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UH4-8MMT - 4th - 8th Grade Master Mathematics Teacher Certification

About UH4-8MMT | Resources | FAQ | How to Apply for the MMT

UH4-8MMT is the University of Houston’s Texas State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) approved program for 4-8 Master Mathematics Teacher Certification. The Master Mathematics Teacher certificate was created by the 77th Texas legislature to ensure that there are teachers with special training to work with other teachers and with students in order to improve student mathematics performance. A Master Mathematics Teacher is an individual who holds a Master Mathematics Teacher Certificate and whose primary duties are to teach mathematics and to serve as a mathematics mentor to other teachers.

Eligibility for 4-8 MMT Certification

The 4–8 Master Mathematics Teacher Certificate may be obtained by an individual who:

  • Holds a 4-8 mathematics teaching certificate, or equivalent,
  • Has at least three years of 4-8  mathematics teaching experience,
  • Completes an SBEC-approved 4 – 8 Master Mathematics Teacher preparation program,
  • Passes the 4-8 Master Mathematics Teacher certification exam (TExMaT - Texas Examination for Master Teachers) For more information, go to the Texas Education Agency Website

Eligibility for the UH4 -8MMT Program

You are eligible to apply for the UH4-8MMT program if at the time of application you meet the following criteria:

  • You have been a practicing 4-8 mathematics teacher in Texas for at least 3 years,
  • You hold a current teaching certificate

The UH4-8MMT Curriculum: When and What

There are 5 graduate courses over 5 semesters, including summer sessions. The summer sessions are typically the short summer sessions. The Fall and Spring semester courses will either meet 3 hours, face-to-face, one evening a week or 3 hours every other week with asynchronous online activities. Master Mathematics Teacher Certification requires 160 Practicum Hours. These hours are embedded across the courses in activities such as video analyses, coaching and mentoring projects, professional development design and implementation, and proposal writing.

The five courses are:

UH4-8MMT and A Graduate Degree 

The five UH4-8MMT graduate courses apply to an M.Ed or Ed.D degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Mathematics Education.  Sample degree plans are provided here.  NOTE:  Coursework on a degree plan is only good for five (M.Ed) or ten (Ed.D) years and graduate students must be continuously enrolled.

Application Process

Applicants must complete TWO application procedures for this program.

Once accepted to the program students must apply or the official State of Texas Master Mathematics Teacher Certification. Students may do this through the College of Education Certification Office.