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Teacher Research Symposium Fall 2010

The College of Education held the Fall 2010 Teacher Research Symposium on Tuesday, December 7th. Approximately 300 Teacher Candidates presented the results of their teaching inquiry research studies and presented it in poster session format.

Presenters were divided into several presentation groups. While one group of Candidates presented their findings, the other groups served as the audience. This was a chance for teacher candidates to share what they have learned about being a good teacher. The event was also well attended by faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students who support teacher research in our college, as well as QEP-funded undergraduate research initiatives at the University of Houston.

I was just wondering . . .

Students were asked to present a wondering about their teaching which became to foundation for their research. Here are some of their wonderings and what they found:

  • Elizabeth Gallego wondered how she could build positive relationships with and within her students. Her research revealed that if you show students that you have a passion for the subject and truly care about their well being, you will be the key to their success.
  • John Orendorff wondered if the use of stability balls in the classroom would impact his students in a positive way. He found out that after using stability balls there was a 62% increase motor skills abilities, and a 53% increase in the classroom behavior.
  • Jacqueline Gallegos wondered how she could easily create Math workstations to adjust to different learning styles. She found she had to use a more organized method which included student involvement and explained that "the kids are really open to this idea and capable of being so responsible for their own learning".

This is just the second time the symposium has been held and it has really had an impressive impact on the student teachers. Dr. Melissa Pierson, Associate Department Chair for Teacher Education, stressed that "this symposium is a great chance for our teacher candidates to showcase their abilities and to learn how to be better teachers.  Teachers should always ask good questions about their teaching like, how to get better, how to help their students learn more, and this [symposium] is the evidence that our teachers are learning to do that".

The Spring 2011 Teacher Research Symposium will be held on Thursday May 5th from 1:00-4:00 P.M. around the hallways on the 2nd floor of Farish Hall.

The UH Teacher Education Program has been recognized by the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) as the Distinguished Program in Teacher Education at the University of Houston.  Students in the program learn to teach with the latest  research-based strategies and modern technologies from a world-class faculty. Future teachers participate in early and continued field experiences in urban schools, doing the real work of real teachers.