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SAVE Animal Care Package Packing

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The SAVE Rescue Team and the Empty Shelter Project is an Animal Foster society within Houston that aims to care for animals, particularly those without owners. Food expenses can be a serious toll on many pet owners so in this event we are putting animal care packages to help owners take care of their pets better!

We will be creating care packages for both dog and cat wonder that will include basic supplies like toys, food, sleep pad, potty pads, and more. It will be a chill event toward helping animals in the Houston Area!

Volunteers will meet at SC South at 5:00 PM At SC North Impact and volunteer until 7:00 PM.

Please register by 10/25/22 by 11:59 PM. To register, complete the Google Form and we will contact you with more information about the event.


SC North Impact

If you have any questions, contact Nicholas Nguyen, mvpes@cougarnet.uh.edu.