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Supplemental Documentation

Teacher or Professional Certification (State of Texas)

Applicants interested in pursuing a graduate degree with a Teacher or Professional Certification (State of Texas) must complete the supplemental question(s) in the ApplyWeb application. If the applicant is eliglible for teacher or professional certification, the College's certification office will submit an electronic offer letter to the applicant's personal email address (not ApplyWeb). In addition, the applicant may be required to provide additional documentation prior to enrollment for certification-related coursework.     

Doctoral Applicants

All doctoral applicants are required to upload a writing sample within the online application (ApplyWeb). The applicant must submit the writing sample electronically in the graduate application, under the listing "Additional Documents". Admissions committees review for evidence of writing ability and the capacity for research, analysis, and original thought, at the graduate level. An example of a writing sample could be an Honor’s or Master's Thesis, a published paper, a co-written paper, or a comparable article (a literature review, a research paper that includes research questions, data, conclusions, etc. or a paper written for presentation purposes).

The minimum requirements for a writing sample are:

  • Maximum of 50 pages long, double-spaced.
  • A short, effectively written sample is preferable to a longer sample.
  • A written sample must have pagination.
  • Papers written in a language other than English, require an English translation of the original paper.
  • The applicant must be the first author of a co-written paper.

If a doctoral applicant is considered for admissions, the admission committee will notify the applicant for an interview.  The admission committee will provide the time, date, and scope of the interview to the applicant directly. The admission committee will consider the applicant's credentials and educational background before making the final decision on admissibility.