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About Our Work

Performance Assessment for Colleges of Education (PACE)

Texas universities collect a plethora of program information from within institutions and across state agencies.  Unfortunately, these disparate information sets have not always been integrated nor reported in a cogent manner that enables systematic analysis and monitoring of university programs.  Through its Performance Analysis for Colleges of Education (PACE) reporting system, the Center for Research, Evaluation and Advancement of Teacher Education (CREATE) has integrated university and school-based state data sets to build common management reports that can better inform the teacher preparation programs associated with the CREATE consortium. The PACE system is intended to be used as a planning and resource tool that can assist teacher education leaders in assessing needs, targeting refinements in their preparation programs and evaluating their organizational effects over time.

PACE Customized Data

CREATE has the ability to organize an extensive data set customized for every Texas university within its consortium.  The data include information on graduates from each university who are employed in Texas public schools.  The data set can follow any person certified through your university who begins employment as a teacher or a paraprofessional in a Texas public school district.  If the person’s classification changes over the years of employment (e.g., specialist, administrator, counselor), tracking across employment years is still possible. 

The data may be purchased from CREATE and will be provided on a CD saved in both Excel and SPSS.  The Excel spreadsheet can also be opened using a number of other programs. 

PACE Customized Data Request Form (Link to form)

Data Reporting Tool for Schools (DaRTS)

DaRTS is a district-centered reporting system that provides supplier information to school districts and universities, in addition to employment, certification and retention of district teachers tied to preparation pathway. The reports were developed by the Center for Research, Evaluation and Advancement of Teacher Education (CREATE) to provide school districts with timely data configured in ways that are useful and assist school districts in reaching their short and long-term goals.  CREATE seeks to engage university and public school leaders by planning, developing and delivering strategic, data-driven analyses focused on teachers and their preparation, particularly university-based teacher preparation. 

The Independent School District Reports  are an extension of a data resource and planning tool that CREATE provides each year to the teacher education programs associated with the CREATE consortium of universities.  This school district-centered planning tool, called Performance Analysis for Colleges of Education (PACE), allows university educational leaders to assess long-term trends related to public schools in their area. 

The Independent School District Reports provide:

  1. Reports in structured formats that describe current and trend employment, certification and retention patterns of all district teachers as well as newly-hired teachers;
  2. Information organized in ways that augment data the district already collects;
  3. Comparative data on employment, certification and retention trends to inform a variety of district functions, including teacher recruitment and strategic planning.

CREATE Research Data

CREATE promotes the use of research and data to advance the quality and effectiveness of teacher preparation programs in Texas universities.  To that end, CREATE works with its consortium university members and their faculty to provide data needed to complete individual research projects.