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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Why do I need an account to use the services in the CITE lab?
Most of the CITE lab equipment is paid directly from College of Education course fees. A CITE account and the associated login allow students exclusive permissions to CITE services and equipment. 

  • What will my CITE account allow me to do?
    A CITE account provides access to the following services:
  • I am not enrolled in a College of Education class. May I still use the CITE lab?
    No. CITE services are reserved for students enrolled in College of Education courses.
  • I forgot my CITE username and/or password. How can I reset it?
    If you have forgotten your username or password you can log into any CITE lab machine with the username citelab and password citelab to reset it. In addition, please note that CITE lab accounts are reset at the beginning of every semester.
  • How much storage space do I have?
    Combined, Desktop and Document folders are limited to 500MB. Desktop pop-up notifications will be sent when the quota is nearing its limit. When reached,  the user account will no longer be able to save documents. .To get back below the 500MB quota, the user will need to delete files and empty the desktop recycle bin

    If you need help deleting or archiving files, please see a CITE lab assistant.
  • What happens if I don't use my CITE account for a long time or if I graduate?
    If you have not logged into a CITE lab computer in two semesters, your files on your Desktop and My Documents folders will be deleted.

    If there are mitigating situations, always ask one of our helpful CITE staff.
  • Is it okay if I log into two or more CITE computers at the same time with my account?
    No. When a user account is logged in simultaneously on more than one computer, the account is at risk of data corruption.
  • Can I print in the CITE lab?
    At the beginning of each semester, every student is given 2000 printing credits. Printing a grayscale (i.e. B&W) page costs one credit. Printing one color page costs 20 credits. Please budget accordingly. No refunds of printing credit are given except for printer malfunction. Also, the maximum size of any print job is 25 pages for grayscale and 5 five for color. Any remaining account balance at the end of a semester does not roll-over to the next semester.
  • If I accidentally delete one or more of my files, can I get them back?
    The CITE lab servers are backed up on a frequent schedule, but this backup is optimized for disaster recovery (i.e. an entire server fails) and not necessarily for the individual recovery of student data. Nevertheless, if a file can be recovered from this backup, we will endeavor to do so. Please contact a lab assistant for help. Remember, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to have a backup of all important files.
  • I have a question that is not answered here. Who do I ask?
    Feel free to ask the lab assistant any questions about CITE services. If they cannot answer the question immediately, they will direct you to a CITE Team member who may best answer the question.