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UH Faculty are dedicated to ensuring our students succeed at UH despite the recent pandemic-related challenges. We look forward to transitioning back to in-person operations and a typical face-to-face instructional class schedule beginning fall 2021.

Numerous precautionary measures remain in place, and a safe and gradual transition to campus is underway.

Faculty FAQs

While our assumption is that the pandemic is under control, the situation may change over the summer or during the fall. Our priority is to keep our campus community safe. Our strategy is to follow the CDC and state guidelines. If we need to respond to changes in current CDC and state guidelines, we will adjust instructional delivery to take advantage of the various online instructional modes we have already successfully deployed over the course of the pandemic.

Faculty members should not ask whether any student has received the COVID vaccine or contracted COVID-19. However, if a student tests positive for COVID-19, it is their responsibility to report their diagnosis to the University via the online form.

Mandatory and recommended language for inclusion by faculty instructors in their fall 2021 class syllabi is currently being updated by Office of the Provost and will be distributed to departments as soon as possible. Please remember that several interim policies implemented during the last year because of COVID-related considerations, such as interim student grading policies, are no longer in effect and should not be included in class syllabi going forward.

UH maintenance staff, under the guidance of the COVID-19 Coordinator, have been following CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing office buildings and common areas. As with all the guidance and protocols related to COVID-19, the University will adjust its guidance as necessary to reflect new information and findings.