Dicke Bertha, artillery, howitzers, aerial warfare, Zeppelins, dirigibles, bombing, war, military, Nuremberg trials, Alfred Krupp, Bertha Krupp, Gustav Krupp]

1738 Maxim's airplane
[Ader, flight, transportation, Wright, invention, Maxim's aeroplane, airplanes, Maxim gun, Hiram Maxim, Hudson Maxim, war]

1739 Woolgathering: Of weavers and worsted
[wool, fabric, yarn, thread, worsted, long-haired sheep, weaving, weavers, felt, flannel, Irish folk song, Luddites]

1740 Bela Lugosi proclaims the end of Modern
[Bela Lugosi, Bride of the Monster, nuclear power, movies, Modern, transmutation, genetic mutation, technology, Ed Wood, fear, New Peerlex Theater]

1741 The saintly Witch of Agnesi
[Maria Agnesi, Italy, mathematics, women, geometry, calculus, analytic geometry, Milano, religion, geriatrics, service, Bologna]

1742 On being accurate if imprecise, or worse, precise but inaccurate
[accuracy, accurate, precise, precision, measurement, slide rule, pocket calculator, data, Burgon, McCarthy, Ebert, experimental error]

1743 In which all surgery means making the first-ever incision into a human body
[brain surgery, medicine, anesthesia, Selzer, Majno, scalpel, treppaning, castration, oxen]

1744 The Chinese origin of the European bombard
[firearms, guns, weapons, war, bombs, bombards, pistols, manure, animal husbandry, agriculture, saltpeter, Buddhists, Buddhism, arms]

1745 Maglev: Riding on air at half the speed of sound
[Maglev, magnetic levitation, railroad trains, linear motors, Shinkansen, light rail, heavy rail, acoustics, safety, transportation]

1746 In which a water glass lets me know that things are not as bad as they seem
[The Principle of LeChatelier and Braun, thermodynamics, phase change, phase equilibrium, evaporation, terrorism, Ebola, disease, balance of nature, kinetic theory of gases]

1747 Sonya Corvin-Krukovsky Kovalevsky: mathematician and author
[Sonya Kovalevsky, mathematics, women, Russian, Sweden, calculus, Dosteovsky, writing, literature]

1748 A remarkable perception of a mathematical oddity
[mathematics, arithmetic, ages, number theory, autism, Rain Man, special education]

1749 Generosity: grass roots, parallel processing, and downward diffusion
[generosity, grass roots, parallel processing, downward diffusion, factory, factories, electric motors, anthills, ant hills, education, public radio, giving]

1750 Soap bubbles and science education
[C. V. Boys, Soap Bubbles, surface tension, surface layer, analytical mechanics, wine tears, Edward Lear, Michael Faraday, Royal Insititution of London]

1751 Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton, and science in transition
[Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Alexander Pope, Darwin, Royal Society of London, science, technology]

1752 The theater gives us a diagnostic tool for art and life
[theater, attention-getting, psychology, acting, actors, actresses, stage]

1753 In which Vannevar Bush cannot cross his Jordan River
[Vannevar Bush, Science, government, Modern technology, space program, moon landing, digital, analog, information storage, information access]

1754 A Thanksgiving reflection on creativity and recognition
[creativity, Thanksgiving, recognition, Texas roads, barrier islands, Galveston, Brazoria County Youth Home, Red Snapper Inn, social work]

1755 A consumer report: lowbrow means to a better life
[consumers, consumerism, consumer reports, fast foods, cheap housing, supermarkets, design, econonomics, spending]

1756 The Death of Bigfoot
[Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman, Yeti, fakes, hoaxes, Ray Wallace, Pacific Northwest, petting zoos, Loch Ness Monster]

1757 A reflection on the invisibility of technological change
[generation, invisible technological change, information revolution, modern era]

1758 Sinking the Bismarck: What is important in history?
[Bismarck, Titanic, diving into shipwrecks, submersibles, WW-II, naval warfare, Hood, battleships]

1759 Raymond Loewy, the man who made Modern
[Raymond Loewy, modern design, art nouveau, art deco, streamlining]

1760 The Christmas Lectures: Michael Faraday's Gift to children
[Michael Faraday, the Royal Institution of London, John Tyndall, Christmas Lectures, education, children, learning, teaching science]

1761 John Baskerville, fine type, and the hound of heaven
[John Baskerville, fine press printing, typography, type fonts, burial rituals, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Hound of Heaven, Sherlock Holmes, Francis Thompson, consecrated ground, Benjamin Franklin, Matthew Boulton, athiesm]

1762 Camp Cooking and the Savage Boy Inventor
[YMCA camps, Boy Scouts, home economics, savage boy inventor, invention, cooking, food preparations, neurasthenia, Beard]

1763 Child labor, dangerous companion of economic emergence
[economics, Victorian England, Child Labor laws, Great Britain, industrialization, education]

1764 In which we wonder just what our thermometer measures
[thermodynamics, temperature, kinetic theory of gases, pedagogy, teaching, education, heat, thermometers Christopher Morely]

1765 In which it takes time for gravity to reach us
[gravity, universal law of gravitation, Isaac Newton, Ole Roemer, astronomy, Jupiter, Einstein, Io, Principia]

1766 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the man who hated Sherlock Holmes
[Sir arthur Conan Doyle, the man who hated Sherlock Holmes, William Monroe, reductionist deduction, medicine, criminology, logic, diagnosis, Dr. Joseph Bell]

1767 Weighing the near and far wake of Lewis and Clark
[Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, slave York, Sacagawea, Sacargewea, Sacajawea, exploration, exploring, west, slavery, black, suicide, appendicitus, Missouri Territory, Louisianna Purchase, Jefferson, Indian Affairs, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, Sergeant Floyd]

1768 On the cutting room floor -- When we don't have the rest of the story
[salt, Jacob, Esau, Genesis, hyponatremia, hyponathremia, blood, Massai, Newcomen steam engine valving, Lord Kelvin, James Prescot Joule, thermodynamics, temperature, mischief, pranks, Henry Ford, Paul Harvey, incomplete stories]

1769 Niels Finsen: A Nobel Prize for Photo Therapy
[Niels Finsen, photo therapy, medicine, dermatology, sun worship, tanning, dermatology, tuberculosis, electromagnetic spectrum, skin, ultrviolet, visible, infra-red radiation, lupus vulgaris, smallpox lesions,Aguste Rollier, psychology]

1770 The dark side of pulling together
[cooperation, US Army Marching, resonance, soldiers, adiabitic demagnetization, positive feedback, negative feedback]

1771 A pound cake for Juneau, Alaska
[KTOO-FM Juneau Alaska, The White House Cook Book, pound cake, reminiscence, batter, Garfield, McKinley, culinary art, cooking, baking, recipes]

1772 Vermeer and the camera obscura: waiting for film
[Vermeer, painting, Philip Steadman, camera obscura, Joseph Niépce, optics, optical illusion, photography, film]

1773 The Comet failures An author predicts aerial disaster
[Nevil Shute, commercial aviation, travel, Columbia disaster, NASA, fatigue failure, Comet, Boeing 707, jet airplanes, flight, safety, Petroski, writing, novels, astronauts, Jimmy Stewart, Marlene Dietrich, space shuttles]

1774 The Shuttle Columbia and survival of our species
[NASA Shuttle Columbia, The Reckless Survive, Melvin Konner, Risk assessment, homo erectus, Shakespeare, anthropology, fire, adventure, exploration, Anderson, Brown, Chawla, Clark, Husand, McCool, Ramon]

1775 The book -- as seen in 1897 and 1978
[book, Encyclopaedia Britannica, codex, scrool, papyrus, parchment, vellum, bookbinding, inks, paper, bark, opisthographi, palimpsest, Archimedes, fast presses, printing]

1776 Carbon dioxide, a contemplation object for energy users
[carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, combustion, Oxygen, greenhouse effect, molecular weights, ecology, petroleum, gasoline, energy consumption, power, fuel, coal, natural gas, methane, octane, chemistry, sequestering CO2, carbonate]

1777 Instead of the Panama Canal, ships on trains over the Isthmus of Tehuantepec
[Panama Canal, Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Eads, St. Louis Bridge, shipping, railroads, construction, yellow fever, cholera, de Lesseps, Vollmar]

1778 On being unreasonable: a repudiation of common sense
[Gilbert and Sullivan, Pinnafore, Joel Cohen, negotiation, flag flapping, common sense, abstraction, superheated liquid, heat tranfer from an insulated cylinder]

1779 Good engineering: Romance and Reality in the High Middle Ages
[medieval music, Gregorian chant, Kenneth Clark, Civisilation, High Middle Ages, Machaud, vielle, Adam do le Halle, musicology]

1780 Radio Days -- a tribute to early radio
[H. G. Wells, Orson Wells, public radio, radio tubes, Hindenburg, communication, media]

1781 Flora Haines Loughead, social change and airplanes
[women, airplanes, aeroplanes, flight, St. Marys Cathedral, Flora Haines Loughead, writing, Harriet Quimby, Allan Lockheed]

1782 Thoughts about energy and the human motor
[metabolism, calories, power, Mt. Washington cog railway, thermodynamics, treadmill, penology, punishment, industrial energy consumption]

1783 What did the ancients eat?
[recipes, victuals, pottery, diet, eating, fermentation, fire, vegetable oils, Apicus, Roman food, fast foods, Sumerian]

1784 The folly of finding the first doughnut, or airplane
[doughnuts, donuts, victuals, Hanson gregory, Blondell, patents, invention, priority, cooking, deep fried food]

1785 Jan Matzeliger and the first automatic last machine
[shoes, manufacturing, invention, black, Lynn, Massachussetts, manufacturing, race relations, footware, Futch Guyana, Guiana]

1786 Acting and reality: in which the story is formed by circumstances unseen
[acting technique, Megan Cole, theatre, theater, psychology, situational]

1787 A price on your head, but how much?
[economics, environmental protection, value of a human life, Clear Skies, safety, helmets, German frogs]

1788 Embedded Reporters and scientific objectivity
[embedded reporters, Gulf War II, news coverage, Rashomon, military chaplains, journalism, scientific objectivity]

1789 Goethe's Farbenlehre: science and Romanticism
[Goethe, Tyndall, Newton, Farbenlehre, Romanticism, optics, spectrum of light, color, image boundaries, turbidity, poetry, literature]

1790 The Fireside University: struggling to know and teach, technology and science
[education, teaching science, McGovern, learning technology, pedagogy]

1791 The Thames Tunnel: Heroic engineering and its promotion
[Marc Brunel, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Thames Tunnel, tunneling, project development, promotion, Queen Victoria, construction, mining engineering]

1792 The Siren call: not exactly lured by steam sirens and foghorns
[steam sirens, foghorns, air raid alarms, Sandy Hook, NJ, lighthouses, tsunamis, Concert-A, Wurlitzer, Odysseus, Homer, Circe]

1793 "What was your name in the States?": Beginning anew
[folksongs, Carl Sandburg, gebinning again, American West, Gold Rush, invention]

1794 From Autogiro to Gyroplane: Making the Unicorn Real
[autogiro, autogyro, Gyroplane, Gyrocopter, Juan de la Cierva, Hispanic inventor, Spain, Charnov, Amelia Earhart, unicorn, helicopter, Focke Wulfe Fw-61, Vaught Sikorski VS300]

1795 Blanche Ames: inventor, artist, and conservative activist
[Blanche Ames, Oakes Ames, orchids, orchidae, botany, Harvard, Borderland State Park, barrage balloons, water control, John F. Kennedy, Republican, Feminist, women, birth control, suffrage]

1796 Thoughts on blowing hot and cold
[blowing hot and cold, thermodynamics, gas dynamics, folklore, consistency, Wright Brothers, Bible, adiabatic depressurization]

1797 Summer, 1912: Bohr, Planck, Einstein, Brooke, and Duchamps
[Duchamps, bohr, Einstein, Planck's quantum mechanics, modern painting, impressionists, Nude Descending a Staircase, Rupert Brooke, Grantchester, summer of 1912, art, physics, cubism, artists, reality]

1798 Mind Reading: An exclusively human ability
[psychology, a theory of the mind, mind reading, human attributes, self-awareness]

1799 Miriam Leslie: like Gloria Steinem, Clare Boothe Luce, and Elizabeth Taylor all rolled into one
[feminists, women's suffrage, Frank Leslie, Miriam F. Leslie, publisher, publishing, Pullman Car, travel Leslie's Weekly, Transcontinetal railway, Golden Spike, William Wilde, Oscar Wilde]

1800 A concern about sciences that encompass everything
[thermodynamics, technology, etymology, philosophy, psychology, specificity, specific, generality, Dava Sobel, Witold Rybczynski, history]

1801 An update on windmills/wind-turbines and renewable energy
[American farm windmills, wind turbines, Arab, renewable energy, Don Quixote, feedback control, propeller pitch, speed control, ecology, pitch control, alternating current, AC, speed control, environmentalists, power production]

1802 Freelan and Francis Stanley, and their steamer
[Freelan Francis Stanley Steamer, F. O., F. E., automobiles, transportation, internal combustion, steam power, Benz, Estes Park, Colorado, violins, violin-making, art, painting, air brush, dry plate photography, George Eastman, Smith Brothers Cough drops]

1803 The fire escape: an icon that hardly still exists
[American skeleton fire escapes, safety, firemen, skyscrapers, tenements, Triangle Shirtwaist fire, Sara Wermiel, techonological icons]

1804 Timewarp in an 1852 painting of New York Harbor
[artist, Fitz Hugh Lane, Erik Ronnberg, ships, steamboats, technological change transition, steam packets, word processors, automobiles, Robert Fulton, transportation, Gold Rush]

1805 The milk of human kindness in cities around the world
[Good Samaritan, kindness, sympatico, psychology, sociology, Hispanic, Robert Levine, helpfulness]

1806 A brief look at the history of castrophe
[disasters, castrophes, floods, fires, explosions, hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, influenza, disease, bubonic plague, AIDS, biological warfare, SARS, Galveston Flood, Yellow River, NASA Space Shuttles, Anne Frank, Holocaust, genocide, famine, Jhmer Rouge, Armenian, death, life]

1807 The last blast of the wild rocket boy
[rocket building, nozzle design, invention, risk taking, October Sky, The Rocket Boys]

1808 First Time Up!: In which Ford celebrates his new Trimotor and we fly for the first time
[Fokker Trimotor, Ford Trimotor, flight, commercial transportation, DC-3, Admiral Byrd, airplane construction, marketing, safety]

1809 Fonthill Mansion/Castle: architecture or a passing dream?
[Henry Mercer, Fonthill, Moravian tile, reinforced concrete, arts and crafts movement, Doylestown, PA, interiour decoration, architecture, Gothic style]

1810 Learning calculus -- or maybe we knew it already
[mathematics, algebra, differential integral calculus, education, learning, equations, Joan Didion, instantaneous speed, integration, differentiation]

1811 Catacombs -- as seen through nineteenth-century eyes
[catacombs, burials, death, memorials, inscriptions, archaeology, coffins, tombs, sarcophagus, funerals]

1812 Reinventing boyhood in the late nineteenth century
[arts and crafts movement, art nouveau, Henty, child raising, Dickens, Bleak House, soaring boy, industrial arts]

1813 Raymonde de Laroche, a brief bright flame
[flight, airplanes, aeroplanes, Voison, France, women pilots, the Wright Brothers, air shows, exhibition flying, Santos Dumont, death, danger]

1814 Cultural climate, invention, and labor-saving achieved through labor
[Medieval Europe, Lynn White, China, oriental technology, Catholic Church, Benedictines, Cistercian monks, monestaries, monestary, bowed instruments, violins, India, Baghdad, Asia, perpetual motion machines, mechanical clock escapements]

1815 Super Guppy: A most implausible and useful airplane
[flight flying, air transportation, cargo carrying, transport aircraft, B-29, B-17, C-97, Stratofortress, Stratocruiser, Supper Guppy, Pregnant Guppy, Mini Guppy, NASA, space program, design, function, Werner von Braun, Concorde SST]

1816 Drilling through the ice to Greenland, to learn our history
[North GrIP, ice core, oxygen isotopes, atmospheric greenhouse gases, ice ages, climate variation, Greenland, meteorology, drilling]

1817 Scientific literacy and the confusion of units
[dimensional analysis, units, physical dimensions, scientific literacy, numbers, meters, dials, measurements]

1818 Leon Theremin's remarkable music machine
[Theremin, electronic music, science fiction movies, Soviet Russian, Lenin, The Day the Earth Stood Still, synthesizers, Einstein]

1819 In which four women gravitate skyward on Hempstead Plains, L.I.
[Bessica Raiche, Blanche Scott, Matilde Moisant, Harriet Quimby, Hempstead Plains, Long Island, flight, aeroplanes, barnstorming, women, airplanes, Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss]

1820 In which David Macaulay builds a mosque, and it's more familiar that we expected
[mosque, Gothic cathedral, mihrab, Sinan, ottoman empire, Istanbul, Constantinople, Edirne, Turkey, masons, masonry, construction, churches, design]

1821 Trying to see 1892, or ancient Rome, in our mind's eye
[ambulances, mechanics, heavy industry, typewriters, sewing machines, phonographs, electric rail trolleys, dynamos, Rome, Roman technology, bicycles, Krupp, torpedo]

1822 Michael W. O'Neill, and the world below the surface
[Mike O'Neill, building foundations, civil engineering, pilings, piers, soil mechanics]

1823 Inventing zero
[India, zero, myriad, Archimedes, arithmetic, mathematics, signed numbers, indeterminate forms, Arabic mathematics, Brahmagupta, William of Malmsbury, Crusades, Silk Road]

1824 Cognac grapes growing from Texas rootstocks
[Thomas V. Munson, wine, agriculture, botany, entomology, oenology, Cognac, Denison, Texas, phylloxera lice]

1825 In which Grandpa learns not to play chicken with his Model T
[automobile, transportation, motor cars, ignition, internal combustion engines, playing chicken, flooding, spark ignition, Model-T planetary gears, stick shift, gear shifting, transmission, Model A, gasoline, spark plugs, automotive battery]

1826 Of steel and art: Eccentric circular turning
[lathes, chucks, eccentric turning, Holtzapffel, John Ibbetson, decorative arts, Nasmyth, Bessemer steel, machine tools, quick return mechanisms, iron]

1827 Samuel Florman, Smith College, and engineering -- in the late 1970s
[Samuel Florman, Smith College, engineering education, women, feminism, equal opportunity, Herbert Hoover, leadership]

1828 Carboniferous tracks in a strip mine: Of friends and enemies
[coal strip mining, Alabama reclamation, paleontologists, environmentalists, paleontology, Pennsylvanian carboniferous era, Appalachia]

1829 Multiple authors, multiple problems: Whose work is this?
[Bourbaki, mathematics, Donald Kennedy, multiple authorship, Melville, responsibility, information, set theory]

1830 Reading the 1836 Saturday Magazine.
[Saturday Magazine, religion, religious education, secular, Faraday, Wordsworth, poetry, literature, calculating machines, Exchequer, saccaria, abacus, science, candle flame]

1831 Many more moons than we would've thought in solar system
[planets, solar system, astronomy, astrophysics, Hill sphere, three body problem, orbital stability, planetary orbits, asteroids, comets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Ploto, Moons, Charon, Phobos, Deimos]

1832 Looking at rail mail delivery and thinking about progress:
[progress, railway mail service, postal service, George S. Bangs, technological change, Captain Midnight decoder, historiography]

1833 Learning to see: What is it like to add a new sense?
[sight, vision, ophthomology, optics, neurophysiology, human behavior, mind, brain, adaptation, seeing, William Sheselden, Richard Gregory, Michael May, sixth sense, learning, blind, sightless]

1834 In which all the beasts are allotted one billion heartbeats
[anatomy, physiology, Stephen Jay Gould, zoology, animal life spans, respiration, heartbeats, thermodynamics, time, My Grandfather's Clock]

1835 Lynn White, Thomas Kuhn, Charles Darwin: Beginnings of great ideas
[Lynn White, Thomas Kuhn, Charles Darwin, Origin of Species, stirrups, evolution, paradigm, Roland, Edison, Wright Brothers, origins, Charles Martel]

1836 Pulp Fiction Cover Art: In which the picture precedes and follows the story
[pulp fiction cover art, artists, St. Paul, MN, Depression, drama, literature, science fiction, detective stories, lurid pictures, Howard Wandrei, Donald Wandrei, Fiorello Laguardia, N. C. Wyeth]

1837 Distances in space: the meaning of inconceivable
[distances, measurement, parsec, space flight, jet-year, A.U., Astronomical Unit]

1838 The speed of waves: light and sound -- oceans and galactic gas
[wave mechanics, group velocity, electron gases in copper, free electrons, physics, speed of sound, speed of light, electromagnetic waves, Perseus, oceanography]

1839 Accentuate the negative: William Henry Fox Talbot
[William Henry Fox Talbot, photography, negatives, daguerre, niepce, John Herschel, movie sets, Harry Potter, Lacock Abbey, silver nitrate, Chemistry. photo finishing, daguerrotype, calotype]

1840 In praise of asking ignorance-based questions
[questions, ignorance, learning, teaching, pedagogy, second law of thermodynamics, oxygen, alchemy, epistemology]

1841 "All I want is Loving you and Music,Music, Music!"
[music, psychology, Teresa Brewer, endorphines, music, physiology, human brain, animal music making, Darwin, natural selection, evolution]

1842 Who was first in space? It depends on what you call space
[NASA, space travel, aerospace, Yuri Gagrin, International Space Station, barometric pressure, gravity field, gravitation, Gay-Lussac, Balloon altitude records, Jean Luc Picard, Jean and Jeanette Piccard, Star Trek, astronomy, Everest, breathing apparatus]

1843 So many possible universes consistent with what we see!
[perception, cosmology, Faust, epistemology, subjectivity and objectivity, universe, David Deutsch, multiverse, Alexander Pope]

1834 The Horizontal Society -- revealed in an acrostic
[The Horizontal Society, Lawrence Friedman, anarchy, populism, technology, science, the mass media,automobiles, social order]

1845 Willam Huggins: Spectroscopy and passionate detachment
[chemistry spectroscopy, spectroscope, chemical compostion, astronomy, stars, nebulae,nebulium, Bunsen, Kirchhoff, William Huggins, Margaret Huggins, telescopes, Edwin Hubble]

1846 Tallest and longest, bridges and skyscrapers, human energy and human hubris
[San Jacinto Monument, Washington Monument, Chicago skyscrapers, Sears Tower, Eiffel Tower, World Trade Center, Architecture, bridge building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, Woolworth Building, masonry, Eads, St. Louis Bridge, Telford's Iron Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Petron Towers, Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, hubris, technology, Oresund Bridge, Firth of Forth Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge]

1847 Who are we? We are, at least, a collection of cells.
[biology, biological cells, Oscar Wilde, protoplasm, DNA, Robert Hooke, protoplast, mitosis, cork, cell structure, eggs, cell nucleus]

1848 An autumn afternoon at Houston's Museum of Printing History
[Houston Museum of Printing History, Gutenberg printing press bible, Rosetta Stone, lithography, Charles Criner, linotype, letter press, offset, Benjamin Franklin, movable metal type]

1849 Music and news: Our radios in our lives
[radio stations, KBEM, KUHF, KSTP, Brooks Henderson, Catherine Henderson Dingle, early broadcasting, Mercury Theatre, Phillips 66 reporter, jazz, media bias, honest reporting, music, news]

1850 In which a shaggy dog leads us to the PUNch line
[humor, puns, John Price, clergy, chaplaincy, Shakespeare, O. Henry, pun-off]

1851 Pondering the significance of a new gadget
[Jeff Hawkins, Handspring, Palm Pilot, Treo 600, cell phones, Dick Tracy, electronic communications, digital cameras, Internet, technological adaptation]

1852Popular Mechanics and Jimmy Doolittle's first airplane
[James H. Doolittle, Jimmy, Popular Mechanics, flight, flying, airplanes, aircraft, gliders, Savage Boy Inventor, B-25 raid on Tokyo, Shangri La, WW-II, Inventing Modern]

1853 The Beat Generation, revolution's precursor
[Beat Generation, Hippies, Free Speech Movement, Beatniks, Watts Riots, Viet Nam protests, literature, Jack Ferouac, Allen Ginsberg, poetry, Howl, On the Road, revolution, rebellion, social change]

1854 Why boats rock -- or capsize, depending on the metacenter
[boats, ships, stability, crab harvesting, Alaska, metacenter, metacentric height, fluid statics, fluid mechanics, center of gravity, capsizing]

1855 In which the Rev. Burrell Cannon flys Ezekiel's Wheel
[flight, Texas' first airplane, aeroplane, airship, Burrell Cannon, Ezekiel's Wheel, priority, religion, paddle wheel, Pittsburgh]

1856 Form and feeling, a necessary partnership
[Megan Cole, actor, acting, actress, psychology, piano playing, Leopold Godowsky, Polymaths and the Piano, medicine, illness, healing, John Ciardi, Yeats, psychic balance, Robert Frost]

1857 Anne Morrow Lindbergh, gliding, and the quest for quiet
[Charles Lindbergh, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Reeve Lindbergh, flight, flying, gliders, women, Henry Hawley Bowlus, Cessna Bird, updrafts, poetry, writing, metaphor, quiet]

1858 Josef Loschmidt, invisible cornerstone of 19th-C science
[Johann Joseph Loschmidt, Josef, Boltzmann, Hertz, Maxwell, Avogadro's Number, molecular size, reversibility, science, physics, mean free path]

1859 Waiting for HAL 9000: the lure of artificial intelligence
[2001, Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clark, HAL 9000, Andrew Boyd, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, AI, linguistics, space travel]

1860 Trying to shed the albatross of pounds and inches
[dimensions, dimensional analysis, metric units, English units, Systeme International, SI units, standards, mass, length, time, cesium clocks]

1861 Music for a while: Thinking about sound, silence, and Henry Purcell
[Music for a While, Henry Purcell, John Dryden, music silence, Mozart, Newton, Savery's steam engine, Nathaniel Lee, Oedipus, St. Cecilia]

1862 The most beautiful book. But handsome is as handsome does
[Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, incanabula, incunables, fine press work, Aldus Manutius, Gutenberg, Coccaccio, printing, Colonna, architecture, John Tranter, Internet, Renaissance]

1863 Alexis Carrel, the murky pioneer of organ transplants
[Alexis Carrel, Charles Lindbergh, Sadi Carnot, Lyon, France, medicine, Nicholas Tilney, Time magazine, eugenics, WW-II, thermodynamics, organ transplants, transplantation, kidneys, liver, sutures, silk]

1864 Philip and Edmund Gosse, reaching out across a great divide
[biology, botany, Philip Henry Gosse, Edmund Gosse, Ompholos, evolution, Darwin, Emily Gosse, breast cancer]

1865 Octave Chanute and the Kinzua Viaduct: bridging two centuries
[construction, steel, iron, masonry, Lake Erie & Pennsylvania railroad, Buffalo, New York, railway, coal transportation, tornado, disasters, Octave Chanute, glider flying, flight, Wright Brothers]

1866 Another first steamboat, the Charlote Dundas
[steamboats, steam powered transportation, submarines, Robert Fulton, William Symington, Patrick Miller, James Flexner, John Fitch, Robert Livingston, priority, Lord Dundas, the Charlotte Dundas, the Clermont, marquis de Jouffroy]

1867 In which the Wright Brothers invent the airplane propeller
[airplane propellers, the Wright Brothers, pitch, angle of attack, Langley, Whitehead, Maxim, thrust, aerodynamics]

1868 Dreams and the struggle to keep ourselves in one piece
[dream therapy, Jung, psychology, Elias Howe, sewing machine, DNA, Watson and Crick, Honor the dream, John Price, psychotherapy, psychiatry]

1869 The snowflakes of yesteryear, and today
[snowflakes, freezing water, crystal structure, John Tyndall, molecular bonding, ice, hexagonal symmetry, nineteenth-century printing presses, young people's literature, Omar Khayyam Rubiat]

1870 John Tyndall as teacher: the metaphor of the mountain
[John Tyndall, the Christmas Lectures, snow, ice, glaciers, mountains, Alps, education, teaching, learning, young people, Victorian science]

1871 The PBY Catalina, a very special old airplane
[WW-II, Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, seaplanes, amphibian airplanes, design, U.S. Navy, fire fighting, Lone Star Flight Museum]

1872 Art and revolution: reliving 1953
[the 1950s, Wellesley, art history, Julia Roberts, Mona Lisa Smile, Joseph McCarthy, Jackson Pollock, Norman Rockwell, art appreciation, education, rebellion, revolution, feminism, women, Viet Nam War]

1873 Mozart at eight: a contemporary view
[Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Theophilus, Gaines Barrington, genius, child prodigies, music, harpsichord, child development, sight reading, Handel, composition]

1874 Implications of a 30,000-year-old culture at Siberia's Jana River
[anthropology, archaeology, Clovis culture, Clovis points, Jana River site, stone age technology, native American settlement, Arctic Ocean]

1875 Inventing Modern: In which a book instructs its author
[Inventing Modern, writing, futurism, modern America, technological change, science, art, technology]

1876 In which Thomas Bayes mixes prior knowledge with a priori deduction
[statistics, statistical inference, epidemeology, dogs, athletics, athletes]

1877 Ötzi's death: 5300-year-old forensic evidence brings ancient technology to life
[Ötzi, forensics, Stone Age, anthropology, hunting, metal working, copper, Ötztaler Alps, mummy]

1878 Fourier, Egypt, and modern applied mathematics
[Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, Sophie Germain, applied mathematics, Egypt, Napoleon Bonaparte, Fourier Series, harmonic analysis, heat transfer, heat conduction, French Revolution, Rosetta Stone]

1879 Living in the present: an impossible goal
[time, Proust, Joyce, Duchamp, relativity, quantum mechanics, simultaneity, present moment, psychology, Einstein, Issac Watts]

1880 Kenneth Clark and Jacob Bronowski: a convergence
[Kenneth Clark, Jacob Bronowski, art, science, television history documentaries, James Prescott Joule, Wordsworth]

1881 Math and football: taking a chance on fourth and short yardage
[football strategy and tactics, statistics, probability, dynamic programming, David Romer, Super Bowl XXXVIII, risk assessment, Reliant Stadium, New England Patriots, South Carolina Panthers, safety, NFL]

1882 In which we need just enough noise to drown out the conversation
[psychology, William James, thought, creativity, invention, chanting, contemplation, invention]

1883 The Fourth Man: succumbing to chronic obstructive puolmonary disease
[medicine, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, suffocation, asthma, lung cancer, bronchial obstructions, Death March, Bataan, tobacco, smoking, smokers, emphysema, illness, public health]

1884 Avery's turbine: Important, but little-known, nineteenth-century precursor
[steam turbines, gas, water, Lyman, William Avery, James Watt, Charles Parsons, power production, power plants, Hero's turbine, turbine blades]

1885 Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire: plowshares become swords
[flight, war, aerial warfare, design engineeing, Merlin Engine, Hawker Hurricane, Supermarine Spitfire, Thomas Sopwith, Battle of Britain, technological progress, Snoopy, Schneider Trophy]

1886 Building the Key West Railway: Building Florida
[Florida Keys, railways, railroads, luxury hotels, tourism, Henry Flagler, transportation, construction, highways, hurricanes, depression, concrete]

1887 Ernest K. Gann: pioneer and portrayer of American flight
[Ernest K. Gann, flight, transportation, writing, aircraft, piloting airplanes, flying]

1888 In which Henry Winstanley wishes for the perfect storm -- and gets it
[Eddystone Lighthouse, Henry Winstanley, Smeaton, seventeenth century, hurricanes, Daniel Defoe]

1889 Dolly Shepherd, her mother, and her daughter: pioneering parachuting
[parachutes, parachuting, Dolly Shepherd, Molly Sedgwick, Buffalo Bill Cody, women, flight, Gaudron, daredevils]

1890 The Picture Play, a new technology immediately displaced by the movies
[Alexander Black, Edison, movies, moving pictures, picture play, Kinetograph, Kinetoscope, Black Maria, replacement technology]

1891 Earth, Air, Fire, & Water -- Love & Hate
[Empedocles, Aristotle, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, alchemy, rhetoric, speed of light, Mourelatos, evolution, Darwin, science]

1892 The Science Times and the need to cultivate our tolerance for ambiguity
[Environment, Bernot Zippe, uranium enrichment, nuclear power, WMD, gross anatomy, medical education, usnic acid, elk, tolerance for ambiguity]

1893 Satyendranath Bose, quantum physics pioneer and Indian hero
[Satyendranath Bose, SN Bose, Einstein, boson, statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics, indistinguishable particles]

1894 Accuracy and story-telling -- a learning experience in four acts
[Adam Zagajewski, Patricia Hampl, Megan Cole, Emma Thompson, Jack Gilbert, Wit, Margaret Edson, NASA, American Splendor, Harvey Peckar, Roger Ebert]

1895 The Houston Maritime Museum:The past as presence
[Houston Maritime Museum, transportation, ships, boats, warships, James Manzalillo, ship building, Merchant Marine, frigates, navy, naval, Titanic, shipwrecks]

1896 The Socotra Archipelago, Galapagos of the Indian Ocean
[Socotra Archipelago, Yemen, Galapagos, ecology, biodiversity, zoology, biology, Abdulkarim Al-Eryani, conservation, preservation,nature conservancy, fishing, ethnology, environment]

1897 Optimization: much more than just driving to work and selling door-to-door
[path optimization, shortest path problem, traveling salesman problem, Andrew Boyd, P = NP conjecture, computational complexity theory]

1898 What happened after Galileo? Pierre Gassendi happened!
[Pierre Gassendi, air pressure, Newton, Galileo, physics, gravity, speed of sound, Aristotle, Aristotelianism, Empedocles, Cyrano de Bergerac, atomism, analytical mechanics]

1899 Kurt Gödel: A mathematician brings us down to earth
[Kurt Godel, Goedel, Einstein, completeness and constistency, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, psychosis, mental illness, mathematical logic]

1900 1900 -- the year: as seen in Century Magazine
[Century Magazine, Tesla, Spanish American War, Admiral Dewey, radio, wireless telegraphy, relativity theory, future prediction, W. B. Yeats, Stephen Crane A. E. Housman]

1901 Philipp Deidesheimer and the remarkable timber square set
[invention, construction, Philipp Deidesheimer, mining, silver, Virginia City, Nevada, Agricola, De Re Metallica, tunneling, Philipsburg, Montana]

1902 Heat in the Shadow of Rouen Cathedral
[heat phenomena, thermodynamics, education, textbooks, science and religion, translation, Achille Cazin, Rouen Cathedral, Wordsworth]

1903 Flubber: A story of persistance and reincarnation
[Flubber, The Absent Minded Professor, materials science, chemistry, polymers, education, movies, advertising, product placement, Son of Flubber, environmental cleanup]

1904 Wilkes five-year Odyssey -- beauty and turmoil
[Charles Wilkes, John Symmes, Jeremiah Reynolds, exploration, Lewis and Clark, Fiji Island, Tierra del Fuego, The Oregon Territory, Civil Way, Navy, hollow Earth theory, A. E. Housman]

1905 The Bayeux Tapestry, a comic book history of 11th-century France
[The Bayeux Tapistry, William the Conqueror, King Harold, the Battle of Hastings, 1066, the Norman invasion, pictorial history, shipbuilding, medieval war]

1906 A cat in Cyprus -- five thousand years too soon
[cats, Cyprus, anthropology, archaelogy, feline, Felis Sylvestris, Stone Age, Neolithic, Mesolithic, excavations, aceramic culture, Joyce Carol Oates]

1907 It is Earlier Than We Think. The road ahead is longer than we thought
[Vannever Bush, science, engineering, progress, reconcilliation, big bang, Duke ESP, altruism, community, Vietnam, war, public policy, McCarthy era, religion, Pascal's wager, A Heat Transfer Textbook]

1908 In which Blombos Cave triples the length of the Upper Paleolithic Era
[Lower Upper Paleolithic Era, Mesolithic, Neolithic, anthropology, archeology, Blombos Cave, Neanderthals, Clan of the Cave Bear, arts, artistic, ochre, tool making, Stone Age]

1909 Where does the technical/scientific literacy problem really lie?
[technical scientific literacy, mathematics education, Emily Dickinson]

1910 Ibn Firnas and an airplane in Andalusia
[Abbas Ibn Firnas, Ziryab Abu al-Hasan 'Ali ibn Nafi', 'Abd al-Rahman II, Muhammad I, early flight, gliding, flying, Islam, Iraqi, Cordova, Andalusia, music, Berber]

1911 In which we invent the submarine to create world peace
[submarine, John Holland, Simon Lake, WW-I, naval warfare, peace, Century Magazine, 1915, Hunley, Housatonic, Lusitania, Walter Schweiger, stability, Navy]

1912 Am I conscious, or do I just think I am?
[consciousness, John Searle, philosophy, cognition, strong artificial intelligence, Andrew Boyd, Turing problem, A.I.]

1913 The medieval invention of the city street
[street, avenue, city plans maps, horsecollar, horse, power, transportation, commerce, medieval architecture, urban planning, St. Paul, MN]

1914 Cal Rodgers and the great Vin Fiz trans-America flight
[Cal Calbraith Perry Rodgers, Vin Fiz, transportation, flight, Wright Brothers, Wright Model-B Flyer, record setting, William Randolph Hearst, cross-country flying]

1915 A walk through lower Manhattan in 1900
[New York City subway system, Lower Manhattan, Scribner's Magazine, clothing, fashions, dress, transportation, cable cars, electric trolleys, horse drawn fire fighting, architecture, skyscrapers, elevators]

1916 An inside look at the use of anesthesia in 1848
[anesthesia, anesthetic, ether, chloroform, the Columbian Magazine, medicine, sailing, sails, steam-powered ships, steamers]

1917 In which Etienne Jules Marey tries to copy the animals
[E. J. Marey, biomimetics, physiology, anatomy, medicine, Muybridge, birds flight, animal locomotion, Wright Brothers, France]

1918 Cooperation and fairness: Enforcing the Golden Rule
[cooperation, fairness, competition, anthropology, Darwin, Gretchen Vogel, The Golden Rule, behavioral science,suicide bombers, baboon culture]

1919 Mobius and his strip: an abstract spur to applied mathematics
[August Ferdinand Mobius, pure and applied mathematics, Gauss, Jacobi, Dirichlet, Bessel, geometry, Germany, phrenology, topology, four color problem]

1920 The life and the death of Akron: A technology fails after a valiant struggle
[airships, dirigibles, R101, Akron, Macon, Hindenburg, helium, hydrogen, buoyancy, Goodyear Company, disasters]

1921 Arrow's Paradox and third party candidates
[elections, voting, democracy, Condorcet, Borda, Andy Boyd, Kenneth Arrow, Arrow's Paradox, third party candidates]

1922 Mind, body, and medicine: Prayer as a scientific object
[medicine, healing, mind and body, prayer, John Price, placebo effect, religion, health, psychosomatic]

1923 The London Eye: In which a Ferris Wheel becomes a London icon
[Ferris Wheels, the London Eye, British Airways, Thames River, Westminster]

1924 In which a miller changes the course of 19th-C mathematics
[Geroge Green, Green's functions, potential theory, point source, windmills, Great Britain, mathematics education, Cambridge University]

1925 Reflecting on nine museum-dense days in England
[London museums, Cambridge, England, Great Britain, Science Museum, Zoology, Natural History, Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Florence Nightingale, Greenwich Maritime, Duxford, America Air Museum, Victoria and Albert, Tate Art Museum]

1926 Rhetoric: An ancient idea in serious need of rehabilitation
[rhetoric, trivium, logic, dialectic, Andy Boyd, sophistry, grammar, Greek education, Aristotle, Plato, communication]

1927 Balthazar-George Sage: an example of history aging in the cask
[Balthazar Georges Sage, chemistry, science, history, France, historical deconstruction, minerology]

1928 Packing objects -- spheres, cannonballs, or M&Ms
[packing, ullage, Kepler's spherical packing, dodecohedrons, spheres, M&Ms, malt balls, sand, minimizing void space, cannonballs, brass monkey]

1929 Wendy Carlos and Switched-On Bach -- new technology, new music
[Wendy Carlos, Switched-on Bach, women, synthesizers, Moog, musical composition, Andy Boyd, electronic music]

1930 In which languages die out, but the letters live on
[language, writing, script, letters, hieroglyphs, khipu, QWERTY, durability, change, New Guinea]

1931 Chinese diplomat Wu Ting-fang looks at America in 1914
[China, Chinese diplomat Wu Ting-fang, culture, cultural differences, women, manners, voting, elections, Wordsworth, class, servants]

1932 1790 to 1836: Ten thousand lost patents
[lost patents, Patent Office, Samuel Morley,John Ruggles, steamboats, internal combustion engines, X-patents, Otto cycle, IC, Robert Fulton, Robert Livingston]

1933 Jean-Jacque Rousseau and David Hume: An odd couple and a doomed friendship
[Jean-Jacque Rousseau, David Hume, Age of Reason, Enlightenment, Rob Zaretsky, 18th century, passion and reason, philosophy, philosophe, Romantic movement, literature]

1934 Mary Fairfax Somerville: a wild child teaches us about learning
[Mary Fairfax Somerville, Florence Nightingale, John Stewart Mill, suffrage, learning, women, science education, geriatrics]

1935 Alexander Wilson, America's ornithologist before Audubon
[Alexander Wilson, ornithologist, birds, species, poetry, Scotland, Audubon, art, zoology]

1936 Making electric toys in 1891
[Electric Toy Making, motors, spark coils, magnets, T. O'Conor Sloane, electric trains, Emily Dickinson, Hillaire Belloc, education]

1937 The Great, and deadly, After-the-Fact, Flying-to-Hawaii, Race
[James Dole, Lindbergh, airplane races, navigation, women, Woolaroc, Aloha, Hawaii, transportation]

1938 Three M-names help us to understand air: Meeting the Zeitgiest
[Magni, Magiotti, Magnenus, Galileo, atomism, Gassendi, Torricelli, Aristotelianism, vacuum, atoms, earth, air, fire, water, von Guericke, gases, hydrodynamics, barometer]

1939 Simplicity on the other side of complexity: The standard deviation
[simplicity, complexity, standard deviation, statistics, statistical analysis, Einstein, Relativity Theory, data]

1940 In which Harriet Beecher Stowe and her sister build a model house to pay for a mansion
[Harriet Beecher Stowe, Catharine Stowe, architecture, model home, Margaret Culbertson, Uncle Tom's Cabin, cottage design, homemaking, women]

1941 Greek war and Greek politics: A remarkable symbiosis
[war, military, Victor Favis Hansen, Anthens, Rob Zaretsky, phalanx, hoplites, hoplons, shields]

1942 Before the steam engine: seeing solidity in air and steam
[Hero's Turbine, Ctesibios, Ktesibios, Ktsebios, Ctsebios, Philon of Byzantium, Heron of Alexandria, Hellenistic world, Alexander, alchemy, Aristotle, steam engines, pneumatics, water organ, gases, air, atoms, atomism, Hellenic]

1943 "Modern" Blacksmithing in 1902
[forging, blacksmithing, metallurgy, iron, tempering, annealing, heat treating, hardening, technological change, carbon, steel, welding, Longfellow

1944 Ruth Elder: A forgotten activist on an old postcard
[Ruth Elder, postcards, flight, flying, Stinsondetroiter, women, transportation, Lingbergh, Powder Puff Derby, Women's Air Derby, Earhart, Ninety-Nines]

1945 Jeffries Wyman: Science at its quiet best
[Jeffries Wyman, zoology, medicine, anthropology, archaeology, racism, Black, Agassiz, Oliver Wendell Holmes, James Russell Lowell, science, scientific revolution, gorillas, orangutans, Harvard]

1946 Crocodiles and alligators: no tears, but a peculiar senstivity and intelligence
[crocodile tears, alligators, tomistomas, gavials, dinosaurs, sharks, cockroaches, zoology, ugly beautiful animals, intelligence, prey, predator, Topsell]

1947 Physiological Synchronicity: mirroring emotions
[physiological mirroring, psychology, emotions, Edgar Allen Poe, Megan Cole, facial mimicry, expression]

1948 Sex, Love and Lobster Shells
[zoology, biology, Maine lobsters, Andy Boyd, reproduction, sex, molting, Trevor Corson, Diane Cowen]

1949 James Dwight Dana: a great, and nearly forgotten, American scientist
[James Dwight Dana, Wilkes Expedition, Charles Darwin, evolution, natural selection, coral reefs, geology, minerology, religion]

1950 Girolamo Cardano: The tormented life of a towering renaissance thinker
[Girolamo Cardano, Gerolamo, Cardanus, Cardan shaft, medicine, risk analysis, Italian Renaissance, cubic equation solution, Tartaglia, Andy Boyd, mathematics, gambling, insurance, actuary]

1951 In which poets explain how the airplane matured
[poetry, poets, Auden, Saint Exupery, Selden Rodman, Milton, Rukeyser, Leonardo, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Ovid, Icarus, Sydney Alexander, Rilke, military air warfare, flight, William Rose Benet]

1952 The only-possible constants of nature: The only-possible us
[cosmology, physics, Richard Feynman, John Barrow, Frank Tipler, Newton, anthropic principle, Brandon Carter, cosmological, science and religion]

1953 Learning to Use Steam in the Seventeenth Century
[early steam engines, James Watt, Denis Papin, Giovanni Branca, Salomon de Caus, Della Porta, Thomas Newcomen, Huguenots, steam jets, jet propulsion, Hero's Turbine, power generation, priority, invention]

1954 Knowing it all -- or at least wanting to
[Great Books, Chicago, Diderot, liberal education, Internet, The Volume Library, Ruoff]

1955 Stahl, Phlogiston, Anima, and Understanding
[Stahl, phlogiston, anima, vitalism, vitalist, thermodynamics, medicine, philosophy, mind and body, Becher, Aristotelian essences, combustion]

1956 The forgotten William Cleghorn and his forgotten caloric
[William Cleghron, George Cleghorn, James Watt, Joseph Black, phlogiston, caloric, Horace, Benjamin Franklin, Edinburgh, fame, thermal expansion, latent heats]

1957 Looking for eighty-million-year old Adam and Eve
[genetics, DNA, common mammal ancestor, anthropology, paleontology, Cretaceous Period, Cenozoic Era, evolution, Dylan Thomas]

1958 Lazare Carnot, Sadi Carnot, and learning about energy
[Sadi Carnot, Lazare Carnot, Second Law of Thermodynamics, French Revolution, steam engines, steam power, waterwheels, Leibniz, Newton]

1959 In which John Tyndall cuts through conflict to recognize both Mayer and Joule
[John Tyndall, Robert Julius Mayer, James Prescott Joule, energy conservation, first law of thermodynamics, theroy and experiment, mechanical equivalent of heat, priority disputes, mental illness, blood flow]

1960 Speed: the grand nineteenth-century invention
[speed, Bayard Taylor, Richard Trevithick, James Watt, Stanley Steamer, steamboats, steam cars, automobiles, airplanes, power-to-weight ratio, William Turner, Philip Hone, Aldous Huxley, inventive motivation, railroad train, locomotives]

1961 The Four-Color Problem -- an strange old puzzle, almost resolved
[mathematics, The Four-Color Problem, Francis Guthrie, topology, Hermann Minkowski, Percy John Heawood, Alfred Bray Kempe, Andy Boyd, Kenneth Appel, Wolfgang Haken, computer proofs]

1962 Rockets, jets, and other (inherently fast) recoil propulsion systems
[steamboats, recoil propulsion, William Concreve rockets, John Fitch, James Rumsey, Jacob Willem 'sGravesonde, jet propulsion, rockets, Francis Scott Key, Benjamin Franklin, railroad trains, Robert Stephenson, Empire State Express No. 999, speed, Rainhill Trials, fireworks]

1963 In which the planet Vulcan vanishes in a non-Newtonian world
[Vulcan, astronomy Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier, Star Trek, Neptune, Mercury, Solar system, Einstein's relativity theory, Newtonian mechanics, Mr. Spock]

1964 A reflection upon the great Lisbon earthquake and tsunami
[Lisbon, Portugal, earthquake, tsunami, Voltaire, catastrophe, natural disasters, Candide, philosophy, Rob Zaretsky, Susan Neiman]

1965 In which Robert and George Stephenson bring rail to its maturity
[George Robert Stephenson, railroad, railway, steam locomotives, Fanny Kemble, The Rocket, Catch-me-who-can, The Northumbrian, Richard trevithick, firebox, rails, rack and pinion drive, women]

1966 Cleansing the sewers of Paris of sedition, filth -- and romance
[sewers, cloaca, waste disposal, Victor Hugo, Georges Haussmann, sanitary engineering, Rob Zaretsky literature, tourism, Paris Commune, tunnels, underground]

1967 Of clouds and birds: Meet Felix Tournachon -- Nadar
[Gaspard-Felix Tournachon, La Belle Epoch, Nadar, Victor Hugo, aerial mapping, photography, Paris sewers, Flight, airplanes, airships, balloons, La Boheme, aeroplane, Bleriot]

1968 Vignettes from the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition: America in transition
[1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition, women, Hellen Keller, brail typewriter, Buffalo Bill Cody, Henry Holmes, serial killer, The White City, Kathrine Lee Bates, America the Beatiful, alabaster cities gleam, Erik Larson, The Devil in the White City, Mark Twain, Susan B. Anthony, reform labor movement, suffrage, Daniel Burnham, architecture, Eulalia, infanta, blue laws]

1969 Getting to the heart of the Hippocratic Oath
[Stanley Reiser, Hippocratic Oath, medicine, Hippocrates, medical ethics, education]

1970 Edward Drinker Cope, Othniel Charles Marsh, and their needless war
[Edward Drinker Cope, Othniel Charles Marsh, dinosaurs, Eohippus, evolution, acquired traits, Yale, vertebrate paleontology, Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley, religion]

1971 In which Lamé, Cauchy, and Kummer race to prove Fermat’s last theorem
[Gabriel Lamé, Augustin Cauchy, Ernst Kummer, mathematics, Fermat’s last theorem, France, French Academy, Germany, Andrew Wiles]

1972 Sorting out the mystery of the Baghdad Batteries
[battery, Iraq, Baghdad batteries, Mesopotamia, Babalonia, electric storage, electroplating, medicine, healing, pain relief, electricity, Hellinistic period]

1973 Of organs and engines: St. Sulpice, Corliss, and the Barker-lever
[Barker-lever, organs, France, George Corliss, Aristide Cavaille-Coll, Corliss engines, steam engine valves, 1876 Philadelphis Exhibition, St. Sulpice, Paris]

1974 Inventing the Air Force, 1911 to 1917
[Fort Sam Houston, George E. M. Kelley, General William H. Carter, Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas, Wright biplane, Curtiss Type-IV Pusher, Air Force, Signal Corps, Army Air Service, Pancho Villa, Eugene Goldbeck, panoramic photography]

1975 In which botanist Asa Gray shows us how to apply good science
[Asa Gray, botany, botanist, flora, plant life, J. Willard Gibbs, Boston Botanical Gardens, Harvard, University of Michigan, Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace, evolution by natural selection, religion, Louis Agassiz]

1976 An old handbook evokes a reflection on correspondence schools
[International Correspondence School, Anna Ticknor, ICS, Chautauqua, distance education, Pennsylania Colliery Engineer School of Mines]

1977 Watching windshield wipers and thinking about the technology below the radar
[Robert Kearns, intermittent windshield wipers, commonplace technology, Rob Zaretsky]

1978 Ötzi's shoes: a lesson in ergonomics from the Stone Age
[Tyrolean Ice Man, Ötzi's shoes, anthropology, Burkhard Bilger, ergonomics, Stone Age, Petr Hlavacek, clothing, historical reconstruction, podiatry, footwear]

1979 How to process five thousand airline reservation requests in one second
[electronic commerce, global distribution systmes, airline reservations, Andy Boyd, business, flight, transportation]

1980 Manuscript Demography: the birth and death of books
[manuscript demography, the Venerable Bede, John Cisne, mathematical statistics, preservation, papyrus, vellum, parchment, paper, recycling, ancient writings, demographics, scribes, medieval books]

1981 Back to the future, a trip from Disneyland to Disney World
[Disneyland, Disney World, Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom, Mickey Mouse, childhood, nostalgia, amusement parks, theme parks]

1982 Albrecht Dürer and Times Roman Letters: Art that endured
[Albrecht Dürer, Times Roman letters, books, printing, fonts, typefaces, engineering drawing, drafting, descriptive geometry, design, artists, etching, engraving, geometry]

1983 Inventing the newspaper in seventeenth-century England
[newspapers, news media, English Civil War, censorship, weekly corantos, Oliver Cromwell, Catherine Patterson]

1984 Burt Rutan's airplanes: You may go dancing, by I'll play the tune
[airplanes, SpaceShipOne, GlobalFlyer, Mozart, Beaumarchais, Burt Rutan, Fossett, Dritzhen, Heilmann, Schoeffer, Marriage of Figaro, Count Almaviva, Pierre Caron, Gutenberg, Edison, Steinmetz, Tesla, revolution, engineering, engineers, Voyager, around the world flight]

1985 A Reflection upon the Coca-Colanization of France
[Coca Cola, France, Le Monde, sales, advertising, globalization]

1986 A reflection on Simon Newcomb and the word Galaxy
[Simon Newcomb, galaxy, galaxies, Milky Way, astronomy, Chaucer, Milton, Nautical Almanac Office, Einstein, Parahelion of Mercury]

1987 Looking for Animal Laughter -- and finding it
[Horse Whisperer, Herman Detering, Jaak Panksepp, animal emotions, humor, laughter, Brahma cattle, Cedar Ridge Bison Ranch, animal behavior, body language]

1988 The Saro Princess, a fitting finish for a lost breed
[Saro Princess, Saunders-Roe Company, Spruce Goose, Howard Hughes, seaplanes, flying boats, flight, transportation, Boeing Stratocruiser, B-29, B-17, B-29, military aircraft, transoceanic travel. WordStar word processors, jets]

1989 I didn't have a choice -- or did I?
[Engineering design, decision making, Hobson's Choice, Kenneth Clark, Leonardo da Vinci, James Watt, separate condenser]

1990 Max Munk, aerodynamics, and aimful thinking
[Max Munk, aerodynamics, Ludwig Prandtl, airfoil design, NACA, Operation Paperclip, Max Eckert, Fermat's Last Theorem, aimful thinking]

1991 Inventing an Inventor: Where Myth and History Diverge
[myth, invention, inventor, US Capitol, John Fitch, Robert Fulton, steamboats, Rousseau]

1992 Harvey and Willis at Oxford during the English Civil War
[William Harvey, Thomas Willis, Oliver Cromwell, Puritans, Royalists, English Civil War, medicine, anatomy, Galen, Aristotle, Oxford University, The Restoration, Bodleian Library, King Charles I II, Christopher Wren]

1993 Henry Augustis Rowland: of technology, science and contradiction
[Henry Augustus Rowland, James Clerk Maxwell, electricity, civil engineering, mechanics, spectroscopy, spectral lines, grids, machining, technology, AAS, consistency, contradiction, magnetic field, permeability. physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Johns Hopkins University]

1994 Encryption: abstraction in the world of practical business
[encryption, Internet security, abstraction, number theory, business]

1995 Sky Captain fighting evil in his P-40 -- in the year 2004
[Sky Captain, P-40, P-51 mustand. Messerschmitt 109. Fockke-Wulfe 109, P-47 Thunderbolt, WW-II fighter planes, radial engines, in-line aircooled engines, Curtiss p-36, Donovan Berlin, Tomahawk, Warhawk, Kittyhawk, Claire Chennault, Flying Tigers, China]

1996 The organ electric in a brave new world
[tracker organs, electric, electricity, telegraph, Atlantic Cable, Hilborne L. Roosevelt, music, choirs, organists, solenoids, electro-magnetic machinery]

1997 The one book that Johann Gutenberg printed
[Johann Gutenberg, 42-line Bible, printing presses, indulgences, profit, alphabet, reading, scribes, manuscript books, commerce, business]

1998 Fast presses and the new literacy
[cylindrical presses, steam power, columbia press, Clymer, Friederich Koenig, William Nicholson, Gutenberg, newspapers, hand presses, rotary presses]

1999 A new book for Mary Anne Howley: and a revolution unfulfilled
[women, Jane Marcet, Mary Anne Howley, leaves, women, signatures, cutting pages, fast presses, William Howley, Archbishop of Canterbury, Charles Leslie, Benjamin Franklin, books, chemistry, baronet of Beaumont]]

2000 The Arc of Inventions, and the problem of selecting a hero
[The Arc of Inventions, James Watt, steam engines, power technology, priority]

2001 Of beasts, Bibles and Evolution: Intimations of Darwin in King James' court
[King James Bible, George Abbot, Charles Darwin, evolution, Adam Nicholson,translating, translation, zoology, Edward Topsell, Genesis, religion]

2002 The almost-first patent: from stained glass to genetically modified mice
[patents, monopoly, monopolies, stained glass, John of Utynam, John Harington, water closet, invention protection]

2003 Counterfeit: On making money without delivering the goods
[counterfeit money, fake, Benjamin Franklin, wampum, Colonial America, American Revolution, Enron, printing]

2004 Rice, silk, taxes, and technological change in medieval China
[rice, silk, production, noria, water supply, irrigation, treadmill, taxation, taxes, Sung Dynasty, Song, China, technological change, Luddites, Lou-Shu, Roz Hammers, metaphors]

2005 Abram S. Hewitt: The other side of genius
[Abram Hewitt, Peter Cooper, Cooper Union, invention, thm Thumb railway locomotive, Brooklyn Bridgy, Cyrus Field Atlantic cable, telegraphy, John roebling, Bessemer steel, Siemens-Martin open hearth, glue, Allan Nevins]

2006 Sequim's strange blue hole in the midst of rain
[Sequim Irrigation Festival, rain forest, rainforest, Washington state, blue hole, rain shadow, meteorology, weather, rain, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northewest, rainfall]

2007 The Canonical Inventor, stepping over the tipping point
[canonical inventors, tipping points, Wright, Curtiss, Santos Dumont, Yogi Berra, Watt, Morse, Lindbergh, Edison]

2008 Figuring Out Science: Our surprising scientifically-savvy great-grandparents
[scientific inquiry, electricity, Manufacturer and Builder, units, dimensions, age of the earth, evolution, Darwin]

2009 The End of Books, as seen in 1894
[books, movies, television, I-pod, kinetoscope, phonograph, phonographoteck, library, Scribner's Magazine, Thomas Edison, wax cylinders, Arthur Blackcross, audio]

2010 George McJunkin and Aleš Hrdlicka: Who discovered the Clovis culture?
[Folsom Man, anthropology, Clovis culture, George McJunkin, Aleš Hrdlicka, priority]

2011 Doubt and Leadership: The value of finding our own ignorance [military metaphors, Alpha males, leadership, Columbo, Leonardo da Vinci]

2012 In which we use 125 questions to explain science
[scientific method, hunger, Africa, politics and religion, greenhouse gases, global warming, questions, questioning, future, evolution]

2013 Battleship Texas: a lesson in technological change
[navy, military, warships, battleships, naval warfare, aircraft carriers, Sopwith Camel, long-range guns, rifled guns, torpedoes, technological change, Kingfisher seaplanes, San Jacinto Battlefield]

2014 Boiling bubbles and fizzing bubbles: So alike, so different!
[carbonated drinks, champagne, mass diffusion, heat transfer, Fick's Law, conductions, bubble growth, boiling, fizzing, superheated liquid, supersaturated liquids, tapwater]

2015 Five Hornblowers and three generations of steam engine development
[Joseph Josiah Jabez Jonathan Hornblower, compound steam engine, James Watt, dissidents, John Schuyler, condensers, New Jersey]

2016 In which we invent a new word: Multigenium
[multigenium, multigenia, invention, innovation, Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, Wright Brothers]

2017 In which we S-T-R-E-T-C-H our imaginations
[materials science, stress and strain, elastic plastic deformation, thermodynamics, rubber bands, coefficient of contraction expansion, engineering mechanics]

2018 The Chamberlen family secret: the invention of forceps
[childbirth, birthing, midwifery, man-midwives, Peter Chamberlen, obstetric forceps, delivering babies, medicine]

2019 Robert Millikan: a remarkable late-bloomer in modern physics
[Robert Millikan, Algert A. Michelson, charge on an electron, Planck's constant, League of Nations, Nobel Prize in physics]

2020 The screwdriver: archetype of subtle obviousness
[screwdriver, obvious, screwheads, invention]

2021 Reflections upon the tyranny of twentieth-century time
[time, clocks, rhythm of life, American industry, industrialization, Mick Jagger]

2022 Alexander W. Brandon's, and my father's, old surveying book
[Civil War, Alexander W. Brandon, books, military, flying, nursing, nurse, Davies Surveying]

2023 George Hubert Wilkins: a life brimful and running over
[George Hubert Wilkins, Sir, photographer, astronauts, Andy Thomas, aviation, airplanes, aerial photography, WW-I, WW-II, Submarine Nautilus, Skate, Arctic exploration, Antarctica, polar ice cap, Australia]

2024 Audiences and Concerts: Music and meaning from 18th-Century France to 21st-century America
[music and meaning, concert halls, decorum, manners, Rameau operas, Romanticism]

2025 Looking for LUCA, the Last Universal Common Ancestor
[biology, DNA, RNA, religion, creationism, evolution, Darwin]

2026 Ritual origins of technology: balance and metaphor
[pan balance, scales, weights and meatures, Book of the Dead, Egypt, Casey, Seidenberg, metaphor and technology]

2027 A frisson of fear in the far fastness of the frightful mountains
[Rousseau, James Boswell, mountains, Everest, Romantic poetry, painting, fear, numinus, Thomas Burnet]

2028 The B-36: an airplane that fell in the crack of technological change
[B-36 bomber, Peacekeeper, Strategic Air Command, SAC, B-17, Flying Fortress, B-24, Liberator, Consolidated, Douglas Aircraft, bombing, Air Force, cold war, technological change]

2029 The last great biplane fighter -- the Polikarpov beyond its prime
[Polikarpov fighter planes, Russia, Soviet Union, Stalin, Spanish Civil War, The Continuation War, WW-II, Finland, Spain, biplanes, monoplanes, Messerschmitt 109, I-15, I-152, I-16, Germany, facism, communism]

2030 In which we listen to ghosts, and they explain history to us
[George A. Custer, Marcus Reno, Battle of the Little Big Horn, artifacts, history, marginalia in books, history]

2031 Tragedy and meteorology: In which we are Agamemnon in the face of Hurrican Rita
[Hurricane Rita, Aeschylus, Agamemnon, Greek tragedy, omens and portents, weather prediction, disaster readiness]

2032 Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps: revolution and conservativism entwined
[Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps, botany, biological sciences, biology, education, religion and science, conservative, radical, social reform, teaching, textbooks, women, scientific method, questioning]

2033 Milton Grosvenor Howe's remarkable drafting textbook
[Milton Grosvenor Howe, Andrew Briscoe, drafting, mechanical drawing, Battle of San Jacinto, Texas, Sam Houston, railway, civil engineers, architecture, Civil War]

2034 The High-Wheeler, a brief and remarkable moment in bicycle evolution
[transportation, high-wheelers, penny farthing, pedals, safety bicycles, Karl von Drais, David Herlihy, velocipede]

2035 The Gunpowder Plot: Terrorism little-changed in four hundred years
[Guy Fawkes Day, Robert Catesby, Parliament, terrorism, King James I, November 5th, religion]

2036 Edward Frankland: A brilliant chemist with a weighty secret
[Edward Frankland, Edward Gorst, Peggy Frankland, experimental chemistry, water quality, pollution, illegitimate, bastard, chemical valence, Hagar's Well, Mecca, Henry Edward Armstrong, Victorian morality]

2037 Of sleep and dreams
[sleeping, dreaming, Semele, Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, Coleridge, Handel, REM, deep wave sleep, animal behaviorists, sleep research]

2038 Putting a leap second in an elastic year
[timekeeping, cesium clock, calendars, standards, measurement, US Naval Observatory, tidal friction, birth of Christ, Earth's rotation]

2039 In which we experience quiet on the Western Front
[WW-I, trench warfare, the Christmas Truce, 1914, Alfred Anderson, basic training, killing, geriatrics]

2040 The envelope game: a common-sense-defying selection problem
[statistics, the secretay problem, the envelope problem, mathematics, common sense]

2041 James B. Emerson: iconoclastic 19th-C turbine developer
[water turbines, Francis turbine, hydropower, religion, social change, metric system, units, old books, law, academic engineering]

2042 Looking at a brave new scientific world in 1922
[science, technology, epidemiology, tuberculosis, disease, cancer, Columbia University, 1922, evolution, Emerson, engineering ethics, gasoline, technological change]

2043 King Kong: Technology and a primal vocabulary of human yearning
[King Kong, Faye Wray, Jessica Lange, women, Naomi Watts, movies, Ebert, beauty and the beast, special effects, Huntington, heffner, Ann Darrow]

2044 Kettering's failed guided missile -- a 1918 Buzz-Bomb
[Charles Kettering, guided missiles, V-1 Buzz Bomb, V-2 Rocket, Aeolian Organ Company, General Electric, GE, WW-I, WW-II, Sperry Gyroscope, war]

2045 Thomas Blanchard, little-known, and remarkably productive, American inventor
[Thomas Blanchard, Daniel Webster, John Calhoun, Henry Clay, furniture manufacturing, copying lathe, multiple carver, wood working, steamboats, railways, invention, apple parer]

2046 We struggle not begin an inquiry with its conclusion
[scientific method, Popper, falsifiability, Intelligent Design, logic, law, politics, engineering, perpetual motion machines, argument Samuel Butler, Henry Adams]

2047 The flexible soda straw: invention to market in microcosm
[flex straw, bent soda straw, flexible, Joseph Friedman, invention, design, paper or plastic]

2048 Of weeds and wildflowers
[weeds, botany, flora, agriculture, flowers, gardens, nature]

2049 The deBrys and the Merians: Two views of the New World
[Theodore deBry, women, Matthaus Merian, women, Maria Sybilla Merian, Israel, Euler, entymology, insects, flowers, religion, Spanish Inquisition, Protestant Reformation, ethnogrophy, anthropology, Americas, Surinam, exploration, The New World, copperplate illustration, engraving, etching, Bible, printing]

2050 On trying to tell the difference between churches and department stores
[Houses of Worship, church architecture, Macys, Marshall Fields, department stores, style, merchandising, Zola, Le Bon Marche, Galeries Lafayette, Eiffel, mega-churches]

2051 In which we rediscover how to fit the music to the room
[Le Conte, John Tyndall, electronic music, acoustics, chamber music, physics of sound, musical performance, vocal, singing, amplification]

2052 The many inventions of Sir Goldsworthy Gurney
[Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, Theodore, hospital, steam car, railway locomotive, automobile, railroad, water tube boilers, Richard Trevithick, heating stoves, lighting, telegraphy, glass armonica, musical instruments, piano, steam jet air entrainment]

2053 A reflection on John Cage and his silences
[John Cage, silence, contemporary music, prepared piano, Zen, ambient sound, Carol Lienhard]

2054 The Zephyr, a silver streak across America in 1934
[Burlington Zephyr, Silver Streak, railways, railroads, travel, airplanes, speed, transportation, Charles Kettering, Diesel engines]

2055 Viewing America from the edge of its land, or the edge of its future
[Pocahontas, Rebecca Rolfe, Jamestown settlement, Virginia, Butterfly Effect, chaos theory, future prediction, John Smith, The New World]

2056 In which we humans learn how to breath water
[breathing, oxygen, underwater, scuba, artificial gills, zoology, mimicking nature, fish, marine biology]

2057 In which hi-tech medicine leave death no longer tamed
[dying, Phillipe Aries, medicine, sociology of death, Hamlet]

2058 Global climate change, a problem for the educated
[Chris Rapley, Paige Christopher, Antarctic, global climate change, warming, greenhouse gases, CO2]

2059 A quiet researcher unleashes a process-chemistry-based industry
[Sir William Henry Perkin, process chemistry, aniline, German dye industry, process chemistry, quinine, coal tar, coke]

2060 A 75th anniversary edition of Time magazine
[Time magazine's 75th anniversary, Hitler, sociology, Harpo Marx, Johnny Weissmuller, Tarzan, Marlboro, tobacco, cancer, Maureen O'Sullivan]

2061 The voice of the a'yahos: Legends and natural disasters
[Puget sound earthquake, natural disasters, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, Gilgamesh, Genesis, Daedalus, myths, legends, Richard Burton, Yellow Fever]

2062 How much may I justly charge for my widget?
[Adam Smith, setting prices, worth, merchandise, true value, just price, Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Albert the Great, economics, St. Augustine, Bernard Botone of Parma, Simon of Bisignano]

2063 Edward Youmans and 19th-century American education
[Edward Youmans, William Youmans, American education, cheap books, science, John Tyndall, Michael Faraday, Thomas Huxley, Appleton publishing company]

2064 Seeing what we might have otherwise driven past on the South Texas coast
[birds, raptors, whooping cranes, spoonbills, gulls, pelicans, cormorants, George Fulton, early Texas settlers, cameras, roadside hawks]

2065 Struggling with spelling in the quicksand of the English langage
[spelling, orthography, Shakespeare, Othello, teaching language]

2066 The Olympic and the Titanic on the day that ships grew too larger
[Titanic, Olympic, Hawke, Gigantic, Britannic, shipping, ocean liners, steamships, shipwrecks, Bernoulli Effect, Queen Elizabeth, icebergs, Bonsall, dimensional scale, transportation, disasters, women's basketball]

2067 Sharkskins and Fast Efficient Ships
[sharks, dolphins, porpoises, sharkskin, turbulent boundary layers, turbulence supression, fluid mechanics, zoology]

2068 The Westland Lysander: Of Pandas and Airplanes
[Westland Lysander, airplanes, warplanes, WW-II, spy planes, STOL, Duxford museum, model airplanes, Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane]

2069 Alexander Bain: so many ideas before their time
[Alexander Bain, Fax machines, telegraphic time synchronization, electric clocks, watchmaking, Samuel F. B. Morse, patent law, Ecclesiastes, Charles Wheatstone]

2070 The Belville family: Selling time for 103 years
[John Henry Bellville, John Wynne, women, Ruth Belville, Royal Observatory Greenwich, horology, timekeeping, Alexander Bain, radio, synchronizing time, telegraphy]

2071 Parker's and Plympton's Philosophy: retaining what is good across and intellectual chasm
[Richard Parker, George Plympton, natural philosophy, physics, science, pedagogy, technology, change, caloric, pyronomics, Cooper Union, Latin, Horace]

2072 Making do with an non-user-friendly national anthem
[national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, vocal, singing, text setting, Michael Wilson, The NAtional Anthem Project, America the Beautiful, Julliard, patriotism, the Pledge of Allegiance]

2073 Three stages of Scriptural interpretation in three generations
[Charles Darwin, Karl Barth, John Price, Bible, scripture, scriptural interpretation, age of earth, The Origin of Species, science, religion, neo-orthodoxy, evolution]

2074 Isabella Bird, A remarkable powerhouse of the 19th-century travel literature
[Isabell Lucy Bird Bishop, travel literature, women Royal Geographical Society, China, Hawaii, horsemanship, Victorian attitudes, Korea, Rocky Mountains]

2075 Rudolph Ackerman and his amazing chronicles of 19th-century art and technology
[Rudolph, Ackermann, Margaret Culbertson, carriage design, book magazine publishing, illustration, Maria Cosway, Thomas Jefferson, 19th-century technology, decorative arts]

2076 Exponential growth: trying to square the metaphor with the math
[exponential, growth, decrease, linear, logarithmic, decimate, decimation, mathematics, arithmetic, buffalo, global, warming, temperature, increase, linear, ecology]

2077 Last Words: What do we say before we die?
[last words, Marie Antoinette, Erskine Childers, Mussolini, Wikipedia, Che Guevara, Paddy Finucane, Men With Wings, Oxcar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Groucho Marx, John F. Kennedy, death, mythology, dying, execution]

2078 Why sound has a speed, but no frequency of its own
[sonic velocity, speed of sound, Mach number, frequency, tone, air, elasticity, Newton]

2079 A lost locomotive, The America
[locomotives, railways, the Stourbridge Lion, The America, Robert Stephenson, John Jervis, Delaware & Hudson canal, steamboats, transportation]

2080 China: A case history in the survival/nonsurvival of invention
[Joseph Needham, Robert temple, China, wheelbarrow, firearms, plow, survival of invention, Mohism, Newton's first law, paper, printing, ibn Firnas, Pi Sheng, technology]

2081 A Monstrosity, a Skeptic, and a new view of the 16th century.
[Agnes Bowker, Anthony Anderson, magic, sixteenth-century science, superstition, scientific inquiry, monstrous births]

2082 Date Nails: a historical record left in the wood
[date nails, railways, maintenance records, railroad ties, telephone poles, wood preservation]

2083 Trouble in the history books: Revisiting the Orukter Amphibolus
[Orukter Amphibolos, Oliver Evans, Trouble is My Master, Darwin Teilhet, early American Technology, The Saturday Evening Post, Steven Lubar, mythology of invention]

2084 Bush pilots: Opening up remote corners of the world
[bush pilots, Curtiss HS-2L, Fokker Universal airplane, flight, transportation, gold rush, Kanai Peninsula, Noel Wein, Bob Reeve, Alaska, Canada]

2085 The Eruption of Thera: a terrible volcano redirects history
[Thera, Santorini, volcano, volcanic eruption, Minoan civilization, Exodus, Ulysses, naval warfare, archaeology, vulcanism, Greece, Egypt]

2086 George Henry Lewes, Victorian "man of letters"
[George Henry Lewes, George Eliot, Marian Evans, Justis von Liebig, Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens, man of letters, Victorian morality, literature, physiology, science, chemistry, spontaneous combustion]

2087 Gauss's famous calculation: an exercise in sorting fact from fiction
[mathematics, mental arithmetic, Carl Friedrich Gauss, algorithm, myth and reality, legend and fact]

2088 Johann Joachim Becher, mercantilism, phlogiston, and gold
[science, alchemy, chemistry, metallurgy, Johann Joachim Becher, gold, Rhine-Danube Canal, mercantilism]

2089 Nathan Read, Colonial inventor: a life well-lived
[Nathan Read, steamboat inventor, steam car, compact tubular boiler, transportation, nail manufacturing, steam-powered vehicles]

2090 Aerial soldiers of fortune: In which war is more exciting than barnstorming
[soldier-of-fortune, mercenary, paramilitary pilots, aerial warfare, Moisant, Curtiss Jenny, flight, Sterling Seagrave]

2091 A wedding at the Hvalsøy Church in Greenland. The last word in AD 1408.
[wedding, Hvalsøy Church, Greenland, Eric the Red, Eirik, Lief Ericsson, Liev Eiriksson, Norse settlements, global warming, climate change, archaeology, stonemasonry ]

2092 Is thermodynamics a science, or it is only derived from phyics?
[thermodynamics, physics, philosophy of science, entropy, statistical mechanics, heating value of fuel]

2093 The Posillipo Tunnel, or Crypta Napoletana -- a subway to the underworld
[Posillipo Tunnel, Crypta Napoletana, Phlegrean Fields, subways, Hades, underworld, tunneling, Octavius Agrippa, Cocceius, labyrinths, Christopher Marlowe, Faust, Sybil, Aeneas, Dante, Avernus, Hell, Orpheus]

2094 Thinking inside the box: the invention of contanerization
[commerce, trade, shipping, the box, containerization, Ideal-X, Marc Levinson, loading, longshoremen]

2095 Sidney Rix's new algebra book: Of billboards and landscapes
[idney Rix, Julian Rix, linear algebraic equations, education, mathematics, abstraction, Roxana's Children, California, art, landscape art, sign painting, Peacham, VT, Chastina Walbridge, Alfred]

2096 In which archer fish learn to shoot straight
[ichthyology, archer fish, learning, swimming, Bismark, training, college education]

2097 Constantine the African bringing Arab medicine to Europe
[Salerno, Sicily, Constantine the African, Carthage, Arab medicine, medical school, translation, Galen, Hippocrates, Normans]

2098 Charles Davies, more than just another textbook writer
[Charles Davies, mathematics education, West Point, War of 1812, surveying, cannonball stacking problem]

2099 Walter George Tarrant's Tabor, an airplane that was too big
[Walter George Tarrant, Tabor, big airplanes, flight, B-19, B-36, Spruce Goose, Tupolev's Maxim Gorky, Caprioni seaplane, transportation, travel, WW-I, Quonset hut, Nissan Hut]

2100 The Mpemba Effect: heating water to make it freeze faster
[Erasto Mpemba, freeze hot water, heat transfer, thermodynamics, refrigerators, ice cubes, phase change, cooling]

2101 Pierre-Louis de Maupertuis: a flattened Earth, and the Principle of Least Action
[Pierre-Louis de Maupertuis, nonspherical Earth, Principle of Least Action, newton, Voltaire, Emilie du Châtelet, mathematics, geography, theoretical mathematics, de Broglie, quantum mechanics, theology, metaphysics, Leibnitz, Occam's Razor, Age of Reason]

2102 The cradle of civilization: further north than we thought?
[Joan Oates, Andrew Lawler, Mesopotamia, Tell Brak, Hamoukar, archaeology, Fertile Crescent, Baghdad, Babylon, Tigris Euphrates, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, warfare, civilization]

2103 Inventing Kitty Litter, and making cats welcome indoors
[Kitty Litter, indoor pets, cats, waste disposal, Dri-Spot, fuller's earth, litter Green, Curt Wohleber, Clorox]

2104 Thinking about time travel: At least we can visit the future
[time travel, past, future, H. G. Wells, Ray Bradbury, The Lake House, The Time Traveler's Wife, determinism, free will, time paradoxes, the butterfly effect]

2105 Are we really happy when we're young and sad when we're old?
[Heather Pond Lacey, geriatrics, age, aging, youth, happiness, sociology, psychology, Szarkowski, Pete Townshend, My Generation]

2106 What happens when we visit a museum?
[self learning, independencd, Michael Faraday, Richard Newton, William James, education, questions, How Invention Begins, Museum of Printing History, Ghosts in the Books]

2107 The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, a trip back to 1916
[airplanes, The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome museum, early flight, flying machines, Fokker Triplanes D-VII, Spad VIII, Deperdussin, Spirit of St. Louis, replicas, Bleriot, Nieuport, Pigeon Fraser, Morane, Caudron G3, Thomas Morse, ]

2108 Adult stem cells: Can I ever grow a new arm?
[adult stem cells, embryonic, James Thomson, McCullough, Till, bioreactor, microbiology, TRIZ Altschuller, NASA space experiments, David Bonner]

2109 The Hoosac Tunnel: shipping goods under the Berkshires
[Hoosac Tunnel, mountain, civil engineering, tunneling, surveying, Jerry Kelly, railways, railroads, trade, commerce, Erie Canal]

2110 Goeffrey de Havilland's BE-2, and a design legacy
[Geoffrey de Havilland, Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fontaine, movies, The English Patient BE-1, BE-2, Tiger Moth, Gypsy Moth, de Havilland Comet, DH-4, SE-5, Louis Bleriot, Voison, Beryl Markham, airplanes, aeroplanes, flight, war, transportation, light aircraft]

2111 Rogue Waves, In which sea legends become real
[fluid mechanics, William Broad, rogue waves, solitons, deep-water waves, shallow-water waves, wavelength, Queen Mary, legends, oceanography, shipwrecks]

2112 In which Röntgen struggles to put fact before fame -- not so easy to do
[William Conrad Röntgen, X-Rays, electromagnetic radiation, McClure's Magazine, Röntgenium, Nobel Prize, legend, myth]

2113 William James seeks to replace war with its moral equivalent
[William James, The Moral Equivalent of War, peace, pacifism, alternative service, universal conscription, draft, Peace Corps, McClure's Magazine]

2114 A house for the blimps that saved us from submarines
[U-boats, submarines, blimps, dirigibles, Lakehurst, NJ, Tillamook hangars, air museums, interior space, WW-II, Navy, shipping]

2115 The color of water, the color of air, the color of God
[The Color of Water, Walthère Victor Spring, Liège, James McBride, Friederich Kekulé, Rudolph Clausius, physical chemistry, light, sky is blue, John Tyndall, Rayleigh Scattering, Crater lake, optically pure, wavelengths]

2116 Balloons and hydraulic rams -- unexpected bedfellows
[Joseph Montgolfier, Étienne, Pierre, self-acting hydraulic ram, hot air balloons, paper making, Matthew Boulton, momentum pump, Louix XVI, Paris, London]

2117 The Internet of Tubes: In which a gaffe evokes the history of communication
[Ted Stevens, Internet of Tubes, pneumatic tube message delivery, Carte Pneumatique, J. W. Willmot, postal system]

2118 We are the machines' media" metaphors of function and metaphors of form
[technological metaphors, tailfins, airplane rudders, gears, form, function]

2119 Gutenberg, spherical mirrors, and cast type
[gutenberg, spherical mirrors, cast type, Arnolfini Wedding, van Eyck, optics, Roger Bacon, eyeglasses, Bible, reading, Aix-la-Chapelle, printing press, casting, cast metal type, Renaissance, light, vision]

2120 ME-163B Komet: a secret weapon that almost worked
[Messerschmitt ME-163B Komet, Hannah Reitsch, rocket plane, war, invention, micromanagement, Göring, Hitler]

2121 Reading about domestic mechanics in 1918 -- how soon we forget
[household mechanics, domestic, Edward Keene, plumbing, heating, refrigeration, toilets, iceboxes, humidity, humidification, electricity, outhouses, water supply, wells, light bulbs, Mark Twain, hot water heaters, instantaneous gas heaters]

2122 Other people's money: Thoughts about diamonds and con games
[precious stones, gems, Jujitsu, con games, The Great Diamond Hoax of 1872, Philip Arnold, John Slack, George Brinton McClellan, Tiffany, Horace Greeley, Clarence King, Colorado, stocks, California Gold Rush]

2123 In which the generals' metaphor becomes war, terrible beyond belief
[WW-I, French, German, Zaretsky, France, Germany, warfare, military, Verdun, Eric von Falkenhayn, Operation Gericht]

2124 On Crystal Ballgazing: A 1918 airplane of the future
[William Dinwiddie, Century Magazine, helicopter, autogyro, flight, air transportation, jet engines, retractable landing gears, flying wings, Sikorsky, Stealth Bomber, predicting the future]

2125 Religious cartoons: a window into the mechanics of media persuasion
[cartoons, persuasion, politics, religion, Punch magazine, allegories]

2126 A barrel of oil: measure, material object and metaphor
[barrel, firkin, lildirkin, hogshead, butt, tun, ton, oil drum, Robert Hardwick, bourbon, global warming, liquor, weights and measures, gallon]

2127 How It Works vs. How to Make It: An early 20th-C case history
[Archibald Williams, Farman airplane, Electricity, dynamos, turbines, steam engines, How it Works, How Things Work, early motor cars, Edwardian Technology]

2128 Ken Richmond, James Blades, and the J. Arthur Rank gong
[Ken Richmond, James Blades, J. Arthur Rank Gong, movie logos, moving pictures, Benjamin Britten, pacifism, Jehovah's Witnesses, special effects, MGM lion, music, percussion instruments]

2129 Thomas Ewing French: A reflection on "leadership" vs. true positive influence
[Thomas Ewing French, drafting, leadership, influence, mechanical Drawing, Ohio State University, football, athletics, textbooks, teaching]

2130 Before GPS: airplane directions painted on rooftops
[Roger Mola, airmarkers, The Ninety-Nines, WPA, CCC, Boy Scouts, directions for airplanes, GPS, WW-II, aerial navigation]

2131 "Sands upon the Red Sea shore": A curious parable about scale
[scale, small things, big picture, history, historiography, Rob Zaretsky, 17th-C Dutch artists, gastronomy, bookstores, Toynbee, Wells, Kurlansky, William Blake]

2132 Absolutism: Biblical distortion and the death of scientific literacy
[absolutism, fundamentalism, scientific literacy, religion, evolution, education, Book of Job, age of Earth, Newton's Laws, 1st Law of thermodynamics, Kansas City school board]

2133 Industrial Arts vs. Arts and Crafts: The perfect marriage of opposite
[industrial arts, arts and crafts movement, crastsmanship, education, manufacturing]

2134 Revolution: rewriting all things, rewriting time itself
[Fabre d'Eglantine, French Revolution, Saint Just, St. Gregory, Gregorian calendar, Reign of Terror, equinox, Rob Zaretsky]

2135 Zeitgeist: a dangerous guest, or ghost, who walks among us
[Zeitgeist, Emerson, ghost, guest, stranger, etymology, FAX machines, invention, High Plains Drifter, airplanes, flight, Wright brothers, community]

2136 Hi-Tech in 1740: The Musical Instrument Maker of Williamsburg
[Musical Instrument Maker of Williamsburg, violin, harpsichord, craftsmanship, woodworking, Baroque sonata]

2137 Tenement Houses: Trying to keep a roof over the poor
[tenement houses, Ernest Flagg, Jacob Riis, affordable housing projects, New York City, Five-Points, Lower East Side, architecture, ventilation, poverty, poor, overcrowding]

2138 The P-39, Bell Airacobra: lemonade from a lemon
[P-39 Bell Airacobra, military aircraft, airplane, pursuit, design, war, Russia, USSR, WW-II]

2139 Old Sears and Roebuck catalogs tell us about buying power then and now
[Sears and Roebuck catalogs, catalogues, prices, buying power, economics, factory made, music, cost of household goods]

2140 Poor Old Pluto, no longer a pup or a planet, but still there
[Pluto, Xena, TV, astronomy, Clyde Tombaugh, underworld, International Astronomical Union planet, dynamics, 3-body problem, planetary orbits, moons, Charon, Hydra, Nix, Ceres, asteroid belt, Kuiper belt]

2141 Solitude and society: An old tension plays out in architecture
[John Brinkerhoff Jackson, Aristotle, community, nature, forests, solitude, landscapes, utopian communities, Jean Krchnak]

2142 Schenectady seen as a surprising window into Amercan history
[Schenectady, Iroquois Federation, Native Americans, French and Indian War, Revolution, Colonial, Erie Canal, American history]

2143 In which Emma Lazarus reinvents the Statue of Liberty
[Emma Lazarus, poem, poetry, The New Colossus, women, Statue of Liberty, Gustave Eiffel, Frederic August Bartholdi, sculpture, construction, immigration, emigration, refugees, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Dorothy Baker]

2144 Arabella Buckley: Of beauty, belief, and evolution
[Arabella Buckley, evolution, natural selection, women, Charles Darwin, Alfred Wallace, Charles Lyell, geology, education, Petr Kropotkin, biology]

2145 The far fringes of time -- fringes beyond our comprehension
[human perception, lifetime, physics, Robert Jaffe, science, religion, strong and weak forces, subjective time]

2146 In which Shakespeare invents a great deal of our language
[Shakespeare, Elizabethan language, Sidney Berger, idiom, Bernard Levin]

2147 Technological survival in metaphors of the human body
[technology, survival, human function, clothespin, paper clip, mousetrap, pen, books, public, Omar Khayyam, Belshazzar's feast, moving finger, radio, music]

2148 The selling of phrenology -- and other would-be sciences
[phrenology, Orson, Lorenze, Charlotte Fowler, women, Samuel Wells, pseudoscience, Louis Agassiz, races, racism, physiology, proof, Kant, George Edwards]

2149 Electrical words and a vision of the future
[electricity, electric dictionary, Edwin Houston, armature, dynamo, alternator, WW-I airplane, automobile, magneto, battery, spark coil, alternating direct current, ignition, spark plug, crank]

2150 Scotty on Starship Enterprise: an image of an engineer
[Star Trek, James Doohan, Montgomery Scott, engineering design, Captain Kirk, stereotype, science fiction, Submarine Seaview, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Starship Enterprise]

2151 Earth Abides: Thinking about Apocalypses and lesser ills
[George Stewart Earth Abides, Hiroshima Nagasake, Global warming climate change, famine, plague, apocalypses, overpopulation, war, Ishi, human survival]

2152 Far from home: Traveling with the USO
[Sidney Berger, United Service Organization USO, military personel,theater, theatre, entertainment, Greenland, Iceland, Arctic]

2153 Of cliques and connections: graph theory, society and surveillance
[Brian Hayes, Steve Lohr, graph theory, Leonard Euler, the seven bridges of Königsberg, graph theory, mathematics, government surveillance, social connection, Chesterton, telephone email monitoring, privacy, Google, terrorists]

2154 Wieliczka Sol, Poland's "Great Salt Treasure"
[salt mining, mines, Wieliczka Sol, Poland, metaphor, underground, tunneling, medieval technology]

2155 From Jamestown 'til now: the glass bottle in America
[bottle, flask, Jamestown, Plymouth,Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, glass making, packaging, robot production, Coca Cola, survival]

2156 Earth without people: What would it be without us?
[disease, population, extinction of species, ecology, George Stewart, Earth Abides, Chernobyl site]

2157 The web-fed press and the limits of useful production output
[web-fed press, hand-press, cylindrical, roller, Richard Hoe, printing, Gutenberg, Ben Franklin, speed, sst, newspaper, inking, Friederich Koenig]

2158 Sacred Site or Theme Park: Enter and be saved
[Lourdes, Disney's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Bernadette Soubirous, J. K. Hoysmans, childhood, miracle cures]

2159 An old book with two stories about technological change
[steam engine valve linkages, wood pulp paper making, cotton rag, Auchincloss, preservation]

2160 The day the Dix went down: Puget Sound's worst maritime disaster
[SS Dix, Schooner Jeannie, Puget Sound, Bainbridge Island, Seattle, Washington, maritime disaster, sunken ships, steamships]

2161 When the eye plays tricks, and we see more than is
[vision, eye, William Langewiesche, flight, aerial view, horses, reality, perception, camera]

2162 A new book of quotations, and new insights into quotation
[quotations, Fred Shapiro, Yale, Robert Burton, Joyce Kilmer, Heywood Broun, Sherman, Napoleon, Garbo Charles Darwin, Erasmus, Howard Hughes, Pasteur, Boulton, Boswell, Kafka, Rilke, Mahler, invention, antecedents]

2163 Missing Fliers: In which no conspiracy means slow sales
[Amelia Earhart, Herbert Hinkler, Glenn Miller, Norseman C-64, Lockheed Electra 10-E, Howland Island, Lancaster bombers, Roy Conyers Nesbit, publishing, sales, book selling, D. B. Cooper, Fred Noonan conspiracy theories]

2164 Henry Selby Hele-Shaw, and the many faces of yesterday's engineer
[Henry Selby Hele-Shaw, engineer, Tay Bridge disaster, engineering education, fluid mechanics, Hele-Shaw flow, viscosity, potential flow, boundary layer, clutch, early automobiles, Benz, clutch design, drag reduction, shark porpoise skin]

2165 Trucks, the important quiet cousins of our fancy automobiles
[GMC CCKW 2-12 ton truck, Carl Benz, Cugnot's steam dray, hauling goods, John Mack, Komatsu 930# dump truck, 18-wheelers]

2166 John Fitch, a steamboat builder surrunded by the early makers of America
[John Fitch, early America, Thomas Paine, steamboat, jet propolusion, Benjamin Franklin, John Hall, James Rumsey, George Washington, iron bridges, 18th-century revolution]

2167 Proof and Belief: Are they related?
[proof, belief, law, religion, empirical, mathematical, logic, psychology]

2168 What's really in a Name -- the name of William Shakespeare?
[William Shakespeare, Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, Francis Bacon, drama, plays, Charles Dickens, Sidney Berger, authorship]

2169 Energy from the sea -- harnessing waves and tides
[tidal power wave power Annette von Jouanne, Oregon State University, linear electric motors, Pelamis, Portugal, renewable energy]

2170 In which Fermi guesses the number of piano tuners in Chicago
[Enrico Fermi, back of the envelope calculations, intelligent guesses, slide rules, ballpark estimates, piano tuners in Chicago, atom bomb test]

2171 Margaret Knight, origami, and a machine to make paper bags
[Margaret Knight, paper bags, women, sacks, robotic manufacturing, rigid flexible origami]

2172 Forgetting the past, and then seeing it resurrected
[20th-Century Technology Museum, Bert Rutan VerieZe, Art Sharon Schulze, Teepee Motel, Wharton, TX, vintage household appliances, radio tubes, television, airplanes, ornithopters, Grawunder]

2173 Hume and humility, or a pox on both your houses
[David Hume, Rob Zaretsky, Dawkins, Baron d'Holbach, athiest, athiesm, agnosticism, religion, philosophy, humility, zealotry, fundamentalism]

2174 The home as a toy factory
[toys, playthings, merchandising, Ward's catalog, childhood, manual ability, creativity]

2175 Bertolt Brecht: radical theatre and a fresh breath of air
[Bertolt Brecht, theater, theatre, The Threepenny Opera, Kurt Weil, Sidney Berger]

2176 Hoaxes: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em
[Piltdown man, Trojan Horse, hoaxes, surprise, jokes politicians, scientists, technologists, Archimedes, Mechanicke, Techni, comedy, hocus pocus]

2177 Clifton Fadiman and the cult of cultivation
[Clifton Fadiman, Information Please, Oscar Lavant, Bennet Serf, George Kaufman, William James Sidis, Voltaire, Rouseau, Isaac Bashevis Singer, New Yorker, intelligentsia, literature, culture]

2178 Liaison airplane in WW-II: modest swords made from plowshares
[Piper Cub, Grasshopper, Aeronca, Cessna, Taylorcraft, Stinson, observation, liaison, artillery spotting, Bill Cummings, US Army, STOL, WW-II. WW-I]

2179 Science magazine's list of Breakthroughs in 2006
[Science magazine, scientific breakthroughs, genetics, evolution, missing link fish reptiles, biology, RNA, ice sheets, global warming, melting, oceans, Poincaré's conjecture, topology, Fields Medal, Grigori Perelman]

2180 The strange longevity of the Hollow Earth hypothesis
[Hollow Earth, Leonhard Euler, Edmond Halley, David Standish, John Symmes, Americus, Antarctica, magnetic poles, Edgar Allan Poe, Baudelaire, Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, pseudoscience]

2181 In which a car salesman becomes a camel driver and rewrites archaeology
[Carlo Bergmann, László Almásy, Egyptian archaeology, oasis, The English Patient, Gilf Kebur Caves, Nubia, Sudan, camel driver, desert, Nile, Zerzura, Dakhla Oasis, car salesman, Ford Motor Company, Steyr Automobile]

2182 Wondering why we believe in so much magic
[magic, superstition, belief, lucky charms, obsessive compulsive behavior, psychology, fortune cookies, religion]

2183 Creating community as we run in place
[gym, gymnasium, excercise machines, community and technology]

2184 The Aeroplane Speaks: A 1917 book plays counterpoint to war
[airplane, The Aeroplane Speaks, Horatio Barber, Blood April 1917, WW-I, early flight, war, Charles Grey, Morane, Nieuport, Red Baron von Richthoven]

2185 Thoughts about crowds, and how they are put to use
[gym, gymnasium, excercise machines, community and technology]

2186 Lost beauty of old words: nostalgia thwarted a flood of new books
[Charles MacKay, Dickens, literature, language words, Uncle Tom's Cabin, penny dreadfuls, dime novels, Internet, fast presses, printing]

2187 In which last Survivors connect then with now
[Last Survivors, Robert Ernest Hubbard, Jefferson, Jeanne Calment, Custer Battlefield, Dewey Beard, Alejo Peréz Jr., Alamo, Alberta Martin, can Gogh, past, history]

2188 The day the earth moved: plate tectonics and the right question
[plate tectonics, continental drift, Alfred Wegner, continents, geology, geoscience, questions and science, fossils]

2189 Tom Benoist and the first commercial airline
[commercial airline, Tom Benoist XIV, flight, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Florida, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, transportation]

2190 Theatre Light -- a lot more than mere trim
[Adolph, Appia, Sidney Berger, theatre lighting, theater, candles, chandeliers, electricity, gas, reflectors, Ming Cho Lee]

2191 The steam boiler as neglected part of steam engine development
[steam engines, Richard Hills James Watt, Thomas Savery, Thomas Newcomen, haystack boilers, wagon boilers, compact heat exchangers, fire tube, water tube]

2192 Benjamin Franklin stirs up the new technology of flight
[Benjamin Franklin, hot air balloon ascents, hydrogen, Jan Ingenhousz, Joseph Banks, aeronauts]

2193 Matthew Arnold's honeymoon on Dover Beach: an odd Valentine's Day greeting
[Matthew Arnold, Dover Beach, English Channel, Victorian manners, Francis Lucy Wightman, poetry, Samuel Barber, poem, religion]

2194 John Smeaton: an engineer for all seasons
[John Smeaton, Henry Hindley, James Watt, Thomas Telford, Newcomen steam engine, water wheels, wind mills, inelastic collisions, engineering ethics]

2195 Earth, Moon, and their inertial dance through the Heavens
[Earth, Moon, astronomy, astrophysics, mechanics, inertia, gravity, conservation of angular momentum, rotational, mass, distance, slowing down, whirling skater]

2196 In which the future we seek to know is already among us
[future, Internet, BITNET, email, electronic communications, information, Rupert Brooke, Granchester, technological change]

2197 Liszt, Petrarch, and St. Augustine
[Liszt, Petrarch, St. Augustine, Dante, Marie d'Agoult, Paganini, Antonio Salieri, Amadeus, Chopin, George Sand, theology, renaissance, religion, music, piano, violin, stardom]

2198 Getting ready to invent the airplane in 1901
[Wright Borthers, Santos Dumont, lighter-than-air flight, dirigibles, Langley, W. Miller, Aerostat, airplane, aeroplane]

2199 Who were the Irish long ago?
[anthropology, archaeology, evolution, ethnicity, modern human emicgrations, linguistics, DNA, Great Britain, Ireland, Irish, early Britons,Stephen Oppenheimer, Turkey, Basgue language, Celtic, Vikings, Algles, saxons, farming, Ice Age, global warming]

2200 Jays who are smarter than you'd ever have thought
[avian biology, jays, corvidae, Nicola Clayton, cognition, animal intelligence, learning, tool making, tool use, Darwin, Claytonia professorii]

2201 Mount Toba: the worst volcano and the worst human catastrophe
[Mount Toba volcanic eruption, volcano, Samosir Island, Sumatra, Mount St. Helens, Indonesia, anthropology, archaeology, Australia, India, disaster, Stone Age, Paleolithic, modern humans migration, Kota Tampan, Io, pebble tools, Jupiter]

2202 Brownie cameras and brownie sprites -- two sides of one coin
[Brownies, Brownie cameras, sprites, fairies, toys, childhood, cooperation, community, childrens stories, Palmer Cox, Marc Olivier, photography, film, Eastman Kodak, technology]

2203 The Chankillo Observatory, first in the Western Hemisphere
[Chankillo Observatory, fortified temple, pre-Incan people, Incas, solar observation, summer winter solstices, anthropology, Native American, calendars]

2204 Earthquakes and Volcanoes remember, while hurricanes forget
[hurricanes, volcanoes, hurricanes, storms, plate tectonics, San Andreas Fault, Parkfield, CA, natural disasters, shear stress, rocks, magnitude-six, memory]

2205 The view from above: Another way of seeing
[Google Earth, aerial photography, satellite, psychology, perception, Fantasticks, surprise]

2206 A 1944 progress report on the subject of human evolution
[William Dean Howells, William Howells, human evolution, hominids, Mankind So Far, Piltdown Man, out of Eden, anthropology, archaeology, theory, hypothesis]

2207 How the little-remembered eruption of Mt. Tambora killed 70,000 people and gave rise to the novel Frankenstein
[volcanoes, Mt. Tambora, Peleé, Mt. Ruiz, Mt. St. Helens, Vesuvius, Joseph Smith, Mt. Toba, Mary Shelley, natural disasters, hydrogen bomb, explosive megatons,Frankenstein, LDS, Mormons, Krakatoa, Malay Archipeligo, Sumatra, Java, plate tectonics, Switzerland, famine, food riots, global climate change, ash, lava]

2208 Franklin, Beccaria, and Volta: Setting the stage for the electric 19th century
[Benjamin Franklin, Alessandro Volta, Giovanni Beccaria, electricity, Faraday, Frankenstein, glass armonica, music]

2209 Before the DC-3: The primitive years of commercial airlines
[Douglas DC-3, Caproni Ca-60 Transaereo, Vickers Vimy, Farman Goliath, Ernest Gann, transportation, commercial air travel, early flight]

2210 Taking out the trash -- and there's so much to take out
[trash, packaging, environment, waste disposal, recycling, Jessica Marshall, food distribution, advertising, handling goods, shrink wrap]

2211 Concrete Canoe: a metaphor, a vehicle for learning, and new technology in old clothing
[University of Houston Civil Engineering Department, Theodore Cleveland, education, concrete canoe ships boats, students, learning, Virginia Polytechnic Institute murders, composite materials, cement, steel]

2212 In which Joseph and John LeConte accept evolution as they themselves evolve
[Antebellum America, John, Joseph LeConte, University of California at Berkeley, slavery, medicine, naturalists, Darwin, evolution, religion, suffrage, racism, Louis Agassiz]

2213 Henri Pitot, his tube, and the Pont du Gard
[Henri Pitot, Rene Reaumur, Pont du Gard, Otto Mayr, St. Clement aqueducts, airspeed indicator, hydraulics, fluid mechanics, instrumentation, Nimes, denim, Roman, civil engineering]

2214 John Edward Routh: Statics then and now
[John Edward Routh, statics, applied mechanics, mathematics, Routh's theorem, Cambridge University, teaching, floatation, George Airy, James Clerk Maxwell, force balances, equilibrium, education, book preservation]

2215 Surviving Ourselves: Another look at the long ecology debate
[ecology, environmentalists, environment, James Lovelock Garry Charnock, Ashton Hayes, Gaia, CO2, carbon dioxide, DDT, malaria, nuclear power, green, Asimov, carbon neutrality, global warming]

2216 Good Health for Boys and Girls in 1889
[Edward Sylvester Ellis, dime novels, Barbara Cartland, textbooks, young people's literature, Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Deacon's Masterpiece, Wonderful One-Hoss Shay, drinking water, health, cheap books]

2217 Escalator: the Not-All-Purpose Magical Stairway
[steam engine, 1900 Paris Exhibition, electricity, electric motors, Otis Elevator Company, Jesse Reno, spiral escalators, moving sidewalks, Mitsubishi, skyscrapers]

2218 Sparrows, cardinals and old airplanes: glitzy Fokker Triplane vs. drab Albatros
[Albatros, Fokker Dr1 triplane, Nieuport, SE-5, Sopwith Camel, SPAD, WW-I air war, military, airplanes, combat, Mercedes in-line liquid-cooled engine, radial engines, Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen, sparrows, cardinals, bird watching]

2219 A progress report on predictions of global climate change
[climate, climatology, environment, predictions, carbon dioxide emmissions, gloobal warming temperature change, sea level rise, plate tectonics. ice-cap melting, politics]

2220 Maitre Jehan de Montesiler, Joan of Arc's sniper
[Siege of Orléans, Joan of Arc, Jean d'Aulon, Battle of Crecy, history, myth, Jean d'Arc, guns, cannon, couleuvrine, gunpowder, firearms, weapons, war, snipers, Maitre Jehan de Montesiler]

2221 Who owns the streets: the invention of jaywalking
[jaywalking, traffic, streets, children, play, Einstein, sociology, Life magazine]

2222 Jeremiah Horrocks, the 23-year-old "Father of English Astronomy"
[Jeremiah Horrocks, Father of English Astronomy, Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Omar Khayyam, poetry, transit of Venus, telescopes, A. B. Whatton, Ptolemy]

2223 Charlie Taylor, builder of the Wright brothers' engines
[Charles Charlie Taylor, Wright brothers, Orville, Wilbur, Cal Rogers Vin Fiz, Portal of the Folded Wings, Henry Ford Dayton bicycle shop]

2224 Thomas Jefferson and megalonyx, the great-clawed ground sloth
[megalonyx, megatherium, ground sloth, Thomas Jefferson, paleontology, Buffon, moose, extinction, species, Ice Age, fossils, animal size, zoology]

2225 Jean-Charles Borda: More than just a name on an orifice meter
[Jean-Charles Borda, metering orifice coefficients, Borda mouthpiece, Borda Count, American Revolution, France, voting, surveying, hydraulics, Kenneth Arrow, rationalists, standard meter]

2226 Aesop's Fables and scientific illustration
[william Gilbert, Gheeraerts Aesop's Fables, science, zoology, Francis Bacon, chameleon, scientific illustration method, representation]

2227 A Late Night Movie: Beatrice Lillie and a glimpse of another time
[Beatrice Lillie, Exit Smiling, Jack Pickford, movies, cinema, films, vampire, vampyre, romantic comedy, Charlie Chaplin, domestic technology, ironing, ice, regelation]

2228 Ancient Explanations of Bird Migrations
[bird migrations, avian, zoology, ornithology, bird watching, Aristotle, Redstarts, Garden Warblers, Crans, Robins, Greece, marshlands, Pliny the Elder, transmutation, Olaus Magnus, Stork, Homer's Iliad]

2229 Hurdles that children must leap to learn science
[Paul Bloom, Deena Skolnick Weisberg, science education, early development, children learning, epistemology, psychology, Newton's laws of motion, Aristotle, round Earth, gravity, evolution, creationism, religion, consciousness, biology]

2230 James Banning, pioneering Black pilot
[James Herman Banning, William J. Powell, Black aviators, Bessie Coleman Aero Club, Black, Thomas C. Allen, transcontinental flight, Alexandr Eaglerock, barnstorming, flying schools]

2231 Of cuckoos, cuckoldry and brood parasitic cupidity
[cuckoo birds, redstarts, brood parasites, migration, Hesiod, Aristotle, zoology, surrogate mothers, cuckoldry, Pliny the Elder]

2232 The real story behind Amelia Earhart, and other tales to good to be true
[fantasy, conspiracy, Steorn, concrete pyramids, Creation Museum, perpetual motion, Amelia Earhart, Bigfoot, Area 51 World Trade Center, Bermuda Triangle, Tom Crouch, Fred Noonan, Lockheed Electra, TIGHAR, Nikumaroro, Irene Bolam, Titanic]

2233 Gee Bee, Macchi-Castoldi, and the age of speed
[Gee Bee, Macchi-Castoldi, National Air Race, Thompson Trophy, Bendix, Schneider, Pulitzer, Mystery racing airplane, Granville, Lowell Bayles, Jimmy Doolittle, 1942 Tokyo raid, war, Supermarine Spitfire, amateurs]

2234 Spherical horses and frictionless wheels -- When are we close enough to reality?
[modeling idealizing reality, science, engineering, economics, Milton Friedman, Andy Boyd, common sense, counterintuitive]

2235 John Perry, Lord Kelvin, Earth's age, and the role of conduction and convection
[John Perry, Lord Kelvin, Earth's Age, heat conduction convection, mantle, lithosphere, crust, geology, geoscience, history, historiography, semi-infinite region, mathematics]

2236 Industrial Design: Showing us how function is art
[Industrial design, AEG, Edison, Zeppelin, art nouveau, art, technology, fuller, Loewy, Bel Geddes, Chester Calrson, XeroX, John Deere's self scouring plough, 2Oth century limited locomotive, AT&T 500 dail telephone, Henry Drewfuss, Josiah Wedgwood]

2237 Modeling the atom: Making quantum uncertainty reveal corpoeal solidity
[Atomic theory, Erwin Schrödinger, education, tomos, Andy Boyd, science, J. J. Thomson, electron, neutron, proton, orbitals, Neils Bohr, teaching]

2238 Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin and the Golden Apples of the Sun
[Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, Ray Bradbury, Golden Apples of the Sun, spectroscopy, composition of the sun, iron, hydrogen, helium, Harlow Shapely, Arthur Eddington, astrophysics, Harvard, women]

2239 Last places on Earth -- a new way to look at things
[last places on Earth, Niger, quality of life, Dongba language, pictographs, Aral Sea, environment, ecology, land management, dinosaur extinctions, meteor, Ludlow, CO, Swains Island, ham radio, Tofa language]

2240 Fighting the home-vido format wars: Who will win?
[Regina Scruggs, Blu-Ray, HD video, Microsoft, Blockbuster, Sony, Apple Hitachi, Philips, Toshiba, NEC, Samsung, Xbox]

2241 Otto Brunfels and the two reformations: religion and representation
[Protestant reformation, Otto Brunfels, Ulrich von Hutten, Erasmus, Weiditz, representational art images, botany, herbal medicine, yesterday-today-and-tomorrow, Brunfelsia, printing presses, Catholick chruch, theology, Martin Luther, Stanford University Motto]

2242 The Flying Circus of Physics: Of questions and answers
[Jearl Walker, Scientific American, The Amateur Scientist, fogbows, seadogs, light refraction, nucleate boiling, questions, science education, Socratic method, The Flying Circus of Physics]

2243 Organizing for disaster: One place where New Orleans did it right
[firefighters, Michael Berryhill, disaster preparedness, flood rescue, Incident Command System, Katrina, David Paulison]

2244 The Gentleman traveler: Victorian polymath, Francis Galton
[Victorian England, Sir Francis Galton, Charles Darwin, eugenics, statistics, statistical regression, travel, exploration, safaris, nature vs. nurture, breeding, genetics, fingerprints, Royal Geographical Society]

2245 Slats Rodgers' Old Soggy No. 1, the first Texas-Built aeroplane to fly
[Slats Rodgers, Old Soggy No. 1, first Texas aeroplane airplane, Curtiss Jenny JN-4(Can) Canuck, Prohibition, barnstorming, flight, Farmer Grawunder, 20th-Century Technology Museum]

2246 Sailing into the wind: vectors, language, and a fine summer's day
[John Price, fluid mechanics, sailing sailboating, tacking, wind, vectors, fluid mechanics, lift, Bernoulli's Principle, leeway, port, starboard, lines, sheets, halyards]

2247 The Voyageurs: sailors, monks, and chain gangs -- in harmony
[Voyageurs, cargo canoes, labor, music, song, harmony, harmonization, chain gangs, organum, sea shanties, open fourths, Appalachian music, Lewis and Clark, community, parts songs]

2248 Arc lights, glow lamps, incandescant bulbs -- Edison's in there somewhere
[arc lighting, incandescent, glow lamp, Thomas Edison, Julius Maier, Joseph Swan, movie projectors, carbon-arc, light bulb]

2249 Mrs. Coade's remarkable stones
[Margaret Culbertson, artificial stone, Mrs. Coade, Elinor, Eleanor, women, Dissenters, stone, terra cotta, David Pincot, Robert Adam, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Rienzi Gardens]

2250 Sir Michael James Lighthill, the man who could do everything
[aerodynamics, Royal Aircraft Establishment, Sir Michael James Lighthill, Lichtenberg, aeroacoustics, Treeman Dyson, chamber music, opers, fluid mechanics, Island of Sark, swimming, wave action, Lucasian Chair, supersonic flows, pure applied mathematics, Harrier Jump Jet, Concorde]

2251 Engine: Englisch Für Ingenieure -- in which I better learn my own language
[Engine: Englisch Für Ingenieure English German language, SkYacht, technology, engineering, Airbus 380, C-Questers, grammar]

2252 Ervin S. Ferry and the persistence of illumination
[Ervin S. Ferry, Ferry-Porter Law of critical fusion, optics, ophthalmology, optometry, vision, persistence of sight, intrumentation, measurement, laboratory, Purdue University, Uppsala, engineering, automobile torpedo, Gyrodynamics, gyroscopic control, gyroscope, quantum mechanics]

2253 Revisiting the Commons in a rapidly changing world
[The Tragedy of the Commons, Crediton, Garrett Hardin, socialism, ownership, jefferson, Morrill Act, public education lending libraries, copyleft, copyright, Internet, Wikipedia]

2254 Prussian Blue and the House of Berger
[Prussian Blue green, Thomas Lewis Berger, Louis Steinberger, lapis lazuli, Dippel, M. E. Woodward, J. M. W. Truner, oil painting, house paint, blueprints, Michel Pastoureau]

2255 From a bad beginning to a perfect morning
[music, Georg Frederic Handel, Jeptha, Mark Padmore, Lucy Crowe, melody, harmony, perception, creativity, musical phrasing]

2256 Darwin uses emotional expression to explain our kinship with animals
[Charles Darwin, Francis, emotions expression, emotional, animals, Sir Charles Bell, body language, gestures, evolution, Creationism]

2257 Pumping our blood, when our hearts fail us
[Jarvis artificial hearts, Black, heart transplants, Christiaan Barnard, Walter Lillehei, Charles Lindbergh, Alexis Carrel, Barney Clark, blood oxygen, recirculation, cardiac surgery, Longfellow]

2258 Sawing without back-and-forth motion: a conceptual leap
[chainsaw, bandsaw, band saw, women, circular saw, Sister Tabitha Babbit, Mademoiselle Crepin, welding, wood, wheel, continuous intermittent motion, logging, lumber, kerf, sawdust]

2259 ETAOIN, SHRDLU, QWERTYOP and the printed word
[Ogden Nash, ETAOIN, SHRDLU, QWERTYOP, Linotype machines, typewriters, Max Schulman, Robert Crumb, type-setting, keyboards]

2260 When metal grows tired: Trying to predict fatigue failures
[fatique failures, S-N diagrams, metallurgy, materials science, microcracks, deHavilland Comet, stress concentrations, structures, engineering]

2261 Ford's dream of a 75-mile city along Muscle Shoals
[Henry Ford, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Tennessee Valley Authority, TVA, Norris Dam, Wilson Dam, FDR, Roosevelt, the New Deal, Utopian communties, city design, technocracy]

2262 Of books, bicycles, and endurance testing: What is the measure of winning
[Tour de France, University of Chicago, Rober Maynard Hutchins, Great Books, doping scandals, plagiarism, education, human limits]

2263 Delaunay Deslandes misses the Industrial Revolution
[plate glass, glass manufacturing, France, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Delaunay Deslandes, mirrors, coke, coal, steel, technological change]

2264 The Mary D. Hume and history being forgotten
[The Mary D. Hume, Gold Beach, Oregon coast, ships, cargo boats, steamers, feral cat rescue, Rogue River jet boats, sea lions, fishing, seagulls, preservation and decay]

2265 Timbuktu: The romance and reality of a Renaissance intellectual center
[Africa, Black, books, manuscripts, science, caravans, commerce, education]

2266 In which the Cairo's ghost rises from the Yazoo mud
[Civil War, ship, steamboat, gunboat, war, anthropology, archaeology, war, army, navy, Union, Confederate, domestic technology, James Eads, St. Louis Bridge, city class ironclads]

2267 Thomas Harriot, England's Galileo
[Thomas Harriot, Galileo, telescopes, Walter Raliegh, Walter Ralegh, Roanoke Colony, Virginia, Copernicus, The New World, Algonquin, Aristotelian science, sunspots, Moon surface, astronomy, algebra, geometry, optics, symbolic mathematics, 9th Earl of Northumberland, Henry Percy, Snell's Law]

2268 The Lucifer Effect: From Stanford University to Abu Ghraib
[Michael Berryhill, Philip Zimbardo, Abu Ghraib prison, Stanford experiments, psychology, abuse, torture, good and evil]

2269 James David Forbes and the contradiction of fire and ice
[James David Frobes, James Clerk Maxwell, Macedonio Melloni, heat radiation, infra-red, University of Edinburgh, viscous movement of glaciers, earth science, geology, meteorology, quantum physics, biography, Max Plank, quantum mechanics, physics, Louis Agassiz, Aar, viscoplastic]

2270 Louis de Broglie: The prince and blurred pea
[Maurice Louis de Broglie's Principle, quantum mechanics, physics, matter as waves, Einstein, Schrodinger, equation, Max Planck, uncertainty principle]

2271 The inequity of water across the face of Earth and her people
[water supply, aquifers, ecology, economics, Michael Specter, Frank Herbert, Dune, distribution]

2272 William and George Ellery Hale: A legacy of building America
[William Ellery Hale, George Ellery Hale, elevators, Chicago fire, architecture, buildings, skyscrapers, Louis Sullivan, astronomy, astrophysics, spectroheliograph, cosmology, sun, solar flares,Palomar, Mt. Willson, Lick observatory, observatories, electric trolley]

2273 Why we rifle footballs, bullets, knives, and arrows
[rifle, rifling, bullets, shooting, ballistics, footballs, passing, knives, knife throwing, archery, arrows, dynamics, rotational inertia]

2274 Old graves in an old town and a new view of who we were
[Bridghampton, Long Island, New York, American Revolution, gravestones, Increase Mather, Cotton Mather, Nathaniel Mather, Presbyterian Church, American history, the Hamptons]

2275 Back to the present as Delphi speaks to Athens
[Greece, Greek, Rob Zaretsky, Delphic oracle, Athens, Xerxes, Socrates, Themistocles, epistomology, intelligence analysis]

2276 The Cascade Effect: In which we join in conclusions based on incomplete science
[John Tierney, cascade effect, epistomology, fatty foods, health, diet, hurricanes, science education]

2277 Pondering the Luddites as we face our own brave new world
[Luddites, flush toilet automatic sensors, automatic transmission, technological change, weaving, looms, Luddism, Ned Ludd]

2278 Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn: friendship in the face of terrible odds
[Lise Meitner, women, atomic phyics, Otto Hahn, Otto Robert Frisch, nuclear fission, atom bomb, WW-II, Nazi Germany, Holocaust, friendship, concentration camps]

2279 In which medical people learn how to save babies on the boardwalk
[premature babies, preemies, incubators, incubation, Martin Couney, medicine, Julie Anderson, Coney Island, sideshows]

2280 In which Hiroo Onoda and Shoichi Yokoi cannot figure out that the war has ended
[Japan, Japanese, Lubang Islands Philippines, guerilla warfare, psychology, Hiroo Onoda, Shoichi Yokoi, epistomology, Pacific theater of WW-II]

2281 Lindbergh, Nungesser, and the stories woven about them
[Charles Lindbergh, François Coli, Charles Nungesser, flying the Atlantic, airplanes, aeroplanes, dead reckoning, story-telling, l'Oiseau Blanc, childhood]

2282 In which the Gokstad Viking ship tells its story
[Gokstad Oseberg Viking ships, Norsemen, Norwegians, shipping, sailing, oars, rowing, marine archaeology, Oslo museum, Kenneth Clark, woodworking, Civilisation, burials]

2283 An anachronistic old book links shoe polish and lubrication
[lubrication, lubricating oils, rapeseed oil, petroleum products, bone black, shoe polish, leather finishing]

2284 Books by the foot: the ultimate reductio ad absurdum
[interior decorating, books by the foot, decoration, reading, Indiana Jones, literacy, pretence, pretentious]

2285 In which Fiat bulds the last great combat biplanes
[Fiat, Mitsubishi, Japanese Zero, Celestino Rosatelli, CR-32, CR-42, G.55, Caccia Rosatelli, open-cockpit biplanes, radial engines, North Africa, Wright Brothers, Bleriot, in-line, air-cooled, liquid-cooled, fighter planes, WW-I, WW-II, Spanish Civil War, Polikarpov]

2286 Ponzi and pyramid schemes: How we love to throw our money away!
[Charles Ponzi, Carlo, illegal immigration smuggling, scams, arbitrage, forging checks, con games, IRCs, yellow pages, pyramid schemes, Ala Littoria airline, tax cuts, fiscal policy, economics, chain letters, Mussolini]

2287 The ceremony of innocence is drowned: Fritz Haber swallowed by wars
[Fritz Haber, WW-II, WW-I, Jewish, Judaism, innocence is drowned, Franco-Prussian War, Second Reich, ammonia fertilizer, Zyklon-B, poison gas, chlorine, Clara Immerwahr, chemistry, gas chambers, W. B. Yeats, Holocaust]

2288 William Faulkner and the Handley Page bomber at the movies
[William Faulkner, John Alcock, Brown, Howard Hawks, Joan Crawford, Handley Page bombers, O/100, O/400. Vickers Vimy, flying the Atlantic, Turnabout, movie scripts, WW-I, torpedo boats, literature]

2289 The rise and demolition of New York's first skyscraper
[Ditherington Flax Mill, Tower Building, Montgomery Schuyler, skyscrapers, Chicago, New York City, Flatiron Building, Monadnock Building, Bradford Gilbert, Daniel Burnham, architecture, Home Insurance Building, demolition, preservation]

2290 The Platonic "regular" solids: mathematics and divinty
[Solid geometry, Platonic regular solids, Euclidean geometry, Johannas Kepler, cosmology, solar system, religion]

2291 It's moving day for a hundred thousand bees
[honey bees, University of Houston campus, apiary, beekeeprs, environment, pollination, ecology, agriculture, insects, entymology]

2292 Music, creativity, and anarchy: accomplishment arising from the ground up
[chamber music, anarchy, creativity, invention, organization, leadership, jazz, St. Cecilia Chamber Music Society, jazzhouston.com]

2293 In which Victor Hugo contemplates the book and the building
[Victor Hugo, Notre Dame Cathedral, Gothic architecture, printing press, books, buildings, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Claude Frollo, Notre Dame de Paris, Pantheon, Ste Genevieve Library, Rob Zaretsky, Henri Labrouste, language, communication]

2294 Contaminating the indelible mirror of everday life -- the Internet
[Internet Newton's laws of motion, "Newton's second law of thermodynamics", Joan of Arc as Noah's wife, C. P. Snow, scientific literacy, illiteracy]

2295 All the old biplanes allowed to crash, because it was so much fun
[Curtiss Jenny, Howard Hughes, replicas, WW-I preservation, Fokker Triplanes, de Havilland DH-4, airplanes, aeroplanes, flight, barnstorming, movies, Hell's Angels, Pauline Kael]

2296 Moog the man and Moog the machine: a lesson in engineering design
[Robert Moog, synthesizers, Theremins, musical instruments, engineering, design, audio, electronics, product development, Minimoog, jazz]

2297 Balsa wood: triggering the imagination and creation of composite materials
[design, construction, silicon, carbon, composite materials, plywood, boats, airplanes, balsa wood, de Havilland Mosquito, I-beams, Ochroma pyramidale]

2298 In which the footnote makes the historian
[footnotes, references, Rob Zaretsky, citing sources, Leopold von Ranke, historiography, historians, scholarship, Edward Gibbon]

2299 1873: A snapshot view of dazzling technological chang
[Science Record, 1873, technological change, dental mallet, George Pullman, paper, railroad, wheels, steam streetcar, cable cars, flourescent lights, trolleys, dirigible, telegraphy, brooklyn bridge, technology]

2300 Pink Flamingos: viscisitudes in the search for art
[pink flamingos, donald featherstone, Christmas music, Courier and Ives, Durer, praying hands, art, asthetics, birds, jazz, John Waters, stability]

2301 Making sports balls: how to get from flat to round
[Andy Boyd, topology, geometry, Platonic solids, Buckyballs, sports, footballs, basketballs, baseballs, volley balls, geography, Mercator]

2302 Henry Koster: one man's life in the movies
[Henry Koster, Kosterlitz, movies, films, motion pictures, Peggy Moran, Polandblut, Jews, Jewish, NAZI Germany, No Highway in the Sky]

2303 William LeMessurier corrects his error -- in public
[William LeMessurier, architect, structural design, Citicorp Center, acceptable risk, wind loading]

2304 Andrew Carnegie reads an important lesson in the life of young James Watt
[Andrew Carnegie, William Carnegie, James Watt, Robert Dick, American, industry, freedom, liberal education, Mammerman's guild, instrument, making, US Steel, labor unions, Newcomen steam engine, University of Glasgow Scotland]

2305 Retelling the history of La Marseillaise -- in which a song shapes both a nation and a language
[Joseph Rouget de Lisle la Marseillaise, national anthems, language evolution, French revolution, Provençal, Rob Zaretsky]

2306 In which Wayne Gilbert paints in earth tones from Earth itself
[funerary, ashes, cremation, painting, art, Wayne Gilbert, Mexico, clay, dead, death, 9/11, pallette, color, earth tones, life, death]

2307 A Canadian-American icon and nature's engineer: The Beaver
[Beavers, Canada, North America, forests, zoology, engineering, nature, trappers, trapping, dams, ecology, iconography]

2308 A twentieth-year reminder of what we're trying to accomplish
[Twentieth anniversary of The Engines of Our Ingenuity, Martin Buber, I-Thou Ich-Du I-it Ich-es, Daniel Bareenboim, Beethoven]

2309 Brushes broken by people whose eyes will not see
[German expressionist art, Gus Kopriva, redbud gallery, Adolph Hitler, NAZIs, Degenerate Art, Jim Edwards, WW-I, art prints, Irene Guenther, Gerhard Marcks, Kathe Kollwitz, Paul Kleinschmidt, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff]

2310 Bridging the Hellespont: Xerxes makes war on the Dardenelles
[Hellespont, Xerxes, Greece, Persian Wars, Greek, pontoon bridges, Dardenelles, Herodotus]

2311 From thought to thing: the human face of our machines
[thought to thing, satisfice, compromise, technology, gears, teeth, design]

2312 How we finally put crews of computers to work on our desktops
[computer, mother boards, multiprocessor, multicore, operations, research, computation, programming, duo-core, quad-core, chips, Andy Boyd]

2313 Herman Sörgel's Atlantropa project: Lebensraum from a lowered Mediterranean
[Herman Sörgel, Atlantropa, Mediterranean Sea, art, architecture, German expressionism, Bauhaus, arts and crafts, geography, ecology, irrigation, Europe, North Africa, Gibralter, dam, Star Trek, NAZIs, Hitler]

2314 In which Montaigne invents the essay -- as means for assaying his own life
[Michel de Montaigne, Château de Montaigne, assaying, essay, literature, writing, Catherine de Medici, Protestant Catholic, self knowlege, France, St. Bartholomew Day Massacre, religious wars, King Henri III]

2315 Paying for our entertainments by watching advertising -- back in 1885
[advertising, printing, book making, pricing, carpentry and joinery, selling television, Internet, hair restorer]

2316 Operations Reasearch, the invisible engineering that everyone uses and few people know
[operations research, industrial, mathematical, scheduling, systems engineering, management, science, information, decisions]

2317 Backwater curves and a natural bayou redesigned
[backwater, curves, hydraulics, open channel, flow, sanitary engineering, civil, wastewater treatment, Houston, bayous, rainfall, runnoff, rivers, hydraulic, jumps]

2318 Genocide: In which Raphael Lemkin names the unnamable
[genocide, Raphael Lemkin, Stephanie Power, United Nations, Rob Zaretsky, final, solution, holocaust, Armenian massacre, Kodak, international law]

2319 Trying to get to the North Pole in a hydrogen balloon
[dirigible, Norge Spitsbergen, Thomas Jefferson, Richard Byrd, Robert Peary Ellsworth, aerial navigation, Arctic exploration, flight, Fokker Trimotor, Floyd Bennett, Sweden, North Pole, Max von Sydow, S. A. Andree, aeronaut, balloonist]

2320 Tracing recent history: computer memory over three decades
[computer memory, RAM, storage, flash drives, floppy discs, CD-ROM, bytes, information, technology, secondary storage, technological evolution]

2321 In which we were saved from war because Kennedy remembered the past.
[Cuban Missile Crisis, John F. Kennedy, Bobby, Soviet, Nikita Khrushchev, nuclear, missiles, U2 spy plane, psychology, history, Gesorge Santayana, Barbara Tuchman, Bettman-Hollweg, SAC]

2322 Civilians and the making of the steam-powered U.S. Navy
[military, US Navy, Robert Fulton, the second ironclads, sails, John Ericsson, steamboats, steamships, river boats, paddle wheels, screw propellers, technological change, gun, turrets, Monitor Demologos]

2323 "Beam me up Scotty," The longed-for grail of teleportation
[quantum teleportation, The Fly, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, science fiction]

2324 Jumping fences and inventing things: kissin' cousins
[fences, potential barriers, quantum tunneling, physics, Berlin Wall, Maginot Line, Robert Frost, techni, invention, risk taking, Great Wall of China, Mending Wall, William Faulkner]

2325 Arturo Toscanini and David Sarnoff bring music off the mountaintop -- at some cost
[RCA, Arturo Toscanini, David Sarnoff, radio orchestra, media figures, Igor Stravinsky, Aaron Copeland]

2326 Emerging from the muddle of war to invent the modern steam vessel
[steamships, steamboat, steam engine vessels, US Navy, military, frigate, cruiser, Madawaska Wampanoag, John Ericsson, Monitor, B. F. Delano, Benjamin Isherwood, marine architecture, clipper ships]

2327 George Dantzig, linear programing, and a curious priority question
[George Dantzig, linear programing, geometry, computer algorithms, simplex method, Tjalling Koopmans, Leonid Kantorovich, credit, priority, Nobel Prize]

2328 George Lindenthal's great unbuilt bridge from Manhattan to New Jersey
[George Lindenthal, land links, Manhattan, Hell Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, truss, suspension, bridges, Lincoln, Holland Tunnel, East Hudson, Harlem River ]

2329 Robert Thurston looks at Robert Fulton and sees beyond the folly
[Robert H. Thurston, Robert Fulton, engineering, education, ASME, steam warships, underwater, naval warfare, US Navy, Thomas Jefferson, steamboats, submarine, torpedoes, patents, intellectual property, War of 1812, Demologos]

2330 Iceboats: Faster than a speeding locomotive -- when we still rode horses
[iceboats, speed sailing, ice-yachting on the Hudson, Scribner's magazine, sport, tacking, skating]

2331 A cow's eye view: Temple Grandin and mercy for the the condemned
[Temple, Grandin, autism, autistic animals, cruelty, slaughterhouse, design, psychology, meat packing houses]

2332 Learning who we were in 1915 by looking at automobiles
[automobiles, women's suffrage, highway system, infrastructure, war, military, sierra madre mountains, electric cars]

2333 Corn: a better job in cultivating us than we in cultivating it”
[corn, Michael Pollan, Synthetic nitrogen, Public health, Chicken nugget, corn derivatives]

2334 Edward Bellamy: The year 2000 as envisioned in 1888
[Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward, Utopia, utopian, socialism]

2335 Houston's great port: the engine behind a city
[Houston, Texas, port, Ship Channel, shipping, Galveston, Bolivar Ferry, MSC, Alessi Stolt, Inspiration, T-Class ships, Eiffel Tower, supertankers, commerce, Star Eagle]

2336 The Science of the Declaration. Or Jefferson Declares his Principles
[Thomas Jefferson, orrery, David Rittenhouse, Declaration of Independence, Isaac Newton, necessity]

2337 Frank Hornby and his Meccano sets -- still there, over a century later
[Frank Hornby, Hele-Shaw, Meccano Erector sets, Tinker Toys, Dinky Cars Matchbox, Legos, Arts and Crafts Movement, childhood, children, A.C Gilbert, chemistry sets]

2338 How Skill and Chance Influence the Outcome of Games
[Candy Land, roulette, chess, poker, baseball, skill, chance]

2339 How women traded their distaffs for a new life
[distaff, feminism, women, weaving, spinning, mules, textiles, Ellen Swallow Richardson, home economics, William Caxton, sociology]

2340 Trying to make sense of beauty, symmetry, and attractiveness
[John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, symmetry, Randy Thornhill, beauty, evolutionary biology]

2341 Richard Wagner conceives a sound, then invents an instrument to create it
[Richard Wagner, Anton Bruckner, Igor Stravinsky, brass, tuba, French horn, tonal palette, Das Rheingold, classical music, Roger Kaza, symphony orchestra]

2342 A horrific chapter of history gives us Maya blue
[Maya blue, Prussian, Mayan sacrifices, Mel Gibson, Apocalypto, analine, palygorskite, clay, indigo, copal incense, ritual symbolism, anthropology, Sacred Cenotes, anti-diarrhea medicine]

2343 The Olympics: An Ancient Solution for a Modern Puzzle
[Olympics, Coubertin, Sports, Masculinity, Beijing, French Revolution]

2344 Transco/Williams Tower, your perfect neighborhood skyscraper
[Transco Williams Tower, skyscraper, Philip Johnson Water Wall, Art Deco, urban, planning, architecture]

2345 Making Music With a Computer
[music, programming, musician, Beethoven, Für Elise, piano]

2346 Sitting down to supper, 10,000 years ago
[Prehistoric Cookery, Jane Renfrew, nutrition, eating, meat, vegetarian, food, grains, marrow, honey, barley, oats, anthropology, archaeology, recipes]

2347 Watching the Deutsches Museum evolve: 1903 until now
[Munich, Deutsches Museum, Prince Ludwig, King Ludwig III, Wilhelm Ostwald, Oskar von Miller, German chemical industry, Bavaria, Germany, power, technology, flight]

2348 Reading: What is it becoming in the 21st century?
[Maryanne Wolf Proust and the Squid, reading, brain functions, literature, electronic media, NEA ]

2349 Building early railroads -- the bands that shrunk Earth
[railroads, railways, bridges, Frederick Talbot, transportation, surveying, roughing it, locomotives]

2350 Dystopia: Getting to know utopias evil twin
[utopia, dystopia, Huxley, Brave New World, Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four, 1984, Vonnegut, Player Piano, Brazil, Sleeper, Blade Runner, cyberpunk, Colossus, Forbin Project, Matrix, Terminator, Henry Ford, Model T]

2351 A kind of perpetual motion machine that conserves energy
[first, second law of thermodynamics, energy, power, efficiency, entropy, availability, heat, self deception]

2352 Barbed wire, an evolving metaphor
[cowboys, war, NAZI, concentration camps, holocaust, Dempsey Rae, barbed wire, freedom, fences, American west, agriculture, farming]

2353 Reflections on -- or in -- the key of C
[music, tonality, key of C, Richard Strauss, Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Eroica, Mozart, minimalist, minimalism, John Adams, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Christian Schubart, 2001, Also Sprach Zarathustra in C]

2354 Women and Astronomy in the Late 19th Century
[Harvard Computers, Pickering's Harem, Edward Charles Pickering, Henry Draper, star spectra, Williamina Fleming, Henrietta Leavitt, Annie Jump Cannon, Horsehead Nebula, Radcliffe, American Astronomical Society]

2355 Before Edison? Well, what can really be called recording?
[Au Clair de la Lune, Éduard-Léon, Scott de Martinville, phonautograph, visual, audio recording, France, David Giovannoni, phonograph, invention, Edison, sound, visualization, singing]

2356 Hebrew and Yiddish struggle for ascendancy after WW-II
[Yiddish, Hebrew language textbooks, instruction, Jewry, Judiasm, Zionism, Israel, Palestine, culture, Richard Armstrong]

2357 Tour de France, Tour of Suffering
[Bicycle, Tour de France, Henri Desgrange, doping, mass production, bicycles, steriods, athletics, pedal, workers]

2358 Chedworth Villa -- then the Roman, now you and I
[Chedworth Villa, Cotswolds, England, Great Britain, Briton, Roman occupation, domestic architecture, A. E. Housman, A Shropshire Lad, Wenlock Edge, Julius Caesar, Emperor Claudius]

2359 Justice: Now you see it ...
[Superhero, Invisibility, Gyges, Tolkien, H. G. Wells, Plato]

2360 On being reminded of the forgotten foundations, right under our feet
[architecture, Frank Tavares, archaeology, archaeologists, anthropology, Jerusalem, Winchester, Repeating, Arms, factory, layers of history]

2361 Making ethanol from cellulose
[moonshine, grain alcohol, ethanol, corn, cellulose, fiber, Energy, Independence and Security Act, cellulosic ethanol]

2362 A photo, older than we thought, rewrites history
[Henry Bright, Josiah Wedgwood, James Watt, Sir Humphrey Davy, photography, Henry Fox Talbot, solar, prints, Southeby's, camera obscuras, photogenic, drawings, the Lunar Society]

2363 Gettysburg, a political turning point..
[Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg, Rhetoric, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Edward Everett]

2364 46 BC: In which Julius Caesar creates the longest year
[Julius Caesar, Roman calendar, timekeeping, lunar, solar, religion, kalends]

2365 Card Counting for Blackjack
[blackjack, twenty-one, 21, Las Vegas, casinos, Edward Thorp, card counting]

2366 Remembering when Hell Gate in the East River really was daunting
[Hell Gate, Queens, Manhattan, Astoria, New York City, East River, port, obstruction, Hallet's Point, rapids, rocks, shipping, hazards, Gustav Lindenthal]

2367 Georgie Clark and the invention of white-water rafting
[Georgie Clark, Colorado River, whitewater, rafting, women, National Park Service, women, adventure, LIFE Magazine, Roger Kaza]

2368 In which Shakespeare and Cervantes die on the same day, but eleven days apart
[William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, Gregorian Calendar, Julian Calendar, Pope Gregory XIII, International Day of the Book, Richard Armstrong] ]

2369 19th century public lending library
[1871 Scribner's Monthly Article, Boston Public Library, libarians Charles Dickens, dime novels]

2370 The Many Types of Numbers
[numbers, natural, whole, imaginary, real, rational, irrational, transcendental, complex, transfinite, cult, Hippasus of Metapontum, Georg Cantor, Henri Poincaré, Leopold Kronecker, Pythagoras, Py-thagoreans]

2371 Early Igor Sikorsky -- a great and largely forgotten contribution
[Igor Sikorsky, Ilya Muromets, I.M., Russian air power, large multi-engine airplanes, helicopters, flying boats, WW-I air transport, military, aerial warfare]

2372 A Mathematical Feud Between Thomas Hobbes and John Wallis
[Thomas Hobbes, John Wallis, squaring the circle, Euclid's Elements, Leviathan, Apostle of Infidelity, Monster of Malmsbury, Insipid Venerator of a Material God, feud]

2373 The Phrasebook: A Dangerous Invention
[German, phrasebook, US Army, WWII, Old High German, altdeutsche Gespräche, 1943, GI's linguistic, Old High German phrasebook]

2374 Grand Engineering Challenges for the 21st Century
[National Academy of Engineering, Grand Challenges for Engineering, Abraham Lincoln, joy of living]

2375 The Copyright on Hitler’s Book Mein Kampf
[Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Nazi Germany, copyright, free speech, royalties]

2376 E. T. Bell and Men of Mathematics
[E. T. Bell. Eric Temple Bell, Galois, Gauss, Pascal, Tony Rothman, Ivor Grattan-Guinness]

2377 Julia Robinson and Hilbert's Tenth
[Julia Robinson, Hilbert, Hilbert's tenth problem, women, Yuri Matijasevich, Martin Davis, Hilary Putnam, algorithms, JR hypothesis, National Academy of Sciences, American Mathematical Association]

2378 Badly needed aeroplanes come to the Australian outback
[airplane, aeroplane, Australia, Colin Defries, Charles Kingsford-Smith, Quantas Airlines, Avro 504K, bush pilots, flying transportation, Prime Minister, Billy Hughes]

2379 The Fortunes of J. R. Simplot
[J. R. Simplot, potato, onion, French fries, frozen French fries, dehydrated food, frozen food, McDonald's, Micron Technology, Idaho, freezer]

2380 Isaac Newton's other life as Master of the Royal Mint
[Isaac Newton, coinage, money, Royal Mint, physics, mathematics, ruthlessness, Peter Ackroyd, science, alchemy, metallurgy]

2381 The Magnetometer: A fine old technology still with us
[Lee Lawyer Fluxgate, magnetometer, magentic field, compass, needle, Victor Vacquier, plate tectonics, antisubmarine, lost H-bomb]

2382 The Invention of the American Paperboy during the Great Depression.
[Paperboy, newspaper, Great Depression, suburbia, World War II Savings Stamps, Richard Armstrong]

2383 In which the ghost of E. Ball Hughes speaks from an old book on perspective
[artists, sculptors, sculpture, E. Ball Hughes, Robert Nathaniel Bowditch statue, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, pyrographics, woodburning, bas relief book, printing, steel plate engraving, perspective]

2384 Swaying wooden roller coasters
[roller coaster, Rattler, sway, skyscraper, airplane wing, danger, serenity, amusement parks]

2385 When cotton was king in Texas
[textiles, fabric, fibers, commerce, Texas, worldwide markets, boll weevil, pesticides, fire ants, agriculture, Civil War, slavery, sharecroppers, sea, island, cotton]

2386 Things we know are false, but one of them is true. Which one?
[conspiracy theories, belief, fiction, politics, evidence, scientific method, Sasquatch, Nessie, Amelia Earhart's disappearance, JFK's death, Bermuda Triangle, Area 51, UFOs, abductions, spiritualism, Creationism, time travel, speed of light, moon landing, hoaxes]

2387 Recycling Plastics
[plastics, plastic, recycling, The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman, Society of the Plastics Industry, Styrofoam]

2388 In which Paul Otlet invents the hyperlink, and almost invents the Internet
[Paul Otlet, Internet, Library of Congress, Classification, Melville, Melvil, Dewey Decimal System, card catalogs, cataloging, books, Universal Decimal Classification, UDC, NAZIs, Belgium, Mundaneum Librarianship]

2389 A reflection upon sulfur -- lovely stuff, really
[sulfur, sulphur, sulfer, Texas, Louisiana, Herman Frasch process, oil, petroleum, salt domes, mining, Sicily, WW-I, yellow saffron, saffara natural, resources, industry, commerce, hydrogensulfide]

2390 Lloyd Hall: Food Chemistry Engineer
[food, food chemistry, John Morrell, Griffith Laboratories, food spoilage, curing, salt, nitrates, nitrites, sterilization, ethylene oxide, Black]

2391 Sopwith's WW-I airplanes, An epoch in the history of the airplane
[Thomas Sopwith, Bat Boat, Tabloid Strutter, 1-1/2 Pup Camel Fokker Triplane, D-VII Red Baron, WW-I Snipe, Bloody April, Nieuport 28, W. G. Barker, wartime, technology, parachute ]

2392 A weather report, and more, from the South Pole
[Antarctica, Transantarctic Mountains, Amundsen-Scott, South Pole Station, global warming, geodesic dome, weather report, climate change, environment, geology, time zones, cold, humidity, biology, mosses, Jerri Nielson, Leonid Rogozov, medicine]

2393 What Can Be Done About the Energy Consumed by Computers?
[computers, data centers, energy conservation, computer climate control, systems engineers, systems engineering, computer heat]

2394 The mpg illusion: How can we really best save gas?
[gasoline prices, costs, fuel economy, miles-per-gallon, environment, MPG, illusion, economics]

2395 The worlds worst weapons: Why were some so bad?
[World's Worst Weapons, Martin Daugherty, military arms, war weaponry, piston, bayonet, tanks, guns, ships, rockets, Krummlauf Battleship, Maine Shuriken, Messerschmitt, ME 163 Tiger Tank, Bazooka, invention and war]

2396 The Indus Valley: a third great ancient civilization coming to light
[Egypt, Nile Valley, Mesopotamia, Tigris, Euphrates Valley, Indus Valley, Civilization, Alexander the Great, archaeology, anthropology, ancient technology, Pakistan ]

2397 How Computers are Helping Officiate Tennis Matches
[tennis, tennis courts, tennis ball bounce, Cyclops, Hawk-Eye, Wimbledon, French Open Tennis, U.S. Open Tennis, Australian Open Tennis]

2398 A great Union Army disaster: the Battle of the Crater
[Petersburg, Virginia, mine, tunneling, explosion, Union Army, Ulysses Grant, Robert E. Lee, Civil War, Black troops, Meade, Burnside, Confederate, Century Magazine Roshomon Cold Mountain ]

2399 The Many Facets of Engineering a Freeway
[Interstate 10, I10, freeway, traffic, Katy Freeway, Katy crawlers, urban sprawl]

2400 A view of American football in its earliest days
[football, athletics, rugby, sports, scrimmage, Civil War]

2401 The World At Our Fingertips: From Books to the World Wide Web
[books, world atlas, World War I, American Heritage, Treasure Island, The Swiss Family Robinson, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Cosmos, Carl Sagan, World Wide Web, Seattle, Maine, Paris, Educator Classic Library, billions and billions]

2402 In which Bertha Benz shows the world what the automobile can do
[Carl Bertha, Benz, automobile, autowagon, cars, transportation, marketing, infrastructure, women]

2403 The 1963 Pillsbury Family Cookbook
[cookbooks, Pillsbury, convenience foods, prepared foods, glazed shrimp, molded shrimp-asparagus salad, gelatin]

2404 Napoleon's megalomania thwarting the use of observation balloons
[Napoleon Bonaparte, hot air, hydrogen, observation balloons, military, aerial warfare, French Revolution, Benjamin Franklin, Nero's tomb omen]

2405 Jean-François de Rozier: first aeronaut to fly, and first to die
[Jean-François de Rozier, Charles Blanchard, Marquis de Maisonfort, Alexandre Charles Montgolfier, brothers, hot air, hydrogen balloons, lighter-than-air flight, transportation]

2406 The Pigeonhole Principle
[pigeonhole, pigeonhole principle, hair, handshaking]

2407 Peaks Island: cultural change in microcosm
[Peaks Island, Casco Bay, Maine, coast, fishing, lobsters, development, tourism, ecology, WW-II, naval guns, shore defenses, birds]

2408 Roman Political Invective
[Roman Republic, political rhetoric, invective, innuendo, Cicero, Mark Antony, Richard Armstrong]

2409 Struggling to keep our grip on the past as we move from books to the Internet
[Internet, books, library, repeating the past, Albert North Whitehead, electronic media, information, science, James A. Evans]

2410 Was cave art too good to have been made 30,000 years ago?
[Grotte Chauvet, Caves, art, charcoal painting, radio carbon dating, archaeology, anthropology, Stone Age, Neanderthals, Cro Magnons, Gravettian, Magdalenian, Aurignacian, human speech, flint, Michael Balter]

2411 Hudson's Bay Company
[beaver, mountain men, Peter Skene Ogden, Canadian Olympic clothing, Owyee canyon, Snake River country, fur trade, Oregon]

2412 Disney's Spaceship Earth: Past and Future Communication
[Epcot, Spaceship Earth, cave paintings, Phoenician alphabet, Greek education, Roman Empire, Alexandria, Gutenberg's printing press, the Renaissance, information, accumulated knowledge]

2413 Of hawks and flying wings: airplanes without tails
[flying, wings, raptors, hawks, birds of prey, tailless aircraft, airplanes, Northrop, XB-49, B-35, N-9M, expermental, aerodynamics, control, Stealth Bomber, Delta wing, C. L. Snyder]

2414 Using numbers in baseball and business
[Bill James, batting average, Moneyball, intuition, numbers, Sig Mejdal, Saint Louis Cardinals, Time magazine, math geeks, numbers guys, quantitative analysis, statistics, operations research]

2415 In which camels return to their native continent and are ill-received
[Bactrian Dromedary camels beasts of burden John Calbreath Cariboo Gold Rush culture environment Sasquatch Big Foot Frasier River Vancouver British Columbia American Southwest Texas US Army Civil War cotton]

2416 In which the PaleoClock puts time in perspective
[time horology clock-making geology geologic eras history of earth gear trains Hurricane Ike oriental rugs Tom Legg]

2417 Kill Devil Hill: the texture of the Wright Brothers' accomplishment
[Kitty Hawk Outer Banks North Carolina Kill Devil Hill Orville Wilbur Wright Brothers aeroplanes airplane invention flight kite gliders]

2418 Quantifying the chance of losing at casino games
[Las Vegas, casinos, luck, gambling, roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack]

2419 Peter Schlumbohm and the invention of modern coffee-making techniques
[coffee beans, cooking, Chemex Coffemaker, Melitta Benz, John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Latin Phrases, inventor Peter Schlumbohm, Roger Kaza, process chemistry]

2420 Georg Rheticus, Copernicus' only student and his prophet
[Georg Joachim Rheticus Nicolaus Copernicus Sun-centered solar system astronomy De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium heliocentricity Poland Protestant Reformation Martin Luther mathematics]

2421 William Ferrel: a story of genius, geophysics and coincidence
[William Ferrel Anton Jerry Warren Hurricane Ike oceanography cyclones cyclonic storms NOAA ship acoustic oil exploration tides tidal action friction]

2422 John Muir, Naturalist and Engineer
[John Muir, national parks, Yosemite, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, University of Wisconsin, Sierra Club, thousand mile walk, woodworking, clock maker, God, sequoia, nature]

2423 What's New? A Look at What it Means to be New
[new, George Washington, cherry tree, hatchet, patent, Amazon, one-click patent, Jingle Bells]

2424 The National Institute of Standards and Technology
[NIST, length, weight, time, measures, George Washington, atomic clock, calibrate, data encryption, peanut butter, cigarettes]

2425 In which the Smithsonian Institution celebrates sketching
[sketching mechanical drawing drafting Arthur Molella William James Earl Tupperware shopping cart Orla Watson Charles Brannock foot measuring education]

2426 Charles Dow and the Creation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average
[Stock Market, investing, Charles Dow, Edward Jones, Charles Bergstresser, industries, stocks, bonds, Leadville, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones index, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ]

2427 The Problem With Voting Systems: Arrow's Impossibility Theorem
[elections, voting, democracy, Condorcet, Borda, Kenneth Arrow, Arrow's Paradox, Arrow's Theorem, Arrow's Impossibility Theorem, third party candidates]

2428 Electric hope in 1889: drunk on the new elixir of electricity
[electricity electric motors lights lighting war navy torpedoes WW-I trolleys elevators telephones telegraph telegraphy prediction Garfield Edison electric chair cocaine]

2429 The Birth of Betty Crocker
[Betty Crocker, flour, Gold Medal Flour, women, Washburn Crosby Company, General Mills, Gold Medal Station, radio]

2430 How we equipped today's medical clinics in 1915
[Journal of Laboraory and Clinical Medicine cholesterol cholesterine blood pressure cuff sclerosis disease apparatus ECG EKG electrocardiogram elektrokardiogramm]

2431 he Fieseler Stork in a last dogfight -- between two very unlikely combatants
[Fieseler Stork Fi 156 liaison airplanes Piper Cub L-4 Grasshopper last dogfight in WW-II war aerial combat Mussolini STOL lift flaps]

2432 Engineering, Football, and What Makes a Good Prank
[prank, MIT, Caltech, football, Rose Bowl, NBC, flip cards, Washington Huskies, Minnesota Golden Gophers, UCLA, University of Illinois]

2433 After the Indian canoe: bateaux, Adirondack guide boats, and more
[canoes bateaux Adirondack guide boats Maine Maritime Museum logging early American commerce wood lightweight construction]

2434 Understanding the Relationship Between Physics and Metaphysics
[physics, metaphysics, Newton, The Principia, gravity, divine mechanic, dream]

2435 Arachnophobia: A fearful spider spins us a pair of socks
[arachnophobia golden silk orb spinner spider web venom material science weaving fabric fibers fibres Burt Wilder Brazos Bend State Park Okamoto Corporation Japan Shinshu University nephila clavipes clavata genetically altered silkworms ]

2436 John Jacob Niles: Looking beyond the consumate showman
[John Jackob Niles Venezuela I Wonder as I Wander Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair Go 'Way from My Window Kentucky folksongs folk singing dulcimer Thomas Merton Dwight Newton WW-I Appalachian music]

2437 Cooking With Fire In the Colonial Period and Now
[fire, cooking, hearths, Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, food preparation, Colonial America]

2438 Phoebe Omlie changes the face of flying in her Velie Monocoupe
[Phoebe Omlie Velie Monocoupe Don Luscombe Phantom light planes airplanes women Amelia Earhart Louise Thaden Powder Puff Derby Women's Air Derby Will Rogers Ninety-Nines]

2439 Reflections on Hurricane Ike and the effect of satellite technology on the hurricane experience
[hurricanes, storms, cyclones, weather, William Redfield, hurricane Ike, satellites, Earth Day, Apollo]

2440 Johannes Georg Sulzer, and two views of the word taste
[Johannes Georg Sulzer taste aesthetics electric batteries battery tester opera beauty Alessandro Volta Luigi Galvani galvanic cell voltage mathematics]

2441 Temple Geometry: Sacred Mathematics in Japan's Edo Period
[temple geometry, geometry, Japan, Edo period, calculus, plane geometry, sangaku]

2442 The Mysteries of Nature and Art, John Bate's legacy for Isaac Newton
[The Mysteries of Nature and Art John Bate young Isaac Newton alchemy modern science color water clocks fireworks hydraulics]

2443 The Dornier X: another of yesterday's extreme airplanes
[Claudius Dornier X airliner airplane Robert H. Starr's Bumblebee II Germany dirigibles Count Zeppelin translatlantic flights luxury airliners]

2444 Of Wombats and Armadillos: Using Animals to Teach Probability
[wombat, dingo, willable, Tasmanian devil, koala, armadillo, probability theory]

2445 In which Renaissance engineer Robert Norton thinks about gunnery
[Robert Norton renaissance military engineer guns cannons gunnery artillery projectiles war and peace Fractastorius Newton arithmetic mathematics geometry]

2446 Gödel, Ginsberg, and the limits of logic
[Alan Ginsberg Kurt Gödel axiomatic structure complete consistent coherent logic mathematics poetry Howl]

2447 The Special Theory of Relativity in Einstein's Own Words
[special relativity, relativity, Einstein, time travel, infinite universes]

2448 Sergei Rachmaninoff visits a hypnotist to remove his writer's block
[Sergei Rachmaninoff, hypnotism, Sigmund Freud, Nicholas Dahl, writer's block, piano concerto]

2449 Francis Hopkinson: My Days Have So Wondrous Free and other accomplishments
[Francis Hopkinson, My Days Have So Wondrous Free Colonial American flag signer of the Declaration of Independence music poetry Thomas Parnell glass armonica harpsichord Continental Congress 1776]

2450 A Musical Transition: The Beatles 1965-1967
[Beatles, transition, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Rolling Stone music]]

2451 Guillaume Dufay, still clear as day to us, six centuries later
[Cambrai Cathedral, France, Italy, Burgundy, Guillaume Dufay, du Fay, Johannas Ockeghem, Josquin des Prez, Giles Banchois, medieval, renaissance, music, Nissim, David, Marshal, Adieu M'Amour, isorhythm, fauxbourdon, polyphony, Malatesta]

2452 Gadgets in the American Kitchen
[kitchen, kitchen gadgets, kitchen utensils, ale boot, fly fan, toast fork, apple peeler, apple parer, potato mashers, egg beaters, butter churns, patents]

2453 Albert Einstein and meandering rivers -- seen from above
[meandering rivers, open channel flows, Coriolis Effect, scouring, Albert Einstein, Hans Einstein, civil engineering, fluid mechanics, geography, surface, geology]

2454 Ruth Benerito and Wrinkle Free Cotton
[Ruth Benerito, cotton, nylon, synthetic fiber, wash and wear, permanent press, no iron, no press, cross-linking, ironing, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award, National Inventors Hall of Fame]

2455 The Fairey Swordfish: An airplane in a timewarp
[Fairey Swordfish Ark Royal, aircraft carriers, Bismarck, Battle of Taranto, torpedo, bombers, technological change, WW-I, WW-II, naval warfare]

2456 The invention and history of Kodachrome film
[Photography, Kodak, Kodachrome, film, slides, photos, Leopold Godowsky, Leopold Mannes, Paul Simon]

2457 Isabella Beeton's remarkable book on "household" management
[Mrs. Isabella Beeton, Samuel, household management, Victorian England, upper classes, food prepartion, cooking, domestic arts]

2458 A Visit to the Container Port of Houston
[shipping container, stevedore, Port of Houston, container ships, cargo ships, longshoremen]

2459 St. Anthony Falls, beauty lost, beauty found
[St Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, Mississippi River, steamboats, Steven Keillor, Chicago & Rock Island Railroad, Millard Fillmore, George Bancroft, Benjamin Silliman, Louis Hennepin, John Thomas Fanning, friction, factor, pressure drop in pipes, water power, Niagara Falls, Owahmenah, hydroelectric dams, Dakota Indians]

2460 In praise of the City: A fine piece of the natural world
[city, urban development, cities, forms of nature, exoskeleton, homo technologicus, biology, environment, NOVA, geometry, chambered nautilus]

2461 The Growth of Nanotechnology
[nanotechnology, nanotech, nano, nanobot, nanomaterials, National Nanotechnology Initiative, NNI]

2462 The Mississippi Delta: Rewriting Geography
[Mississippi River Delta, Venice, Louisiana, Atchafalaya Basin, silt, Hurricane Katrina, subsidence, Scribner's Monthly, civil engineering, geography, James Eads, ironclad, gunboat, Cairo, St. Louis Bridge, jetty, jetties, levees, water control]

2463 Serendipity and the Inventive Mind
[Thomas Edison, Roy Plunkett, Teflon, Ira Remsen, saccharin, aspartame, Equal, NutraSweet, Patsy Sherman, Scotchgard, Percy Spencer, microwave oven, Viagra]

2464 Marion Donovan: The Woman who Engineered a Better Diaper
[Marion Donovan, diaper, Boater, Big Hang Up, Zippity Do, DentaLoop, Pampers]

2465 Victor Lougheed's extraordinary 1909 aeroplane book
[Victor Lougheed, Flora Haines, Loughead, Allan Malcom, Lockheed, airplanes, aeroplanes, flight, future, prediction, Santos Dumont, Farman Voisin Wright, monoplane, Bleriot, flying]

2466 In which renewable energy enters by the back door
[wave power, renewable, solar, energy, wind farms, windmills]

2467 Graph Theory and the Königsberg Bridge Problem
[graph, graph theory, Königsberg, Königsberg Bridge Problem, Leonhard Euler, shortest path, bus routing, garbage truck routing]

2468 Fort Independence, Edgar Allan Poe, and the Cask of Amontillado
[Fort Independence Fort Warren fortifications Civil War Edgar Allan Poe Perry naval artillery cannons guns Castle Island Georges Island]

2469 Ancel Keys and the Link between Diet and Heart Disease
[cholesterol, Ancel Keys, Margaret Keys, fat, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Dean Ornish, Robert Atkins, K-Rations]

2470 The design and construction of a spider web
[orb weaver spider web Daniel Beard, Henry C. McCook naturalist entomology entomologist insects John Washington Emily Roebling Brooklyn Bridge catenary curve suspension Robert of Bruce steel plate engraving illustration]

2471 In which Henry Farman and Glenn Curtiss emerge from the pack of pioneer airmen
[Glenn Curtiss Henry Farman Santos-Dumont Demoiselle John Montgomery Alexander Graham Bell Louis Bleriot Gabriel Voisin Theresa Peltier aeroplane airplane flight transportation civilian aircraft airlines WW-I F-60 Goliath bomber]

2472 Julia Child: Kitchen Innovator
[Julia Child, Julia Child's Kitchen, women, Smithsonian, National Museum of American History, The French Chef]

2473 King Ludwig II and his castle at Neuschwanstein
[Castles, Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, King Ludwig, Wagner, Lohengrin, Swans]

2474 Antoine de St. Exupéry, André Gide, and a new vocabulary for a new technology
[Antoine de St. Exupéry André Gide flight flying literature existentialism The Little Prince Night Flight air mail aeropostale Sahara Desert]

2475 Friedrich Fröbel and Kindergarten
[Fröbel, kindergarten, Fröbel's gifts, Fröbelgaben]

2476 Jesse Ramsden, Instrument maker to King George and to the Enlightment
[King George III enlightment Jesse Ramsden John Sarah Dolland chromatic abberation acrhomatic lenses mathematical instruments dividing circles transits telescopes]

2477 The Sand Hill Crane, not just another bird
[Sand Hill Crane migration Rowe Sanctuary Nebraska biology Kearny Minden Platte River zoology blood flow behavior]

2478 Metal Wood: the Evolution of Wooden Golf Clubs
[golf, golf driver, golf wood, golf putter, golf iron, metalwood, U.S. Golf Association, Houston Open, titanium, carbon composites]

2479 Restigouche River: site of the last naval battle in the French and Indian War
[The Seven Years War The French and Indian War naval battle Ristigouche Restigouche River St. Lawrence Seaway siege Quebec City Battle of St. Foy horseshoe nails British Canada Gaspe Peninsula]

2480 Stephanie Kwolek: Inventor of Kevlar
[Stephanie Kwolek, Kevlar, women, DuPont, National Inventors Hall of Fame]

2481 Handel's Messiah: Not Just for Christmas
[Handel, Messiah, Bible, Jesus, Hallelujah Chorus, Oratorios, Vocal Music, Baroque Music, Charles Jennens, Isaiah]

2482 Where does a wise man hide a leaf: Harold Warp's Museum
[Minden Nebraska Harold Warp Pioneer Village Museum Elderhostel history of technology Flex-O-glass autogiro autogyro sand hill cranes migration Glenn Curtiss Pusher Model D aeroplanes airplanes first jet Jenny America's Attic]

2483 Public Transportation and Technology: The Harris County Metropolitan Transit Authority
[Mass transit, Harris County METRO, Houston METRO, systems engineering, METROLift, Greyhound, GPS]

2484 Ghosts in Omaha: A six-block-long sculpture
[Omaha Nebraska sculpture sculptors Blair Buswell, Edward Fraughton Kent Ullberg urban art bronzes pioneer Spirit of Nebraska's Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Lewis and Clark Mormon Winter Quarters Canada geese fountain]

2485 Jean Le Rond d'Alembert: Controversial Mathematician of the Enlightenment
[d'Alembert, Enlightenment, Euler, Diderot, Croix ou Pile, Encyclopédie]

2486 Who remembers the once ubiquitous sectional wooden windmill?
[farm windmills wooden vaneless John Burnham Daniel Halladay green energy automatic control western America Eclipsewater pumps Aeromotor ]

2487 John von Neumann's ideas on the similarities and differences of computers and brains.
[artificial intelligence, neuroscience, self-replicating automata, computer science, John von Neumann, thinking machines, Krešo Josić ]

2488 Revision: An Essential Component of the Creative Process
[Mozart, Einstein, Salieri, Ernest Lehman, Cary Grant, Doctorow, Picasso, Hitchcock, revision, creativity, genius]

2489 Before we invent the aeroplane, let's decide how to power it.
[helicopters ornithopters autogiros autogyros cornu flight flying machines aeroplanes airplanes transportation propellers Brequet steam car electric internal combustion digital data storage Igor flapping wings Focke-Wolfe Sikorski Victor Lougheed Loughead Lockheed ]

2490 In which footprints, 1.5 and 3.6 million years old, tell their story
[Laetoli Tanzania Ileret Kenya Lucy Australapithicus Homo erectus Africa geology anthropology archaeology Argon dating animal physiology walking gaits feet foot]

2491 Mitch Miller and the Gang: A Look at American Pop Culture in the Late 1950s
[Mitch Miller, Mitch Miller and the Gang, Sing Along With Mitch, Columbia Records, Tony Bennett, Mahalia Jackson, Johnny Mathis, “follow the bouncing ball"]

2492 The Schooner Wyoming, world's largest wooden ship — an example of technology over-reaching
[Wyoming schooner bath Maine Maritime Museum six-masted ships Noah's Ark length steam sail ship-of-the-line American shipbuilding Pollock Rip technological survival]

2493 Child's Play: the role of play in education
[Puritanism, H. L. Mencken, Benjamin Wadsworth, recess, fractions, MIT Media Lab, toys, computer toys]

2494 Inventing the cotton gin: More to it than we thought
[cotton gin ginning seed removal textiles India China Angela Lakwete bolls roller gin saw gin Eli Whitney Yale Washing machine wringer Phineas Miller Hogden Holmes patents slavery]

2495 Creativity Within Limits: Rules as a Source of Creativity
[musical round, canon, fugue, Bach, Pachelbel, Bach’s Crab Canon, Pachelbel Canon, Baroque music]

2496 Trilobites: Wondrous window upon the processes of evolution
[trilobites arthropods evolution Richard Fortey biology zoology fossil record Cambrian era Paleozoic exoskeleton Edward Lhyd Rudolf Kaufmann Niles Eldridge Steven Jay Gould punctuated equilibrum calcite pearl eyes dinosaur]

2497 Frederick Law Olmsted on the Texas Frontier
[Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903), New York City, Central Park, Texas Frontier, Slavery, Border with Mexico, Landscape Architecture]

2498 The Ju-87 Stuka, another troubling story of military technology
[Junkers Ju-87 Sturzkampfflugzeug Stuka dive bomber Curtiss F8C Vultee Vengeance Wehrmacht Luftwaffe Hermann Pohlmann NAZIs blitzkrieg military airplanes Jericho's Trumpet design expressionism art deco streamlining]

2499 Frederick Law Olmsted and the Texas Germans
[Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903), German immigration to Texas, European Revolutions of 1848, Adolf Douai (1819-1888), Karl Andree (1808-1875), San Antonio Zeitung]

2500 Taking stock of Engines at the 2500 milestone
[2500th episode seven guidlines Spanish translations Aymara Boggiano maturation change evolution]

2501 Nietzsche, Strauss, Kubrick, and a Trilogy of Metaphor
[Nietzsche, Richard Strauss, Kubrick, existentialism, metaphor, Zarathustra, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, overman, star child, 2001, Dr. Strangelove, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut]

2502 Computer assisted proofs: How machines extend our mind's reach
[game of skill, computer assisted proof, checkers, Kepler's conjecture, sphere packing, packing problem]

2503 Story-Teller Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone
[Rod Serling, Twilight Zone, Scheherazade]

2504 The most decorated woman in France: Marie Marvingt
[Marie Marvingt, Ljuba Golantschikowa, aviators, fliers, women, aerial ambulance service, Life Flight, WW-I, aerial combat balloons, Estonia, Red Cross, mountain climbing, sports Tour de France, Voodoo supersonic jet, Houston Medical Center ]

2505 Roger Tory Peterson and James Fisher's Wild America
[Roger Tory Peterson (1908-1996), James Fisher (1912-1970), Wild America (1955), bird watching, Aransas Wildlife Refuge, American Museum of Natural History, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, Pribiloff Islands, Xilitla Mexico]

2506 Spanish Moss — not at all the stuff of antebellum decay
[Spanish moss, zoology, biology, non-parasites, upholstery, industry, William Faulkner, Ford Model-T]

2507 The Unsung Engineer: The Mechanical Arts in Diderot and D’Alembert’s Encyclopédie
[Diderot, d’Alembert, Enlightenment, Diderot and d’Alembert’s Encyclopédie, liberal arts, mechanical arts]

2508 The paradox of asymmetry — in faces, airplanes, and tigers
[William Blake, Tyger, Tyger, asymmetry, asymmetric, airplanes, beauty, Lockheed Lightning P-38, RP-38, psychology, Blohm & Voss BV-141B, tigers]

2509 Human-Powered Machines — bringing the question of human endurance back to technology
[human-powered machines, bicycles pedal-driven boats, tennis, Roger Federer, helicopters airplanes, Gossamer Condor Albatross, Henry Kremer Prize, Orteig Prize, Lindbergh, MIT endurance]

2510 Reason in all things: Augustine, Galileo, Collins, The Human Genome, and God
[The Language of God, Francis Collins, Augustine, Galileo, human genome, Genesis, evolution, atheist, Christian]

2511 An Early 20th-century crackdown on medical quacks
[nostrums, quackery, medical reform, medicine, fakery, snake oil salesmen, tonics, elixirs, Arthur J. Cramp, AMA, science fiction]

2512 Saluda: The worst steamboat explosion, not much worse than all the rest
[the Saluda, the Glenco, Captain Francis Belt, steamboats, river boats, boiler explosions, safety, accidents, Mormon migration, LDS, California Gold Rush, Missouri Mississipi Rivers, Lexington, MO]

2513 The Importance of Teachers in Shaping our Lives
[teacher, professor, education]

2514 How Netflix uses linear algebra to determine what movies you will like best
[linear algebra, Netflix, matrix algebra, recommendations, algorithms ]

2515 A 4-4-0 locomotive in the wrong place: How the city of Houston was invented
[4-4-0 locomotive 4-2-0 Houston, Texas city seal, Harrisburg, John Kirby Allen, Augustus Chapman Allen, Buffalo Bayou, ship channel, Galveston, railways, railroads, Republic of Texas, idler wheels, Henry Campbell]

2516 The Atapuerca dig and a missing link: Homo Antecessor
[Atapuerca mountains Spain, Homo Antecessor, Homo Erectus, Homo Heidelbergensis, Basque, Navarre, Bilbao, spelunkers, cave painting, missing link, Neanderthal, archaeology, cannibalism, Sima de los Huesos, Cantabrian, evolution, hominids]

2517 Rebecca Clarke: Violist, Composer, Woman
[Rebecca Clarke, violist, composer, music composition, Royal College of Music, Viola Sonata, Morpheus, Berkshire Festival of Chamber Music, Arthur Rubenstein, Liane Curtis, women]

2518 Annular wings: another idea that seems as though it should work. Will it?
[annular wings, ring wings, closed wings, perpetual motion machines, thermodynamics, Leonardo da Vinci, helicopters, rocket belts, jet packs, vortex shedding, wingtip vortices, drag, airplanes, Louis Bleriot, Farman, Voisin]

2519 James Dewar freezes hydrogen solid and invents the thermos bottle
[James Dewar flask, thermos bottle, Friederich Kekule, benzene ring, low temperature, violin making, condensation, freezing, experimental chemistry, vacuum]

2520 Hybrid Electric Car Technology
[car, automobile, hybrid, gas, heat, thermal energy, kinetic energy, Model T, fossil fuel]

2521 The Stata Center, Caligari's Cabinet, and radical buildings
[The Stata Center, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, radical architecture, Roger Ebert, Pauline Kael, German Expressionism, Expressionist, Invention, Eiffel Tower, Christopher Wren, St. Paul's Cathedral, Maya Lin, Viet Nam Memorial, NAZIs]

2522 Farnum Thayer Fish, first airplane combat casualty
[Farnum Thayer Fish, first airplane combat casualty, aerial warfare, WW-I, Francisco Pancho Villa, Mexican Revolution, Alvaro Obregon, Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, Wright Flyer Model B]

2523 Georges-Eugène Haussmann Reshapes Paris
[Haussmann, Paris, Napoleon, Haussmannism, urban planning, urban redevelopment, boulevard, park]

2524 Art Arfons' last Hurrah
[Art Arfons, Bonneville Salt Flats, Black Rock lake beed Nevada, race cars, World Land Spped Record LSR, Robert C. Post, ThrustSSC, Green Monster No. 27, Evel Knievel, Dr. Rozier, Erasmus]

2525 Reflections on protruding land, shipwrecks and lighthouses
[protruding land, shipwrecks, lighthouses, Caoe Blanco, Cape Alava, Cape Hatteras, Cape Horn, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Agulhas, Mayflower, Monitor, Oregon, Bunkalation, ocean, sea]

2526 John Montague, Lord Sandwich, and a little-known island chain
[John Montagu, 4th earl of Sandwich, James Cook, Hawaii, South Sandwich Islands, Montagu Island, Scotia Plate tectonics, King George III, Georgia Island, Antarctica, Mt. Belinda volcano, Handel's music, Martha Ray]

2527 Alphonse Bertillon: Measuring the Man
[Bertillon, Bertillonism, anthropometry, fingerprints, DNA testing, criminal justice, Paris, Sherlock Holmes]

2528 le Système international d'unités, our real standard of units
[le Système international d'unités, the International System of Units, French Revolution, Metric System, English system, France, dimensions, Joule, Celsius, measurement]

2529 Comparing Fingerprints: What’s Involved and What can go Wrong
[fingerprints, Madrid Error, minutiae, twelve-match guideline]

2530 The observation is evolution – the theory is natural selection
[Observation, explanation, Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace, evolution, natural selection, paleontology, Georges Cuvier, naturalists]

2531 Reading Vienna—A history through architecture
[Vienna, Habsburg monarchy, Danube, revival styles, architecture, Ringstrasse, Revolutions of 1848]

2532 Fanny Kemble, technology, and London's circle of radical intellectual women
[women, Fanny Kemble, Harriet Grote, Harriet Martineau, Jane Marcet, Mary Fairfax Somerville, Ada Byron, Mary Shelley, railroads, London, Stephenson locomotives, slavery, abolitionism, abolitionists Pierce Butler]

2533 On Table Legs and Flat Surfaces
[three, flamingos, legs, feet, children, tables, planes, wobble, triangles, circles, rectangles]

2534 History and Epidemic Disease
[Great Plague, Samuel Pepys, epidemics, swine flu, London, English, disease]

2535 The base of a number system: times tables and memorization
[times tables, multiplication tables, binary, decimal, number systems]

2536 The Scapa Flow ship cemetery
[war, navy, shipwrecks, Royal Oak, HMS Vanguard, German Navy, U-boats, WW-I, WW-II, naval warfare, torpedoes, Scotland, Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands]

2537 Vredefort, Chicxulub, Apophis — once and future threats to Earth
[Vredefort, Apophis, Chicxulub, meteors, asteroids, geology, evolution, dinosaurs, Earth's atmosphere, Goa'uld, Stargate, Spep, Antarctica, Wilke's Land, NASA]

2538 Engineering Cheese Through the Millenia
[cheese, fromage, queso, formaggio, curds, whey, cottage cheese, milk, wine, rennet, Brie, Parmesan, Limburger, Roquefort, Camembert, brine, mold, bacteria]

2539 Define technology? Why, it's as easy as riding a bike!
[skill, techne, tacit, bicycle, Michel Callon, Penny Farthing]

2540 Semi-Submersible Ships, or how the USS Cole hitched a ride home
[destroyer USS Cole, MV Blue Marlin, MV Black Marlin, semi-submersible heavy-lift ships, biggest ship Knock Nevis, Sea-Based X-band Radar Unit, salvage]

2541 Charlotte, of Charlotte's Web, in real life
[E. B. White Charlotte's Web, Araneas Cavaticus orb weaver barn spider, children's books literature, web silk, biology, arachnid]

2542 Hippodamus of Miletus and Urban Design
[Hippodamus Of Miletus, Aristotle, Manhattan, politics, urban planning, Hippodamian plan, Miletus, Piraeus, Greek]

2543 Clara Adams: 150,000 miles of maiden flights
[Clara Adams, Grabau, George Adams, Count Zeppelin, dirigibles, Katherine Stinson, Marjorie Stinson, Eddie Stinson, Boeing Stratoliner, autogiros, Hugo Eckener, consumers, consumerism, Paul Hindenberg, Dornier X flying boat, China Clipper, transportation, flight, airplanes, aeroplanes, Hawaii Clipper, Graf Zeppelin]

2544 How humans and computers recognize faces
[face recognition, linear algebra, machine intelligence, algorithms]

2545 Game Maker Milton Bradley
[Milton Bradley, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Mouse Trap, Cootie, Abraham Lincoln, Checkered Game of Life, Game of Life, Civil War, Friedrich Fröbel, kindergarten]

2546 In which William Froude shows us how to model ships, and much more
[dimensional analysis, dimensionless groups, Froude Number, William Froude, James Anthony Froude, model and prototype, Richard Hurrell Froude, modeling ships, projectiles, footballs, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, wave drag, Admiralty Experiment Works]

2547 Changing views on charging interest throughout history
[interest, usury, riba, loans, Pope Sixtus V, Pope Benedict XIV, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Enlightenment]

2548 INFORMS and the mathematics of problem solving
[INFORMS, analytics, operations research, management science, optimization, random processes, statistics, Netflix, data, information, numbers]

2549 Cahokia, an Ancient American Metropolis
[Archaeology, Indians, Native Americans, Cahokia, Mounds, Tribes, Cities]

2550 Could Napoleon have proved Napoleon’s Theorem?
[Napoleon, Napoleon’s Theorem, France, mathematics, Coxeter, Greitzer, palindrome, triginometry]

2551 In which Daniels, Dough, Etheridge, Brinkley and Moore watch the Wright Brother's first flight
[John T. Daniels, Willie S. Dough, Adam D. Etheridge, William C. Brinkley, John T. Moore, the Wright Brother's first flight, Wilbur and Orville, Memorial, US Life Saving Station, Black Pelican Restaurant, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina Outer Banks, NC, Gundlach Korona box camera ]

2552 Frederick the Great, Patron of the Arts
[Frederick the Great, Frederick II, Prussia, music, poetry, arts, patron, patronage, Menil, Frick, Guggenheim]

2553 Emergence and complexity in virtual and living systems
[complexity, emergence, ants, self-organized systems, Conway, computability]

2554 The Creativity of Slogans and Jingles
[slogans, jingles]

2555 The brave new world of digitizing books for the Web
[Google Books, copyright, Kant, Descartes, Augustine, Dickens, Great Expectations]

2556 Euclid’s Elements, David Hilbert, and modern notions of mathematical abstraction
[Euclid, the Elements, Hilbert, points, lines, geometry, mathematics, abstraction, definition, proposition]

2557 Linear algebra, the mathematics behind Google's ranking algorithm
[linear algebra, Google, PageRank, web search, Vaneevar Bush]

2558 How to cool an internal combustion engine — with water or with air?
[water cooling, air cooling, water-cooled, air-cooled, radial engines, Volkswagen Beatle, airplanes, motorcycles, automobiles, cars, in-line engines, Wright Brothers' engine, WW-I, WW-II, Gnome rotary engines, V-12]

2559 Going, Going, Gone! A look at auctions
[auction, English auction, Dutch auction, Vickrey auction, William Vickrey, Martin Shubik, dollar game, auction rate securities]

2560 Hybrid cars and T. S. Eliot's fourth tempter — understanding what was there all the time
[T. S. Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral, hybrid automobiles, steam gas gasoline electirc cars, 1917 Woods Dual Power car, Knight Neftal, George Fischer, Toyota, Honda]

2561 In Dulci Jubilo: Musical Arrangements and History
[In Dulci Jubilo, Good Christian Men Rejoice, Henry Suso, Heinrich Seuse, Christmas carols]

2562 Paul Samuelson and the textbook Economics
[Paul Samuelson, Milton Friedman, Keynesian, economics, mathematics, Nobel Prize]

2563 The Prolific Isaac Asimov
[Isaac Asimov, science fiction, social science fiction]

2564 The Four Temperaments: From Galen to Jung to Myers and Briggs to Kiersey
[four temperaments, Galen, Carl Jung, alchemy, humors, Katharine Cook Briggs, Isabel Briggs Myers, David W. Keirsey, personality types]

2565 The de Havilland DH.9 — a failure in war, a laboratory in peace
[de Havilland DH.9, DH.4, military aircraft, airplanes, aeroplanes, necessity and invention, bombers, air ambulance service, air mail, transportation]

2566 Taking Champagne to the Masses
[champagne, France, wine, Dom Pérignon, marketing]

2567 How old is cloth? Some new evidence of its age
[cloth, archaeology, anthropology, Georgia, Kvirila River, Dzudzuana Cave, flax fibers, fibres, dye, tur wild goat, Paleolithic Stone Age, body lice]

2568 Detention basins: where engineering, conservation, and myriad birds converge
[detention basins, catch basins, ecology, civil engineering, flood control, Harris County, City of Houston, Kurt Roedel, birds, environment, Hurricane Ike]

2569 Learning about ships of the ancient Levant: When a picture is not a ship
[ships, boats, Levant, Eastern Mediterranean, Paul of Tarsus, St. Paul, Oddyseus, Homer, Ulysses, Egypt, ancient classical world, shipbuilding, design, Magritte, oars, sails]

2570 Celebrating Human Ingenuity
[animal ingenuity, computer ingenuity, human ingenuity, animal tools, woodpecker finch, chimpanzee, sea otter, elephant, dolphin, border collie, octopus]

2571 A dream gone over the top: Intercity dirigible service
[Interurban, Intercity diribible service, airships, Hindenburg, Santos Dumont, Empire State Building observation tower, John J. Raskob, King Kong, mooring masts, Alcock and Brown, Atlantic Crossings, R34, aerial transportation]

2572 Melville and Anna Bissell and the Carpet Sweeper
[Bissell, Melville Bissell, Anna Bissell, broom, carpet sweeper, vacuum cleaner, women]

2573 Science and technology reporting: Reading the difficulties in the 1885 Scientific American
[1885 Scientific American, science reporting, technology reporting, Kindle digital book, HMS Imperieuse, panama calal, Niagara Falls park, Ferdinand de Lessups, bicycle, asbestos, John Roebling, Union College, button hooks, magazine advertising, Dr. Treskow]

2574 Houston's herons — especially the lovely snowy egret
[herons, snowy egrets, great white egrets, great blue herons, cormorants, scaup ducks, gulls, hawks, wading birds, avifauna, zoology, Houston, Texas, bayous, Mary Oliver]

2575 The illustrious history of Prime Numbers
[Prime numbers, fractions, Euclid, Euclid’s Elements, Sieve of Eratosthenes, Fermat, Euler, Gauss, Riemann, Riemann Hypothesis, RSA algorithm, electronic commerce, cryptography]

2576 Are screw caps good for wine?
[wine, cork, screw top, stopper]

2577 Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky’s "Frankfurter Küche" — The Birth of the Modern Kitchen
[Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, women architects, Frankfurt, Ernst May (architect, planner), Frankfurt Housing Authority, Weimar Republic, Early 20th Century Architecture, Modern Design, Taylorism, standardization, pre-fabrication, ergonomic design, functionalism, kitchen, work environment, Vienna, Anton Brenner (architect), social housing.]

2578 The Wonders of Water Towers
[water tower, water pump, water power, energy, electricity]

2579 Music and Mathematics
[scale, tuning, music, well-tempered clavier]

2580 A movie in Esperanto: William Shatner stars in Incubus
[Esperanto, Incubus movie, William Shatner, synthetic language, Hitler, Avatar, Navi, Star Trek, Klingon, linguistics]

2581 How animals see: monocular and binocular sight, and more
[binocular sight, monocular sight, animal vision, raptors, pigeons, hawks, owls, Cyclopean image, prey and preditor animals, cats, birds, horses, field of vision]

2582 Father invents a brain drain to save son's life
[John Holter, Eugene Spitz, shunt, brain, cerebrospinal fluid, hydrocephalus, invention, Spitz-Holter valve]

2583 Children and their Goals
[children, goals, fame, president, pope, astronaut]

2584 The Sweet Track: A 6000-year-old roadway
[The Sweet Track, Raymond Sweet, John Coles peat bogs, Southwest England, Neolithic Era, Stone Age, roadway, wood preservation, fens, swamps, archaeology, anthropology, woodworking tools, tree ring dating, radiocarbon dating, walkway]

2585 The technology of timing races
[luge, skiing, bobsled, speed skating, timing, timing device, stop watch, timekeeper, racing, Omega, Olympic games]

2586 Il Girasole (The Sunflower)— The House that Tracks the Sun
[Angelo Invernizzi, revolving architecture, rotating structures, kinetic architecture, Italy, Verona, Futurism, International Style, Art Deco, Mussolini’s Fascism, railroad technology, Heliocentrism and Health]

2587 The existential pleasure of knowing your city's secrets
[city, secrets, urban development, architecture, archaeology, anthropology, tunnels, underground, infrastructure, sociology]

2588 Synthetic Sound Waves
[sound wave, wave form, sound synthesis, synthesizer, microphone, audio speaker]

2589 In which automatic calculation leads to the black-boxing of mathematics
[mathamatics, calculations, black box, calculators, slide rules, computers, Blaise Pascal, Fortran, hexadecimal code, algorithms, mental arithmetic]

2590 In which Orville Wright tries to predict the future of the aeroplane
[Wilbur Orville Wright Brothers, aeroplanes, airplanes, aircraft, aviation, aviators, flight, future prediction, Bishop Milton Wright, women]

2591 Instant runoff voting and the Academy Awards
[academy awards, The Hurt Locker, Avatar, voting, voting system, runoff voting, instant runoff voting, single transferable voting, alternative voting, preferential voting, ranked choice voting, Kenneth Arrow, Arrow’s Paradox, Arrow’s Theorem]

2592 The Steep Ascent: Anne Morrow Lindbergh fascinatingly fuses fact and fiction
[Ann Morrow Lindbergh, Charles Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea, The Steep Ascent, The Flower and the Nettle, fact and fiction, Miles Falcon, Miles Mohawk, flight, flying, aviators, women]

2593 John Edward Lennard Jones, and how molecules act upon one another
[John Edward Lennard Jones, molecules, atoms, physics, chemistry, kinetic theory, statistical thermodynamics, molecular attraction repulsion, Lennard Jones Potential]

2594 Mapping the World: Ptolemy’s Geographia
[Ptolemy, cartography, maps, Almagest, Geography, Geographia, Aristotle, Eratosthenes, Marinos of Tyre, mathematical projection, latitude, longitude]

2595 4'33", John Cage's prank or penetrating insight into sound and silence
[John Cage, Kyle Gann, No Such Thing as Silence, Zen Buddhist koan, psychology of sound, accoustics, modern music, ambient sound]

2596 Golf Club Grooves: How small changes in technology can cause controversy
[golf, golf club, golf club grooves, bomb and gouge, Bubba Watson]

2597 Mathematical models of historical events
[history, cliodynamics, Turchin, empires, mathematical models]

2598 Henri Poincaré, the three body problem, and chaos
[Poincaré, butterfly effect, chaos theory, three body problem, two body problem, King Oscar II, Lorenz, Newton, law of gravity]

2599 The Art of Attraction: Imagery from Strange Attractors
[attractor, strange attractor, Sierpinski, Sierpinski’s Triangle, chaos theory, chaos game]

2600 The mysterious Nevil Shute and his Mysterious Aviator
[Nevil Shute, The Mysterious Aviator, No Highway, deHavilland Comet, Ordeal, On the Beach, fiction, fascism, Italy, aerial espionage, Charles Lindbergh, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, WW-I, WW-II, Breguet 19]

2601 What did we see when we looked at the new century in 1900? Not what you might expect.
[Theodore Roosevelt, Booker T. Washington, Century Magazine, Black, poetry, Spanish America War, James Whitcomb Riley, James Russell Lowell, Rudyard Kipling, John Burroughs, yellow-crowned sparrow, Washington Zoo, electricity in industry, Wagnerian opera stagecraft]

2602 The Dam Busters: How Great Britain learned to attack water-level structures with bouncing bombs.
[Lancaster bomber, bouncing bombs, skip bombing, WW-II, aerial warfare tactics, Barnes Wallis, German dams, Dam Busters, Mohne Dam, Eder Dam, Ennepe Dam]

2603 Correlation and Risk: When more egg baskets don't help
[Markowitz, correlation, risk, portfolio theory, eggs and baskets]

2604 John Draper photographs his sister and creates the field of photochemistry
[John William Draper, Dorothy Catherine Draper, Louis Daguerre, daguerreotype, photography, Draper Point, photochemistry, The World's Works Magazine, quantum mechanics, lummer-Pringsheim relation, black body radiation]

2605 To hold our new skyscrapers, we reinvent foundations
[building foundations, architecture, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, New York City, Woolworth Building, Empire State Building, building weight, Century Magazine, structures, steel frame construction]

2606 More Beautiful Books: revisiting books by the foot
[Books by the Foot, Strand Bookstore, Denzel Washington, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPod]

2607 The steam engine comes to China, and even greater change follows
[steam engines, China, Opium War, Taiping Rebellion, steamboats, steam gunboats, steamships, navy, naval warfare, Hsein-chun Wang, Zeng Guo-fan, technology transfer Qing dynasty, Song Dynasty, isolationism]

2608 Maria Telkes: Solar Energy Pioneer
[Telkes, solar power, solar energy, Dover Sun House, Amelia Peabody, Eleanor Raymond, Glauber’s salt, solar oven, water distillation, women]

2609 Brewster Buffalo vs. Grumman Wildcat: a parable about technological change
[Brewster F2A Buffalo, Grumman F4F Wildcat, technological change, military aviation, US Navy, le Corbusier, Japanese Zero, National Museum of the Pacific War, Nimitz Museum, Finland]

2610 Everyday Electricity: Looking for the Connecticut Yankee
[Everyday Electricity, Connecticut Yankee, battery, Mark Twain, Donald Don Cameron Shafer, batteries, circuits, circuitry, electtric light bulbs, technological change]

2611 Early science fiction: Kepler’s Somnium
[Kepler, Somnium, Dream, Copernican system, Aristotelian system, science fiction]

2612 America's ceremony of innocence, about to drowned in WW-I
[William Butler Yeats, The Second Coming, WW-I, The American Review of Reviews Magazine, submarine Deutschland, uboats, trench warfare, Henry S. Shrady, sculptor, sculpture, Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in Washington, DC, English Channel tunnel, Chunnel, Lusitania sinking, Ypres, the Somme]

2613 Can we hear shapes?
[mathematics, music, spectrum, frequency, eigenvalue, Mark Kac, string theory]

2614 Engineering Pictures Made of Pixels
[pixel, picture, computer, computer screen, computer monitor, television, camera]

2615 Water for 9,000,000 New Yorkers, beginning with The Old Croton Aqueduct
[Old Croton Aqueduct, New York City, urban water supply, Croton Watershed, Catskill/Delaware Watershed]

2616 When radio and singing met: The Golden Age of popular singing
[Patti Page, Lena Horne, Jo Stafford, 1940s, 1950s, radio, singing technique, voice production, WW-II]

2617 Facebook, social networking website, or new medium?
[Facebook, social networking websites, communication, media, mediums, internet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Marshall McCluhan]

2618 Søren Kierkegaard: Christian Existentialist
[Kierkegaard, existentialism, existentialist, Christendom, Christianity, atheism, Sartre, Camus, Nietzsche]

2619 Practicing Medicine Off the Planet; A New Physiology
[space, medicine, physiology, weightlessness, astronaut, Michael Barratt, NASA]

2620 Robert Baden-Powell and the Invention of the Boys Scouts
[Robert Baden-Powell, Boys Scouts of America, Scouting for Boys, Masculinity, British Imperialism]

2621 Giovanni Gabrieli and the Venetian School of Polychoral music at St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice
[Gabrieli, Willaert, Monteverdi, antiphonal, brass music, St. Mark’s, Venice, Renaissance music]

2622 Watson: A computer system that plays Jeopardy!.
[Watson, Deep Blue, Jeopardy!, artificial intelligence, IBM]

2623 Thomas Carlyle and he Working of Free Markets
[Thomas Carlyle, industrial revolution, free markets, laissez faire, enlightened self-interest]

2624 John Winthrop, jr. brings Christian Alchemy to an ironworks on the Saugus
[Puritans, Puritanism, iron, ironworks, alkehest, smelting, limestone, gabbro, fluxing agent, charcoal, Braintree, Massachussetts, Saugus River, Lynn, Witch hangings, scientific revolution, Plymouth Colony, Connecticut]

2625 Strange inhabitants of Amy Darlington Sharpless's Natural Philosophy book
[Amy Darlington Sharpless, Denison Olmsted, physics, science, natural philosophy, pedagogy, textbooks, education, women, Yale College, old books, marginalia, Middletown, PA, Delaware County]

2626 Little airplanes riding in big airplanes -- but they're called Parasites
[Parasite airplanes, naming, aeroplanes, dirigibles, Bristol Scout, 23R Dirigible Macon, Sopwith Camel, Curtiss D9C Sparrowhawk, SAC Museum, NASA Shuttle, Boeing 747, B-36, McDonnell XF-85 Goblin]

2627 Clash of the Titans: The Bohr-Einstein Debates
[Bohr, Einstein, wave-particle duality, quantum mechanics, Copenhagen interpretation]

2628 When traveling into space, how do you know you're there?
[Outer Space, Harry Armstrong, Theodore Von Karman, United Nations Space Treaty, human altitude, astronaut, rocket, Michael Barratt, NASA, density of air, human physiology]

2629 In which we invent electric lighting in real time
[Electric light bulb, Thomas Edison, electric generators, Hell Gate Light, Hoosac Tunnel, Henry Morton, Scribner's Magazine, Sir Humphry Davy, Sawyer and Man, illumination, series and parallel circuits]

2630 Determinism and the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics
[determinism, many worlds interpretation, quantum mechanics, conservation of energy, laws of motion, Newton, Einstein, Hugh Everett]

2631 The Double Slit Experiment
[double slit experiment, two slit experiment, quantum mechanics, Feynman, Bohr, Hawking]

2632 Edith Cavell -- a mountain, a nurse, a smuggler, a heroine
[Mount Edith Cavell, Jasper, Alberta, WW-I, nurse, nursing, Lusitania, Philippe Baucq, espionage, Belgium, women, bravery, propaganda]

2633 After the Chicago Fire: A city shrugs off a cataclysm
[The Great Chicago Fire, architecture, disaster recovery, Houston, TX, Galveston Hurricane, San Francisco Earthquake, Johnstown Flood, urban history, Chicago River reversal, sewage waste disposal, steel-framed buildings, skyscrapers]

2634 North America's three triple divides — or is it four?
[continental divide, triple divide, hydrology, rainfall runoff, geography, watersheds, Canada, Rocky Mountains, Snow Dome, Athabasca Glacier, Columbiaice fields, Hudson's Bay]

2635 How we thought in 1875: A magazine article titled in Morse Code
[Charles Barnard, telegraphy, telephones, electricity, railroad locomotives, 19th-century attitudes, Century Magazine]

2636 Admiral Michael Mullen and Mathematics
[Michael Mullen, operations research, applied mathematics, Naval Academy, Naval Postgraduate School, military, war]

2637 Neanderthal genes in the human genome, and Darwin’s theory of Sexual Selection
[Neanderthal, Homo sapiens, sexual selection, Darwin, evolution, genetics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.]

2638 Artificial Gravity for Human Spaceflight; What is Gained, What is Lost
[space, gravity, spacecraft, station, weightlessness, acceleration, Noordung, Stanley Kubrick, 2001, Michael Barratt, Space Odyssey]

2639 The Seattle World’s Fair and the Space Needle
[Space Needle, Seattle, Eddie Carlson, Eifel Tower, 1962 World’s Fair]

2640 Joy and Tragedy in the Life of the Singing Nun
[Jeanine Deckers, Sister Smile, Singing Nun, Dominique, Annie Pecher, Saint Dominic, Catholic Church, Philips records]

2641 Niagara Falls and the development of hydroelectric power
[Niagara Falls, hydroelectric, Tesla, Edison, Westinghouse, Paul Nunn, Lucien Nunn, Frederick Law Olmsted, Ontario Power Company, alternating current, direct current]

2642 The Importance of Structuring Data
[data structures, database, database management system, Codd, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, IBM, Microsoft]

2643 P ≠ NP (or is it?): an important problem in complexity theory
[P, NP, complexity theory, Internet security, cryptography]

2644 Camping and Creature Comforts
[camping, comfort, leisure, Mark Twain, John Muir]

2645 Eero Saarinen, Hannskarl Bandel and the creation of the Gateway Arch
[Gateway Arch, catenary curve, Eero Saarinen, Hannskarl Bandel, St. Louis, monuments]

2646 J. B. S. Haldane's "On Being the Right Size"
[Haldane, On Being the Right Size, beetles, insects]

2647 The Give and Take of Internet Shopping
[Wharton, Wharton Interactive Media Initiative, Internet, computer cookies]

2648 Ebenezer Howard's Garden City Utopia -- another might've been
[Ebenezer Howard, Edward Bellamy, Garden City Utopia, Looking Backward, Chicago Fire, stenography, typewriters, city planning, George Bernard Shaw]

2649 Also-rans: forgotten airplanes and forgotten composers, worth remembering
[Antonio Salieri, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, B-17 Flying Fortress, B-24 Liberator, forgotten airplanes, forgotten composers, WW-II, opera, music, military aircraft, Messerschmitt 323 321 Gigant, troop carrying gliders, Hawker Hurricane, Spitfire, Ruggero Leoncavallo]

2650 RRS Discovery: 1901 research vessel whose legacy lives today
[RRS Discovery, NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, ship Endurance, Ernest Shackleford, Robert F. Scott, WW-I, WW-II, McMurdo Bay Antarctica, Dundee, Scotland, Arthur C. Clark, 2001: A Space Odyssey, sailing ships]

2651 American Women’s Suffrage and Alice Paul
[suffrage, 19th amendment, 15th amendment, Alice Paul, Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Stanton, Susan Anthony, Woodrow Wilson, National American Woman Suffrage Association, NAWSA, women]

2652 Descartes, the Scientist
[Descartes, scientific revolution, cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am, Discourse, Discourse on the Method, Meditations, Meditations on First Philosophy, Optics, Meteorology, Geometry, Dioptrics, metaphysics, analytic geometry, Cartesian coordinates, Aristotelianism

2653 Transoceanic dirigibles, accurately foreseen in 1910
[dirigibles, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, Hugo Eckener, Germany, Adolph Hitler, Graf Zeppelin, Hindenburg, transatlantic airships, Century Magazine, radio, Walter Wellman, early aeroplanes, airplanes, trade winds, wind rivers, Friedrichshafen, Lakehurst, NJ]

2654 Recumbent bicycles and the One Hour record
[Bike, bicycle, recumbent, Charles Mochet, Francis Faure, racing, aerodynamics, wind tunnels, one hour record, human powered vehicles]

2655 Common sense, our common senses, and our uncommon universe
[sound, light, sight, hearing, Comanches, relativity theory, Newtonian mechanics, quantum mechanics, common sense, human senses, perception, scientific instruments, times arrow, second law of thermodynamics, entropy, curved space]

2656 An American in Paris: Eugene Bullard, Black hero in the jazz age
[Eugene Bullard, Paris, Black, Montmartre, jazz, WW-I fighter pilot, SPAD VII, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Langston Hughes, Josephine Baker, Salvador Dali, Ernest Hemingway, Arthur "Dooley" Wilson," Casablanca, American race relations, prejudice]

2657 Pierre de Montmort, derangements, and the number e
[e, Euler’s number, compound interest, derangement, Pierre de Montmort, Nicholas Bernoulli, Jacob Bernoulli, probability, cards, pi]

2658 Massively Multiplayer Math
[mathematics, Polymath Project, Hales-Jewett Theorem, tic-tac-toe, Timothy Gowers]

2659 The influence of role models in shaping creative minds
[INFORMS, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, role models, women]

2660 Computers, Brains, and the Church-Turing Thesis
[Turing, Church, Church-Turing Thesis, computability, central processing unit, CPU, brain, mind]

2661 A view of where we have come, from an airplane window
[airplanes aeroplanes, perspex windows, technological change, airplane structures, airports, radio systems, navigation airways, Fokker f-32 and Triplane, Ford Triplane, pressurized cabins, retractable landing gear, commercial aviation aircrapt, Boeing Monomail, jet planes, perspective]

2662 Lucretius gives us modern atomic theory — 1900 years too soon
[science, Rome, physics, poem, poetry, Aristotle, atomism, kinetic theory of gases, Pierre Gassendi, Titus Lucretius, statistical thermodynamics]

2663 Horatio Alger
[Horatio Alger, Unitarian, Harvard, Ragged Dick, rags to riches, Friar Anselmo’s Sin]

2664 Mind-wandering and the search for happiness
[Matthew Killingsworth, Daniel Gilbert, happiness, woolgathering, wandering minds, reverie, day-dreaming, psychology, i-Phone research]

2665 Intellectual vigilance: when obvious isn’t obvious
[bus, bus riders, obvious, random sampling]

2666 Codes, ciphers and Alan Turing
[Enigma machine, codes, ciphers, Alan Turing, World War II]

2667 Hilda Hewlett: Pioneer pilot from a different mold
[woman, early aviators, pilots, airplane, aeroplane makers, builders, BE2, Avro 504, Hilda Hewlett, Maurice Hewlett, Gustave Blandeau, WW-I aircraft, OmniaWorks, New Zealand, Tauranga Airport]

2668 Learning about quilting at the Houston International Quilt Festival
[quilt, quilting, Houston, Houston International Quilt Festival, women]

2669 Plants and greens associated with the Christmas Season
[Christmas, tree, holly, mistletoe, ivy, poinsettia, Martin Luther, Puritans]

2670 The Expanded Human Habitat: Our Solar System as a Defining Environment
[habitat, solar system, Silent Spring, Only One Earth, comet, Shoemaker-Levy, Jupiter, Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, Barbara Ward, Rene Dubos, Earth Day, environment, environmental concerns, meteor impacts, cosmic dust, solar radiation, tides, Gaia, Lunar and solar gravity, Voyager Space Probe, NASA]

2671 Why do our automobile (or airplane or motorcycle, or ship) engines have so many cylinders?
[cylinders, internal combustion engines, Rhone rotary engines, technological adaptation, Karl Benz, Wright Brothers, Ford Model T, straight-4, straight-8, straight-6, V-2, V-4, V-6, V-8, four stroke cycle, crankshafts, connecting rods, vibration, flywheels, Duesenbergs]

2672 Self replicating machines
[self replicating machines, nanobots, nanotechnology, Eric Drexler, Engines of Creation]

2673 Contrast: Population density above and below 20 people per square mile.
[population density, people per square mile, sustainability, Nevada, ecology, demographics, hunger]

2674 The Royal Navy Surgeon; Taking Medicine to Sea in the Age of Sail
[ship, surgeon, sea, medical officer, physician, British, national archives, royal, navy, hygiene, disease, illness, injury, naturalist, record, journal]

2675 Harry and Febb King Ensminger burn and Tennessee’s ratification of the nineteenth amendment
[Harry Burn, Febb King Ensminger Burn, vote, nineteenth amendment, suffrage, Tennessee, women]

2676 In which soaring birds teach us about airplanes, and vice versa
[bird flight, soaring, ground effect, model airplanes hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, gliders, gliding, thermal columns, wingtip vortices, vortex, condors, turkey vultures, lift, drag, airfoil design, feathers]

2677 What is a Tun? Reflections on a confusion of weight and volume
[Tun, ton, tonne, weights and measures, volume, Classic Comics, Moby Dick, Heidleberg Tun, ship capacity, water density, supertankers, container ships, double hull tankers]

2678 Hugh Everett III: Man of Many Worlds
[Hugh Everett, quantum mechanics, many worlds interpretation, Niels Bohr]

2679 The SS Selma: a strange monument to ferrocement ships in Galveston Bay
[SS Selma, SS Latham, ferrocement, concrete ships, WW-I Galveston Bay, Pelican Island, ship building, tankers]

2680 What happens when no presidential candidate receives a majority of electoral votes?
[Electoral College, electoral system, presidential election, voting, George W. Bush, Al Gore, Ralph Nader, Thomas Jefferson]

2681 Mary and Richard Proctor: Two generations of astronomy science and popularization
[Mary Proctor, Richard Proctor, astronomy, Earthrise, Stories of Starland, women]

2682 Technical English and the Verbing of Nouns
[Technical English, Internet, Digital Age, Conversion in linguistics, zero derivation, verbing nouns]

2683 Taylorism: early scientific management
[Frederick Winslow Taylor, Taylorism, Scientific Management, management, efficiency]

2684 Will Computers Replace Scientists?
[Eureqa, intelligent machines, Newton, computation, Laws of Motion, swinging pendulum]

2685 C. P. Snow's two cultures after 52 years and the coming of the Internet
[C. P. Snow, The Two Cultures, gaming, posing, humanities, science and technology, Internet, education]

2686 The Story of Frank and Lillian Moller Gilbreth
[Frank Gilbreth, Lillian Gilbreth, Frederick Taylor, Taylorism, scientific management, Cheaper by the Dozen, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, women]

2687 Getting to know the organisms that live on and in the human body
[germ theory, Ignaz Semmelwiez, John Snow, Van Leeuwenhoek, Robert Koch, Joshua Lederberg infectious disease, antibiotic, commensals, bacteria, superorganism, Human Microbiome Project, National Institutes of Health]

2688 Specific Strength: Another way of deciding how strong a material is
[specific strength, breaking length, material properties, structures, steel aeroplanes, airplane design, aluminum, Junkers, balsa wood, glass, stiffness, breaking strength]

2689 Chester Carlson: The hard life that gave us photocopiers
[Chester Carlson, Xerox, photocopiers, Haloid, Battelle, invention, scanning, paper, Otto Kornei, inventor, Xerography]

2690 What the pharaohs didn’t have: appreciating modern technology
[pharaohs, ancient Egypt, ice, engineering, technology]

2691 What Happens to the Human Body When Exposed to Vacuum?
[vacuum, space, pressure, repressurized, decompression, ebullism, Space Odyssey, Dave Bowman, Soyuz 11, airlock]

2692 Hotelling's Law
[Harold Hotelling, Hotelling's Law, ice cream cart, ice cream vendor]

2693 On the Nature of Ships, and a Fond Farewell to the Shuttle Discovery
[ship vessel, Space Shuttle, clipper, Discovery, Darwin, Magellan, exploration]

2694 Science and the Second Industrial Revolution
[industrial revolution, second industrial revolution, science, invention, Joel Mokyr]

2695 The 21st Century information floodtide, seen as applied hydraulics
[Information, Internet, hydraulic analogy, Wikileaks, FaceBook and the Middle East, secrecy, Julian Jaynes, consciousness, embracing ignorance]

2696 Winged Words: The Homeric Epics as Oral Poetry
[Homer, Iliad, Odyssey, oral poetry, epic poetry, Greece, Bronze Age, weaving, Achilles, Hektor, Helen, Andromache, Trojan War, Troy, Thetis, bard, song]

2697 A B-17 spared by the most basic human instinct
[resistance to killing in war, Franz Stigler, B-17 Flying Fortress, ME-109 fighter plane, WW-I, WW-II, aerial combat, Charles Brown, bombing Europe, military]

2698 Galileo, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Vatican Library
[Galileo, Pope Nicholas V, John Paul II, Renaissance, Roman Catholic Church, scientific revolution, Roman Inquisition]

2699 Heligoland, a bucolic magnet for the machines of war
[Heligoland, Helgoland, Heyligeland, Frisia, Frisian Coast, Germany , WW-I, WW-II, Werner Heisenberg, quantum mechanics, atom bomb, Matthew Arnold, Dover Beach, Battle of Heligoland Bight]

2700 Technology's punctuated evolution -- huge change followed by afallow season
[punctuated evolution, aeroplanes, airplanes, computers, PCs, software, design, Internet, technology, technological change]

2701 Entropy at the Movies: In which Roger Ebert verbs the noun entropy
[entropy, second law of thermodynamics, Roger Ebert, The Joy Luck Club, physical properties, pedagogy, verbing nouns, The Adjustment Bureau, thermal design, movie reviews, film critic]

2702 Octave Chanute, scholarly mentor of the Wright Brothers
[Octave Chanute, early flight, Progress in Flying Machines, Wright Brothers, Wilbur Wright, Robert Thurston, engineering, entrepreneurs, gliders, flight, aeroplanes]

2703 Gravity Train
[gravity train, Newton, Robert Hook, Houston, Dallas, Paris, earth]

2704 Muscle memory, perfect pitch, typewriters, and engineering design
[Muscle memory, perfect pitch, typewriters, engineering design, singing, QWERTY keyboards, kinesthetics, human factors engineering. ]

2705 The Killdeer, a special bird of the waterways
[Killdeer, plover, bird calls, water birds, Hoagie Carmichael, Canyon Passage, Charadrius Vociferus, Roseburg, Oregon, Texas Coastal wet-lands, Take me to the Rogue River Valley ]

2706 The beauty of desert plants
[desert, water, cactus, ocotillo, saguaro, prickly pear, organ pipe cactus, cholla, flowers]

2707 Models of the world
[mathematical models, Wigner, physics, applied mathematics]

2708 The first airplane prize, for June Bug's 1-km flight — and what followed
[June Bug, Glenn Curtiss, Wilbur Wright, Orville Wright Brothers, Scientific American Magazine Trophy, Alexander Graham Bell, American ExperimentAssociation, AEA, Aero Club of America, hinged airfoils, wing warping, Hammondsport, New York lawsuits, patent infringements, Raymond Orteig Prize, Charles Lindbergh]

2709 IBM’s Watson and the aftermath of winning Jeopardy!
[IBM, Watson, Jeopardy!, artificial intelligence, medical diagnostics, twenty questions]

2710 The First Fatality in Powered Flight Awakens the World to the Dangers of Aviation
[Thomas Etholen Selfridge, Wright Brothers, Orville, aviation fatality, mishap, Wright Flyer, Aerial Experiment Association]

2711 The number two
[two, half, folding paper, computers, binary, arithmetic]

2712 Yutaka Taniyama and the Taniyama-Shimura Conjecture
[Taniyama, Shimura, Wiles, Taniyama-Shimura Conjecture, Modularity Theorem, Fermat’s Last Theorem]

2713 Storing energy for the power grid
[electricity, power grid, electrical grid, power plants, fly wheels, batteries, vehicle to grid technology]

2714 Hub Motors, aka In-Wheel Motors and their applications in electric vehicles
[Hub motors, in-wheel motors, wheel hub motors, Lohner, Porsche, electric vehicles, Tesla, ebikes, batteries, hybrid cars]

2715 Bulbous bows
[bulbous bows, ram bows, ships, David Taylor, Bremen, Normandie, Queen Mary]

2716 On the rocks: building with ice
[ice, ice hotel, ice roads, ice islands, Mars Ice Island, offshore drilling, drilling platforms]

2717 Kant, rationalism, empiricism, and the Critique of Pure Reason
[Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, rationalism, empiricism, Newton, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Locke, Berkeley, Hume]

2718 Canning and the Tin Can
[can, canning, Nicholas Appert, Peter Durand, Napoleon]

2719 The Mathematics of Language
[mathematics, language, speech recognition, dasher, George Kingsley Zipf]

2720 Project Habbakuk: Ice Aircraft Carriers and Pykrete
[Habbakuk, Habakkuk, Geoffrey Pyke, Lord Mountbatten, Winston Churchill, Pykrete, Second World War]

2721 Fort Trumbull -- dramatic, inappropriate, icon of the history of its place
[Fort Trumbull, pentagonal forts, Benedict Arnold, American Revolution, Civil War, submarines, New London, Connecticut, Thames River, Revenue Cutter Service, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine Laboratory, US Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory, State Park, Groton Heights]

2722 Gathering of Materials and Methods to Craft Sailing and Space-faring Vessels
[Sail, Polynesian, navigator, Maori, colonization, New Zealand, America’s Cup, spacecraft, materials]

2723 Language Death and the crisis of the world's linguistic diversity
[language death, linguistics, diversity, biodiversity]

2724 Let's be pedants — well, insofar as language allows
[pedants, pedantic, precisionist, centrifugal, centripetal forces, elastic, elasticity, stress hysteresis, glass, rubber, linguistics, language, Leonardo da Vinci]

2725 The Atocha Bombing Memorial: Remembering the dead — creating hope.
[Atocha Memorial, Madrid subway bombings, March 11, 2004, Atocha Train Station, honoring the dead, memorials, hope, imagination, architecture, design]

2726 Rigid Origami — much more than a decorative art
[Rigid origami, flexible origami, Zhong You, paper bag folding machine, stents, design]

2727 Quantum Theory’s Copenhagen Interpretation and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) Paper
[quantum theory, quantum entanglement, spooky action at a distance, Copenhagen Interpretation, Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen, Schrödinger, EPR paper]

2728 The Great Laxey Wheel; The Water Wheel at the Peak of Function and Grace
[Laxey wheel, Laxey mine, waterwheel, watermill, Isle of Man, water, pump, steam engine]

2729 The China Clipper, 25 seaplanes that touched our imaginations
[China Clipper, Pan American Airlines, Pan AM, seaplanes, flying boats, airplanes, transportation, Boeing 314, Martin M-130, Sikorsky S42, S42A, S42B, Sikorsky S-40, clipper ships, dirigibles, transoceanic flight, WW-II]

2730 How the superconductor led us to yet one more unanticpated future
[superconductor, transistor, Oleg Losev, future studies, prediction, predicting, WW-II,Siege of Leningrad, light emitting diode LED]

2731 Invention from Injury: The Story of Louis Braille
[Braille, Barbier, Napoleon, blind, reading]

2732 A waystation in our mastery of computation: The cheap thowaway selection-slide-rule
[selection slide rules, off-the-shelf part selection, mechanical spring design, John Atanasoff, digital computer, Pacific Car and Foundry Company, PACCAR, technological change]

2733 American culture and the inscriptions on U.S. Coins
[coins, currency, United States, liberty, e pluribus unum, in God we trust, under God, Pledge of Allegiance]

2734 Artisan flintknappers of Blombos Cave, 60,000 years too soon
[flintknappers, flintknapping, pressure flaking, Stone Age, Meseolithic Era, Neolithic Era, Clovis points, archaeology, anthropology, Blombos Cave]

2735 The challenge of technical communication
[communication, technical communication, technical jargon, Feynman]

2736 Brought to you by our sponsor
[sponsor, advertiser, advertising, radio, commercial radio, public radio, Abbott and Costello, Father Knows Best, Little Orphan Annie, Death Valley Days, Camel cigarettes, Maxwell House Coffee, Ovaltine, borax, 20 Mule Team Borax]

2737 Air Conditioning
[air conditioning, air conditioner, evaporation, Benjamin Franklin, John Hadley]

2738 Sarah Bernhardt on and off the stage
[Sarah Bernhardt, acting, talent, celebrity, popularity]

2739 Evolution of the Hall from Anglo-Saxon times to the present
[Hall, house, homes, Anglo-Saxons, Angles]

2741 The mathematics of slot machines
[mathematics, gambling, slot machines, Inge Telnaes]

2741 Frederic Tudor: Ice King
[Frederic tutor, ice, tenacity, entrepreneur, Alistair Cooke, refrigeration]

2742 Postscript to 9/11: Is Technology Neutral?
[9/11, terrorists, hijacking, Wright Brothers, technology, air safety]

2743 The changing book club
[book club, book group, reading group, salon, women]

2744 Measuring Inequality of Income — the harbinger of hard times
[Max Lorenz, Lorenz Curve, Gini Coefficient, economics, mathematics, generalized gamma distribution, rich and poor, politics, income distribution]

2745 Behind Home Economics
[home economics, domestic science, Ellen Richards, women]

2746 Stereotomy, the mason's art of cutting stone in three dimensions
[stereotomy, trumpet squinch, masonry, stone cutting, medieval cathedral building, architecture, mathematics, geometry]

2747 Ted: A different kind of conference
[TED conference, TEDx conference, Woodlands]

2748 Land Grant Colleges and the Morrill Acts
[Morrill acts, land grant colleges, education, college]

2749 The Neanderthals — smart enough for football?
[Neanderthals, football, brain size, anthropology, archaeology, Neolithic Age, intelligence, Stone Age Technology]

2750 The Wings Over Houston Air Show, a learning laboratory
[27th Annual Commemorative Air Force Wings Over Houston Air Show, flight, barnstorming, radial in-line engine sounds, transportation, airplanes, Mustang, Thunderbolt, Canadian Snowbirds, Heavy Metal Jet Team, stunt planes]

2751 Mrs. Maud Mellish Wilson, architect of the Mayo Clinic's style of medical writing
[The Mystery of Maud Mellish Wilson, Mayo Clinic, medical writing style, medicine, women, Albert Ochsner, Rochester, Minnesota]

2752 A visit to the Commemorative Air Force and an airplane that pilots trained in
[Commemorative Air Force, Confederate Air Force, CAF, Don Price, Fairchild primary trainer PT-26 Cornell, PT-19, B-17 Flying Fortress, WW-II pilots, flight training casualties, volunteers, Canadian Air Force]

2753 Henry Laurence Gantt
[Gantt, Gantt chart, Taylorism, scientific management]

2754 Culturomics
[statistics, data mining, culturomics, linguistics, social sciences]

2755 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
[cars, tire pressure, warning lights, dashboard, tire pressure monitoring systems, TPMS, TREAD Act]

2756 Miss Columbia, American Icon
[Miss Columbia, Columbia, Uncle Sam, Christopher Columbus, Samuel Wilson, Phyllis Wheatley, George Washington, Statue of Liberty, Columbia Pictures, Britannia, Germania, Marianne, women]

2757 George Forbes, forgotten builder of our electrically lit and driven world
[George Forbes, AC, DC, alternating current, direct current, Anderson College, University of Strathclyde, electricity, electric power, light bulb, Joseph Swan, Thomas Edison, British Electric Light Company, Pitlochry Scotland, Niagara Falls hydroelectric power, fame, transit of Venus]

2758 War and Peace: Hugo Junkers' famous airplane
[Hugo Junkers, Junkers Ju-52, Ju-1, Nazi Germany, aerial transportation, WW-I, WW-II, all metal airplanes, C-3, Fokkker Trimotor, Ford Trimotor, C-79 cargo plane, Hitler, Mussolini]

2759 Engineering efficient traffic flow
[roads, road networks, traffic, commute, traffic lights, synchro-nized traffic lights, ramp meters, ramp lights, automated highway systems]

2760 Mathematics and the Early 1900s Progressive Education Movement
[mathematics education, progressive education, William Kilpatrick, Columbia Teachers College, algebra, geometry, Sputnik, National Defense Education Act]

2761 Dr. G. Hartwig's far away places: Other worlds in another time
[Dr. George Hartwig, The Polar and Tropical Worlds, 19th-century travel literature, Charles Darwin, Robert Fitzroy, Dinah Shore, Far Away Places]

2762 Aunt Sammy’s Radio Recipes
[radio, William Jardine, USDA, Housekeeper’s Chat, Aunt Sammy, home economics, women]

2763 The legacy of Steve Jobs, who simplified computers and computing devices
[Steve Jobs, Apple Computer, personal computers, Zen Buddhism, Edison, Toscanini, GUI, Xerox]

2764 The New Math Movement
[Sputnik, math, New Math, Edward Begle, Tom Lehrer, School Mathematics Study Group, National Science Foundation]

2765 The Mechanical Turk
[chess playing machines, automaton, robot, illusion, The Amazon Mechanical Turk, The Turk]

2766 Do Wrist Mounted Pedometers Really Work?
[pedometer, accelerometer, iPhone, Nintendo, Wii]

2767 William P. Lear: Beyond the Learjet
[William Lear, Bill Lear, Lear Jet, Motorola, wireless radio, 8 track tape, autopilot]

2768 Percy Spencer and the microwave oven
[Percy Spencer, Magnetron, invention, cooking, food, vacuum tube, radar, microwave oven]

2769 Math Wars: The progressive math movement in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries
[progressive math, math education, U.S. Department of Education, K-12 education, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, NCTM, National Mathematics Advisory Panel]

2770 Developing the P-51 Mustang fighter
[flight, transportation, P-51, Mustang, WWII, aviation, airplane, England, NACA, NASA, Spitfire, war, fighter plane, North American]

2771 Shorthand: Past, Present and Future
[shorthand, stenography, texting, Isaac Pitman, Leah Price]

2772 Transhumanism
[transhumanism, transhumanist, human computer interface, human brain interface, futurism, future technology]

2773 The Mechanics of Muppets
[Jim Henson, Frank Oz, muppets, Sesame Street, Muppet Show]

2774 The Massad Family Research Center and Hospitality Industry Archives
[archives, hotels, Hilton, keys, hotel reservations]

2775 What should the end of a wing look like, and why — on birds, airplanes (or even propellers)
[wingtip device, winglet, tip vortex, tip vortices, birds’ wing feathers, trailing vortices, contrail, vapor condensation, drag, airplane fuel consumption, soaring, gliders, wind turbines, propellers, birding, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics]

2776 Isaac Asimov's fantastic worlds, robots that roam among us, and energy storage methods
[Isaac Asimov, Robots, Caves of Steel, Naked Sun, ASIMO, Lithium Ion Batteries, Energy Storage, Nano, Fantastic Voyage]

2777 Brain-machine interface: where our brains and machines meet
[Brain surgery, neural prosthesis, brain implant, memory, blindness, paralysis]

2778 Qualia and Mary's Black and White Room
[qualia, philosophy, Frank Jackson, There's Something About Mary]

2779 Smartphones/Wise Phones, our changing relationship with phones over the last century.
[Phones, smartphones, cell phones, voicemail, answering machines, caller ID, phone etiquette, Downton Abbey]

2780 Mail Plane to History Maker
[Spirit of St. Louis, Lindbergh, Charles, Ryan, aviation, airplane]

2781 While water seeks its own level, it sometimes fools us
[Water seeks its own level, Aristotle, hydrostatics, metaphor, Mystery House, Vortex House, rain, flooding, storm sewers, detention basins, retention basins, bayous, optical illusions, perpetual motion machines, gravity, Napoleon Bonaparte, Suez Canal, canal locks, nature preserves, ecology]

2782 Decision Making in Animal and Human Groups
[decisions, swarms, group intelligence, honeybees]

2783 Humans, Computers and Puzzles
[puzzles, games, crossword, jigsaw, Watson, Jeopardy!, Dr. Fill, AI, artificial intelligence]

2784 Environmentally Sustainable Golf Courses
[golf, green movement, environment, Audubon Society]

2785 VisiCalc: early killer-app
[VisiCalc, Bricklin, Frankston, Wozniac, Software Arts, VisiCorp, Apple Computers, Lotus, IBM, Microsoft]

2786 Creativity Leashed: How a new way of looking at computers got away
[Xerox, Xerox PARC, Xerox Alto, personal computers, Apple computers, Steve Jobs, Macintosh, computer mouse]

2787 Doolittle's Tokyo raid: Much more than the mere gesture it seemed to be
[James. H. Doolittle, Jimmy Doolittle, Tokyo raid, B-25 Mitchell, WW-II, Army Air Corps, Japan, Japanese fleet, Pearl Harbor Attack, Vladivostok, Russia, Aircraft Carrier Hornet, Shang-ri-la, war in the Philippines, Wake Island, The Battle of Guadalcanal, The Battle of Midway Atoll]

2788 Measuring and testing our machines — not yet as electronic as it might seem
[measuring, testing machines, electonics, 19th century, heavy machinery, engine testing, indicator diagrams, engine indicators, polar planimeters, de Prony brake, brake horsepower, indicated horspower, blood pressure cuff, black box]

2789 The evolution from impact to non-impact printers
[typewriter, dot matrix printer, laser printer, ink jet printer, Xerox]

2790 The Dynamics of Vaccine Scares
[vaccination, smallpox, polio, social learning, measles]

2791 The death of the floppy disk
[personal computers, floppy disk, hard disk, CD, optical disk, Macintosh]

2792 Glorious revolutions — which we see only after the've passed
[Social revolutions, Roaring Twenties, Belle Epoque, Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris, Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, T. S. Eliot, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Luis Bunuel, Degas, Renoir, Toulouse-Latrec, American Civil War, Franco Prussian War, WW-I, writers, literature, artists, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Lerouac, John Cage, Milton Babbitt, Jackson Pollock, Neo-orthodoxy, electronics, heart pump, antibiotics, quantum mechanics, beatniks, lost generation, beat generation]

2793 Birth Control Pill's Tangled History
[birth control testing, Sanger, Margaret, McCormick, Katherine, Rio Piedras]

2794 Birth of the Laser Printer
[Gary Starkweather, Xerox, laser printer]

2795 Carlos Finlay, The Cuban Who Helped Defeat Yellow Fever
[Carlos Finlay, Cuban, Yellow Fever, Walter Reed, Panama Canal]

2796 The ups and downs of the yo-yo
[yo-yo, Flores, Pedro, Duncan, Donald, Marketing, children]

2797 Theano reclaiming the place for Women in Science
[Theano, Pythagoras, Pythagorean Society, Golden Number, Golden Proportion, Golden Ratio, Ancient Greece, Crotona, Italy, Mathematics, Women in science, Mathematician, Phi, feminism]

2798 Behold the Mighty Transistor
[Inventors, transistor, John Bardeen, William Shockley, Walter Brattain, Texas Instruments, Bell Labs]

2799 Dither and Digital Media
[digital audio, digital video, dither, Let’s Get Digital]

2800 Two information revolutions: 2800 years ago, and surrounding the 2800th Episode
[2800 years ago, Assyrian Empire, Adad-nirari III, Ninevah, Jonah, Mycenaeans, classical Greece, Athens, Greek Dark Ages, Olympic Games, China, Zhou Dynasty, iron, bronze, Etrucsans Rome, Romulus and Remus, 788 BC, alphabetic writing, hieroglyphic, minoans, Phoenicians, pictographic writing, Julian Jaynes, phonemes, electronic media]

2801 The Maria Theresa Thaler
[Maria Theresa Thaler, MTT, Coins, Numismatics, Habsburg Empire, African Trade, Nigeria, Mussolini, British Empire, silver, dollar, Joachimsthal, Bohemia]

2802 One Track Mind: the central processing unit of a computer
[computer, central processing unit, CPU, multitasking, interrupt, brain]

2803 Fourier, the Fourier Transform, and Music
[Fourier, music, sound wave, MP3, lossy]

2804 John Maynard Keynes and Sir Isaac Newton
[Keynes, Newton, Portsmouth papers, Conduitt papers, Abraham Yahuda]

2805 Gottlob Frege and Formal Logic
[Frege, logic, formal logic, symbolic logic, Bertrand Russell]

2806 Thor, the god of thunder, engineering behind comic book, college courses that deal with fracture.
[Thor, god of thunder, impact, brittle, ductile, materials, fracture, deformation, stress, shear, plastic, elastic, statics, mechanics, fatigue, Marvel, Avengers]

2807 3D printing provides the latest view of the downward diffusion of technology
[3D printing, rapid protyping, downward diffusion of technology, Al Gore, factory power plants, main frame computer, ]

2808 Plastic encapsulation of microchips, protection from environment and loads
[microchips, integrated circuits, plastic encapsulation, Gene Kelly, singing in the rain, electronic packaging]

2809 Laurence Housman designs an edition of Christina Rossetti's poem Goblin Market
[Goblin Market, book design, book illustration, poetry, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Christina Rossetti, Aubrey Beardsley, Laurence Hausman, A. E. Hausman, Yellow Book, A Shropshire Lad, woodcuts]

2810 The Concrete Revolution in Ancient Rome
[Rome, Pantheon, Parthenon, concrete, construction, pozzolana]

2811 Jury Duty: deciding the size of the jury pool
[jury duty, jury yield, jury utilization, Harris County, Harris County District Clerk]

2812 Poised to begin transatlantic flight in 1938. How it came out in 1945
[transatlantic flight, flying boats, Wrong Way Douglas Corrigan, Boeing B-314, B-29, Douglas DC-4, C-54, WW-II, Ferrying bombers, Air Transport Command, Popular Aviation, Lindbergh, technology prediction]

2813 Seneca the Younger and the Great Earthquake of 62 AD
[Seneca the Younger, Pompeii, Earthquake, Italy, Philosophy]

2814 Braess's Traffic Flow Paradox
[Braess, Braess’s Paradox, traffic, roads, cars]

2815 The spread of ideas in social networks
[social networks, diffusion of ideas, Facebook]

2816 Sir William Hamilton and the Beginnings of Volcanology
[Sir William Hamilton, Naples, Vesuvius, volcano, volcanology, basalt]

2817 Where do creative ideas come from?
[creativity, Henri Poincaré, Srinivasa Ramanujan, 8 hour work day, Henry Ford]

2818 The Pompeian Paradox and Fiorelli's Body Casts
[Pompeii, Vesuvius, Giuseppe Fiorelli, archaeology, statues, forensic anthropology, death]

2819 Folding bicycles battle new terrain
[bicycles, folding bicycles, military, World War, urban, transportation]

2820 A Spectacular Series of Spectaculars: Remaking Ben-Hur
[Lew Wallace, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, Ben-Hur (Broadway play), Ben-Hur (1907 film), Ben-Hur (1925 film), Ben Hur (1959 William Wyler film), MGM, Francis Bushman, Ramon Navarro, Charlton Heston, Ancient Rome, Television]

2821 Science gone wrong: the lobotomy
[leucotomy, lobotomy, Moniz, Nobel Prize, physiology, brain]

2822 Herodotus describing historical events of 5th century BC, fantastical and entertaining component of The Histories
[Herodotus, The Histories, oral preservation, ancient women, gold-digging ants, one-eyed men, Artemisia, Xerxes, Nitocris, the Pythia]

2823 Gilles de la Tourette and Hypnotic Crimes
[hypnosis, crime, Gilles de la Tourette, Paris, Salpêtrière, Jean-Martin Charcot, neurology, Gouffé affair]

2824 An 18th-century catalogue of brass objects, an early approach to marketing, and decorative drawer handles
[bail handles, Birmingham, brass, brass founders, decorative arts, drawer handles, trade catalogues, Wedgwood, Wyke]

2825 In which our lack of fluency with numbers (innumeracy) threatens our national welll-being
[innumeracy, Hofstadter, arithmetic, mathematics, round-off, pricing, education, high technology society, mileage]

2826 Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide with carbon sequestration
[carbon dioxide, CO2, carbon sequestration, carbon storage, national academy of engineering, grand challenges, greenhouse gasses, global warming, fossil fuels]

2827 Dimensionless groups, helping us to deal with the similarity of often very different situations
[Dimensionless groups, Rayliegh instability, water jet breakup, Weber number, Mach number, Pi, ellipses, circles, similarity, Buckingham Pi theorem, modeling theory, NASA]

2828 Seymour Cray and Cray Supercomputers
[Cray, supercomputer, Seymour Cray]

2829 Cesare Lombroso and his Museum
[Cesare Lombroso, Italy, crime, criminal anthropology, evolution, museum, positivistic science]

2830 Computing Generative Art
[art, photography, music, computers, music visualization, generative art]

2831 Reading the Long History of Cosmopolitan Magazine
[Cosmopolitan Magazine, William Randolph Hearst, Helen Gurley Brown, American magazines, the Gilded Age, publishing, H. G. Wells, Rudyard Kipling, George Bernard Shaw, Sinclair Lewis, Edith Wharton, American Middle Class, The War of the Worlds]

2832 Math meets engineering: Claude-Louis Navier's bridge
[Navier, bridge, mathematics, Pont des Invalides]

2833 Kykkos Monastery, Cyprus, and the origins of Western monasticism
[Kykkos, monastery, monks, St. Anthony, Egypt, early church, hermits]

2834 Wombs and Witchcraft: Edward Jorden's Suffocation of the Mother (1603)
[hysteria, witchcraft, Shakespeare, suffocation of the womb, gynecology, Edward Jorden]

2835 Reverse Engineering the Brain
[brain, computers, eye, NAE Grand Challenges]

2836 Bumping into Signs: Emergent Semiotic Spaces
[bumper sticker, t-shirt, subway, semiotics, time, space]

2837 Flash Drives and the Onslaught of Flash Memory
[computer memory, flash drive, flash memory, Toshiba, hard disk, hard disk drive]

2838 The World of Small Dimensions; Nano-Dimensions and Pico-Times
[nanoparticles, small dimensions, picoseconds, Feynman, molecular dynamics, polymer electrolyte, lithium ion batteries, nanotechnology]

2839 The Rise and Fall of Supertankers
[ships, supertankers, oil, container ships, cargo containers, cruise ships, Suez Canal, Seawise Giant]

2840 Homer Hadley and Seattle's Floating Bridges
[Homer Hadley, floating bridge, pontoon bridge, Seattle, Washington, Lake Washington Floating Bridge, Hood Canal Floating Bridge]

2841 Multiple Big Bangs and Multiple Universes; The Fantastical Multi-Reality of Multiverse
[Big Bang, Big Crunch, Multiverse Theory, Galaxies, Billions of Degrees, Billions of Years, Expanding Universe, Shrinking Universe, Multi-reality]

2842 A Creative Way to Teach Engineering
[education, engineering, HISD, Booker T. Washington High School]

2843 Requiem for the Shuttle
[Space Shuttle, Dynasoar, Dyna-soar, space vehicle, Werner von Braun, NASA, space plane]

2844 The American Transcontinental Railroad; The Greatest Technological Achievement of 19th Century
[Transcontinental Railroad, Telegraph, Golden Spike, Hell on Wheels, Tents, Railroad Workers, 19th Century]

2845 Floating Islands and The Maldives Grand Experiment
[the Maldives, floating island, golf, Indian Ocean]

2846 Coffeehouses and the Birth of a Public Sphere
[Coffee, coffeehouse, London, Charles II, politics, public sphere]

2847 Life Saving Engineering at UNICEF
[UNICEF, RUTF, malnutrition, calories, supply chain]

2848 The Corrugated Cardboard Box
[corrugated, cardboard, fiberboard, paperboard, box]

2849 Fern Andra and Lothar von Richthofen: One lived, one died
[Fern Andra, Vernal Edna Andrews, Manfried von Richthofen Kunegunde von Richthofen, aerialist, slack-wire walker, tight-wire, Baron Fredrich von Weichs, Robert Weine, expressionist movie Genuine, Josef Goebbels, LVG C.VI, airplanes, biplanes, WW-II. WW-I]

2850 Centuries of Dutch Flood Control
[The Netherlands, flooding, dikes, David van Dantzig, cost/benefit analysis, Delta Commission, Delta Act, Delta Works]

2851 The Lake Breeze Fan: Unplanned Obsolescence
[Lake Breeze Motor Company, kerosene-powered fan, hot air engine, obsolescence]>

2852 In which we observe the 25th Anniversary of The Engines of Our Ingenuity
[25th Anniversary of The Engines of Our Ingenuity, role of user in design, technological change, language evolution, KUHF-FM radio]

2853 Radio frequency identification and toll roads
[toll roads, RFID, bar codes]

2854 Deciphering the Old Persian cuneiform text, King Darius speaks from 500 BC
[King Darius, Old Persian, cuneiform, Behistun, Bisotun, Grotefend, Kermanshah, ancient language]

2855 Plainchant, Gregorian Chant, and Today's Music
[chant, plainchant, plainsong, Gregorian chant, Roman Catholic Church, Saint Gregory the Great]

2856 Torricelli's Trumpet: The Infinite Meets the Finite
[Torricelli, Gabriel's horn, painting paradox, mathematics, infinity, empiricism]

2857 Leonid Kantorivich, Soviet Mathematician and Economist
[Kantorovich, Marx, Lenin, communism, Soviet Union, optimization, price, central planning, free markets]

2858 Hearing Pictures: Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition
[Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition, program music, Viktor Hartmann, Russian music, Russian art, Ravel, Koussevitsky]

2859 The Mind of Georg Cantor
[Georg Cantor, infinity, Hilbert, Russell, Poincaré, Kronecker]

2860 Navigating the Cascade Tunnel
[tunnel, train, avalanche, Cascade Tunnel, Great Northern Railway]

2861 Nanostructures with Excotic shapes, Small Materials with Complex Structures
[Nanostructures, Nanomaterials, Complex Shapes, Planet Nano, Small Materials, Electron Microscopy, Buckyball]

2862 Randomness out of Nothingness
[random number generators, quantum fluctuations, Pi]

2863 Bits, Nibbles, and Bytes
[computer, laptop computer, desktop computer, computer bit, computer nibble, computer byte, computer word, computer bus]

2864 The theorem of Reverend Bayes
[Bayes' Theorem, uncertainty, probabilistic computation]

2865 Computer Divide: The Future of Microprocessors
[Intel, 8086, 8088, x86, RISC, ARM, Acorn Computers, Apple Computers, Apple Newton, mobile technology, instruction set, Sophie Wilson, women]

2866 How many wings on an aeroplane — How many strings on a violin? Thoughts on the maturation of technologies
[violins, airplanes, invention, flight, aeroplanes, biplanes, triplanes, Sopwith, Fokker, mature technologies, Amati, Guenari, Stradivarious, viola d'amore, viola da gamba, jet engines, Baroque violins, mousetraps, paper clips]

2867 Augustin Fresnel, light, and lighthouses: from the science of light to the saving of ships
[Augustin Fresnel, Francios Arago, corpuscular theory of light, wave theory of light, quantum mechanics, Napoleon, Stephen Pleasonton, Civil War, Dry Tortougas, Union Blockade of the South, parabolic reflectors, Theresa Levitt, A Short Bright Flash, Fresnel lens, Florida Keyes, Loggerhead Key Lighthouse, Key West Lighthouse, Fort Jefferson Lighthouse]

2868 Scholasticism: Reason or Revelation?
[Middle Ages, scholasticism, Western Civilization, Aristotle, Aquinas, faith, reason]

2869 James Watt's introduction of horsepower as a measurement unit
[horsepower, horses, James Watt, automobiles, steam engine]

2870 The Canal du Midi
[Riquet, France, Leonardo da Vinci, civil engineering, canal]

2871 In which Samuel P. Langley talks about solar powered engines in 1884
[Samuel Pierpont Langley, Stirling cycle, the Rev. Robert Stirling, Stirling engine, John Ericsson, Union Monitor, Ericsson cycle, Ericsson engine, Century Magazine, physics of light, Max Planck, solar energy spectrum, solar power, solar energy, heat engines, Berniere's burning glass, Augustin Mouchot, parabolic mirrors, Sandia Corporation]

2872 The Stimpmeter: Golf's Supremely Simple Maintenance Tool
[Stimpson, Stimpmeter, golf, USGA, putting green]

2873 The Search for Extraterrestrial Life; Drake Equation Explained; Aliens from Other Planets
[Close Encounter, Third Kind, Spielberg, Allen Hynek, UFO, Aliens, Drake Equation, Milky Way, Bigheaded Visitors, Extraterrestrial]

2874 The ground effect in the service of birds and human vehicles
[ground effect vehicle, birds skimming, Lun-class Ekranoplan, race car cornering, Black Skimmer, aerodynamics, flight, airplanes, hovercraft, Spruce Goose]

2875 Pierre Fauchard, Father of Modern Dentistry
[Fauchard, dentistry, France, University of Angers, The Surgical Dentist]

2876 In which engineers and scientists assess their work in 1945
[The Scientists Speak, Warren Weaver, Edwin Land, Edwin Hubble, Irving Langmuir, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Igor Sikorsky, T. S. Painter, Polaroid, future prediction, technology assessment, gas-filled light bulb, atom bomb, telescope, helicopter, biology, WW-II]

2877 What do bees and other creatures see with their unimaginable eyes?
[entymology, biology, botany, bees, wasps, flies, dogs, cats, senses, sense data, sense perception, lantana, insect flight, scientific method, birds, ocelli, compound eyes, ocellus, Who Killed Cock Robin?, visible light spectrum, orb weaver spiders, ultra-violet, pollen, flowers, eco-system]

2878 U-boats in the First World War
[U-boats, submarines, World War 1, Harwich]

2879 The Economics of Empty Shipping Containers
[shipping containers, intermodal containers, trade, housing]

2880 Glacier Bay as seen by John Muir before 1885 — different now
[John Muir, Glacier Bay, Global Warming, Wrangel, Alaska, Tlingit people, Joseph Whidbey, Vitus Bering Sea, Alaska Current, 1885 Century Magazine, Icy Strait, melting glaciers, calving, Mt. Wright]

2881 Racial Mythologies: Hans Günther vs. Julian Huxley on the Concept of Race
[racial science, Hans. F. K. Günther, Julian Huxley, A. C. Haddon, We Europeans, Nazi Germany, racism, mythologies of race, Rice University]

2882 Eliezer Ben Yehuda and the Revival of Hebrew
[Eliezer Ben Yehuda, Hebrew, Zionism, Israel, language]

2883 A dead salmon points the way to better brain imaging
[salmon, MRI, fMRI, brain, Ig Nobel Prize]

2884 Communicating Through Pictures: The Japanese Language
[Japanese Language, Characters, Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, Devotion of Suspect X, Keigo Higashino, Alexander O. Smith, Japanese alphabet]

2885 Very Large Numbers
[large numbers, Jorge Luis Borges, cards, permutations, combinatorics, Infinite Monkey Theorem, The Library of Babel]

2886 Not Just Gadgets: The Science of Engineering Systems
[Blackett, U-boats, World War II, operational research, operations research, gadgets, depth charges]

2887 Apple's most famous flop: The Newton
[Apple Computers, Apple Newton, MessagePad, Steve Jobs, tablet computer, iPad, PDA, Personal Digital Assistant, Doonesbury, Gary Trudeau, artificial intelligence, Siri]

2888 The Strength Through Joy Car: Hitler’s Volkswagen and American Consumer Culture.
[Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Volkswagen Beetle, Henry Ford, Fordism, World War II, mass production, car design, Good Housekeeping Magazine, Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, autobahn, Strength Through Joy (Kraft Durch Freude)]

2889 An important step toward solving the twin primes conjecture
[prime numbers, twin primes conjecture, number theory, Yitang Zhang]

2890 Combination of Hydraulic Fracturing and Horizontal Drilling Revolutionizes Oil Production
[Henry Darcy, J. B. Clark, Floyd Ferris, darcy, permeability, petroleum, oil, nitroglycerine, fracture, hydraulic fracturing, proppant, horizontal drilling, shale]

2891 Specifics and Generalities: teaching and the problem of universals
[tables, Plato, Locke, Theory of Forms, problem of universals]

2892 Steampunk: An exercise in writing science fiction without predicting the future
[steampunk, science fiction, Jules Verne, future prediction, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Metropolis, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Voyage to the Center of the Earth, submarines, The Golden Compass, steam engines, Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, Charles Babbage's analytical engine, The Difference Engine, Victorian Era]

2893 How the batteries work; The electrodes and electrolytes; The Wonders of Electrochemistry
[Batteries, electrochemistry, electrodes, electrolytes, Volta, Galvani, ions, electrons]

2894 Wastewater Treatment
[wastewater, wastewater treatment, human waste]

2895 Measuring up: How we measure, and perceive, inclines
[road grade, incline, stairs, ramps]

2896 In which Nadezhda Popova beats off the Wehrmacht in a crop-duster
[Nadia Nadezhda Popova, women, 588th Night Bomber Regiment, Kukuruznik, Polikarpov Po-2, crop-duster, WW-II, Russian Air Force, Marina Raskova, bombing, bombers, biplanes, airplanes, Nachthexen, Night Witches, aerial tactics]

2897 A (Very) Short History of Privacy and Technology
[privacy, technology, devices, privacy, chimney, Brandeis]

2898 Keynes and Hayek: The nuances of their economic perspectives
[Keynes, Hayek, free markets, government intervention, The Road to Serfdom]

2899 The Rise and Fall of Celestial Navigation As Seen Through the Development of the Sextant
[sextant, octant, celestial, navigation, James Cook, Royal Astronomical Society]

2900 Hayek: the economist's contributions in neuroscience and philosophy
[Friedrich Hayek, government, economics, The Sensory Order, consciousness, mind]

2901 Norbert Wiener and Cybernetics
[Norbert Wiener, cybernetics, thinking machines]

2902 ELIZA: Artificial Psychotherapist
[ELIZA, Weizenbaum, psychotherapy, artificial intelligence, chatterbot]

2903 Delicately Engineered Hummingbirds
[hummingbirds, nature, flying, engineering]

2904 Chatterbots and the Turing Test
[chatterbot, chatbot, Turing Test, Loebner Prize, conversation]

2905 Imagination's Contributions to Science and Technology, Developmental Psychology and Imagination
[Imagination, Children, Play, Creativity, Vygotsky, Taussig, Paul Harris]

2906 The Octopus Mind
[octopus, brain, mind, intelligence, alien]

2907 Quantum Computing
[quantum computing, cryptography, Peter Shor]

2908 Kurt Vonnegut, engineers, and scientists
[Vonnegut, science fiction, Player Piano, Slaughterhouse Five]

2909 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Providing Renewable Energy, A Comparison of Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Lithium Ion Battery
[Hydrogen, Fuel Cell, Renewable Energy, Lithium Ion Battery, Electric Cars, and Clean Water]

2910 Something big: The world's largest manmade enclosure
[Boeing, Everett, 747, 767, 777, 787, Dreamliner, Astrodome, Target, Pan Am, Seattle]

2911 A very big spool: The Quincy Mine No. 2 Shaft Hoist, largest in the world
[Quincy Mine No. 2 Shaft Hoist, Houghton, Calumet, Hancock, Michigan, Upper Peninsula, Keneewah Waterway, copper mining, ASME National Landmark, compound steam engine, Fritz Lange Metropolis]

2912 David Hume and the Is-Ought Problem in Philosophy
[David Hume, philosophy, Is-Ought, ethics, morals, morality]

2913 The price of making a commercial airline seat
[airline, airplane, seat, price, coach, first class, business class, Lufthansa]

2914 Charles Loring Brace and the Orphan Trains Movement
[Charles Brace, orphan trains, children, vagrant, orphan, adoption, foster care]

2915 Mario Molina: Transparency in the air and the Ozone layer
[Mario Molina, Nobel Prize, Nobel, Chemistry, Mexico, Centro Mario Molina, fluorocarbon, Ozone, Global Warming, Montreal Protocol, chlorofluorocarbon]

2916 Charles K. McNeil and the Point Spread
[sports, gambling, probability, odds, point spread, bookmaking]

2917 The NBC Opera Theatre
[opera, television, Chotzinoff, Menotti, Amahl and the Night Visitors]

2918 Norman Brinker and the History of Restaurant Chains
[Norman Brinker, restaurants, restaurant chains, Jack in the Box, Steak & Ale, Chili's, food, dining]

2919 The Roomba
[Roomba, irobot, rumba, vacuum, robot]

2920 A Trip to the Moon, The First Science Fiction Film, The French Filmmaker Georges Méliès
[Moon's Eye, Georges Méliès, Science Fiction Film, Space Exploration, Motion Picture]

2921 The development of Italy's Reggiane 2005 fighter plane from the American P-35 as genetic analogy
[Alexander P. de Saversky P-35, Reggiane 2000, Reggiane 2005, Reggiane 2007, WW-II fighter planes, airplane design, Republic Aircraft]

2922 Gearing up: the continuously variable transmission
[gears, transmission, bicycles, cars]

2923 The opossum: nature's little sanitary engineer
[opossum, possum, turkey buzzard, carrion beetle]

2924 Not In This Universe: When the possible really isn't
[monkeys, typing, probability, odds, lottery]

2925 The wreck of the Francis H. Leggett and the question: What makes history interesting?
[Francis H. Leggett, Japanese cruiser Idzumo, Manzanita, Pacific Coast, worst Oregon shipwreck, railway ties house, WW-I, Japan, lifeboats, radio]

2926 Nerd Nite and the etymology of the word Nerd
[Nerd Nite, nerd, Revenge of the Nerds, Dr. Seuss]

2927 Dual Inheritance Theory: How our Genes and our Culture are co-evolving
[evolution, social learning, Kellogg experiment, genomics, dual inheritance theory, social learning, Gua, lactase, lactose intolerance]

2928 WHEN 1 = 1/2 = 0
[Grandi, infinity, mathematical sequences, mathematical series]

2929 The treacherous Goodwin Sands give up the last Dornier-17
[Goodwin Sands, WW-II air war, Dornier-17, Flying Pencil, British Royal Air Force Museum, restoration, Heinz Hun, A. E. Housman, lighthouses, light ships, Kent, England, German Cemetery, S. S. Mahratta, Battle of Britain]

2930 Overhanging Books
[Oresme, books, games, infinity, mathematical sequences, mathematical series]

2931 G. H. Hardy, mentor and apologist
[Hardy, Ramanujan, math, pure math]

2932 Monopoly games for POWs and the creation of myths
[Monopoly games, POWs, Allied airmen escapes, German prison camps, railway track widths, wheel tracks, railroad gage, Snopes.com, Brisman, Rousseau, mythology, myths, silk printing]

2933 Math and The Dreyfus Affair
[Dreyfus Affair, Dreyfus, Bertillon, Darboux, Appel, Poincaré. Poincare, probability, math, logic, handwriting]

2934 Reading the Molecules of Life
[DNA, RNA, proteins, genomics, DNA sequencing, genetics, dideoxy, chain-terminating, Fred Sanger, deoxyribonucleic acid, gene sequencing, double helix, medicine, oncology, personalized medicine, mutation, inheritance, pharmacogenomics, Leroy Hood, Maxam-Gilbert, Applied Biosystems, ABI, Nobel prize]

2935 In which humpback whales revise airfoil theory with the tubercles on their flippers
[humpback whales, zoology, aerodynamics, WhalePower Corporation, hydrodynamics, tubercles on fins, stall angle, boundary layer separation, airplanes, turbine blades, surfboard fins, Whalepower]

2936 George S. Parker and the Parker Brothers
[Parker Brothers, games, board games, Risk, Sorry!, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Tiddledy Winks, Banking]

2937 Vladimer Shukhov's hyperboloid structures: double curvature and Moscow's Shukov Radio Tower
[Vladimer Shukhov, hyperboloid structures, double curvature, architecture, catalytic cracking, historic preservation, hyperbola, Moscow, Shukov Radio Tower, Russia, Russian Revolution, Lenin, Vladimir Putin, Canton Tower, Nishny Novgorod, surface strength]

2938 Andrew Carnegie's The Gospel of Wealth
[Carnegie, philanthropy, wealth, robber baron, industrialist]

2939 Getting Power Inside: Alternative Power Transmission Systems
[electricity, power, power transmission, Paris clocks, air powered clocks, pneumatic power, hydraulic power]

2940 Polio and Mathematics
[polio, disease, analytics, mathematics]

2941 NASA's Shuttle Carrier Airplane (SCA), a last piggy-back airplane, retires
[NASA, Shuttle Carrier Airplane SCA, piggy-back airplanes, Bristol Scout, seaplanes, transatlantic flight, SOFIA Stratospheric Telescope for Intrared Astronomy, John Kiker, radio controlled model, Boeing 747-100 N905NA, Space Shuttle Orbiter, Space Center Houston, JSC, Paul Spano, NASA Shuttle Endeavor, Ellington Field, aircraft design structure, heavy moving]

2942 Hilton Hotels in Space
[Hilton, space, hospitality, Kubrick, 2001, space tourism]

2943 Recording Before Electricity
[audio, recording, electricity, Edison, Alexander Bell]

2944 The Father of Quantum Theory, The Perseverance of a Scientist Facing Multiple Tragedies
[Max Planck, Quantum Theory, Personal Tragedies, World War I, World War II, Physics Nobel Prize]

2945 The Once Great Port of New York
[New York, New Jersey, port, shipping, container shipping]

2946 Man or Monster? The Legend of the Golem and the Age of Technology
[golem, creation, humanity, legend, technology, artificial intelligence, Rabbi Loew]

2947 Wildly Rich, Surprisingly Humble: The Universe and Its Building Blocks
[atoms, chemical elements, molecules, the universe, earth]

2948 Pit Stop Optimization
[Formula One, car racing, pit stop, refueling, tire change]

2949 Who Invented the Microphone?
[microphone, Alexander Bell, Berliner, Edison, David Hughes, Kelvin]

2950 Oil under the sea: the evolution of offshore drilling for gas and oil
[offshore drilling, fixed platforms, compliant towers, floating platforms, jackup rig, semi-submersible platforms, oil gas drillships, moon pool, John Steinbeck, simulators, fossil fuel alternatives, thrusters, Project Mohole, Mohorovićć discontinuity]

2951 Scurvy, Vitamin C, and the Origins of the Modern Clinical Trial
[Magellan, Vasco Da Gama, Age of Discovery, Spice Trade, Age of Sail, Military Health, Nutrition, Vitamins, Medical Research, Clinical Trial, Controlled Trial]

2952 Cataclysm: J Harlen Bretz and the Ice Age Floods
[Bretz, Glacial Lake Missoula, Ice Age, floods, Columbia River Plateau, Niagara Falls, Dry Falls, geology]

2953 Engineering the Chairlift
[Jim Curran, Averell Harriman, chairlift, skiing, ski resort, Union Pacific Railway, Sun Valley]

2954 The U.S. Navy Floatplane: A lost evolutionary branch of the airplane family tree
[Airplanes, U.S. Navy Floatplane, WW-II, Vought, Curtiss, Navy Naval Aircraft Factory, pontoons, catapult launch, warships, Radar, helicopters, SOC-3, OS2U-2, Kingfisher, OS2U-3, OS2N-1, SOC3-1, SC-1 Seahawk, aerial reconnaisance, fire control, air-sea rescue, Pensacola Naval Air Museum]

2955 The Friendship Paradox: Why Your Friends Are More Popular Than You Are
[social networks, biased sampling, epidemiology, epidemics, friends]

2956 Woody Guthrie's Columbia River Songs
[Woody Guthrie, Columbia River, Grand Coulee Dam, Reclamation Act, Bureau of Reclamation, dams, irrigation]

2957 The Power of Cities
[power law, city, cities, Max Kleiber, efficiency]

2958 The Tour de France and WW-I: bicycles, aeroplanes, and Octave Lapize
[Tour de France, WW-I, bicycles, aeroplanes, airplanes, Octave Lapize, Col du Tourmalet, Nieuport 23, Verdun, Flirey, instability, The Shattered Peloton, George Healy, Marie Marvingt, Bleriot, women, Glenn Curtiss, the Wright Brothers]

2959 Learning to fact-check in a nation divided by contradictory facts
[truth seeking, pew Research Center, Snopes.com, Wikipedia, PolitiFact.com, PunditFact.com, falsifiability, Creation Science, fact-checking websites, democrats, republicans]

2960 CSI Herculaneum: How A Terrible Discovery Helps Paleodemography
[Herculaneum, physical anthropology, Pompeii, Vesuvius, demography]

2961 In which we struggle to give meaning to the word infinity
[infinity, mathematics, l'Hospital's Rule, l'hopital's rule, mathematicians, philosophy, engineering, -1/12, theology, infinite universe, speed of light, Georg Cantor, set theory, Finitists, first cause, infinite regress, string theory]

2962 Letters to the Mount Wilson Observatory
[astronomy, Mount Wilson Observatory, letters]

2963 What is a paradox? No such thing, once we understand!
[paradox, tea leaf paradox, Pompeii paradox, Schrödinger's cat, Catch 22, error of self reference, Pinocchio's nose paradox, Yogi Berra, M. C. Escher, quantum mechanics, Eugene Wigner, vortex action, para doxa ]

2964 Lettice Curtis: just one of many heroes of Britain's Air Transport Auxiliary
[Lettice Curtis, Air Transport Auxiliary, ATA, Spitfire, B-24 Liberator, Ferrying airplanes, WW-II, The Battle of Britain, Fairey Aviation, aerial combat, women, equal pay]

2965 Our names: emblems of power, sooner or later forgotten
[names, Adam, Genesis, naming opportunities, bullfighter Manolete, disease names, kahler's, Forbe's, Pott's, multiple myeloma, cycls-per-second, hertz, astronomy, astrology, periodic table, ideas, imagination, Edison, Bell, Shakespeare, A Midnight Summer's Dream, Theseus]

2966 Mufflers, Noisy Motorcycles, and Acoustics
[mufflers, glass packs, motorcycles, noise, acoustics]

2967 How we learn only by engaging our confusion and working through it
[Veritasium, Derek Muller, confusion, learning, teaching, Newton's laws of motion, gravity, mass, momentum, inertia, entropy, science and reality, San Francisco Exploratorium, Frank Oppenheimer]

2968 Brothers Byron and Royal Riblet
[Riblet, Spokane, tramway, aerial tramway, chairlift, square-wheel tractor]

2969 Regular or premium? Understanding octane rating
[gasoline, diesel, octane, car, car engine, gasoline additives]

2970 The ever changing train: Cars and crew
[train, Positive Train Control, coal car, caboose, boxcar, train fireman, train brakeman, train conductor, train engineer]

2971 The Secret Behind Waiting
[waiting, queuing, waiting line, elevators, Disney]

2972 Anger Erlang and Queing Theory
[Erlang, waiting, queuing, queuing theory, waiting line, telephone, call centers]

2973 The Lady of Mysteries Agatha Christie; The Famous Detectives Miss Marple and Hercule Piorot
[Agatha Christie, Hercule Piorot, Miss Marple, Mystery Novels, Detectives, Writers, Fictional Characters]

2974 Hilda Hewlett: Great Britain's first woman licensed to fly
[Hilda Hewlett, Maurice Hewlett, Francis Hewlett, Thomas Sopwith, Farman Brothers, Farman III, Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane, Tauranga Aero Club, aeroplane, Grace Bird, J. M. Barrie, Women, Gustav Blondeau]

2975 Light Bulb Technology
[light bulb, energy efficiency, watt, lumen, slug]

2976 Puzzles, Intellectual Exercise, and Everyday Problem Solving
[puzzle, Sudoku, crosswords, dementia, airplane seats, College Puzzle Challenge]

2977 Thomas Jefferson, the Maison Carrée of Nîmes, and the Virginia State Capitol.
[Thomas Jefferson, Charles Clérisseau, Neoclassicism, Neoclassical Architecture, Augustus, Maison Carrée, Nîmes, France, Virginia State Capitol, American architecture, Roman architecture]

2978 Henri Matisse cuts paper to design a cover for the art magazine Verve.
[Matisse, Tériade, cut-paper, cut-outs, Verve ]

2979 J.J.C Bradfield and the Sydney Harbor Bridge
[Bradfield, bridge, Sydney, Australia, city planning]

2980 The Saint Petersburg Paradox
[Saint Petersburg, paradox, Bernoulli, game, chance, gambling, marginal utility, Euler, Cournot, Arrow, Keynes, Samuelson, von Neumann]

2981 Catalytic Converters: A Catalyst For Change
[Nixon, Environmental Protection Agency, Clean Air Act of 1970, exhaust, smog, catalysts, catalytic converter, lead, leaded gas]

2982 Technology As The Leading Character
[Fantastic Voyage, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick, science fiction, movie, special effects]

2983 Parliment Speaks in Defense of Quadratic Equations
[British Parliament, quadratic equations, quadratic formula, math, teaching]

2984 Making Noise: When Car Engines Are Too Quiet
[hybrid cars, electric cars, sports cars, engine noise]

2985 Relative Accuracy
[accuracy, Henry Beck, map, London Underground]

2986 Simon Stevin and The Rise of Decimal Currency
[Stevin, decimal, currency, U.S. currency, metric system]

2987 Gravity is Magic
[gravity, magic, Newton, Huygens, Liebniz]

2988 Milton Humason's Quiet Persistence
[Milton Humason, Helen Dowd, astronomy, Hubble, Mount Wilson, University of Chicago, Big Bang, observatory, janitor]

2989 Latitude, Humidity, and Seasons affect the Sky
[sky color, atmospheric scattering, Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering, wavelength]

2990 The Minnesota Bump
[Minnesota, Canada, Louisiana Purchase, Revolutionary War]

2991 Tswett and the Development of Chromatography
[Separation, Purification, Pigments, Adsorption, Solvents, Chlorophyll, Analysis, Column, Filter Paper, Plants, Botany, Warsaw, Russia, Analysis]

2992 Algae
[algae, biofuel, seaweed, food]

2993 Enclaves, Exclaves, and other ways that land becomes disconnected
[enclaves, exclaves, pene-exclaves, terminology, Vatican City, Point Roberts, Northwest Angle, Elm Point, Minnesota Bump, Vulcan Point, Taal Lake, Statue of Liberty, Bedloe's Island, Crimea, disconnected land mass]

2994 Escaping from a Stricken Aircraft; the Rise of Ejection Seats
[eject, ejection, seat, aircraft, Martin Baker, escape, bailout, parachute]

2995 Very High Speed Tube Trains
[trains, high speed rail, evacuated tube trains, evacuated tube transport, roller coasters, Hyperloop]

2996 The highest tensile strength in nature — so far: Limpet teeth
[ultimate tensile strength, limpet teeth, structural steel, birch wood, limpet mines, spider silk, Arthur C. Clark, The Fountains of Paradise, space elevator, cosmic funicular, mono-crystaline silicon, carbon nano-tubes, Geothite, protein matrix, composite materials]

2997 Much Ado About Aging
[Ponce de León, Fountain of Youth, aging, hormones, antioxidants, diet, endocrine system]

2998 Test Tube Evolution
[experimental evolution, Darwin, Reverend Dallinger, antibiotics, antibiotic resistance]

2999 Hannibal's Grand Strategy: Genius or Failure?
[Hannibal of Carthage, Alps, Roman Republic, King Philip V of Macedon, Lake Trasimene, Battle of Cannae, tactics vs. strategy, Carthaginian Empire, Battle of Zama]

3000 The 3000th episode of The Engines of Our Ingenuity
[3000th episode, The Engines of Our Ingenuity, education, digital technology, program objectives, program overview]

3001 Archimedes to the Rescue
[Archimedes, Archimedes' principle, volume of an irregular object, Syracuse, Ancient Rome, Second Punic War, eureka]

3002 How Technology Has Enabled Choices
[choice, sandwich, Henry Ford, world hunger]

3003 The Pennsylvania Prison System
[Benjamin Rush, Benjamin Franklin, Eastern State Penitentiary, prison, jail, penitentiary, Walnut Street Jail, Independence Hall, Philadelphia]

3004 Lenin, Mach, and Higher Dimensions
[Lenin, Mach, Marx, Engels, hyperspace, three dimensions, higher dimensions, string theory]

3005 Was Kasparov Outmatched,or Was DeepBlue Lucky?
[chess, Kasparov, Deep Blue, artificial intelligence]

3006 The Good and Bad of Generalization
[generalize, inference, logic, scientific method]

3007 Samuel Gragg's Unusual Chair
[bent wood, bentwood, chairs, Gragg, patent furniture, Thonet]

3008 Sealed Clamshell Packaging
[packaging, clamshell packaging, blister packaging, Thomas Jake Lunsford, wrap rage]

3009 Samuel Gragg's Unusual Chair
[bent wood, bentwood, chairs, Gragg, patent furniture, Thonet]

3010 Efficient Auto Racing
[cars, car racing, Formula One, racing regulations, car engines, fuel efficiency]

3011 Grace Hopper
[Grace Hopper, Computer programming, Women in computing, COBOL, Harvard Mark I, Univac, Eckert-Mauchly Corporation ]

3012 Newton, God, and Gravity
[Newton, God, gravity, Bentley, solar system, sun, planets ]

3013 Alfred Kahn and Deregulation
[Kahn, airlines, airline deregulation, regulation, deregulation ]

3014 Measuring Almost Nothing
[Immunoassay, ELISA, isotopes, medical physics, women in science, insulin, hormones, blood banking, diagnostics, detection, assay, analytical chemistry, HIV, hepatitis, vaccination ]

3015 Hooke and Newton Collide
[Hooke, Newton, Halley, Kepler, gravity ]

3016 Simpson's Paradox
[Simpsons' Paradox, statistics, average ]

3017 Mechanical Philosophy
[classical elements, Greek elements, Descartes, Newton, gravity, aether, ether, Happy Gilmore, Kevin Nealon, Adam Sandler ]

3018 Compressed Sensing
[compressive sensing, imaging, statistics, mathematics ]

3019 Decompression Sickness, the Bends and Boyle's Law
[Decompression sickness, Caisson disease, The bends, Recompression chamber, Sir Robert Boyle, Boyle's Law]

3020 Credit Card Error Detection
[Luhn, Luhn's algorithm, check digit, parity, credit cards, error detection ]

3021 Einstein's Authenticity
[Einstein, Lorentz, Poincaré, Maxwell, Maxwell's equations, relativity, special relativity, light, electromagnetic waves ]

3022 Assumptions which blind us to reality
[basic assumptions, thinking, responses, riddle, puzzle, Edison tungsten filament lightbulb, light-emitting diodes]

3023 The Menil Collection and the Schlumberger Brothers
[Menil Collection, Dominique de Menil, Renzo Piano, Schlumberger Company, Conrad Schlumberger, Marcel Schlumberger, Well Logging]

3024 Thomas Young, Polymath
[Thomas Young, Rosetta Stone, Newton, Encyclopaedia Britannica, double-slit experiment, light, wave-particle duality]

3025 Thoreau's Walden
[Thoreau, Walden, technology, Updike, transcendentalism]

3026 The Grand Coulee Dam
[irrigation, electricity, Bureau of Reclamation, battery]

3027 Crossing the Colorado River
[Lees Ferry, Colorado River, Mormons, Grand Canyon, Glens Canyon, Canyonlands, Brigham Young, John Wesley Powell, Hoover Dam]

3028 Grosseteste's Big Bang
[Grosseteste, medieval, big bang, Newton, light, Old Testament]

3029 Model Citizen
[plastic models, scale models, model kit, model airplane, toy]

3030 Pi Music and Human Creativity
[pi, music, math, creativity]

3031 Mary Beale As Told By Ellen Clayton
[Mary Beale, Ellen Clayton, England, King George II, portrait, painting, women]

3032 How Lamaze Found Its Way to the US
[Lamaze, childbirth, natural childbirth, Marjorie Karmel, Paula Michaels, Soviet Union, World War II, McCarthyism, communism]

3033 The Tesla Motors Model S
[Tesla, cars, electric cars, electric motors]

3034 Magnets and the Mind
[MRI, medical imaging, magnetic field, human anatomy, functional MRI]

3035 Light Emitting Diodes
[Thomas Edison, light bulbs, incandescent, fluorescent, LED, semicon-ductors, Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Prize]

3036 A fine replica is truly the ghost of Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis
[Charles Lindbergh, Spirit of St. Louis, Wright Whirlwind J-5 engine, Le Bourget Aeroport, Reeve Lindbergh, Ken Cassens, Cole Palen, Claude Ryan, Hawley Bolus, Ryan NYP, St. Louis Racquette Club, Ann Morrow Lindbergh, Donald A. Hall, Tom Polapink, replica, tail-dragger, periscope, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, tailskid, aeroplanes, airplanes, flight]

3037 Carol of the Bells
[Christmas carols, Shchedryk, Mykola Leontovych, Oleksander Koshyts, Peter Wilhousky]

3038 The Video Game Crash of 1983
[Howard Warshaw, Spielberg, E.T. the Extraterrestrial, video games, Atari, Kool-Aid]

3039 Computer Animation
[computer animation, computer graphics, television, movies, videos, video games, pictures, images, rendering]

3040 Leonardo and Borelli
[Borelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, biomechanics, human motion, Pisa, Renaissance, Italy, Tuscany, Naples, mathematics, dissection, anatomy, physiology, empiricism, scientific method]

3041 Consciousness and Strong Artificial Intelligence
[consciousness, artificial intelligence, Searle, Chinese room]

3042 System Dynamics
[system dynamics, supply chain, telephone game, Jay Forrester, beer game, ER game]

3043 Are You Human? The Story Behind Captcha
[CAPTCHA, artificial intelligence, bots, wavy letters, misshapen letters, Turing test]

3044 Randomized Clinical Trials
[clinical trials, statistics, arrhythmia, medical ethics]

3045 The Pneumatic Tire
[wheel, tire, cycling, Dunlop, Willie Hume, Robert Thomson]

3046 Chemical Energy Storage that is Billions of Years Old
[Chemical Energy Storage, Nucleosynthesis, Chemical Elements, Supernova, Big Bang]

3047 How to Think About Machines that Think
[Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Daniel Dennett, Steven Pinker, AI, artificial intelligence, thinking machines]

3048 Juba II
[Juba II of Mauretania, Caesar Augustus, Ancient Rome, Arabia, Julius Caesar, India, Africa, Client Kingship, Canary Islands, Christopher Columbus]

3049 Charcoal Briquettes
[barbeque, fire, smoke, campfire, charcoal, carbon, carbon dioxide, Ford, Kingsford, Stafford, picnic]

3050 Space Travel
[libration points, Genesis mission, Trojan asteroids, Lagrange, Euler, Lagrange points]

3051 The Art of Rhetoric
[rhetoric, trivium, Plato, Aristotle, sophistry, Greece]

3052 Frankencense and Myrrh: The True Value of a Famous Gift
[Jesus of Nazareth, Frankincense, Myrrh, Incense Route, Roman Empire, Arabia, Pliny the Elder, The Nativity, Epiphany, Alexandria (Egypt) Long title: Frankincense and Myrrh: The True Value of a Famous Gift]

3053 Music and the Brain
[music, brain, neuroscience, Levitin, Darwin, Pinker]

3054 Electioneering in Ancient Rome: the Commentariolum Petitionis Attributed to Cicero's Brother
[elections, electioneering, politics, ancient Rome, Roman Republic, Marcus Tullius Cicero, candidates]

3055 The Names of Boeing Planes
[Boeing, 707, 737, 787, Global Cruiser, Dreamliner, Beijing Olympics]

3056 The Truth About Ingenuity
[ingenuity, ingeniousness, ingenium, ingenuitas, Roman Law, freeborn person, ingénue]

3057 Ivan Pavlov: Digestion and Conditioned Reflex
[Pavlov, Pavlov's dogs, digestion, digestive system, conditional reflex, Nobel Prize, Russia]

3058 Bounding Billies
[golf, golf ball, Haskell, feathery, gutty, Goodrich, Tiger Woods, sports]

3059 Vera Rubin and Dark Matter
[Kent Ford, dark matter, dark energy, gravity, astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics, Newton, Einstein, women]

3060 B.F. Skinner and Radical Behaviorism
[B. F. Skinner, behaviorism, radical behaviorism, Walden Two, Pavlov, psychology, cultural engineering, social engineering]

3061 Electric Bicycles and Energy Efficiency
[walking, cars, bicycles, electric bicycles, regulation]

3062 The Rise and Fall of the Rubber City Capital of the World
[tires, cars, U.S. industry, Akron, Goodyear, Firestone, B.F. Goodrich, U.S. Rubber, Uniroyal, General Tire, adaptation, Consumer Reports]

3063 How the K Car Saved Chrysler
[cars, car makers, large companies, Chrysler, Iacocca, bailout, marketing, minivan]

3064 Crowdsourced Problem Solving
[video, crowdsourcing, analytics, data analysis, big data]

3065 Victor and Eva Saxl: Love, War and Homemade Insulin
[Victor Saxl, Eva Saxl, diabetes, insulin, Shanghai, China, World War II, Prague, Czechoslovakia, pancreas]

3066 Creativity Behind the Scenes
[creativity, unconsciousness, high school]

3067 The Remarkable Perception of a Mathematical Oddity
[mathematics, arithmetic, ages, number theory, autism, Rain Man, special needs]

3068 Birch: The tree honored across the North, and the true subtance of the Spruce Goose
[Birch tree, birch wood, Spruce Goose, Birch Goose, plywood, veneer, Howard Hughes, silver birch, betula pendula, Russia, birch wine, birch beer, Greenland, Iceland, Celtic worship, James Russell Lowell, ground effect, Song of the Volga Boatmen, Domodedovo Airport, Birch ensemble, folk medicine, Akademgorodok]

3069 Edward Saylor Repairman
[repairmen, repair, Edward Saylor, Doolittle Raid, Pearl Harbor, World War 2]

3070 Leon Theremin's Remarkable Music Machine
[Theremin, electronic music, science fiction, Soviet, Russian, Lenin, The Day the Earth Stood Still, synthesizers, Einstein]

3071 The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Sciences
[mathematics, Eugene Wigner, data science]

3072 The brewer, chemist and statistician William Sealy Gosset
[statistics, William Gosset, Guiness brewery, Student, T-test]

3073 A Look at Continuity
[vision, sight, film, video, Zeno, paradoxes, quantum theory]

3074 John and Charles Deere
[John Deere, Charles Deere, agriculture, heavy equipment, plows, multinational]

3075 Thucydides, Democracy, and Hope
[Obama Campaign 2008, Shepard Fairey, Thucydides, Peloponnesian War, Pericles, Plague of Athens, Sparta, Sicilian Expedition, Hope, Christian Virtues, Cardinal Virtues]

3076 Optimization
[path optimization, shortest path problem, traveling salesman problem, P = NP conjecture, computational complexity theory]

3077 When is a Victory not a Victory? The Battle of Navarino
[Greek Revolution, Sir Edward Codrington, Battle of Navarino, Ottoman Empire, Geopolitics, Russia]

3078 Restoring the Parthenon: The Acropolis Restoration Service and 40+ Years of Hard Work
[Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, Pericles, archaeology, restoration, Erechtheum, Nashville Parthenon]

3079 Rodolphe Lindt and Chocolate Conching
[Lindt, chocolate, food, food history, business]

3080 The First Marathon and the Athens Olympics of 1896
[Pheidippides, Battle of Marathon, marathon race, Spyridon Louis, Albin Lemursiaux, Edwin Flack, Olympic games, Athens 1896 Olympics]

3081 Gelatin and Jell-o
[gelatin, aspic, food, dessert, business, marketing]

3082 Charles Havelock Taylor and Hydraulic Air Compression
[Charles Taylor, mining, power generation, carbon sequestration]

3083 Gail Borden and Condensed Milk
[Borden, milk, food, Texas, Galveston, Houston, preserved food, food spoilage, bacteria]

3084 Leo Baekeland and Bakelite
[Bakelite, plastic, Velox]

3085 Einstein's Bigger Deal
[Einstein, Newton, Thomas Young, Opticks, light, duality, quantum theory]

3086 Elise the Cow and Elmer the Bull
[Borden, milk, glue, adhesives, business, brand]

3087 Marie Curie and Her Children
[Curie, Joliot, Labouisse, parent, family, Nobel prize, UNICEF, women]

3088 David Henderson Houston and the Roll Film Camera
[camera, patent, film, Kodak, David Henderson, George Eastman, North Dakota, business]

3089 Steve Sasson and the Digital Camera
[camera, digital camera, Kodak, digital photographs, photographic film]

3090 Friedrich Richard Petri
[Friedrich Richard Petri , Texas art , sketchbooks , Native Americans , German Texans , watercolors]

3091 Soil Spectroscopy in Africa
[Steinbeck, Grapes of Wrath, soil management, agroforestry, light, Newton, data]

3092 Descriptions of Arts and Crafts
[arts and crafts]

3093 How Mathematicians Tell Stories
[math, story, dramatic arc, dramatic structure, lemma]

3094 Lobster
[lobster, arthropods, sea creatures, molting, reproduction]

3095 Making a Revolution
[Maker movement, Makerspace, Hackerspace, Home Brew, STEM, HAM radio, 3d printing , maker faire, Raspberry Pi]

3096 The Learning Value of Philosophy
[philosophy, college, college majors, careers, liberal arts]

3097 Cooking with Fire in the Colonial Period and Now
[fire, cooking, hearths, Pilgrims, Thanksgiving]

3098 The Different Experiences of Reading, Radio, and Video
[reading, radio, video, Patton, Charles Dickens, Great Expecta-tions, Academy Awards]

3099 Gravity and the Importance of Three Pysical Dimensions
[higher dimensions, gravity, planets, inverse square law, Ehrenfest, physics]

3100 Benoit Mandelbrot and Fractals
[math, fractals, Mandelbrot, Mandelbrot set, Julia set, IBM]

3101 The Axiom of Choice
[math, fractals, Mandelbrot, Mandelbrot set, Julia set, IBM]

3102 Should We Let Computers Make Our Decisions
[computers, artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, decision making, IBM, medicine, football]

3103 Infinity and Limits
[math, Hilbert’s Grand Hotel, limit, infinity]

3104 Special Recipe: The Biochemistry of Life
[biochemistry, life, human life, intelligent life, planetary science]

3105 Matte Painting: From Glass To Digital
[painting, photography, film, media, digital, glass, change]

3106 In which Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle undoes the Fabric of Reality
[Werner Heisenberg, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, indeterminacy, Earle Hesse Kennard, modern physics, Gottingen University, quantum mechanics, the Observer Effect, Michael Frayn, Copenhagen, Main Street Theater, Planck's constant, accuracy, Feynman, flat earth, earth-centered universe]

3107 Why it matters that we expect boys to brilliant and girls to work hard
[painting, photography, film, media, digital, glass, change]

3108 Historians and Source Material
[World Wide Web, history, historians, writing, source material]

3109 Mathematics says that we should never disagree, but we still do
[common knowledge, rational agents, Aumann's Theorem]

3110 Home Plumbing Traps and Vents
[plumbing, simple, trap, vent, sewer, drains]

3111 Temple Geometry: Sacred Mathematics in Japan's Edo Period
[temple geometry, geometry, Japan, Edo period, calculus, plane geometry, sangaku]

3112 Donald Barthelme: Creative Editor
[Donald Barthelme, Forum magazine, University of Houston, interdisciplinary, Existentialism, Robert Rauschenberg, juxtaposition, Abstract Expressionist, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Modernism]

3113 Rational Economic Man
[Kenneth Arrow, equilibrium theory, rationality, economics, behavioral economics, rational economic man, economic man, homo economicus]

3114 Indivisibles
[Cavalieri, Galileo, infinitesimal, indivisible, Protestant Reformation, Roman Catholic Church, calculus, Italy, Jesuit, controversy]

3115 A Walrus seaplane that might have saved the Battle of Sunda Strait
[HMAS Perth, USS Houston, Battle of Sunda Strait, Lt. Allan Vernon 'Jock' McDonough, floatplanes, seaplanes, military reccnnaissance, The Burma Railway, The Death Reilway, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Supermarine Walrus 1, the Seagull V, WW-II, naval warfare, warships]

3116 Philosophical Zombies
[zombie, philosophy, horror, artificial intelligence, AI, Turing test]

3117 C.R. Smith and SABRE
[business, business technology, Texas, airlines, American Airlines, IBM, early computers, vacuum tubes]

3118 Of Wombats and Armadillos: Using Animals to Teach Probability
[Australia, Texas, wombat, dingo, wallaby, Tasmanian devil, koala, armadillo, probability theory, teaching]

3119 Math As A Humble Servant To Science
[math, science, logic, deduction, induction, Newton, Einstein, Hobbes, Leviathan]

3120 Supply, Demand, and Surge Pricing at Uber
[supply, demand, economics, Uber, pricing, algorithms]

3121 Charles Nicolle and the Transmission of Typhus
[Rickettsia prowazekii, Pasteur, diagnosis, epidemiology, public health, epidemic, infection control, Tunisia]

3122 Morris Kline
[math, teaching, history]

3123 The Halifax 1917 Explosion and Vincent Coleman’s Final Goodbye
[Vincent Coleman, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1917, Richmond Station, Dartmouth, World War I, explosion, SS Mont-Blanc, SS Imo, The Narrows, Canada]

3124 John Locke on Education
[Locke, philosophy, education, democracy, Jefferson, Declaration of Independence, virtue]

3125 How many wings do I need to fly: Some things only seem like a good idea.
[multiwinged airplanes, biplanes, quadruplanes, triplanes, Jim Winchester, The World's Worst Aircraft, Fokker Eindecker, Fokker triplane, Sopwith triplane, wing interference, The Red Baron, von Richtofen, tandem wings, flying automobiles, jetpack flight, ornithopters, Caprioni Ca.60]

3126 Charles LeMaistre and Cancer Prevention
[cancer, treatment, prevention, LeMaistre, Kennedy, health care]

3127 The Long and The Short Of Elevators
[elevators, buildings, construction, urban planning]

3128 The Lincoln-Douglas Debates and Lincoln-Douglas Debating
[Lincoln, Steven Douglas, war, slavery, debate, logic]

3129 What Went Wrong on D-Day: The Paradox of the Allies' Greatest Campaign
[D-Day, Invasion of Normandy, World War 2, Saving Private Ryan (film), Adolf Hitler, Omaha Beach, military planning]

3130 A War of Concrete: The Mulberry Harbors and the Invasion of Normandy
[D-Day, Invasion of Normandy, Mulberry Harbors, Arromanches, Port Winston, military logistics, Fortress Europe, Adolph Hitler, concrete caissons, Phoenix, Winston Churchill]

3131 Jean Cavaillès: War Hero and Philosopher
[math, science, philosophy, war, World War II, France, Germany, Vichy, French Resistance, Nazi, Gestapo]

3132 Gadgets in the American Kitchen
[inventions, patents, kitchen, kitchen gadgets, kitchen utensils, ale boot, fly fan, toast fork, apple peeler, apple parer, potato mashers, egg beaters, butter churns, women]

3133 Juan Pujol García: the Liar Who Helped Win D-Day
[Juan Pujol García, Agent Garbo, D-Day, espionage, counter-espionage, MI5, World War II, Spanish Civil War, Barcelona]

3134 Henri Poincaré and Mathematical Monsters
[math, Poincaré, Weierstarass, fractals, calculus]

3135 Nabuo Fujita returns in peace to Brookings, OR, after have waged war there.
[Nabuo Fujita, E14Y Glen seaplane, submarine, submarine aircraft carrier, Brookings, Oregon, Azalea Festival, Jimmy Doolittle, WW-II, bombing, forest fires]

3136 The Whale Oil Myth: The unrelated collapse of whaling and rise of petroleum
[The Whale Oil Myth, Sperm Whales, Beluga Whales, Laissez Faire economics, spermaceti oil, petroleum, trophic cascade, Inuits, turpentine, kerosene, alcohol, camphene, camphor oil, animal intelligence]

3137 Igor Stravinski's "The Rite of Spring"
[music, ballet, Russia, France, avant garde]

3138 The once-greatest man-made explosion in the Battle of Messines Ridge
[Battle of messines Ridge, wartime tunneling, Battle of the Crater, Petersburg, Civil War, WW-II, Ypres Salient, explosion, Pool of Peace, Spanbroekmolen Crater, Spanbroekmolen British Cemetery]

3139 Maryam Mirzakhani: A life in Mathematics
[Maryam Mirzakhani, geodesics, moduli spaces, Fields Medal, mathematics]

3140 A look at how the temperature varies underground
[underground temperature, annual temperature variation, root cellar, heat transfer semi-infinite region, permafrost, tundra, global warming]

3141 An analysis of greenhouse gases and climate change
[Greenhouses gases, greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, water vapor, electromagnetic spectrum, ultra violet light, infrared light, global warming, Greenland ice core, fossil fuels, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Environmental Protection Agency, albedo, ocean absorbs, positive feedback]

3142 Internet Search Engine Optimization
[internet, world wide web, google, math, algorithms, SEO]

3143 In which physics decides that a reality we cannot fathom lies behind what we know and see
[Quantum entanglement, quantum mechanics, ding an sich, Emmanuel Kant, St.Paul, reality, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Wallace Stevens, Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction, Abner Shimony, John Wheeler, Schrodinger's cat, Andy Boyd]

3144 Forebear of the internet, ARPANET
[internet, defense, government research, computers, protocols]

3145 Making the World Wide Web Come To Life
[computers, computer networks, internet, HTML, web browser, Mosaic]

3146 Some Reflections on Human Comprehension
[Rothko, Rothko Chapel, art, science, mind, brain]

3147 The Three R's: Reason, Religion and Revolution
[United States Revolution, French Revolution, Martin Luther, Catholicism, Protestantism, Enlightenment, Declaration of Independence, Civil Constitution of the Clergy, religion]

3148 Rehabilitating The Nation's Aging Water System
[water, civil engineering, water system, pipes, plumbing]

3149 Constants of Nature
[cosmology, physics, Richard Feynman, John Barrow, Frank Tipler, Newton, anthropic principle, science, religion]

3150 Can Technology Replace Sports Officiating?
[sports, baseball, fencing, tennis]

3151 Descartes and Reason
[Descartes, knowledge, reason, Scholasticism, Christianity, Catholicism, God]

3152 Elisha Perkins and Tractors
[medicine, medical instruments, hoax, George Washington]

3153 How the Optic Nerve Effects Sight
[brain, eye, data processing, pixels, photoreceptors, photography]

3154 Knowing Without Knowing What: Non-Constructive Proofs
[math, pigeonhole principle, proof, prime numbers, encryption]

3155 Ruth Benerito and Wrinkle Free Cotton
[Benerito, cotton, nylon, synthetic fiber, wash and wear, permanent press, cross-linking, ironing, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award, National Inventors Hall of Fame]

3156 Revisiting H. L. Mencken
[math, Mencken, newspapers, news, internet, computers, integrity]

3157 Martin Luther King Jr's. remarkable means
[Martin Luther King Jr., theology, Christian imperatives, nonviolent protest, race, I Have a Dream, homoletics]

3158 Controlling Avalanches with Artillery Fire
[Atwater, Alta, artillery, avalanche, skiing, snow, Forest Service, Utah, Washington]

3159 When Infinity and Dimensionality Collide
[math, Cantor, dimension, cardinality, infinity, cup and saucer]

3160 Angela Merici and the Education of Girls in North America
[education, women, religion, church]

3161 Seeing Red: What Goes On in the Minds of Others?
[philosophy, other minds, artificial intelligence, consciousness]

3162 A Jacket With Embedded Flexible Thin-Film Batteries That Can Charge a Device
[Smart Suit, Batteries, Polymer Electrolyte, Flexible Battery, Solid Electrolyte]

3163 Answering Questions About Variable Speed Of Light Theories
[physics, light, Einstein, artificial intelligence, writing]

3164 The Story Behind Some Great Fanfares
[music, the Olympics, Copland]

3165 Serendipity and the Inventive Mind
[Thomas Edison, Roy Plunkett, Teflon, Ira Remsen, saccharin, aspartame, Equal, NutraSweet, Patsy Sherman, Scotchgard, Percy Spencer, microwave oven, Viagra]

3166 Spoonerisms and Their Unwilling Namesake
[Spoonerism, Kniferism, Forkerism, Pig Latin, Harry von Zell, Archie Campbell, word, New College, Oxford, England]

3167 How Animals Navigate
[mind, senses, navigation, animals, birds, migration, Monarch butterflies, homing pigeons, salmon, quantum theory]

3168 Insights of the Enlightened Marquis de Condorcet
[Condorcet, Enlightenment, France, French revolution, mind, knowledge]

3169 Percy Williams Bridgman, Operationalism, and Meaningless Questions
[Nobel prize, physics, operationalism, philosophy, questions]

3170 The Historical Legacy of Rosalind Franklin
[Nobel prize, DNA, double helix, Photo 51, women]

3171 Dave Thomas and Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers
[Dave Thomas, entrepreneurs, adoption, work ethic, advertising]

3172 F. Emerson Andrews and the Duodecimal Number System
[mathematics, numbers, number systems, Arabic numerals, binary, duodecimal, dozenal, octal, hexadecimal, computers]

3173 Understanding Saint Anselm of Canterbury
[education, women, religion, church, scholasticism, God, reason, Middle Ages, pope, king of England]

3174 Marion Donovan: The Woman Who Engineered A Better Diaper
[women, Marion Donovan, diaper, Boater, Big Hang Up, Zippity Do, DentaLoop, Pampers]

3175 Practice and Reprogramming the Brain
[mind, brain, training, bicycle, Destin Sandlin]

3176 Graph Theory and the Königsberg Bridge Problem
[graph, graph theory, networks, Königsberg, Königsberg Bridge Problem, Leonhard Euler, shortest path, bus routing, garbage truck routing]

3177 Venetian Flood Control
[flood, flood control, hurricane, Texas, Venice, Galveston]

3178 Samuel Kier and Oil Refining
[Kier, energy, petroleum, oil, refining, distill, distillation, medicine]

3179 Pierre Wantzel Makes History
[math, Greece, geometry, math problems, compass, straightedge, Fermat, Andrew Wiles]

3180 Netscape and the First Browser War
[computers, computer history, computer networks, internet, HTML, web browser, Mosaic, Netscape, world wide web]

3181 The Fall of Microsoft's Internet Explorer
[computers, computer history, computer networks, internet, HTML, web browser, world wide web, operating system, cloud computing]

3182 Looking at Magical Shapes
[mathematics, geometry, projections, Möbius strip, Klein bottle]

3183 Mary Golda Ross Rises
[mathematics, women, Indian, Native American, Cherokee, Lockheed]

3184 The Knots of Peter Guthrie Tait
[mathematics, women, Indian, Native American, Cherokee, Lockheed]

3185 Mechanical Hummingbirds
[animals, birds, hummingbirds, helicopters, drones, design, nature, natural]

3186 Marveling
[math, teaching, physics, chemistry, Feynman, mystery]

3187 The Raspberry Pi, a Small Computer with a Lot of Flavor
[Vintage Computer, Raspberry Pi, Commodore 64, BBC Micro, Eben Upton]

3188 Julia Child: Kitchen Innovator
[Julia Child, Smithsonian, National Museum of American History, France, cooking, women]

3189 The Price of Holding On
[manufacturing, inventory, industrial engineering, self-storage]

3190 Henry and Eleanor Sidgwick and Victorian Supernatural Science
[Sidgwick, supernatural, paranormal, Victorian era, women]

3191 Friedrich Fröbel and Kindergarten
[Fröbel, kindergarten, education, teaching, children, women]

3192 Behind the Scenes at The Engines of Our Ingenuity
[Engines of Our Ingenuity, radio, NPR, Houston Public Media, KUHF]

3193 Purple Men: The History of the Color Purple
[Tyrian Purple, Murex Mollusk, William Perkin, Perkin's Mauve, aniline dyes, coal tar, Queen Victoria]

3194 The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
[SETI, extraterrestrial life, NASA, Drake Equation, Fermi, Nobel prize, Yuri Milner, telescope, Carl Sagan]

3195 Newspapers vs. the Internet: The Converging Literacies of the Digital Age
[newspapers, digitization, internet, Centralia IL, James W. Armstrong, World War I, Northwestern University, radio, media]

3196 The Life and Writing of Flannery O'Connor
[American writers, writing, literature, birds, Georgia, the South, Church, women]

3197 Internet Enabled Distributed Computing
[computing, internet, math, prime numbers, Mersenne, big data, SETI, extraterrestrial intelligence]

3198 The Subatomic Particle Zoo
[physics, particle physics, atom, subatomic, standard model, particle accelerators, atom smashers]

3199 Direct Current Makes Its Presence Known
[power, energy, transmission, clean energy, green technology, Edison, Westinghouse]

3200 Two for One: The Banach-Tarski Paradox
[math, mathematical analysis, paradox]

3201 Some Reflections on Minimalist Music
[minimalism, minimalist, music, Phillip Glass]

3202 Gladys West and the Geoid
[women, African Americans, math, defense, government, earth]

3203 The Shape of Proteins
[DNA, proteins, protein folding, machine learning, DeepMind]

3204 Transforming Transportation from Engines to Motors
[engines, motors, electricity, renewable energy]

3205 Alice Augusta Ball and Her Work on Leprosy
[women, African American, chemistry, biology, medical]

3206 Australia Wins The America's Cup
[boats, yachts, sailing, sails, racing, keel, Australia, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, wings]

3207 Repairing New Zealand's Damaged Ecosystem
[ecosystems, birds, extinction, species, predatory animals, genetic engineering]

3208 How Computers are Chipping Away at Reading Comprehension
[computers, artificial intelligence, comprehension, reading comprehension, college testing, syntax, grammar]

3209 Net of Life: Can Technology Protect Us from Ourselves?
[suicide, Golden Gate Bridge, mental health, San Francisco]

3210 Scourge of the Sea, the long search for a cure for scurvy.
[scurvy, Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, Jacques Cartier, Canada, sailors, James Lind]

3211 Lion Man and other human fictions
[Lion Man, Lion-man, Löwenmensch, Aurignacion culture, Paleolithic art, Yuval Noah Harari, Peugeot Corporation]

3212 Simple Technology Helps Migrating Fish
[fish, salmon, migration, pneumatics, rivers, dams, environment]

3213 How a Chinese immigrant helped make one of Disney's most beloved films
[Disney, Tyrus Wong, Bambi, immigration, background art, animation, Chinese painting, watercolor painting]

3214 Pumpkins and the discovery of viruses
[Pasteur, Halloween, Bacteria, Antibiotic, Tobacco, Jackalope]

3215 What eats avocado seeds?
[Panama isthmus, plate tectonics, paleozoology, ecological anachronism, megafauna]

3216 World War II, the Los Angeles Art Students League, and Japanese American internment
[World War II, Japanese Americans, internment camps, art school, Benji Okubo, Art Students League, Iwao Takamoto]

3217 Two 1937 booklets reveal a shift in the art of model airplane building.
[Model airplanes, Guillow, Comet models, ultralight microfilm models, Casco, Ohlsson 23, U-Control, balsa wood, bamboo, Lindbergh, model kits, WW-II, Great Depression, gas-engines, rubber, youth creativity, Model Aeronautics Handbook]

3218 Bob Dylan's Self-Education
[Bob Dylan, folk music, American history, Mark Twain, Civil War]

3219 Gravity-Powered Intracity Transport
[transportation, public transportation, gravity, trains, subways, mathematics]

3220 Self-organization as a replacement for leadership
[Business model, cooperation, leadership, leaderlessness, anarchy, anarchism, Petr Kropotkin, Alcoholics Anonymous, AA, Bill Wilson, Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, open software, Linus Torvalds, Jazz, improvisation, leaderless orchestras, leaderless collective, Scott Peck, Uber, Travis kalanick, Lyft, mutual dependence, cooperative]

3221 The Hamann-Todd Osteological Collection and its contributions to medicine
[Hamann-Todd, skeleton, bones, Cleveland, Western Reserve Medical School, Cleveland Museum of Natural History]

3222 Black, the colorless and highly desirable color
[Black, color, colorless, Vantablack, monitor screens, Richard Dyer-Bennet, Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair, A Heat Transfer Textbook, radiation, reflection, reflectivity, absorp-tivity, carbon nanotubes, black hole, hohlraum, solar collectors]

3223 The problem of writing for people to read and for people to hear
[comprehending reading, comprehending listening, comprehension, Flesch Reading Ease Test, Flesch-Kinkaid, grade level, understanding reading, radio speech, short-term memory]

3224 Fake rocks, forced perspective, and other forms of illusion in the private home of Disney Imagineer Fred Joerger
[Fred Joerger, Disney, Disneyland, Imagineer, forced perspective, faux painting, Matterhorn, roller coasters, theme parks, movie sets, miniatures, model making, fiberglass]

3225 Abraham Lincoln invents a boat which can free itself from sandbars
[Abraham Lincoln, William Herndon, patents, riverboats, inflatable pontoons]

3226 A Novel Use of a Flight Training Centrifuge for Medical Intervention
[Centrifuge, G Forces, Acceleration; Bullet Wound, Brain]

3227 Gyros in the Energy Industry
[Gyroscope, Gyro, Gyro-while-drilling, Technology, Energy, Oil and gas, Drilling, Sensors, Surveying, Wellbore, Well placement, Elmer Sperry, Gyrodata]

3228 Designing safe computer controls
[Computer Safety, Boeing 737, Automation, requirements, aircraft, Nancy Leveson, women]

3229 The Mathematics of HIV Infections
[HIV, AIDS, Perelson, Ho, differential equations]

3230 How close-ups offer social and psychological benefits that selfies do not.
[Close-up, selfie, social media, film, cinema, film history, D. W. Griffith, Cecil B. DeMille, Sunset Boulevard, film noir, psychology, Hugo Münsterberg, photoplay, depression, portraiture]

3231 Sputnik and the New American Education
[Cold War, 1950s, satellites, Russia, education]

3232 Man vs. Machine in the Exploration of Space
[Space probe, space flight, rover, human vs. machine, explorers]

3233 What the Toad Thought
[environment, animals, mind, brain, philosophy]

3234 The Moving Sofa Problem
[sofa, couch, patch, largest area, smallest area, calculus]

3235 Gender, labor history, and the devaluation of film editing
[Film editing, Verna Fields, Hollywood, Steven Spielberg, Jaws, gender, labor history, prestige, creative industries]

3236 Analysis, Creativity, and the Humble Index Card
[index card, Carl Linneaus, Vladimir Nabokov, Hallmark, greeting cards, J.C. Hall, tabula rasa, taxonomy, surveillance, biometrics, biometric surveillance, card catalog, playing cards]

3237 Aaron Copland composes an uncommonly fine fanfare
[Copland, fanfare, Cincinnati Symphony, brass, Deems Taylor, Howard Hanson, Virgil Thompson, Eugene Goosens]

3238 Whitewash, as Metaphor and Practice
[whitewash, whitewashing, América Tropical, David Siqueiros, metaphor, Duco, airbrush, Los Angeles, murals, Los Tres Grandes, Mexican muralism, race, cosmetics, hygiene, paint]

3239 A Materialist Controversy Inspired by the Human Body
[physiology, materialism, philosophy, religion]

3240 An Inventive Mind Reaches a Milestone
[creative, ingenuity, Lienhard, 90th birthday, milestone, Andy Boyd, NASA, Space Shuttle, engineer, theatre, World War 1, airplanes]

3241 Green with Immortality
[Hooker's green, green, metaphor, William Hooker, color, bile, envy, jealousy, longevity, hope, immortality, Hippocratic medicine, Kew Gardens, pigment, paint, pomology, botanical painting, Prussian blue, gamboge, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Sappho, Christianity, lightfastness, synthetic pigment, psychophysiology, illustration, painting, resin]

3242 Dr. John McLoughlin and the Colonies That Stayed
[Dr. John McLoughlin, The North West Company, Hudson's Bay Company, British Colonies, Astoria, Fort Vancouver, Oregon, Northwestern America]

3243 Hollywood's Heroic Water FX
[Hollywood, Warner Bros., special effects, water, water effects, waves, ripples, miniatures, models, compositing, model ships, The Thief of Bagdad, Noah's Ark, WWII, The Sea Hawk, Anton Grot, Leo Kuter, Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, scrim, film extras, art direction, illusion, heroism, water safety, workplace safety, Michael Curtiz, backlighting, fluid dynamics, hydrodynamics, acetate, backdrop, backgrounds]

3244 Bias and Diversity in Photography and Face Recognition Software
[artificial intelligence, AI, bias, face recognition software, FRS, facial recognition, surveillance, algorithm, race, photography, cinematography, mugshot, pin-up, Robert Mapplethorpe, portraiture, Kodak, Fuji, film, film processing, Jim Crow, diversity, data programming, passkey, objectivity, criminology, policing, light, skin tone]

3245 Memes, Internet Challenges, and the Selfish Gene
[meme, internet challenge, social media, painting, Richard Dawkins, biology, altruism, genes, genetics, evolution, art practice, narcissism, society, sociality, behavior, psychology, TikTok]

3246 Helium, a Noble Gas with a Noble Purpose
[Helium, World Sky Race, Hartsell, Explorers Club, Air Liquide, INVNT, FON, University of Houston, airship, skyship, zeppelin, sustainable, environment, education, climate change, gas, atmosphere, prize]

3247 Proust, Turing, and the Measure of Humanity
[Turing test, Alan Turing, artificial intelligence, AI, Bladerunner, science fiction, psychology, humanity, individuality, Marcel Proust, Proust questionnaire, AI, madeleine, memory, nostalgia, conversation, parlor game, affect, emotion, interview, interrogation, introspection, interiority, psychological testing]

3248 How and why our rivers meander: mechanics vs. teleology
[Meander, meandering, telos, teleology, teleological, mechanics, mechanism, helical flow, silt, oxbow lakes, New Orleans, Atchafalaya basin, levees, bayous, rivers]

3249 Behaving As If, a Skill for Containing Stress
[stress, choice, values, intentional behavior, practice, Aristotle]

3250 The sophisticated simplicity of an opening umbrella
[umbrella, folding umbrella, collapsible umbrella, parasol, mechanism, spring, inventor, simplicity, commonplace invention]

3251 Alma Mahler, Composer of Haunting Songs
[Alma Mahler, Alma Schindler, Gustav Mahler, Walter Gropius, Franz Werfel, Vienna, Bride of the Wind, fin-de-siecle Europe]

3252 The Astronomy Lessons of Curious George's Creator
[H. A. Rey, Curious George, astronomy, advertising, illustration, WWII, Jews, children's literature, schematics, constellations, curiosity, wonder, stars, data visualization, star chart, adventure]

3253 Teaching Computers to Think
[Computer Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Self Driving Car, Cat]

3254 Pink and the Politics of Gender
[pink, color, red, shade, hue, gender, gender politics, femininity, WWII, Nazis, concentration camps, LGBTQ, penal practice, Pantone, Thomas Gainsborough, Madame de Pompadour, Emma Hamilton, pornography, Japanese, domesticity, postwar, consumer culture, commodity culture, millennial, psychology, loan words, feminism, women's rights, breast cancer, separate spheres, horticulture, electromagnetic spectrum]

3255 Engineering campuses and real-world technological change
[engineering education, engineering laboratories, MIT, mechanisms, Y-building, technology mirror, steam engines, steam turbines, nuclear power, nuclear energy, rockets, rocketry, University of Houston, gas turbines]

3256 Insect chemical communication makes efficient delivery routes
[animal behavior, ants, ant colony optimization, bombykol, chemicals, computer programs, communication, delivery routes, Jean-Henri Fabre, insects, moths, pheromones, Edward O. Wilson]

3257 The Discovery of Red Dye from Insects
[carminic acid, cochineal, dye, Hernan Cortez, insects, Antonie von Leeuwenhoek, microscopes, Moctezuma, scale insects, textiles]

3258 In which a Nazi is named Righteous Among the Nations
[Karl Plagge, William Begell, Bill Begell, William Beigel, concentration camps, slave labor camps, Vilnu, Poland, Lithuania, Nazi SS, WW-I, WW-II, The Righteous Among the Nations, Yad Vashem, Jew, Jewish, guilt, war crimes Schindler, Darmstadt, Jerusalems]

3259 Conceding error -- a treason to yield
[Jacob Isaaks, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, desalination, desalting water, thermodynamics, patents, Robert Frost, poetry, Reluctance, Colonial America, Rhode Island, University of Pennsylvania]

3260 Lysenko: How power corrupts science
[Trofim Lysenko, curiosity, questioning, bad science, Nikita Khrushchev, Russian Revolution, Jean-Baptiste Lamark, Gregor Mendel, agriculture, crops, Cold War, Joe McCarthy, Red Scare, Cold War, adaptation, genetics, evolution, Iowa]

3261 Meeting Global Construction Deadlines with Heavy-Lift Vessels
[Heavy-Lift Vessels, Ships, Construction, Cranes, Power Plants, Cement Plants, Turbines, Refinery]

3262 Where Is Skull Island & Could Such A Place Be Real?
[Gene Pool, King Kong, Lemuria, Loch Ness Monster, Skull Island, Sustainable Population]

3263 Standard Time's slow victory of common sense over individualism
[Standard time, daylight savings time, individualism, technologi-cal solutions, railroads, railways, nationalism, standardiza-tion, Greenwich Meridian time, government control]

3264 David Hockney, Digital Painting, and Art's Technophobia
[David Hockney, iPad, iPhone, Hockney-Falco thesis, painting, art, optical technology, aesthetics, Marc Chagall, Elbert Hubbard, Impressionism, Van Gogh, Luddites, camera lucida, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Old Masters, brushwork, screen culture, Arts and Crafts, vision, color, palette, screen culture, organicism, technophobia, homage, software]

3265 The path from graffiti to street art to wall murals
[Graffiti, wall art, wall murals, street art, urban art, protest, vandalism, railroad car art, Peaks Island gun turret, invention, creativity, mechanikos, mechanics, Antiphon, Pompeii]

3266 Fireworks, Firecrackers, and Lunar New Year
[Fireworks, firecrackers, gunpowder, Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, chemistry, pyrotechnics, combustion, color, military ceremony, Chinese history, cultural traditions, cultural festivities, Chinese inventions, technodeterminism, Han dynasty, bamboo, holidays]

3267 The Human Benefits of Writing by Hand
[handwriting, cursive, character amnesia, graphology, word processing, spell check, longhand, Plato, Camus, personal computer, auto-correct, voice activation, civilization, software, character conversion, sound conversion, Carl Van Doren, Pulitzer Prize, digital culture, analog media, memory, penmanship]

3268 Social Media and the Places We Call Home
[Social media, View From My Window, Facebook, Blue Marble, landscape photography, planetary photography, personal photography, environmentalism, humanitarianism, space tourism, home, quarantine, lockdown, Apollo 17, space tourism, consumer culture, Covid-19, pandemic, selfie, space exploration]

3269 Cyanotype
[Social media, View From My Window, Facebook, Blue Marble, landscape photography, planetary photography, personal photography, environmentalism, humanitarianism, space tourism, home, quarantine, lockdown, Apollo 17, space tourism, consumer culture, Covid-19, pandemic, selfie, space exploration]

3270 Marcel Leyat adapts his experience designing aircraft to disrupt automotive development
[Leyat, Helica, automotive, engineering, car]

3271 An Obsession with Round Numbers. The two-hour marathon milestone has been smashed. But what exactly does that mean?
[Eliud Kipchoge, marathon, Sumerians, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks, Battle of Marathon, Olympics, time measurements, distant measurements, round numbers]

3272 The Terrible Failure Rate of WWII Torpedoes
[Torpedoes, Mark-14, World War II, Submarines, Testing]

3273 The biggest unsolved question in computer science
[complexity, P vs NP, optimization, computer science]

3274 Newcomb's Paradox
[paradox, time travel, Arrival, Ted Chiang]

3275 Katherine Boyle Jones, a Sister of the Scientific Revolution
[Katherine Boyle Jones, Lady Ranelagh, Boyle's Law, chemistry, Robert Boyle, Scientific Revolution, chemical experiments, siblings, London, Richard Boyle, earl of Cork, John Milton, Royal Society]

3276 Should airplane engines be cooled by liquid or air?
[Airplane engines, internal combustion engines, steam engines, radial engines, inline engines, liquid-cooled engines, pistons, cylinders, rotary engines, Langley, Curtiss, Santos Dumont, gyroscope, gyroscopic, aviation, World War 1, World War 2, WW-I, WW-II, rodeo, bull-riding, technological change, anticipating change]

3277 Microstates, Micronations, and the impulse to create small countries
[Microstate, Micronation, Iceland, Luxembourg, Singapore, Vatican City, Talossa, Tuvalu, Monaco, Angola, Tonga, Cook Islands, State of Scott, Sealand]

3278 Pedestrianism: How an old sport mutated into a new one
[pedestrianism, race-walks, speed-walking, race-walking, speed-walks, Olympic sports, baseball, umpires, Marathons, footmen, footman, carriages, endurance, safety bicycle, chain, sprocket, sport heroes]

3279 The machine as the physical shadow of the idea
[Eye of the forehead, Eye of the mind, idea, machine, invention, in-ventors, automobile differential, Antikythera, worm gears, wheel, steering, hardware, mental creativity, creative reverie]

3280 Neoteny, Cute, and the Kewpie Doll Effect
[Cute, neoteny, Kewpie doll, Kewpie doll effect, consumer psychology, cartoon, comics, Rose O'Neill, Disney; Walt Disney, evolutionary biology, advertising, collecting, suffrage, progressivism, feminism, collectibles, consumer culture]

3281 Dyslexia and Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading Instruction
[Samuel Orton, Anna Gillingham, Orton-Gillingham Method, Multisensory Teaching, Structured Literacy, Reading, Dyslexia, Dyslexic, Learning Disability, Neuhaus Education Center, International Dyslexia Association IDA, Language Therapy]

3282 Wayfinding without Instruments: Polynesian Navigators
[Wayfinding, Navigation, Polynesia, Pacific Ocean, stick chart, star compass, Hawai'i]

3283 Seeing Red
[red, Mars, iron-oxide, red-ochre, Neanderthals, madder, carmine, cochineal, roufous, redheads, scarlet, Technicolor]

3284 A place for scary spiders in STEM education
[spiders, arachnids, STEM, Arabella Buckley, spider silk, spider webs, Charlotte’s Web, arachnophobia, insects, Life and Her Children, Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell, evolution, mechanics of materials, yield strength, education, women]

3285 Literature's Famous Epiphanies: Real and Fictional
[Epiphany, Ebenezer Scrooge, Charles Dickens, Christmas]

3286 The pause, a simple act of kindness
[Pause, breathe, let go, calm, mechanism, bridge, impulse, response, behavior control, intentional behavior, agenda, formalizing behavior, simple act, reactivity, mantra, good habit, kindness]