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Grant Application Timeline

Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty Support

The University of Houston provides a source for funding opportunities to faculty that can be found at  To ensure a timely submission and optimal level of support, consider these timeframes when preparing to submit your grant proposal. 

Contact the College of Education Office of Research to gain support from our pre-award specialist – Lori Armstrong – laarmstrong@uh.eduProposal activity is guided by the timeline below and we hope that it helps you to achieve a successful submission.

Phase I (2 Months Prior to Submission,)

  • Identify source of funding
  • Identify submission/upload process (e.g., Cayuse, FastLane, etc)
  • Obtain necessary user-ids and passwords (e.g., eRA Commons, FastLane, etc.)
  • Train in the appropriate upload process, if necessary or required
  • Discuss idea with department chair, Associate Dean for Research, and any other college administrator
  • Identify Investigator(s) of the research project
  • Notify COE Office of Research of intent to apply by emailing for an appointment with pre-award support ( )
  • Submit research design to Internal Review Board (IRB), if required prior to submission*
  • If research involves Human Subjects, enroll in CITI Human Research Training
  • Identify sub-contracts, consultants, and any Memos of Understanding (MOUs) – if required by the funder or part of the design for the project
  • Complete the electronic Proposal Approval Routing Checklist for Faculty form and attach all appropriate  documents (e.g., budget, budget justification, abstract, etc.) and obtain appropriate approvals (completion required 10 days before submission deadline)

Phase II (1 Month Prior to Submission)

  • Finalize any subcontracts, consultant agreements, or MOUs*
    • This is a critical step.  If there is insufficient lead time for this process, the PI may not be able to meet funder deadlines.
  • Meet with the COE Office of Research Team to review/plan a budget outline
  • Ensure that Conflict of Interest form has been filed with the OCG*
  • Contact Department Chair for approvals if any Course Release/Buyouts are included in proposal

Phase III (3 Weeks Prior to Submission)

  • Send digital copies of grant components to the COE Office of Research Team for formatting and uploading*
  • Finalize budget with the COE Office of Research Team

Phase IV (2 Weeks Prior to Submission)

  • Plan to be available to make revisions until the submission deadline
  • Complete any necessary revisions with the COE Office of Research Team
  • If using NSF FastLane, release the proposal for Signing Research Official (SRO) access
  • Back up any files and copies of the grant components

Phase V (1 Week After Submission)

  • Plan to be available to check submissions and respond to any errors identified by the funder

* Additional documents and forms may need to be completed.

Pre-Award Grant Roles

I.  Faculty Responsibility

  • Discuss project scope and idea with faculty colleagues, department chair, Associate Dean for Research, and/or any other applicable college administrator.
  • Conceptualize and author the project and proposal.
  • Provide an outline of the budget components and all digital copies of grant components to COE Office of Research Team.
  • Maintain backup files and copies for records.
  • Assure in writing that subcontractors/consultants agree to terms of the grant agreement.

II. College of Education Office of Research
Currently Lori Armstrong ( ) is the certified pre-award administrator in the College. 

The COE Office of Research will:

  • Assist with interpreting Request for Applications and Request for Proposals, and federal regulations.
  • Assist with processing documents for MOUs and contracts.
  • Set up schedule or timeline for applying for funding.
  • Initiate contact with the Office of Contracts and Grants and assists with communication with OCG.
  • Assist with budget planning including fringe benefit calculators, federal regulations, college and university procedures, etc.
  • Assist with formatting documents according to funding agency guidelines.
  • Assist with transmittal form electronic signatures and submissions. 
  • Assist with all online grant submissions (e.g., Cayuse, FastLane, etc.).

III.  Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) Support Services will:

  • Secure the signature of the Associate Vice Chancellor/Associate Vice President for Research or the Director of Grants and Contracts on all necessary documents.