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I already have a Bachelor's Degree

The College of Education offers flexible options to applicants interested in becoming certified to teach in schools. Applicants have the option to pursue certification either at the Graduate level or as a Post-Baccalaureate (PB). While these options sound similar, they meet the needs of different kinds of students.

  • Students who pursue certification and a graduate degree at the same time complete coursework at the graduate level. (Note that some certificates require a Master’s Degree or are only offered at the graduate level. So, these Professional Certificates are not available at the PB level. These certificates include the following: Principal, Superintendent, Master Mathematics Teacher, Master Reading Teacher, Reading Specialist, Educational Diagnostician, and School Counselor.)
  • Students who choose to pursue certification with PB status will complete undergraduate coursework toward certification. (Note that prospective students who apply to a graduate program to pursue a standard teaching certificate and are not accepted at the graduate level may qualify instead to complete teacher certification as a PB student.)


Which option best fits you?