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COE Grad Student Selected as MENTEX Fellow

Katherine Ramos

Counseling Psychology doctoral student, Katherine Ramos, has been selected as a MENTEX (MENToring EXperience) Fellow for the 2013-2014 academic year.  As a MENTEX  Fellow, Ramos will be working closely with UH undergraduate student, Priscilla Salinas on a collaborative research project which will be an offshoot of her current dissertation efforts.  Ramos will also receive a $2000 stipend to help defray dissertation research costs.

For her dissertation research, Ramos is currently conducting a comparative research study of younger and older adults to examine their response and adaptability to career transitions from an attachment theoretical perspective. Her overarching research questions include: What makes people adaptive when experiencing a career transition? Are there specific interpersonal characteristics of an individual that facilitate or hinder their perceptions of coping resources when needing to transition from one context in their life to another? Is adaptability qualitatively different for younger and older adults when the context of the transition is anchored in career? Salinas, her undergraduate mentee will be addressing how middle aged adults respond to career transitions and in turn how this affects overall well-being. 

The MENTEX fellowship program is a unique opportunity to mentor a student in his/her own pursuit of research. "As someone who will pursue academia, I feel highly fortunate to have been selected and get the chance to mentor and advise a student in their career efforts," said Ramos. "This fellowship is providing me with an early opportunity to advise and mentor a student, that I would otherwise be unable to do until I became a professor and worked with graduate students."

Ramos credits her doctoral advisor, Frederick G. Lopez, professor of Educational Psychology for being a great mentor who has consistently invested and supported her professional development. "His guidance and value for student success inspires me to pay it forward," said Ramos.