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Fall 2020

Teaching of History Emigration: An Experience in Italian Schools (2015 – 2018)
Stefano Agnoletto

Seventh Graders’ Open Inquiry into Civil Rights using Social History and Informed Action
John H. Bickford III, Molly Sigler Bickford, John S. Brantley, Holly Pantle, Tim N. Taylor

Curriculum in Flux: A Practitioner’s Journey of Understanding the Impact of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Victor Brar

Strengthening Middle School Students’ Civic Identities with Presidential Commercials
Jeremiah Clabough

Implications of Pedagogy on the American Civil War for Social Studies Education
Hannah Jeffries and William McCorkle

Using Personal Avatars in History Survey Courses: An Alternative Learning Project to Deepen Understandings of Historical Change and Social-Emotional Learning
Eric Martone

Summer Enrichment Classes
Ronald V. Morris

The Social Education of a Virus: Local Critical Dialogues During a Global Pandemic
Bernardo E. Pohl, Jr.

Project-Based Learning: Implementation in an Advanced Placement American Government Class
Arren Swift

Learning about History and Culture in a Mobile Museum
Julie Taylor, Truman Hudson, Glovetta Williams, Christopher Kotcher 

Spring 2020

Using Memory Triggers to Analyze Potential Prejudice in the Classroom: A Critical Auto-ethnographical Approach to Teacher Preparation
Sarah M. Straub, Hannah Bell, Chloe Goetsch, Amy Kitzman, Bethany Lankford, Kendall Moore, Alexa Ochoa Velasquez and Gehrig Rock

Exploring the Potential of Game-Based Learning in History Teaching
Angelica Spreen and Phu Vu

“That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles” Exploring the Evolution of Voting Rights in the Classroom
Kelsey Evans-Amalu and Brian Furgione

The Educational Thought of N. W. Senior
Satoshi Fujimura

Mas Marco Kartodikromo’s Resistance in 1914-1926: Between Indonesia’s Independence Hope and Persdelict threat
Agus Sulton

A Kosovo Critical Case Study
Cameron White

Spring 2019

The Dangers of High Stakes Testing in Social Studies
Russell Hammack and Elizabeth Wilson

Breakout and Escape Room Instructional Methods in History Education: A Critical Analysis
Lauren G. Santarelli

Supply and Demand Storytelling: Preservice teachers and critical consciousness in economicsThe Need for Anti-Islamophobic Classrooms
Neil Shanks

American Art: Foundations of American Identity and Character
Robert L. Stevens

Educational Thought of N. W. Senior
Satoshi Fujimura

Framing Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice in a Local to Global Context
Cameron White

August 2018 Vol 2 No. 2

Fostering Global Citizenship Education Through Reflective Practice
Keri Myrick

Thematic Videoconferencing and 3D Memorial Design in History Education
Julie Anne Taylor, Quan Neloms and Robert Vaillancourt

The Need for Anti-Islamophobic Classrooms
Saira Siddiqui

Selling Biography: An Opportunity Cost of Using Biography to Teach World
Eliel Hinojosa, Jr. and Rachel K. Turner

Making a Space for Elementary Social Studies in the Maker Movement
Ronald V. Morris

Global Education in the Modern-day Classroom
Leslie Ukandu

March 2017 Vol 2 No. 1

Reflective Questions from a First Year Social Studies Teacher
Ronald V. Morris

Fractured History and Geography: An examination of why students choose "wrong" words to write and talk about social studies topics
Lynn M. Burlbaw and Margaret A. Price

Enhancing Cross-cultural and Global Perspectives among Educational Leaders
Liping Wei and Cameron White

When Children are Left Behind: The Social Education of Disability Studies in the Trumpian Era
Bernardo Pohl

Respecting the dignity of each learner in culturally-relevant pedagogy: A person-centered learning approach
Gang Zhu

Evaluating the Intersection of Politics and Program Evaluation
Ashley L. Schlafly

Challenging Traditional Assumptions in Social Education
Cameron White

September 2016 Vol 1 No. 2 

Studies in the Social from the Margins: Deweyan Considerations for Practice
Ali H. Hachem

American Idealism: A New Deal Synthesis in Art
Jared A. Fogel and Robert L. Stevens

Social Education for the Disabled: Standing at the Margin of Social Justice
Bernardo Pohl, Jr.

An Investigation of Elementary Teacher Candidates’ Pedagogical and Content Knowledge of the Social Studies Curriculum
Crystal Hughes, Elsa Diego-Medrano, and Susan Nix

Teaching Government Whistleblowing through Deliberative Discussions
Eric D. Moffa

Successful School Turnarounds Using Transformational Leadership
Frank Cisneros

“Urban” Education in the 21st Century: A Critical Approach through a Social Education Lens
Cameron White

October 2015 Vol 1 No. 1 

The State of Elementary Social Studies Education in Texas
Jose Maria Herrera

Professional Development and Teacher Learning: The Advanced Placement® World History Reading Experience
Linda Jones Black and John Leonard

Meet Me at the Flagpole: Thoughts about Houston’s Legacy of Obscurity and Silence in the fight of Segregation and Civil Right Struggles
Bernardo Pohl

A Growing Storm: Depression Art of Seymour Fogel
Robert L. Stevens

Historical Thinking: Analyzing Student and Teacher Ability to Analyze Sources
Scott M. Waring Daniel A. Cowgill II

Internationalizing Social Studies and History Education: A 21 st Century Imperative
Cameron White