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The University of Houston continues to monitor evolving CDC guidelines and state mandates to ensure your well-being. Our plan is to hold a “normal” fall 2021 semester that provides an immersive learning experience to students. Numerous precautionary measures remain in place, and a safe and gradual transition to campus is underway.

Shared Responsibility

We’re committed to keeping you safe, but we can’t do it alone. We each have a role to play to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Staff FAQs

The University of Houston continues to encourage the wearing of face coverings, especially for individuals who are not fully vaccinated, but they will no longer be required on campus following Governor Abbott’s May 18 Executive Order #36.

UH maintenance staff, under the guidance of the COVID-19 Coordinator, have been following CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing office buildings and common areas. As with all the guidance and protocols related to COVID-19, the University will adjust its guidance as necessary to reflect new information and findings.

For the latest information on vaccine availability and eligibility, please visit the UH COVID-19 Vaccine page.

No, the university will not ask any student, employee or guest if they have been vaccinated.

UH does not require mandatory testing.