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Event Guidelines

May 1, 2022 Update

Event Guidelines

While the University of Houston operates under applicable guidance related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following guidelines will apply to the scheduling and hosting of Events on campus.

  • "Event" is a one-time or periodic, free or ticketed, cultural, charitable, athletic, or cause-related activity conducted for the purpose of attracting revenue, support, awareness, and/or for entertainment purposes.
  • "Managed Venues" are campus spaces that have dedicated Event staff. These venues are expected to develop and adhere to university-approved plans tailored to each specific venue.

These guidelines will be reviewed by the screening committee on a periodic basis (at least monthly) in conjunction with applicable guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic. These guidelines prioritize the health and safety of the UH community. Questions about these guidelines can be submitted to eventrequests@uh.edu.

In addition to all applicable guidelines found in the Texas Department of State Health Services web page, the following guidelines are applicable for all University of Houston indoor and outdoor Events:

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure to our campus community, no events with more than 10 participants may be held whether it is an indoor or outdoor event unless they are either held in a Managed Venue or an event exception is approved by the Event Screening Committee. These guidelines do not apply to events with 10 or fewer attendees.

Events held in Managed Venues with university-approved operating plans are not required to be submitted to the Event Screening Committee so long as those venues have updated University-approved operating plans submitted and on file with the screening committee. Managed Venues include: Athletics Facilities, Alumni Center, Hilton University Hotel, Student Center, A.D. Bruce Religion Center, Cullen Performance Hall, Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (including Gertner and CRWC Recreation Fields and tennis courts), Dudley Recital Hall, Wortham Theatre, Quintero Theatre, Moores Opera House, and Blaffer Museum. Registered student organizations will still be able to host Events on campus but will need to follow the University’s capacity and distancing guidelines which will continue to be reviewed as city/state protocols are adjusted.

  • Events should be requested to take place in indoor/outdoor spaces designed for Events and follow proper cleaning and sanitation protocols.
  • Events that are non-SCH bearing that are scheduled using academic classrooms and laboratories are required to be scheduled using the Events functionality in Ad Astra, working with the Office of the University Registrar. Student groups should continue to work with/through the Student Center to request General Purpose Classroom space.
  • Building coordinators, Event staff, or departmental designees must be identified in the exception request as the individual(s) who will monitor the Events to ensure compliance with all applicable protocols.
  • Expressive Activities (Texas Education Code, Sec. 51.9315) must comply with these Event guidelines. Any Events falling into this category are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office and review UH MAPP 13.01.01 – Freedom of Expression.
  • External Events require review and approval of the COVID-19 Agreement (External Events). Internal Events require review and approval of the COVID-19 Event Checklist (University Sponsored Events).
  • Outdoor Events will follow the Governor’s Executive Order GA-38.
  • Any in-person Event will be considered on a case-by-case basis with plans in place to maintain appropriate health and safety protocols.
  • Face covering usage is encouraged as part of event mitigation strategies, using University branded signage.


Criteria: The health and safety of our campus community is a top priority for our University. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure to our campus community, all Event organizers interested in hosting an Event with more than 10 participants in a non-managed venue must submit an exception request to the Event Screening Committee before moving forward with any planning. Requests should be submitted a minimum of seven business days prior to the Event to allow for review by the Committee. It is vital that all Event organizers participate in this process to take precautionary measures to protect the campus community. All protective measures outlined by University of Houston’s COVID-19 Event Guidelines will be required as part of this Event exception request process.


The following information must be included in the exception request (Event organizer/venue operator to ensure completion):

  1. Is there a pre-existing agreement for this event? (please include contract)
  2. Why must it occur in-person?
  3. How will the UH COVID-19 Event Guidelines be followed and who will be in attendance to ensure compliance with all applicable protocols?
  4. Are you planning to offer food, beverages, giveaways or activities during your Event? If so, have you obtained required permits?
  5. What items will be included in your Event risk mitigation plan to ensure adherence to the COVID-19 Agreement (External Events) or COVID-19 Event Checklist (University Sponsored Events)?
  6. How will you track attendance? Consider tracking attendance through electronic registration, such as Microsoft Form or Google Form.
  7. Provide a copy of your Risk Management Plan and Set-Up Diagram

Once reviewed by the screening committee, a requested exception will be submitted to the appropriate divisional vice president for their review. All exceptions require divisional vice presidential written approval prior to moving forward with any planning.

  • Approval/Denials: Once an Event exception request is submitted, the screening committee will review and recommend approval, denial or additional mitigation measures to the appropriate divisional vice president who will make the ultimate decision. The scheduling office over your space request will inform Event organizers.
  • If the University modifies its operating plan due to changing conditions, then it is possible that previously approved Events will be canceled due to the new circumstances. The screening committee may also inform requesters of additional steps that they will need to take for their Event.
  • Compliance Checks: Members of the screening committee or other designees may conduct random checks to ensure that all Event participants are following the UH COVID-19 Event Guidelines during Events. Failure to follow the guidelines could affect the status of future Events.

Pre-Event Planning

Event organizers must use the following guidelines in all pre-event planning for all on-campus Events of more than 10 individuals:

  • Limit the duration of the Event and number of participants. Do not meet any longer than needed to complete the task.
  • Create an Event diagram with your Event scheduler. Please make sure you adhere to the University’s capacity and distancing guidelines.
  • All in-person Events require that a risk management plan be developed and a set-up diagram regarding COVID-19 mitigation measures be submitted to the building coordinator/Event staff or designee along with the COVID-19 Agreement (External Events) or COVID-19 Event Checklist (University Sponsored Events) at a minimum of two weeks prior to the Event. For a Managed Venue, the above items will be covered in the operating plan and license agreement.
  • Review additional policies and procedures applicable to the space for compliance during your Event. It is up to building coordinator to approve and review all Events in the space.
  • Submit questions about mitigation strategies to your Event scheduler. We want you to ensure safeguards are in place to protect the health and safety of our University community. Other questions should be submitted to coronavirus@uh.edu.
  • Send communication to all Event participants in advance with a link to the University’s COVID-19 guidelines and requiring individuals to follow the University’s COVID-19 policies and protocols.. Plan and discuss cleaning procedures before and after the Event using the CDC’s Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines.

During Event

Event organizers must follow the guidelines below during all on-campus Events of more than 10 individuals:

  • Event check-in is required at all Events. Event schedulers managing space will enforce Event registration.
  • Ensure access to hand-washing stations or hand sanitizer.
  • Limit barriers and touchpoints at your Event.
  • Consideration should be given for use of electronic ticketing and programs.
  • Seating arrangements, queueing, activities and check-in must comply with current CDC and state guidance including ADA and fire code requirements; and be maintained throughout the Event.
  • If the Event is to be catered, use the University’s recommended caterer, Fresh Fork Catering (excluding Athletic Events) or host the Event at the University owned Hilton hotel. If using an external caterer, ensure a plan has been developed for distribution of food that complies with the guidelines in this document, and is following all University rules for external catering (appropriate food permits, etc.). Please note that homemade food is not allowed to be served or sold to the public at this time.
  • Post signs in highly visible locations (e.g. building entrances, restrooms, and dining areas) that promote protection measures, communicate entrance/exit locations, and describe in clear language how to stop the spread of infection. See UH Branding approved COVID-19 Signage.

After Event

Event organizers must use the following guidelines following all on-campus Events of more than 10 individuals:

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