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Field Safety

The University of Houston is a hub of scientific research and while most of these activities are conducted in a laboratory environment some are conducted in the field.  Field research presents a new of challenges that the researcher(s) may not have anticipated or planned for as they perform the work.  For example, factors such as the weather, insects, animals and harmful plants are just a few of many potential factors that could interfere with planned activities.  Therefore EHLS has prepared a field safety guide to assist researchers in planning their activities.

Researchers are asked to carefully review the guide and then prepare a specific Field Research Safety Plan for his/her project.  Please note all members of the research team should also sign a Release and Indemnification Agreement form that can be found in the field safety guide.  Completed specific field research safety plans and release forms should be sent to EHLS. 

In addition to creating a specific field research safety plan, all those individuals involved in the planned field activities should check their health insurance for coverage for medical treatment should that become needed.  Please note UH Workers Compensation provides worldwide benefits, but it only covers UH employees in the performance of their job functions.  Check with Risk Management for further insurance information.

In addition to the field safety guide EHLS has other training resources that may be of interest to researcher depending upon the planned field activities. For activities involving animals, please review Field Safety Considerations for Activities involving Animals.