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Shasta’s Prairie

Saturday, October 1, 2022

8:00 am - 11:00 am

Shasta’s Prairie is a small Prairies Biome built on the UH campus to help educate students on the wildlife we see here in these parts of Texas. It is maintained by the UH Coastal Center. Due to the pandemic it was difficult to provide regular maintenance but now things are heading back to normal,we’ve decided to partner to help restore this little wild part of UH!

We will be doing general garden maintenance such as planting and weeding which requires closed toed shoes. Volunteers should be ready to get a bit messy due to the gardening. Also volunteers should bring a cap and a bottle of water due to the Houston weather which will inevitably be hot that day.

Volunteers will meet at Prairie at 8:00 AM and volunteer until 11:00 AM.

Please register by 09/30/22 by 11:59 PM.

To sign up, complete the Google Form and Nicholas Nguyen, mvpes@cougarnet.uh.edu, will contact you with more information.


University of Houston 4800 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX 77004

If you have any questions, contact Nicholas Nguyen, mvpes@cougarnet.uh.edu.