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Spring 2021

Agents of Change: Liberation through the Critical Perspective
Madison Cunningham

Evaluating a Pre-Service Teacher Lesson Plan Against a “Teachers Pay Teachers” Lesson Plan Using the Teaching History Rubric
Emily E. Dowdy and Sarah M. Straub

Conceptual Opportunities and Rationale for Asian American RepresentationIn 4th Grade Social Studies TEKS
Amy Kitzman, Sarah Shingler, and Sarah M. Straub

A Critical Reflection of Civics Education and the Politics of Power
Arturo Rodriguez

Critical Peace Theory in the Social Studies: A Foundation for Cultivating Critical Consciousness of Oppression
Matt Dingler

Evolution of consciousness: Developing an anti-racist practice in a high school U.S. history class
Samantha Manchac

Transgress, Disrupt, Intercept: Eradicating Hegemonic Curriculum
Shelby Anderson

Race as Class Construct: The Hegemony of Racism in the United States
Kevin Russel Magill

Guest Edited by: Lakia M. Scott, Sarah Straub, & Gwendolyn Webb

Verbing History: Disrupting Curriculum Hegemony
Ginney Norton