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Hispanic Health Summit

Carol Alvarado
State Representative, Carol Alvarado, keynote speaker

The College of Education hosted the Hispanic Health Summit: Challenges and Solutions on Sept 26, 2013 from 8 am-2 pm. Kiva 101. The aim of this summit was to discuss major health issues affecting the Hispanic population in Houston.  Health professionals, faculty and students attended this event.

Dr. Norma Olvera
Norma Olvera, Professor of Health Education, College of Education

More than 160 health professionals discussed current health issues affecting Hispanics in Houston. Sponsored by the City of Houston, the Hispanic Health Coalition (HCC) and the UH College of Education, the event featured state representative Carol Alvarado (pictured) as keynote speaker.

Arturo Blanco
Bureau Chief, Arturo Blanco, Air Quality Control, City of Houston

Other speakers included Norma Olvera, UH health education professor and president of the HCC, and Arturo Blanco, Bureau Chief of Air Quality Control for the City of Houston.

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