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Latest Update

April 11, 2022

Alternative Work Arrangements for Staff

As of April 1, 2022, staff employees may request an alternative work arrangement (A.W.A.) to their supervisors and/or their respective management, when positions allow for alternative work arrangements. Visit the HR Workplace Reimagined webpage for additional information and for ongoing updates on A.W.A.

Vaccines Available on Campus

The Campus Pharmacy is now offering Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines by appointment to current UH students, faculty and staff.

Visit the Campus Pharmacy website for more information and to schedule your appointment.

Travel Guidelines

The CDC changed its recommendations for Return from International Travel.  Please see the latest recommendation on the UH Travel Guidelines page, updated Jan. 19, 2022.

Reporting Requirements

Transparency of data and information about infection is critical in combating COVID-19 spread. The University has Reporting Requirements should you receive a COVID-19 diagnosis, positive test result, are exposed to someone with COVID-19, or those who are not fully vaccinated and return from international travel.

COVID-19 Diagnosis/Symptoms Protocols
Reporting Potential Exposure to COVID-19
UH Travel Guidelines

Free COVID-19 Testing

Unvaccinated faculty, staff and students are asked to get tested at least once a week. If you are vaccinated but have concerns or show possible symptoms, we encourage you to get tested as well. 

Students, faculty and staff are eligible for a $2 incentive in Cougar Cash or ShastaBUCKS following a COVID-19 test through the on-campus testing kiosk. Learn more on the COVID-19 On-Campus Testing page. 

Learning Abroad 2022-2023

Students may continue to plan for 2022-2023 programs abroad with Learning Abroad. Only affiliated, reciprocal exchange, faculty-led, graduate and fellowship programs will be considered for approval. Learn more on the UH Travel Guidelines page. 

Case Support Help Desk 

A COVID-19 Case Support Help Desk is available to members of the UH campus community Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., by calling 832-84C-OVID or 832-842-6843. Case support is also offered by emailing