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Total Cases
Since August 23, 2021

As of 05/23/2022

Average new cases reported daily
Over the past 7 days

Displayed are the reported positive COVID-19 cases of University of Houston community members (students, faculty and staff) vs. Cases on campus during the infectious period.

Total Positive Cases vs Cases on Campus During Infectious Period*

*These are cases identified as being on campus while they were potentially infectious.
This page is updated Monday through Friday.

Total Positive Cases: Total number of faculty, staff and students who have reported their positive test or diagnosis to UH, regardless of whether they were on campus during the infectious period.

Cases on Campus During Infectious Period: A subset of total positive cases, “Cases on Campus During Infectious Period” indicates that the person who tested positive was on campus during the infectious period.

Please note that the UH Contact Tracing team is activated upon notice of a positive case who has been on campus during their infectious period in order to assess potential exposures. Members of the UH community identified as close contacts (those within six feet of the individual for longer than 15 minutes within the infectious period) through the contact tracing process will be notified of their potential exposure via email as rapidly as possible.

Find the latest information about local cases:  Harris County/Houston Dashboard

University Response

The University of Houston COVID Response plan uses public health guidance and best practices aimed at fostering a culture of care for our community while taking steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Graphic of UH's response begins with Self Reporting next is Contact Tracing next is Cleaning next is Protecting and lastly Prevention

Learn more about the University’s response to a positive COVID-19 case.