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To Advance the quality and effectiveness of teacher preparation programs in Texas Universities.


To engage partners, provide information, create opportunities for knowledge-sharing, and provide direct technical assistance to those involved in the education of university-prepared teachers.


The CREATE mission is supported through four core strategies:

  1. Expand Knowledge Through Research. Inform university and public school leaders by delivering strategic, data-driven analyses focused on university-based teacher preparation, including what we know about teacher preparation, what works to improve it, and what institutional leaders can do to advance it.
  2. Build Capacity for Institutional Change. Work with partners to build a sense of urgency to renew their commitment to prepare teachers who positively impact student achievement. Promote university-wide leadership to prioritize the importance of collaboration in the preparation of teachers.
  3. Initiate Action Through Programs. Provide opportunities for education professionals to engage them in development and implementation of research-based teacher preparation practices. Disseminate frameworks to facilitate strategic planning and evaluation in order to improve program effectiveness.
  4. Strengthen CREATE’s Capacity. Build upon past accomplishments by growing and diversifying the funding base, expanding communications strategy, and implementing clear measures of impact.