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Travel Award

CSE Program Overview

The primary goal of the Center for Student Empowerment (CSE) is to serve the needs of individual students. This includes three major parts:

  • To provide students with the academic tools and personal skills necessary for student success and responsible citizenship.
  • To promote the Tier One mission of the University of Houston in meeting the challenges of educating a dynamic mix of nontraditional and traditional students.
  • To support the values of the University mission by building an environment that is inclusive, positive, and accessible where all participants feel welcome.

Travel Award Overview

The Center for Student Empowerment active member students currently full-time enrolled at the University of Houston may apply for a limited number of supplemental travel funds in order to facilitate travel to professional conferences or for research projects on diversity, first-generation, transition/acclimation, and college retention topics.

Ten (10) awards will be available-the maximum amount awarded per student will be $250. Awards will be made in the fall and spring semesters. Any student wishing to apply for summer or fall funding should submit a request by the spring semester deadline, Friday, May 4, 2018.

How to Apply

Completing the application is the first step to being a recipient of the Travel Award. All required documentation must be submitted as well. Once all documentation is received from each potential award candidate, the information will be reviewed by the CSE Awards committee.

Application Checklist

(All items must be completed and turned in at one time)

  • Completed Application
  • Resume
  • Description of Project
  • Full Budget

How Scholarships are awarded

  • A one-time payment of $250 will be awarded to each selected recipient travel fees. (The Awards Committee may choose to adjust the scholarship award amount or the number of scholarships accordingly, based on the status of the scholarship fund.)
  • Recipients will be selected by the CSE Awards Committee, whose decisions are final. Deliberations of the CSE Awards Committee will be confidential.
  • Award recipients will be notified in writing.
  • Award recipients will be announced in CSE participations and on CSE's website.
  • If a travel award recipient drops out of college, is removed from college, or moves out of the Center for Student Empowerment, the award recipient is required to return his or her scholarship award funding to CSE.
  • Applicants are eligible to apply and receive a travel award in successive years.
  • The Urban Experience Travel Award is awarded without regard to race, color, ancestry, sex, religion, age, handicap or veteran status.